Saturday, May 2, 2009

Come one come all thanks to Barney?

From the desk of Nina...
I'm sure you got the RSS feed and thought what the fuck are they talking about Barney for?

Never fear Pervlings it's not the gigantic, creepy as fuck, purple dinosaur I'm talking about.

It's the glorious, pleasureable and drastically discounted "G-Spot Purple Haze Vibrator aka Barney" normally priced at $74.99 but until Monday is available for $26!!!! ------->

For those who doubted the wisdom of the PPSS ladies in regard to all things sexual in nature, I give you the proof that we collectively know our shit. Thanks to Beks aka Lipsmacked, we were contacted by Jon from Tantus, Inc. in regard to the influx in traffic that their site has been experiencing.

I think at some point all of the ladies in the Pack have referenced some sort of sex toy in our stories, whether it be cockrings, dildos, vibes, nipple clamps or the now infamous Barney. So embrace your inner Perv ladies. Take advantage of the discount (because it is a fantastic one) and thank Beks and Barney in the morning!

Jon, on behalf of Tantus, Inc. had this to say on our Twilighted thread...

"I noticed a good amount of traffic to the site from this
thread so I laughed and said it must have been because we have Twilight colors
in some of our products.But to find out it was Lipsmacked and the brilliant
renaming of the G-Spot to Barney was even better. So I dropped by to thank you
guys for your support and interest in our products with a coupon code. Use the
coupon code TWILIGHTED at checkout for 17% anything in the online store You guys can thank Lipsmacked for catching our eye "

From the desk of Beks...
As I blabbered on about in my "Getting to Know the PP" section, I worked at an erotic boutique called The Pleasure Chest* here in Los Angeles. Tantus, hands down has the best toys they sell. I was lucky enough to get my first toy, my dear Barney for free, but after that I was hooked. Last I checked I had 7 different toys from Tantus ranging from vibrators to plugs.

It seemed like a no brainer to write them into a couple of my stories. Barney or the G-Spot is featured in my one-shot (hopefully soon to be a two-shoot. that's right I'm looking at you Em), Me and Mrs. McCarty . Nessie has the pleasure of playing with the Maverick and the Feeldoe in my story So Obvious.

I am absolutely floored that my chatter about what gets me off got back to Jon and Metis. Thank you guys so much for reaching out to us and thanks for sharing your magically designs for pleasure with the world and my crotch. :)

<---The Maverick
The Feeldoe--->

FYI: The Pleasure Chest is also located in New York and Chicago as well as Los Angeles.

And remember the Barney is only deeply (haha) discounted until Monday!!!


Tallulah said...

I remember when I came across the Feeldoe in Beks' So Obvious. I had no idea things like that even existed! I know, I know...naive little girl. Still, I was fascinated by the ingenuity of this product. Almost made me wish I wasn't a monogamous heterosexual... ;)

Great job, Beks, and thank in advance for making Barney my newest guilty pleashah!


OIP Em said...

Beks I am so damn proud of you! But you already know that from me gushing (in more ways that one, thanks for Barney) to you about how cool this is for you!

Listen up pervlings Barney is a great toy at full price but at $26 OMG that is insane. I almost bought another one because it is a great deal but I only have one g-spot so I do not really need two. But then again I can pass on the barney love in the form of gifts to needy friends. Yes I am that friend who gives sex toys.

Love=EDWARD said...

Well fuckin' done, girlies!

I think I should invest in a couple more Barneys to give as gifts - whaddaya girls think? Would you be happy to get a Barney from me? ;)

Stephanie said...

I bought mine, couldn't pass this deal up. I'm waiting impatiently now for it to get here.

Lipsmacked said...

I just want everyone to have a happy crotch!