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"Holding Out For You" ObsessingOverEdward

Our Guest Reviewer this week is Muggleinlove!!!

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: "Holding Out For You"
Author: ObsessingOverEdward
Chapters: 31
Words: 166,907
Reviews: 5,898
Summary: After her divorce Bella starts a new life in Carmel with her son. She soon meets a handsome doctor, who is dealing with his own loss and is struggling to raise his two kids. It's a story of finding strength during adversity and learning to love again.

Twighlited Thread for HOFY

Our Guest Reviewer Muggleinlove: Holding Out for You (HOFY) has been a story that I have been closely following since day one. And, it is still one my favorite stories. I literally count down the days until there is an update. It is that good. I, honestly, have to say that I had encountered very few stories that can have such a profound effect on me. It’s made me laugh, cry, and even want to throw something at my computer screen. It takes a very brilliant writer to accomplish that. ObsessingOverEdward (OOE) is one of the few writers that I have found that can literally suck you into the world of Bella and Edward.

This story intrigued me from chapter 1. A divorced Bella and a mourning Edward both trying to put together the shattered pieces of their lives. This is not your typical teenage story. This story is very realistic and captures the hardships of starting over. As a reader you genuinely feel the struggle that Bella and Edward face. They have to look out for not only themselves but for their kids, as well. Seth, Tony, and Liz are three characters that jump out of the screen. Sometimes, I swear they are really real. They truly make the story much more interesting. They make you laugh and they frustrate you onto no end.

HOFY takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions and I can’t fully explain it. It is really something you have to read for yourself. Things are not always fluffy (as much as I wish they were), but it captures the truth that is life. OOE delivers it all; from hot SOTB to scenes where you literally have to get up and go find a box of tissues. This story has the perfect combination of fluff and angst. Not to mention a wide variety of all our favorite Edwards: Wetward (OOE personal favorite), Daddyward, Honeyward, Tubward, Captain Edward, Coach Edward, and my favorite Dr. Sexy.

Although, she is a great writer she can be a very cruel woman. Just ask her how many times I begged her not to break Bella and Edward up? I literally used up a lot of energy coming up with alternate paths she can take them on. As the Queen of Fluff, I don’t do breakup stories well. And, it was excruciatingly painful for me to know what was coming. I know it’s necessary for her plot to develop, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

I recommend everyone to read this story. OOE has gone to great lengths to make it very realistic. Every detail of the story has been planned out perfectly and it shows in her writing. I end this by saying that there are very few stories like this one in out there. This story is really a sparkling gem in a sea of Twilight fanfiction stories.

Bri- I can admit it...I was not overly anxious to read this fic. The Naughty Librarian has been harassing me to read it for weeks and weeks and weeks and I always put it on the back burner. I mean, how excited could I get about an Edward that was married to Tanya? *scoffs* Whether she was dead or not didn't mean anything to me...

But, with the rec coming this week on the blog, I didn't have a choice. So, I procrastinated, started a couple other fics in the meantime (yes, just since Sunday) and then finally Wednesday afternoon I figured I better get a move on. And, the only thing that came to mind was what the fuck took me so long?? I devoured the first twenty chapters and then decided that I better get some sleep so I could - you know - take care of my kids and stuff. (damn kids needing attention)

Of course, the first chance I got I was back on the computer, soaking up everything OOE had to offer. I found this story incredibly refreshing. It was so nice to read an ADULT fic. One that doesn't involve shots and clubbing and drinking games. Normally when I read fics, I like to enjoy ones that don't have kids in them - cuz, let's face it, as a mom I get enough of the little demons in my day to day life.

But, with HOFY, I couldn't help but love how she wove the child characters into the fic. Rather than being a nuisance, they were necessary for the plot. I'm not going to lie - it still kills me that Edward was not only with Tanya, but actually loved her, married her and had kids with her. *shudders* But, what are you gonna do? If Bella can accept it and deal with it, so can I. Not only that, but we have to deal with an ex-hubs in Jake.

These two both have baggage that they need to work through, but that only makes the story more realistic.In the first few chapters of "getting to know you", the UST between these two was palpable. So, so, so fucking hot. I am a sucker for UST and the beginning chapters of HOFY definitely delivered. What could be better than UST? about SOTB, honey sticks, Doctor Cullen, hot tub fun and blindfolds? Mhmm........... *shifts in seat*I actually should have listened to Naughty and stopped when we were in the hot, steamy part of the fic, but I was so obsessed with it, that I had to continue.

And, well, fuck me. Heartfail?!?! HEARTFAIL?!?! Gah. I hate it. I have cried in only a handful of fics. I can count them on one hand. Chapter 30? Totally cried. Dammit.So, after the longest review in the history of the world, I will end and say that if you are interested in a more adult tale, that you need to give HOFY a try. Despite any apprehension you may have, give it five chapters. I guarantee you will be hooked. 4.5 out of 5 panties from me.

Emmy- I first stumbled upon OOE's tales with a couple of tasty one-shots [How often do I write that in these recc's? Gawd bless the one-shot competitions in fandom!] she wrote for the Sexy Eddie contest.. I then got completely sucked in during Lady of the Knight.. (go read that too!) I think what I like about her writing style is that it is so complete & well rounded... Everything has a purpose, everything is relevant - whether it be to the storyline, the characters or the feel of the piece...

I am going to reveal how lame I am - yet again - by saying I only read the last few chapters this morning as I knew they were going to be traumatic, as in Emmy trying to plan forward in her mind how they were going to work out & have a HEA even if they never do traumatic! But even her heart-fail she does brilliantly..

Another thing I love about this story is how REAL the characters are. Yes they are both gorgeous, both comfortable financially, Dr (Doctor, doctor, gave me the news I've got a bad case of loving you) Cullen in partic is especially well-off, they live in a dream location. Yet they are real. (btw I do know that they are not actually real & are instead fictional characters! - they are just so realistic and well rounded in a dysfunctional, falling apart kind of way.) The way they are coping with the slag pile of shite they have had heaped upon them collectively & individually is 100% genuine & believable.. The choices they make based upon this - ditto yet again... Additionally the way that OOE writes the family dynamics, is just spot on. Brilliantly so. I veer between wanting to give Liz a big bozie as she is in pain then a right talking to as she's being a little mare!!! Bless her. Seth & Anthony and their antics are also win. & Jake (Harrumph!) as the pitiful ex-hub is also well conceived and developed...

Now the sexing! Good times. Yachtward - Hello sailor! ;) HoneyWard - I do love making a mess.. & just general ReallyKnowsHowToBlowAGirlsSocksOffWard is just yum. Really yum. He is considerate, loving & randy as hell. Delicious. But yet again the sexing is realistic, interruptions from children, fears about old marital beds all have ripple effects on their impressive, tingly sexing.

In case you cannot tell - I really like this story. I really like OOE's fabbio writing & stories full stop! & I end with a beseech to her, to make them happy love bunnies once more... :D
4pretty knickers out of 5 - give me a HEA & I'll ratch it up to 5!! ;)

Emily- I have heard wonderful things about this storybut I have not had the chance to read it. I have been too busy fucking. Well that might be a little bit true but in reality I have been slammed and have not had time to read anything new.

Hope- I was hesitant to start this story simply based on the size of it. It's kinda intimidating starting something with over 100k words already. But I am so glad that I did. And I feel like a tool for not starting it sooner. This is exactly the kind of story that I have been jonesin' for lately, a more mature (older) Bella and Edward. And yeah it's long (hehe) but it isn't boring or drawn out, the flow and pacing are perfect. But really the thing I love most about OOE's loverly story if how real it is. Seriously, these are real people with real problems and issues and the don't always handle them in the right or perfect way.

There is a lot of pain being batted about here, no not physical pain. But the emotional pain from losing a loved one and the dream of what your life could have been. Le sigh. Don't get me wrong there are a ton of lighthearted and funny moments. It's not all woe-is-me. OOE balances the necessary angst and the lightheartedness of everyday life so wonderfully that the angst just doesn't hurt as much. And these kids are cute. I am usually not a fan of rugrats in ff. But these kids are adorable, even Liz when she is being snotty. But really you all want to know about the smut. Come on, I know you do.

I just have four little letters for you: S.O.T.B. hehe. And no, I am not going to tell you what it means. You will just have to read to find out. I did. So, umm yeah. The smut is freaken' phenomeanal in HOFY, but the UST before the smut is even fucking better. It takes awhile for these two to jump into bed together. Ya know, pesky kids running around, interupting hand-jobs and such. But the build up to it is half the fun, right?

Definitely for these two it is. You must read the smut-take companion piece to this story called "Honey Sticks", sweet sticky goodness. Who knew Edward was so kinky?I loved this story. It is romantic and heatwrenching and fluffy and real and fuckhot and just *sigh*. Widoward, I love thee. 4.5 I wish he would take off my panties already out of 5.

Beks- I'm haven't gotten to the end yet, but I really like what I've read so far. I love Bella and Edward's characterization and the writing style drew me in right away. I can't wait to finish. : )

Kathy- I am going to be upfront about my bias for this story - I am one of the current betas for it. I have loved this story since it began. I really enjoy the grown up Edward and Bella who are struggling with real life problems. I don't feel like OOE tugs at my heart strings unnecessarily, but I did cry a lot reading this (because that's just me; I am the resident crying girl). Everything E&B have gone through so far has been for a purpose. I appreciate each of the characters, including the children, and their complexities and flaws.

I very much love that Tanya isn't a "bad" character here; Edward didn't divorce or leave her, it's just a complicated mess while he and his children deal with loving his dead wife and moving on to love someone new. I really liked that OOE didn't dive in with the smut in chapter 1 or 2 -- she built a solid relationship between these two, which they both needed and deserved. The UST was out of control and I really 'awwww'ed a lot at their dates.

Yes, there are some bumps in the road, but they serve to enrich this story. I love the path OOE is taking this story on, and I wouldn't dream of giving it any less than 5 panties... and neither will you, once you've read the MULTIPLE chapters of SOTB.

Miya- Yes, I am the odd one out who didn't cry at the recent heart fail. But I will say, the heart fail is completely and utterly necessary to the this well thought out, wonderfully paced, look at a real world Edward and Bella trying to make their relationship work around children, former relationship baggage, and a jealous ex-husband.

The SOTB (read to figure out what that means) was hotter than hell and I'll never look at lounge chairs and sleeping bags the same way. I have a new love for honeysticks thanks to our Doctor Honeyward, even if I had to do some laundry well past my bed time during post-coital bliss. There is drama, but that's because it's a real relationship. He never dealt with his grief or really allowed his children to deal with theirs, so a new woman in dad's heart is obviously going to be issue inducing.

My thumbs up are with Mama Bear Bella for putting the children first.

Before I had to retire my MILF of the week pic (due to mommy time taking over my fun web playing time) this was my first story rec- and that was before the UST exploded into SOTB. Read the side-shot Honeysticks to bring this from a 4 up to a 4.5 out of 5 panties.

Oh and please tell the author she can't kill Jasper just to make fiberkitty cry.

Nina- I've never been shy in admitting that I prefer grown-up stories as opposed to HS fics. It's just my preference (and by grown up I mean the characters being of legal age to vote, drink and buy porn.) Having loved Lady of the Knight so very much I added OOE to my alerty thingie hoping that she would soon write another story. Well she did and certainly didn't disappoint anyone.

I'll be honest and say I don't remember how old B/E are in this, probably late 30's but it's irrelevant. What IS relevant is the fact that OOE is portraying a real life relationship among two people regardless of their relative age. There are ups and downs normally, but throw in one dead wife, one cheating husband, three kids, a dog and Alice and you've got a true to form situation that so many of us can relate too.

I sound like a broken record but I adore UST, well I adore well written UST, and she is the mastah of the sexual tension. I adored their first date and the awkward but genuine feelings that they both shared through their internal dialogue. They've both been in relationships that they thought would be their forevers and now they're trying to climb back onto the proverbial horse. It's so realistically done and emotional reactions she stirs up is staggering. But in every relationship there are hard times too, especially when you're bringing children into the fold. There has been heartfail the past few chapters but again, it's completely justified and necessary to keep with the flow of the story. It's not all sunshine and rainbows because that's just bullshit.

Now, the sexy times. Lord above S.O.T.B. fucking read it to find out. Honey sticks? I hit up the folk art show near me in search of these badboys (btw I never did find any so if anyone knows where I can get them leave me a comment and I'll hunt those bitches down) I agree that I will never, ever look at a deck chair the same way again. Ever. I am even considering purchasing a boat or at least finding myself a hot doctor that has one and will let me play with his thermometer on board.

Read this story and love it. Then read all of OOE's one-shots as well. I'm quite partial to Eddie on a motorcycle. Or Eddie giving massages. Or Eddie dressed like Tarzan. Or Eddie as Peter Pan. Fuck it, read them all. 5/5 from me

Stephie- I'm adding my rec in a bit late. Sorry for the delay, but certain events occured that kept me from typing this up before it got posted. That being said...

I was told to read HOFY even before it was added to the list of possible stories to rec for the blog. I remember reading the first chapter and just being sucked in at the idea of Bella, newly single and leaving WA to start her life over. I love her relationship with her son Seth. The emotions she feels about leaving Jake are so very real and the need to protect her son is overwhelming (in a good way). The way she meets Edward is just perfect. They meet but do not immediately "fall in love" or feel that spark that pulls them together. It is just a casual run in on the beach.

Edward, poor Edward, who is suffering the loss of his wife Tanya after 8 years...It takes a lot for me to not automatically associate Tanya with the word bitch. I admire any author who can take her character and make me love her. OOE does this in the way she shows Edward's grief and flashbacks to happier times. Edward has two kids: Anthony who I think is seriously the cutest kid I've read about in Twific, and Liz...who while being a bit bratty (or a lot) has very real issues and is trying to cope with the thought of her dad "replacing" her mom.

Their relationship is great to read about; how they are both shy at first and upon realizing how the other feels, very excited to feel the sweet excitement that only new love can bring. There are definitely some hot moments in the story as they explore their physical side of the relationship (ie the o/s Honeysticks). But the best part of all the sexy times is the affection behind each time. They may not recognize that their feelings are moving towards love, but the reader sees it as each encounter bonds them together even closer.

It's not all perfect for them though. Liz is definitely suffering and having a hard time accepting this new woman in her life. And as such, lashes out on everyone. It's hard to read, but honest. And it eventually leads to Bella being the self sacrificing one in the relationship. Just so you know, I am NOT happy about what happened. I mean that in the most loving way. I'm not happy, but it makes for excellent reading. All I want is for resolution...happy resolution. Hopefully some SOTB resolution.

4/5 panties.

Steph- So I knew that I loved OOE's stuff, having adored Lady of the Knight. But when I got the alert for the new story, I was desperately behind in my reading, so I planned to wait until it was much further in or finished. But then it came up in the review list, so I knew it was time to take the plunge. I was right of course, I completely and utterly ADORE this story. Part of me was unsure, divorce, death? Do I really want to read something that could be so real and depressing. After I started of course, the answer was HELL YES.

I squeal like the fangirl I am when an update comes in, even if we are in the midst of the fail. It had to happen, I keep telling myself that, but dammit, I just want them to be happy. Grumbles at Liz. Nah, not really. She's a kid who needs help, and so does her daddy for that matter. So back to the once happy couple. GAH.

The UST between them is almost unbearable at times, you just want them together already, they are so stinking perfect for each other. And they just make each other sooooooo happy. SOTB. Oh my lord in heaven. HOT DAMN. I can only imagine how much better it will be when they're back together. They will be back together won't they OOE????

I may have to hunt you down if you say no. Extremely well written, the pacing is awesome, you won't want to stop. And you'll be frustrated when you reach the end of what's posted and go to the forums and BEG for updates. It's just that good. Right now I'm rating it a 4 out of 5 SOTB panties, when we get that HEA, it will undoubtedly go the full 5.


In addition to our Round Table Review above, we've also asked the author to share with us a bit about herself, her reaction to both the selection of "Holding out for you " and to our blog in general.

For reasons I would rather not go into, I’m going to remain anonymous. Yes, my lifestyle isn’t conducive to writing smut and heaven forbid if some of my family and friends ever found out. However, my husband is very supportive but I think that may have something to do with the fact that our sex life has drastically improved since I found Twilight. LOL.

What can I tell you? Hmmmm. I am a stay at home mom with teenagers! I play taxi and homework nazi everyday and besides that my kids only see me glued to the front of my computer reading some fabulous fanfic stories or writing. Yep, I’m going for mother of the year.
I guess it’s safe to talk about my fanfic life since that’s laid out before y’all anyway. *smirk* I have to admit that writing NEVER crossed my mind. I’ve always loved to read but my hobbies usually included crafty type things with the occasional book in between. Before fanfiction I had never written anything creatively. The only time I had written anything was for an essay or term paper in high school and those were forced upon me.

Thanks to Jayeliwood’s sexy Eddie contest back in August of 08’ I decided to take the plunge. I had already read a bazillion fanfics and knew what I liked in a story and what I didn’t. It’s funny how you start off saying that you are only going to read IC, Rated T, Vampire fics and then end up morphing into OOC, AH, deviant behavior and smut filled fanfics. But I digress, I entered the contest and was surprised at the response that I received. I never thought I could write a single page of a story let alone ten. Then the ideas started flowing. By the end of the contest I had written four one-shots and was completely in love with writing.

HOFY was supposed to be a light, fluffy, baseball story that completely did a 180 when I wrote chapter two. Edward was dying to have his story heard. Edward and Liz’s grief turned into something that I could have never thought up on my own (yeah, I know that sounds weird). But, I’ve never experienced death or divorce so I questioned if I could write a believable story.
The response was amazing and makes my heart swell. *wipes tear away* The people who have come out of the woodwork and expressed their heartfelt comments and stories have made me want to write the best story that I can. I appreciate every single person that reads this story and not to sound too corny but, y’all make my day a little brighter. My drive to write is really generated by you! So a big thank you for feeding my newfound addiction!