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Author Interview: twilighter620 & 4theluvofmary

This week we have our own Stephie aka 4theluvofmary and Twilighter620, author of Secret and many other fabulous fics.

Questions for Twilighter620:

stephie: So, twilighter620, what do you want to be called?
C: C. Everyone in the fandom calls me C. I think emmy came up with it. Or maybe you did, idk.
stephie: I think I did. But I called you little c. I blame gossip girl.
C: Haha. Yes! I remember when you used to call me that. I take offense to that now...Taylor Momsen is a whiny shrew. I do not wish to be related to her in any way lol.
stephie: LOL I'm sorry. Then I'll just call you C. So C, when did you first read Twilight? You know, it's funny that we chat a lot but I don't know the answer to this already.
C: Isn't it? We're too busy laughing at people to get down to the real important stuff. lol
stephie: Shhh don't expose our secret of laughing at ppl.
C: Okay (serious mode)
stephie: lol This is srs bsns right here.
C: I read Twilight three months after Eclipse came out. My little sister read it and offered it to me. A month later, I still hadn't read the book. The idea of vampires just didn't appeal but once she literally forced me to read it (she had to return it to school the next day) and I encountered Edward...well it was a wrap
stephie: Haha, oh yeah, not having any prior knowledge of the series, a book about teenager vampire love sounds ridiculous.
C: Yes...especially when said teenage vampire is named Edward. I know ONE person named Edward.
stephie: Um, I think I knew a Filipino Edward in HS? I can't remember now. So how long did it take you to finish the series?
C: um it took me a day...I had to return it
stephie: You read all three books in one day? Or just Twilight?
C: No just Twilight
stephie: Oh well I meant the entire series, minus BD
C: I read NM like a month after when my little sister brought it from school. Eclipse I read during Christmas of that year cause my dad bought her the book and then I had to wait for BD like everyone else.
stephie: How long til you sucked it up and bought them?
C: The summer during BD when I had money from graduation lol. I look at BD on my shelf now and rage

stephie: So when did FF come into the picture?
C: umm after I read Eclipse (my favorite) I felt the need to have more, especially with Twilight filming, so I ventured out to fansites like the lex and twilight moms and found ffn.
stephie: And did you just see ppl linking different fics? Do you remember the first one you ever read?
C: Well I remember being on twilight moms and reading someone's idea of what would happen when Bella and Edward married in the summer. It was on only that site (unaffiliated with the legit so I don't remember the title or author or anything now.
stephie: Was there sex? Like the all important question, right?
C: Of course. Sex sells, doesn't it? Answer: there was an implied lemon...kind of like what americnxidiot did in C&C at the end.
(which are sometimes the best ones i read)
stephie: Yeah, I mean I hate to say it on the PPSS blog but sometimes the understated is better.
C: Sometimes hearing about how Bella is soaking through the fucking mattress can be a lot. js
stephie: LOL "Bella, did you just wet the bed?"
C: Edward needs those like plastic mattress covers they sell
stephie: Or the pee pads you get from the hospital. ewwwww
C: Okay...topic over

stephie: lol. Do you have a favorite lemon in the fandom? Or story with lemons?
C: That's a hard fucking question, wtf Steph? h/o I gotta break out my list of story alerts for this.
stephie: Haha, that's my job C. I ask the hard questions. I'll wait while you check *taps foot*
C: Don't rush a New Yorker. We'll yell at you...loudly lol
stephie: I'm a Chicagoan, I'll like, knife you in return. *shifty eyes*
C: That's just grimey... lol okay: I love writeontime's lemons from the Port Angeles Players, specifically the ones from Edward's pov
stephie: Ooh, any special reasoning behind that? Any specific excerpts that stimulate lol more?
C: Chp 24's lemon was probably my favorite.
stephie: ok, I'll make a note of that *jots down notes* So while we're on the subject of lemons...
C: Oh dear...
stephie: wtf, are you bracing yourself for something inappropriate?
C: Yes, lol
stephie: >:(
How easy/hard *insert laughter here* is it for you to write lemons?
C: And subsequent laughter. I'm laughing
stephie: lol. I try
C: I should mention while I'm doing this interview I'm discussing the pros and cons of buttsecks with my guy friend. The pros are of course all coming (pun intended) from him.
stephie: LOL. We'll save the buttsecks convo for later
**jots down notes**
C: Anyway (serious mode)...umm lemons are pretty difficult for me to write. I actually don't like writing them much at all - mostly because i usually want to work more on the emotions of it than the actual logistics of it all. But I always want to make sure my readers feel like they're not reading a three line lemon between five paragraphs of inner monologue too, kwim?
stephie: Yeah I get that.
C: I read lemons, too. I can't shirk on responsibilities to my readers :)
stephie: And I mean, when you write a sexy angstycopafeelward we want the sex.
C: Exactly...and if I was reading a story about an angsty copafeelward I would want good sex too.
stephie: Speaking of copafeelward... cough*youowemeanouttake*cough
C: Yeah, well, someone owes me a Two Weeks Noticeward, too. *raises haughty eyebrow*
stephie: Ummm, well, you got me there.
C: We should put an expiration date on that stuff lol
stephie: Haha yeah maybe then we'd work harder. Do you have a favorite lemon of your own?
C: I know everyone expects me to say the infamous one-shot but it's actually not. I really liked the work I did in Potiphar's Wife. I'd really like to do those alternate endings someday. That was a work I was really proud of.
stephie: Oh! I did love Potiphar's Wife too. I'm waiting for those as well.
*makes list of expected writing from C*
C: Oh gosh...that's just cruel. And now you posted your Pharmacy one-shot so I don't have an item to even out the score. fml.
stephie: Pharmella and ViagraWard aren't technically posted anywhere except the Haiti compilation those that donated received (did YOU donate?)
C: Semantics. I'm still fucked.
stephie: Yeah, well you're in school, so it's ok that you're busy.
C: And that my job calls me in on all my days off because they love me and think it's okay that I don't have a social life.
stephie: Who needs a social life? Psh, overrated.

stephie: Walk me through a typical day/night while you're writing. What do you do to get prepared n shit?
C: Make sure people are doing their own thing so they leave me the fuck alone lol.
stephie: LOL wow. *cough*bitch*cough* JK
C: Mostly I just crawl into bed, plug in my laptop, make sure it's quiet, grab my notebook and get to it. Sometimes I'll take breaks if I feel like I need to think about what I want to write next. During those breaks I'll sometimes listen to music.
stephie: What about researching different aspects of the story. I mean, getting all the cop lingo and stuff has got to take a bit of time right?
C: Wikipedia is a beautiful thing.
stephie: lolol
C: I've also watched a lot of Law & Order (which I know is not real)
stephie: But they do their research too. Have you ever had somene who's in the know about that kind of stuff talk to you about your story? Like 'hey that's right on' or 'uh not so much'
C: Um a few people. I've been lucky that A: people are either really lenient or B: i'm not butchering it that badly
stephie: I mean it all comes across as very believable to me.
C: You're too kind :)

stephie: And, since you brought this topic up, not me...what is your stance on buttsecks
C: Buttsecks is not cool (yes, I am alienating some people). Like I told my friend: that is a non-fraternizing zone. We've got one hole...the idea of putting things in another...yeah pass.
stephie: LOL. But what about for the gays? Don't they need a hole to love? Oh god i'm cringing at my own wording here.
C: That's different. There's only so many places it can go in that situation
stephie: omg...what? ahaha

and just because it's late and I'm slap happy:

stephie: hahaha. Ok, random sex questions:
Multiple partners at once: the more the merrier or one's just enough?
C: Umm, I've actually never ventured out into that territory. But i'm not opposed. More than one (maybe two) additions seems like too many though.
stephie: Especially since you are not the fan of back door loving.
Ever dined or wanted to dine at the pink taco stand? (I am loling so hard right now)
C: You did not just fucking say pink taco to me.
stephie: LOL
C: No I have not. I don't have any sort of inclination at this point.
stephie: I could've said munching box. Would that have been preferable?
C: Anything is preferable to pink taco. That phrase makes me schkee.
stephie: I get it, no more pink taco.
Ok, jizz: Tasty treat or rather not?
C: Rather not...I would like to meet the man that has inspired so many people to think jizz is fucking godiva or something. It's not, btw. I just feel like should clarify that.
stephie: It isn't? WTF
C: Sorry Steph...DJ Lance isn't really wearing an orange jumpsuit right now too.
stephie: lolololol
Ewww. Sorry but jizz and then DJ Lance Rock so closely mentioned afterwards makes me feel funny in a bad way.
C: HAHAHA. I don't want to know why you have that link.
stephie: lololol. The story is too long. And also incriminates someone. :X That site is like a goldmine for ppl who like writing Wankward. Did you know there were that many ways to jerk off?
C: No actually I didn't. I don't really get how much more complex you could make it. You've got a hand and a penis...where the disconnect is that leads you to seek out more is beyond me.
stephie: I could link you to the mermaid technique. If you really wanted me too.
C: I really don't want you to.
stephie: lolol

stephie: Ok let's see...favorite rob picture. I'll wait while you decide.
C: Yes, you already know I'm disgusting with the pics.
stephie: I know. Which is why I'm so interested to see what's at the top.
C: Okay I had a feeling I was going to choose this one but I looked anyway.
stephie: Mmm yes, that jaw.
C: Yes + a dress shirt + a frown...what more do I need?
stephie: Rob's dick in a box? hahaha. But what about the ones in bed? (below)
oh Bedward
C: A dress shirt tops a bed for me. It's a fetish thing. I have an obsession with men in dress clothes, especially ties and SUSPENDERS. Suspenders underneath a suit jacket slay me.
stephie: I also love the corn on the cob ones. Idk why. It's weird.
C: It's a phallic symbol...that's why lol
stephie: So I like Edward putting penile shaped objects near his mouth?
C: Yes...don't you read slash? :)
stephie: I do like slash. But I don't want Rob to be gay because if I can't have him, NOBODY CAN. Just kidding. Seriously.
I also like this one: (below) bc I can envision him sneaking a way from shsaggin me silly
C: I like that one too...unless he was boning Emilie de Ravin while in NY(unlikely) it's impressive that one man can look that sexy running from an implied hook-up
stephie: So true. Rawr.
C: I just really like his eyes in that picture, they're so blue.
stephie: This interview is quickly turning into a Rob-view...literally
C: Back to serious mode...moving onward. lol I just said ward
stephie: LOL. Yeah it's hard to move forward haha bc I'm looking at pictures. If I got the chance I would so rape him, js...sorry hubs
C: You're good looking and young, you probably wouldn't have to use that much force
stephie: lol well TY for the compliment but I'd hardly agree with you on that. It's too bad you didn't get to do that internship in NY and attack him
C: Well no...actually I'm half glad I wasn't there. If the opportunity ever presented itself (it never will) Iwouldn't want to be in a sea of hormonal 14 year olds with the Jonas Brothers on their iPods and skulls with pink hairbows on their t-shirts
stephie: You know, what if I had a shirt with a skull and pink hairbows huh? lol I so 6 years ago
C: Yes which makes it entirely forgivable now because you recognize the fail lol
stephie: Hey back then skulls weren't everywhere. And there were no bows on it. I almost got a skull tatt when I was 19. I'm so glad now that I didn't.
C: I'm glad for you too lol

stephie: lol ok so, shit, where were we?
C: Random sex questions.
stephie: Righ. What do you think about porn?
C: I think porn is okay. idk I don't have a solid stance on this. Like sometimes it can be good but sometimes it can be so bad.
stephie: Yes and when it's bad it's baaaaaad.
C: For me porn is better in the literary manner. I'm a nerd so a good smutty scene will get me going faster than a guy with a wonky knob.
stephie: LOL. Uhh wonky knob does not equal sexy.
C: No. An edward ready to bite into pillows because he's so turned on? Yes, please.
stephie: Fuck I hate BD cockblockalypse. Did we ever find out if they're making BD into a movie? Because I will be so sorely disappointed if it's not steamier than the book. Obviously they can't make it R or NC-17 like I'd like...but some groping, humping, moaning, more jizz in my pants faces would be acceptable.
C: Um I think it's been confirmed without being confirmed, kwim?
stephie: Right. Let's hope that script gets leaked asap. So twifans of the world can skim over to the honeymoon.
C: idk I feel like Melissa Rosenberg is sucking SMeyer's proverbial cock. I fear for a second honeymoon failure. The Eclipse script leak already has me grumbling.
stephie: I'm hoping for changes. I didnt actually read the leaked script. But I checked to see if there was a leg hitch or like Edward telling her at the end 'I love you. I want you. Now.' or whatever.
C: No because everyone in the exec twilight world is fail.
stephie: If they held a petition to get "so the lion fell in love with the lamb" added to the Twilight movie, I think we can start one for the above mentioned parts.
C: I nearly choked on popcorn when I heard "my own personal brand of heroin" drop from Rob's lips in Twilight. It was awful.
stephie: Oh god, yeah that was awful. It's times like that you just close your ears to the words and admire the pretty.

stephie: Rob or Brandon (Flowers)?
C: That's such a bullshit question. Fucking hell. Rob cause he's not married. I won't feel like such a homewrecker. I mean it's just KStew.
stephie: Ok, but if Brandon was single? I mean, this is fantasy land so indulge a little. But you can't have both.
C: umm if Brandon was single...this is so much harder now that he's single.
stephie: hahahahaha
C: My gchat icon isn't helping shit either. fml. It's just like...Rob has got the accent but Brandon has got the sleek style. And Rob's so Rob...and Brandon is so sexy musicianish. Ughh
stephie: I'm making you answer. There's no getting out of it.
C: I should flip a coin. You decide...who's heads and who's tails?
stephie: LOL. That sounds so dirty
C: Pick
stephie: Ummm I'll have Rob heads and Brandon tails.
C: hahahaha I want to put that as a favorite facebook quote.
stephie: LOL
C: The penny was heads...Rob it is.
stephie: Rob always wins.

Questions for twilighter620 from around the fandom:

From Aspenleaf:
How did you come up with the idea for Secret?
C: The one-shot or the full story? Cause those were very different processes.
stephie: How bout both?
C: Alright...prepare for a mouthful here. I tend to get long-winded.
stephie: *gets comfy*
C: So with the one-shot I just had a very basic idea of Edward being Charlie's subordinate but being in love with Bella at a distance. Originally it was supposed to be a small town affair, but once I started writing, things changed dramatically. I think in the beginning Bella was simply a teacher or something equally blue-collar and marginally uninteresting - not anything like the Isabella Woods that evolved.
stephie: oh really?
C: Yeah, Bella was just Charlie's daughter but she was almost virginal, untouchable which was why Edward had to stay away.
stephie: Oh, well I like her with a bit of fire.
C: Thanks, me too. I got a lot of shit for that at the beginning.
stephie: Really? Why bc she's not canon Bella?
C: Yeah and a lot of people felt like she was bratty or something else along those lines because she utilized Charlie's position to get an upper hand.
stephie: I never thought of her as coniving though.
C: Thats because you trusted me already lol
stephie: I suppose that's true.
C: So the actual story? Well, that was an entirely different animal. After seeing people's reaction to the one-shot I knew I wanted to keep going. I had the desire prior to posting, but the readers just really nailed it for me. I knew immediately I wanted to start from the beginning and work my way to the one-shot, simply because there's so much drama, anxiety, etc. in the piece alone that moving from then on wouldn't be sufficient to me. The little details came next, because I already had most of the character development done by the time I came to the contest. After hammering out the here's and there's it was simply a matter of posting the story. And now here I am with a chapter and epilogue left. I should mention I had a vague plot when I started. it evolved more the longer the story went on
stephie: Yeah I definitely l like that you went back to the beginning. It would've been just...not right had you tried to continue right after the o/s.
C: I agree. I think trying to move forward while constantly trying to explain the past would've just been counterproductive. the whole story is about their struggle to find happiness together.
stephie: right
C: christ we sound so serious right now...this is weird
stephie: LOL this will help

From pippapear aka emmy: Q.When the fuck are you joining twitter so I can bore n bug you there as I'm crap at emails?
stephie: I also want to know when. *glares*
C: i'm not into the whole twitter thing. i have a private one for my personal life and the only reason why that one exists is so i can stalk ian somerhalder (insert a pic of the sexy HERE steph)
stephie: done and done

Q. What is your fave type of Ward to write? CopWard. MusicWard. SaunaWard. CuteWard Or HeistWard? and why? :)
C: jesus. what a loaded question. i don't want to answer just based on which one is the sexiest (cause they all are...i just have it like that lol). so i guess my favorite is actually MusicWard. he's probably the one i would date in RL.

Q. Particularly in Secret you write beautifully with the surroundings - be it weather or scenery echoing or reflecting the mood or emotions of the scene/chapter. . Is this because you are affected by your surroundings when you write? Do you need a particular mood to write and do your surrounding atmosphere's affect your writing? Sorry that is a long waffly question. Hope it makes sense C.

C: that's a good question, emmy. you would think i would take advantage of the lakefront we have at my house, but no. i just hole up in my room and type away. my only requirements when writing are for it to be quiet. even my mood music doesn't play when i'm writing. i usually listen to it beforehand to get into the mind frame i need to be in.

Q.Do you have favourite music for writing?
C: i don't have any particular genre that i favor more than another for writing. it mostly just needs to be a good example of powerful lyrics. if working in the juniors dept. in my store has taught me anything, it's that songs with inspiring lyrics are a dime-a-dozen these days. a lot of what i write are not things i've necessarily experienced, so typically the artist/writer of the song can help me understand those emotions.

Q.What inspired your writing of Secret? And your other stories. As they are all so very different.
C: i knew i had something different when the idea for Secret came to me. and with most of my stories if you've read them, they are all pretty different from your average AU-Human fics. am i writing Vampire in the Basement? no. but i'm exploring bella's sexual autonomy in Potiphar's Wife, and i'm writing a fic that solely relies on humor in Bella and Edward's Infinite Playlist.

Q.Hardest (snort) thing about writing a lemon?

C: i feel like everything is hard about writing a lemon. i'm not naturally comfortable with writing lemons. that's why they can only be one-shots or occur in a few chapters in my stories. you guys have no idea how much In Stereo is making me push my boundaries with that. it's only a few chapters in (more WILL come eventually) but bella is a sex fiend in that story.

Q. What motivates you to keep writing a multi chapter wip?

C: knowing that i've got a few thousand people following the story on alert is quite the motivation...let me tell you. that is a LARGE amount of people to piss off. not to mention i want to finish Secret. i've dedicated my time to writing it for over a year.

Q. Do you need a pre-reader for any future stories and chapters ::cheeky grin:: (not because you need one but because i'm nosey and love you!)
stephie: You'll have to share the pre reading duties with me, my cricket! ;)
C: emmy, all you have to do is ask and you know i'll crumble. not as pathetically as steph though lol. (love you steph :D)
stephie: wtf? don't be sharing how easy I am at giving away important secrets and plot points and...errr :X

Q. Re: the infamous halloween scene in Secret. What's the best halloween costume you've worn?
C: the best one? i was a pretty skanky fairie thing a few years ago. results were good so something was right :)

Q. Re saunaward- Have you ever had sex or done naughty naughty things in a sauna? :) if so SPILL :) :)
C: i wish i could say that i have, but i have not :( it's on my list of things to do. or places to do "things" :)

Standard PPSS questions:

Do you have any tattoos?
C: no tatts. i know i'll hate it in a few years, so i've decided to avoid the regret.

What is your favorite sexual position?
C: the killers said: "i can't fake, we're on top"
stephie: LOL I find it awesome that you used the Killers to answer your sex question.
C: I might have a little obsession with Brandon Flowers...maybe.
stephie: Even when he had the stache? I'll admit he could pull it off more than any guy could.
C: The stache I can say yes to only because of the fuckawesome album that came along with it.
stephie: You know he grew up in utah right? Like I could drive to his home town right now.
C: Creeper lol no I'm kidding. Yes, I'm aware.
stephie: Well maybe if he still lived there. I'd go creeping.
C: It's such a shame he's married.
stephie: Look:
C: You do realize we're going to get off track again, right? lol
stephie: um lol yeah I know
srs bsns face

Favorite ff ever?
C: i'm going to be totally cliche and say Behind Enemy Lines. i just love me some Balticward. i read that fic on my iPhone a little while ago.
stephie: Ung. I LOVE Balticward. JFC, AC knew what she was doing with that one.

Hardest part about writing ff?
C: the same thing it's always been...finding the time to dedicate to it.

Do people in RT know you do it?

C: nope. my family would never approve and my friends would probably think i'm crazy. *shrugs* steph, you're a better friend than most anyway :)
stephie: Aww, thanks. :)

If I looked under your bed right now what would I find?
C: some posters i had to take down either because they fell or i don't have space. andd a throw pillow.

For those of you that use 'toys', which is your favorite?

C: not applicable. i live with my family. can we say awkwardddd?

If they could be in a relationship...would it be the same characters that you'd want to bone, or is there someone else they find more relationship worthy?
C: well as i've discussed with my own [Blank]wards, most of them i would bone rather than date. there's a handful of ones i would actually date. i think jandco's edward in Hi Honey, I'm Home is pretty much the epitome though. i would bone him and date him. he's a good boyfriend.

Do you currently have more than 1 sex partner?

C: nope. i have several suitors though. right now, it's a matter of choosing.
stephie: Suitors? Who are you? lol who calls them that still? lol
C: *points to self* NERD, remember?

Questions for Stephie:

C: Which do you think will happen first: you flouncing the fandom or finishing TAITA? lol
stephie: hahahahaha. WTF?! Ok.
C: hahahaha
stephie: Well I'm pretty sure finishing TAITA is a must. I mean, I know I suck at updating but I love where the story goes (just hope readers will too) and how can I flounce before I even get them together? Because, and I might get tomatoes thrown at me for this, but it's not happening any time soon...and that's not just bc I am slow to update.
C: Awesome cause if you flounce...I'm coming after you. and my little dog, too. Chanelly can be brutal. Just ask duke - the nkotb
stephie: LOL that just made me think of Wizard of Oz.
C: I had a wizard moment.
stephie: I'd take Chanell over the flying monkeys. They scare the shit outta me. And for some reason mini REALLY loves the flying monkey music. She dances and goes MONKEY MUSIC over and over.
C: hahahahahaha My dad is still scared of the flying monkeys.
stephie: lol see?
C: So Steph...being a momma...what would you think if mini took up M-rated fic writing at my age?
stephie: Aren't you 19?
C: Yes
stephie: I mean, hell, if my mom knew the stuff I got into at 19 she'd have a heart attack. Um but at the same time I think that is old enough to read/write M (or should i say nc-17) stuff. Anyway, I'd still rather not know.
C: Fair enough
stephie: Because I'm sure I'll be the cliche mom who will still picture her as a baby and I'd be like, CHASTITY BELT NOW
C: I was gonna tell you good you just killed it. LOL
stephie: hahaha I'm just being honest
C: I know. I'm just teasing.
stephie: I'm pretty sure God is punishing me with a very charming little girl who loves boys

C: Will you ever make the transition into totally writing on a computer or is pen and paper the way to go?
stephie: LOL. ahahahaha. Uh, I'll always prefer a notebook. Because I'm a compulsive doodler. So it like helps keep me focused in a bizarre way. when i get distracted on the computer, I google shit (haha) or chat. Yeah. I've been outlining this original fic and *surprise surprise* it's in a notebook. I thought I lost it and was going apeshit crazy until my husband cleaned out his desk and found it there.
C: Yeah...I'm pretty bad about pinging you on gchat.
stephie: i love when you ping me
waggles eyebrows
C: And original fic? Gasp! You're holding out on me.
stephie: I'll tell the record. *winks*
**edited for content**
stephie: So you think it sounds ok?
C: Um I think it sounds better than ok.
stephie: Yay!

Questions for stephie from around the fandom:

From pippapear aka emmy: What's your favourite strawberry desert? N can taitaward get a strawberry scratch n sniff book to help him scratch his itch's? :) :) :)
stephie: Ahahahaha. Um...I love chocolate covered strawberries as cliche as that is. Also, and yeah this sounds obvious since it's Bella's nickname, strawberry shortcake. Mostly strawberries, little cake, and a smidgen of whipped cream. And I know this girl who makes some dessert with strawberry jello. IDK exactly what it is, but it's omnomnom.

As far as TAITAward...well, I'm thinking he may be needing to invest in strawberry products soon due to lack of Shortcake.


Emmy said...

:) Thanks ladies for this interview... Lotsa fun for everyone. It sounds like you bitches had a bloody larff doing it! :) :) C please go on twitter... You know you wanna be bugged by Stephie(button) & I... Don't cha? Yes you do. Yes you do. Yes you do. you know you do! :D
Lotsa lotsa love to you both! Emmy. x x x x x