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Gemmabobella & OIPEm get pervy on us.

Emily and Gemma take a turn at perving up the place.
Emily talks with Gemmabobella author of 9 fics including Lost and Found/ Amazing Grace, Let’s Get Physical, Daughter of Volterra, Going Down, First Light and more.

Questions for Gemmabobella:

Emily: so are you ready for this? I promise to be nice, I am not that scary!
Gemma: its all good. evidently i give off a very "pure" vibe - but msKathy knows that isn't the case, same with Hope and Nina - they all got to meet me at comic con and found out that I really am a perv.
Emily: I look like the PTA mom next door...little do people know. I love that fact to.
Gemma: yeah, well, I'm the teacher of your kid  not literally, but yeah, I teach.

Emily: what age/subject do you teach?
Gemma: middle school band. I love the age group - there is so much potential to have an impact with that age group - they're crazy, but amazing too. There is so much growth that happens during those years.

Emily: You must be musical if you teach band. What do you play?
Gemma: yes, i was a music performance major in college on piano, oboe and english horn. I teach private oboe lessons, and play professionally here and there in small community orchestras when I can.

Emily: Did your students turn you onto Twilight?
Gemma: Yes, they did! I actually had to confiscate a copy because a student was reading it during rehearsal, which is against the rules. During my lunch, I started reading. I gave it back to the kid at the end of the day, though. Its my policy, anything I take during rehearsal, cell phone, book, whatever, they don't get it back til the end of the day.

Emily: Do your students know how addicted you are? Or that you write FF?
Gemma: NO! I keep my fan fic life VERY separate of my real life - only a couple select friends know of my secret hobby and only because they have read the books, and I've slowly been introducing them to the world of fan fic. I do like to chat with my students about the books, and I've admitted to seeing the movie but that's it.
Emily: Smart considering that you write epic smut
Gemma: The last thing I need is a parent reading my smut.

Emily: How did you get into FF?
Gemma: it was waaaaay back right after eclipse was published. I am impatient, and wanted to read more. Then on the official Stephanie Meyers sight, there is a page or was a page for links to fan sites, and I stumbled on to fan fic that way - I didn't even know what it was at first. Honestly, I didn't like a lot of what I read at first. It took me a while to find the good stuff but MyBella wrote a series that picked up where Eclipse left off, and ran with it.

Emily: How much of your own teaching experiences do you put into L&F. It has to be a lot because it seems so authentic.
Gemma: Not a lot of personal experience - but I base it off of what I know about teaching in general, the policies and procedures that we follow, etc. Both my parents are/were educators, so I've grown up with an understanding of what it is to be a teacher. I fought being a teacher - but it turns out that I actually love it.

Emily: What was your inspiration for LGP?
Gemma: QJMom. I'd just written an Emmett outtake for Lost and Found and then she posted something on a thread requesting an Emmett/Bella story and I found I LOVED writing Emmett - so I thought, why not?
Emily: I love writing Emmett too. His carefree attitude and humor. I hate when people make him dumb though.
Gemma: Yes, HMonster and I have had many discussions about that - she even recently did an article for TLYDF about Emmett. The Emmett she wrote in Deconstructing Dracula is one of my all-time faves. I love her new story with profmom - the fates. It’s totally different from DD - its only chapter 3 - but I'm hooked already.

Emily: Have you ever had a Physical Therapist as hot as Emmett? Sadly my PT’s have not been hot. At all.
Gemma: I've never been in PT ... I did date a PT once. That was ... nice . Yes, I went out with him for exactly one reason.
Emily: And that reason would be? That he knew the body and how to work it?
Gemma: That's one way to put it ... I would have just said the sex. Hehehehe

Emily: So you are dating now? You tweeted about a second and third date...
Gemma: yes, I am dating now for the first time in years.

Emily: Is that scary?
Gemma: yes! I'm good with the conversation, but at the end of the date, I'm an awkward mess with the goodbye and the possible kiss scenario.

Emily: I can only imagine. Do you have any rules on kissing, etc. Is he going to get lucky soon or has he already? Does he know you write smut?
Gemma: LOL okay ...he doesn't know about the smut ... and I have no idea how to bring that up or when to tell him. he's only kissed me on the cheek and the corner of my mouth - due to afore mentioned awkwardness. I don't have rules - other than he has to do the leaning in first. I'm willing to meet him part way

Emily: As Alice would say in L&F “are there sparks?”
Gemma: I have a feeling date three will feature a real kiss - and its scary theres a definite connection - I can tell he's really, really in to me. I'm still too scared, and kind of Bella, in that I don't think its really hit me yet that we're dating - and I think the kiss, when it finally happens will be a big turning point. Its a nice change of pace - its not the reaction i usually get from men.
Emily: Maybe you don't see yourself clearly. Sorry had to do it!
Gemma: hahaha, its all good. I know I'm not horrible - see above mentioned PT tryst. But its been a while since I really tried dating, like for the real deal, so its a whole new brand of scary.

Emily: Do you get emotionally drained writing L&F? If so what do you do to get out of that mindset?
Gemma: ooo, good question. yes - I still haven't quite recovered from writing the last few chapters. Writing LGP helped - I also read a lot of fan fic to get my mind off of my story. Right now I'm working on another outtake for LGP as a means to get my mind back on track so I can amp up the angst all over again for Amazing Grace.

Emily: Where do you find the inspiration for angst. I actually enjoy reading it but I don't think I could write it.
Gemma: It helps me stay mellow in real life - its a great outlet for me. That's what got me writing in the first place. By giving my characters bigger issues than my own, it helps keep things in perspective. That and I can have them handle situations differently and its just a great way to work through stuff. Its easier to deal with it sometimes if its someone else's problem.
Emily: And you can control the least sometimes.
Gemma: I try - but Bella can be a real pain in the ass

Emily: yeah I can see that. Does she breathe down your neck when you are writing? What about Edward or Emmett? Do they rub your shoulders when you write?
Gemma: She's more of a glare at me from across the room, arms crossed, occasionally stomping her foot kinda gal. I actually have a really funny mental picture in my head from when I first started writing LGP in tandem with L&F where LGP Edward was checking out L&F Edward and Emmett was on my bed, bent over laughing at them. When I write Emmett - half of the time, I don't even realize what I've typed until I stop and look back.

Emily: Do you like writing lemons? Do you find it difficult?
Gemma: I do enjoy writing them, and it depends on the lemon. Some are easier to write than others. The ones in L&F have been difficult to write - well, the sexy scenes, because as of this interview, there has been no actual sex. But LGP and the other one shots and stuff have been easy - the vampire lemons are easy too.
Emily: I think Twilighted brings out the perv in people.
Gemma: yes, I think because it really has remained a safe place for people to feel comfortable about being a perv. In real life, so much of our society sheds such a negative light on sexuality. But that doesn't mean that we aren't all thinking about it, fantasizing about it. So i think twilighted, the PPSS, etc has been a wonderful place for us to explore our perviness without the negative stigma we so often face in real life.

Emily: What is your least favorite terms when writing a lemon?
Gemma: Well ... as fond as I am of the peen - when I see the word "penis" used in a lemon ... that bugs me. Oh, and womanhood, and manhood, and hardness. I'm sure there are others that I can't remember at the moment. What about you?
Emily: Core bugs me. And we just had a email thread with the PP girls about quivering womb. WTF that sounds uncomfortable.

Emily: Do you have a favorite chapter or scene that you have written from any of your stories?
Gemma: Tough one. There is a chapter of AG that I haven't posted yet that I absolutely love. I can tell you it is chapter 7 - which goes along with the chapter in L&F when he makes her scrambled eggs and its called "Brown".

Emily: How many chapters do you "have in the bank" so to speak that have not been posted?
Gemma: I've finished L&F - so 6 chapters of that, and only two more of AG. its killing me that I can't talk about the ending!

Emily: Congratulations on winning Nina’s Cocktease contest with Going Down. Did the win effect the amount of readers you have?
Gemma: aww, thank you! Um ... I don't think so? maybe? I really don't keep a close eye on that stuff.

Emily: Now that you are done with L&F do you have other story lines brewing in your brain?
Gemma: yes - I am collab-ing with Hope on a story, we're still in the outlining stage though. And there is still AG. I also have a bunch of different ideas saved away in a folder on my HD - but I've also started really considering branching out and doing some original fic.
Emily: That was my next question. About original fic. I would line up to buy it.
Gemma: I have a few ideas lined up in that area as well ... but time is always an issue.

Emily: Favorite swear word?
Gemma: fuck. I actually barely swear in real life, its the teacher in me. my filter is pretty solid and in place most of the time.

Emily: What is your drink of choice?
Gemma: depends on my mood ... but I always keep rum around. whiskey sour is what I usually order at a bar. and black russians for when I really want to let loose.

Emily: What is playing on your ipod right now?
Gemma: nothing at the moment ... i just went to an incubus concert, and I'm going to see the Kings of Leon in a couple weeks. let me press play on shuffle and see what happens ... "The Nearness of You" by Norah Jones.

Emily: Favorite sex song?
Gemma: honestly don't have one ... although Dave Matthews Crash Into Me is up there on the list ... Songbird by Fleetwood Mac. How about you?
Emily: hmmm. i have a few that mean something to me based on what was playing while I was with that person. but I think the original sex song for me is Secret Garden with Barry White, Debrge, Al B Sure...old school.
Gemma: niiiiiice
Emily: hmmmm.

Emily: What Twi character Male or Female do you want to bone?
Gemma: are we talking book, or fan fic?
Emily: Either
Gemma: I'll admit to having a huge crush on Rachelle Lefevre ... and was crushed when she got booted from eclipse. but characters - I'd totally want Emmett from LGP ...and Jasper from the books. vampire Jasper's power has much potential ....
Emily: That SM did not tap into. What a waste.
Gemma: I know! thankfully, many fan fic writers have.
Gemma: How about you? Who would you bang?
Emily: HAHAH do I have to choose? let me see. I love the douchward characters. I have a thing for bad boys -at least in fic. IRL they just break your heart. but I have to say I love Jasper in WDTTL. there are so many good Edwards out there too.

Emily: If you had to give up either sex or fic what would it be?
Gemma: uh ... fic ... hello?!

Emily: Bare, bush or inbetween?
Gemma: hehehehe. wow ... are you asking my preference or my status??
Emily: whatever you want to share! Remember this is PPSS stuff so there is nothing that is TMI
Gemma: inbetween

Emily: I heard you were writing M/M and I cant wait to read it.
Gemma: i was cracking myself up writing it
Emily: I enjoy reading it but I have not written it. I have written g/g stuff as a collab with Beks and I actually found it easy to write.
Gemma: I love her g/g slash - the Lost then Found that she wrote with Bella and Alice ... that was hot
Emily: hmmmm I love that fic! Beks is my Baby girl and actually all of the characters have a PP counterpart.
Gemma: which one are you?
Emily: I am Kate in L&F and SO and Rose in Me and Mrs McCarty
Gemma: niiiiice
I know, I am so lucky she PM'd last fall on Twilighted!
Gemma: hahaha, I'll say!

Questions from around the fandom:

From Emmy:

Where did your inspiration for the L&F/AG universe come from? You write both one-shots, mini-series's & the epic L&F/AG - do you find it hard to flit between them? Like get Edward all hot & bothered in the swimming pool ploughing Bella instead of having a panic attack?
Gemma: I was actually inspired by a fic, A Heart's Savior - read it if you haven't. i think that was the first all human story I read that really hit me hard. from there - I had the ending of Lost and Found in my head, and then I worked backwards, asking myself how those characters got to that moment, and who they were. in terms of bouncing back and forth between stories and characters - it really isn't that hard for me - because in my mind they are all so different and it works, because depending on my mood, I gravitate to different characters. sometimes it is hard, though, to just get in the mindset to write and if a character wants to do one thing, and I wont let them, that can cause some friction between us, slowing down the writing process.

From Kasey:
  1. How does it feel to know that you've got some mad fangirling going on thanks to L&F/AG?
  2. Was your Eddie-kins inspired by anyone?
  3. Was it hard to write a completely broken Edward?
  4. You made me cry a lot. Thanks. But that's not the question...what 10 words could you use to describe your Edward (preferably naked, of course)...
Gemma: LOL! okay ...

  1. I honestly still can't believe I have fan girls at all - I consider myself a fan girl first and foremost. Each and every review I get means so much to me, and I appreciate every one of them.
  2. L&F/AG Edward is mostly inspired by the books, honestly. Not from anyone I know. I took what SM wrote, and de-vamped him. The "rebelious" stage he had when he was first turned when he drank from humans, happened in his real life, just in a different way. So every element of him is from my imagination and stretching of what SM originally wrote in my head.
  3. Yes, its hard to write a completely broken Edward. My heart aches from him just like you. The chapter of AG when I wrote his breakdown was one of the hardest things I've written to date.
  4. Tender, gifted, tortured, sculpted, sweet, kind, loving, sexy, hot, intelligent.

from Nina...

but you have already answered most of it so feel free to say "see above" Where did you get the inspiration for LGP from? You are such a funny fucker, how do you segue between the angst riddled L&F/AG to something like LGP or GU/GD? I think you need to write more comedy, you've got a gift for the funny.
Gemma: Nina, As for LGP inspiration, see above. I'm glad someone finds me funny other than myself. As for going back and forth between the angst and the funny there is actually a really fine line between the two in my head. its almost like a choice in how you want to deal with a situation, you can either make it angst, or find the funny in it.

From seamonkologist

To those who enjoy/write m/m slash...when did you first realize it was something that was a turn on? And did you ever feel the need to hide that it turned you on?
Gemma: I enjoy the m/m slash - the first fic I read that had slash was by mspacman (I think) and at first, yes, I felt like I needed to hide that I liked it - but through reading Hope's AIEK and talking with her about it, I've totally changed my outlook, and now I'm working on my first m/m slash one-shot (the outtake for LGP)

Questions for both:

Do you have any tattoos?
Gemma: no - but I am in the process of finding an artist for a tattoo that I want. It will go on the inside of my left wrist.
Emily: I don’t have any.

Favorite sexual position:
Gemma: its been years ...I honestly don't remember. I spent a lot of time on top with one boyfriend in college.
Emily: it is a toss up for me. doggy and cowgirl and RCG.

Favorite FF ever?
Gemma: wow, that's tricky
Emily: I know. imma skip it, there are too many to choose.
Gemma: yeah, there is no way to pick. they need to fix that - maybe break it down into genres.
Emily: I will pass that along to the head perv in charge but Nina is a stickler as you know.
Gemma: yes, and we love her for her stickler ways. hehehehe
Emily: oh yeah and her tits too
Gemma: hahaha, of course!

Hardest part about writing ff?
Emily: staying motivated. I have not updated in forever and I am a sloooow writer when i finally do get inspired
Gemma: hmm ... I'd say time - inspiration tends to strike when I am in no way able to write anything down, especially during the school year

Do people in RL know you do it?
Gemma: yes, just a couple close friends that share a mutual love of twilight and smut.
Emily: because they see the benefits of your friends reading smut?
Gemma: exactly
Emily: Twi as been good for the hubs and bf's of women in the fandom. A few people know I do it, a couple men and a few girls.

If I looked under your bed right now what would I find?
Gemma: maybe an errant sock and some dog hair
Emily: I have the random trashy novel, dust, and some out of season clothes in under bed storage boxes. My toys are in the nightstand, hubs nightstand and a cabinet in the closet.
Gemma: you know, I don't own a single trashy novel, I've never read a "romance" novel before
Emily: WHAT? I am shocked. I read mostly porn disguised as "romance" novels. But lately I have been reading “real” fiction. I have not bought a trashy novel in a long time due to the sheer amount of good smut online.
Gemma: i've always had a really good imagination ... in the past that's been enough - but now I supplement with what I find online.

For those of you that use 'toys', which is your favorite?
Emily: favorite toy? You write about a rabbit so you must have one. Every girl should.
Gemma: yes, I have one, but its not my fave. I have a barney and a "G-Twist Vibe" from the g-twist is my go-to.
Emily: Really? Over Barney?
Gemma: yes - barney is awesome, but even with the bullet vibrator - which I burned out, btw - isn't enough sometimes. What are your top toys?
Emily: Barney is in my top 4. The others are Hitachi Magic Wand, Suction cup base waterproof rabbit and Tantus infinity plug…perfect for some dp action. Gah the wand is an orgasm machine!

Do you currently have more than 1 sex partner?
Gemma: sigh ... no sex partner for me ...
Emily: bummer
Gemma: tell me about it. No sex partner at all since ... 2005.
Emily: no wonder you burned out the bullet on the barney! As for the question: Define currently? Today? Last week? Tomorrow? Under those guidelines I have just one.

Questions for Emily:

From Nina:

When are you going to update "Strength in Yielding" Emmett's cock is fossilized for fuck's sake, let the poor guy get something will ya?
Emily: I wish I knew! Poor Emmett but I just can’t find the time to write. I am a slow writer and well I have been distracted with real life and other extra circular activities lately!

Fom Kasey:

Kitty- er, Emily: Will SIY feature any ^other^ Dominant male figure (*cough-cough*) in the future (as in, SOONISH)?
Emily: Hahahaha Kas you know me so well. *cough*cough* but no there will be no other dominant male figure present in my story. Emmett does not like to share but I may take creative license and have him take on some experiences that he was not involved in but Rose sure was! Hey they may even fuck on the corners of the bed ;)

In closing:

Gemma: well, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview! I'd like to thank the ladies of the PPSS for their awesomeness and support. I'm flattered to be a part of this series, and continue to be humbled by all of the reviews and support I get from my readers. This has truly been an amazing experience and I consider myself very lucky.


Love=EDWARD said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! Em, I like how you expertly deflected my question. Minx!

As for Ms. Gems...I'm so glad that everyone got to know her a bit better with this interview. It was certainly QUITE informative! *winky-wink*

Emmy said...

Oh how I love you both! :D

Em's cause you are pervy and beautiful inside and out... and a star...

Gem's because you are my special special gorgeous gem-stone who I love to pieces..
L&F has the most special place in my heart.. It was one of the fics that made me venture into - which opened up my legs and hearts to these pervy bitches.. :) & (I still obsess on & over L&F!)
Great interview girls.. Thanks so much.