Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Talk Nerdy To Me: Tech Geek Kink

A periodic taste of geeky goodness from our resident GeekPerv©, Trin.

So the Holidays are all behind us now and many of you may be sitting on some new electronics. Sure, they can play music, make calls, surf the web and keep you organized *unf I love me some organization* but I'm here to tell you it can do more. Instead of reaching into the nightstand when you need to get off just pick up your phone.

We all know that Apple has "an App for that" well they have an application for a decent vibrator too. MyVibe for iPhone is a free app that turns your iPhone into a vibrator. It allows you to change the settings by increasing the speed and intensity and you have the option for three favorite settings. I won't sit here and tell you it will give you a mindblowing orgasm, but it is a lot of fun to use for a little bit of discreet teasing on a roadtrip.

While we are talking about Apps also has another fun one for $2.99 Sex Dice Evolved. This isn't for some alone time, but to be used with a partner...or two. Most people have played with Sex Dice before, but the beauty of having it on your phone is you can play ANYTIME! I was so happy that you could customize the die to remove things if you wanted to. For example I HATE to be tickled so knowing I have a better chance of getting licked, fondled or nuzzled made me quite excited.

For all of you music lovers out there OhMiBod has just the thing for you. They offer you a wide range of vibrators that can worked wired or wirelessly to your phone or iPod to work in rhythm with the music. Some of the features include playlists, ability to wire the unit to allow your partner to control the settings and waterproof. They even have a bullet that is wired to you cell phone and is programed to turn on when you receive a phone call from a specific number. Talk about someone knowing how to push your buttons.

Last, but not least, I think I might be overlooking one of the most obvious things that you can do with that new phone. PHONE SEX. Especially with features of the new iPhone4 Facetime you can get very upclose and personal. I know a lot of people say they are too shy or embarassed to talk dirty on the phone but just like with anything out there, a little practice and you will be calling your honey at lunchtime to whisper some naughty notables in their ear.

I think it actually helps to be wearing those sexy things you talk about (espeically if you deicde to take pictures or video) because you are going to feel more confident. Just remember that your signifigant other is most likely thrilled to death that you would even want to do this, so anything you say he or she will love. That being's always fun get filthy, too! I read this article a while ago and it was about having phone sex as it related to the iPhone but I think it rings *sorry I'm corny* true no matter what device you are using.

Happy Ring-a-Ding-a-Lings to you all.


C said...

ohmibod's naughtibod is the first one they had that goes to the beat.... and it really does!

I didn't believe it until I got it, but there's two things you have to know:

one, it's tiny. like 4.5" to go in, and 1" wide. Tops.

two, be very careful with the connectors, as mine short-circuited and zapped us. Not cool. Have to crank the music to get it really going, and it gets a little loud...

The novelty is really cool, tho.