Friday, September 17, 2010

And the "Love for the Unloved" winners are....


When we came up with the idea of the “Love for the Unloved” contest last year, it was our hope to inspire people to branch out into the Twi universe and take a break from focusing on the Cullen’s and Jacob Black. We were thrilled with the response to the contest, and it was fun seeing more and more stories featuring B-listers in the past year.

Perhaps we picked a busy time of the year or a period when people felt inundated with other contests, but we were hoping to get a larger response this year with contest submissions. Not that we are complaining as we were still provided with many fics that breathed life into the more lesser known characters. However, due to the smaller submission response, we decided to shrink down the award categories. As promised, the winners of the Public Poll and Judge’s Pick will receive a banner of their choosing from the talented, AngstGoddess003, and be featured soon on the Misfics site as well. But before we announce the contest winners, we want to thank our amazing judges! Kisses, hugs, and ass pinches are all warranted for our judges: mskathy, Chele681, siouxchef, einfach mich, SweetDulcinea, and EJ Santry. We couldn’t have done it without you guys!

We also wouldn’t have had a contest if it weren’t for YOU, our authors! Because of your awesome work, we got to read stories about the following B-listers: Jane, Eric, Garrett, Victoria, Angela, Leah, Felix, Sam, Amber, Mr. Berty, Embry, James, Gianna, Senora Goff, and Alec. By featuring Mr. Berty, Senora Goff, and Amber, the waitress, we wouldn’t be surprised if these B, rather D-listers, were written for the first time in this fandom!

It was difficult for the judges to arrive to their final decision. We encourage everyone to check out all the entries in the contest’s C2 Community.


FloridaChickie and manyafandom

(drum roll, please)

And the winners are...

Public Poll Winner


EJ Santry says: Skeezon does a great job in the details of her story to leave her main character’s identity a secret until the end. My own assumptions were wrong until we got to the final moments, and left me needing to re-read it with the knowledge, which I have to admit, added a new level of heat to the story.

Judge's Pick


SweetDulcinea says: I was a choir nerd in school, so it was fun to read this story and see how ICMezzo used her obvious knowledge of music to create something unique and fun to read. Add in a sexy Garrett who is a fabulous singer (UNF) and Diva Kate (rawr) and you get something unique and refreshing with a fabulously sweet ending!

Honorable Mention


SweetDulcinea says: I have a soft spot in my heart for Sam/Leah stories. There is the opportunity for so much angst and emotion, and mkystich really delivered in this one-shot. The pain and love both characters feel is palpable, leaving readers with a little bit of heartbreak and a little bit of hope that everyone will be able to move forward after this. I would have loved to have seen more dialogue between these too, but maybe mkystich will expand. *wink wink, nudge nudge*


Before we wrap this up, one other submission mention from our judge, Chele681:

Three cheers for Your Ambulance, My Rescue by hammondgirl which featured Amber, the Italian restaurant waitress from Twilight. I give major props to hammondgirl for taking a character who I think is universally dismissed as an Edward fangirl and giving her depth and life of her own. I liked how she set the scene with the canon mushroom ravioli moment, but then the camera pans left to follow Amber instead. I found her completely relataeble, and EMT Grant more than swoon-worthy. Amber went from a no one to someone I wanted to know more about.

Thanks again for all the support!


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Hey Guys, this is fantastic and I love the new Perv Pack look! Just a quick note though, the yellow font on the white background is incredibly hard to read, I had to highlight it to make out what was typed - perhaps a darker colour might be better? Anyhoo, that's just my two cents worth, keep up the fantastic work and Congratulations to all the winners!

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Hiya Nettie - thanks for your feedback!
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