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"You Get Me Closer to God" by americnxidiot


This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...
Title: "You Get Me Closer to God"
Author: americnxidiot
Chapters: 21 (Complete)
Words: 54,266
Reviews: 992
Summary: They meet for one reason, and one reason alone. Everybody's happy. Nobody gets hurt. Right? "I wanna feel you from the inside."- E/B OOC All Human

(*Added by Nina, Hot Humpin' to NIN, how can you go wrong!)

Bri- Thankfully I read this a couple weeks ago when it was rec'd by a member of the PP before we decided to review it for all you lovely, smutty pervs. I was so wrapped up in it, about half way through I finally stopped to leave a review and apologized that I hadn't been reviewing every chapter, but I was so wrapped up in the story! Srsly - any story whose title is from my all time favorite fucking song? Umm...I'm sold, baby. Unlike some of my other pervy pervs here at the Shack, I actually like reading lots of the HS fics. This is totally included in that grouping. The sexin' in this fic is fuckhot. The UST in this fic is fuckhot. The relationship or pseudo relationship between B/E is fuckhot and believable. I always enjoy a fic where Bella isn't the weak, frail, clumsy wanna be pretty girl with an infatuation for Edward. I like me a strong, confident Bella and one that says "fuck" a lot is just the frosting on the cake. All in all, this fic is an awesome read (and it's COMPLETE!) - and don't forget about the outtakes she's just started posting. This sucker gets 5/5 panties from me.

Emmy- I owe one of the pack a massive tongue sarnie for reccing this fic to me.... ITS GOLD! Absolute diamond of a tale. I was transfixed by it. Started the first chapter to see what it was all about & then realised I had to read the whole shebang even though it was gone 2am - so I read in bed on my mobile phone.. Its hot, very hot. But also the characters and their actions are real, messed-up and honest. Bella in particular is a tour-de-force - denial, confusion, vixen and desire are her middle names. & Edward is a tortured delight... Plus the song choices are brilliant, they work so well with both the chapters,the sexing, and the atmosphere... Particularly the usage of my fave Laura Marling.. I must also say that the sex scenes are intense. Burning hot - sometimes just hot & other times laced with emotional confusion and a raging torment.... This is my first 5 ruined knickers out of 5..(I did actually have to write off a pair of silk pj's to this fic... )

To be perfectly honest this story was not even on my radar until it was recommended by my fellow Perv Pack members. Once I saw the title I got a little giddy wondering if this somehow related to one of my favorite fuck songs. I was happily surprised to see that it was Closer by NIN and I was instantly in love after chapter one. Who would not want to have Edward as a fuck buddy? What surprised me was that it was Bella and not Edward dictating the details of the arrangement. You do not often see that in stories with a similar friends with benefits arrangement. I read and reviewed each chapter and can't wait to read more from this author. I love this wonderfully smutty and also sweet story and give it 5 out of 5 pairs of soaked panties.

Hope-So ... hmmm ... what to say, what to say about "You Get Me Closer to God". Ummm ... it fucking rocks, hardcore rocks. Underneath all of the smut and little bits of drama and angst it is a love story. A realistic love story in my opinion. Bella and Edward unable to deny their physical attraction to each other become "Fuck Buddies" and on the surface everything is fine and dandy. But underneath it all feelings are developing and being denied. It is the coming to terms with those feelings and what actions the characters take that really drew me in. The reservations that Bella has about being in a relationship with Edward are very real and legitimate concerns. The author deals and addresses them in a very good way. Now lets talk about the smut. Oh My Holy Hell!!! Hot damn is the smut good in this story. The story opens with smut and Edward lifting Bella's leg over his shoulder. Even the lovemaking is tender yet hot, leaving you panting for more. Personally I have to try out the couch position, it just sounds to damn good. to pass up. Edward and Bella sneak around having sex in the most unusual of places. But it is very real to what two horny teenage kids would do. This is a must read for everyone. I give it 4.5 panties out of 5 ... just cause I wanted a lot more from this duo after reading it.

Hot. 'Nuff said.

Filiz- This is a tough one. I have mixed feelings. I think the writing is good--technically, quite 'clean' and well organized. My chief problem, however, is with the tone of the story. I'll be honest. I'm not that big a fan of purely angst fic. It creates a mood that personally I think interferes with the romantic elements. Angst creates a very intense tone that overrides the levity needed for a love story, in my opinion. There should be a blend of intense moments with some more tender ones. I only saw very brief glimpses. Also, angsty characters fall victim to becoming flat and too one-sided.
The Bella in this story was characterized in such a way that she was 'street smart' and very cynical, which I can totally appreciate and it fits the tone. However, when the author also tries to incorporate sexual inexperience and relationship naivete into her personality, it's just not credible. It feels too incongruent. In other words, I had a hard time believing that someone with so little experience with intimacy would be so jaded and cavalier in her attitude toward her first real romance. I couldn't reconcile how discordant it was. I wish I had more positive things to say because I think this writer has a lot of potential.

Isabel- Awwww, geeze. I seriously loved this story. I found it one night and literally stayed up until 2 a.m. to finish the whole thing. I haven't done that for a story in months. The whole thing is just so well written and I was incredibly pleased to see almost no typos or errors (very rare these days so major kudos!) The sexual tension between them is great and builds excellently all throughout the story. Bella's confusion with her feelings towards Edward and his honesty towards their situation is very well written and incredibly constructed. Beyond all of that, the sexing is magnificent and both pretty realistically written and very, very hot. I was very happy with the way it ended and definitely would recommend this (actually recommended it for Pack-wide reading!) Moreover, I am pleased to see that sideshots are being written as well. Very well done and definitely rating this 5 out of 5 panties .

The UST....OH! The UST! The sex....OH! THE SEX!!! This fic should be re-titled 'INTENSITY'. The ending was a little too fluffy for me....IDK, it just seemed flacid compared to the rest of the story, but it WAS a seriously happy fucking ending, so there, it wasn't a BAD ending, it just didn't fit to me compared to what the rest of the story did to me (and to my panties). If you start this story, you will NOT be able to stop. It is THAT GOOD. Not to mention the fact that the first line in the story describes Bella's back being scraped against the wall....ummm yeah. There is SO much sexin' in this story and really REALLY well written sexin' at that. Not to mention the fact that the storyline is just fucking WIN all around. She does SUCH a good job with the sexin', but an even BETTER job describing the emotion and intensity between these two. And she taught me a new sex posish! (on the couch...WIN!). Okay, I was too hard on the ending. It really was a great ending....guess I just wanted more more MORE! You know those stories....the one's that have you so wrapped up and turned on that the ending is a total let down for the mere fact that it is THE END. Yeah, so I just didn't want it to end, and I will be reading this one again I tell you. 5 out of 5 panties from me!!! (Oh, and when you're done with this one, check out Cascade & Cyanide by Rachel. It is SICKLY ADDICTING!)

Kasey- Like Hopey said, it's the coming to terms with the feelings that develop between two "fuck buddies" that makes for some angsty sexytimes. In my opinion, it's actually a story about a love and how they attempt to curb the budding romantic feelings for one another. Of course, there is TONS of sex (lemony goodness galore) coupled with a truckload of undefined sexual tension to whet your whistle, so to speak. The author did a good job of sucking the reader in from the 1st chapter - she starts out with B + E screwing, for pete's sake! Can't go wrong with her descriptive sex scenes, that's for sure. Be sure to plug into Closer ("I wanna fuck you like an animal") at chapter 1...definitely a must. I'm givin' this fic-y a sopping 4 out of 5 panties .

Kathy- From the very first chapter, this story is unapologetically hot. The banter between the two characters (Edward and Bella) keeps you interested in more than just the smut, but oh, what smut it is. The author did a great job of fleshing out these two as people; they aren't just kids coming together to fuck, they are each complicated, complex people who need things from each other. As time marches on, just as in real life, their needs and expectations of each other change and morph into something different. This story could be a contrived mess, but the author takes her time and brings them together carefully. The way Edward teases Bella is funny, sweet and sexy. Is there a cuter nickname for Bella than Jellybean? I say not. The smut is hot, the writing is clean and beautiful, 5 out of 5 panties.

Miya- If I could get my hands out of my pants long enough to give a proper review, I would. This story is that good. The UST, the sex, the banter, and you have to listen to Closer while reading. Go listen to it... Now pretend it's Rob singing it to you. You want to read this now, don't you? Thought so. Forget the panties, you won't need them. 5 out of 5 soaking panties for public restroom sex, being cockblocked by Alice, and some damned fine angst leading up to more sex.

Nina- I'll be honest and say that I usually avoid 'high school fics' like the plague. I don't like them because none really ever captured how I was in high school so I have a hard time relating to them. That's not saying that I only read fics that are similar to me, but I like reading stories that I get lost in, the ones that I squeal like a pig when they update (Yes, another Deliverance reference for me this week...shudder). I'm not saying that I want to read my high school life from the perspective of Edward & Bella, BUT, I also think that so many are either highly idealized to the point that they're Gossip Girl with the vapid narcissism running rampant, OR, the protagonists are so emotionally fucked that they can barely function outside of their little bubbles. I sound like a twat here, but I'm being truthful. I do 100% agree with my cohort Bri that a strong Bella is win all around. A STRONG HS Bella is fantastic and needs praise that the bitch can stand on her own.
The UST is ridunkulous, and I'm a total sucker for that shit, but it's not just that. The story itself is really well done capturing how flawed every character is, not just Bella and Edward, all of them have their faults. The smexin, hot damn, you NEED to listen to NIN when reading this, you must, or you are doing a disservice to yourself and to the story for not being in the right mind set to get fucked like an animal. I was grateful that with Alice's character though she eventually was happy for them being together, in the beginning she was crushed because they hid it from everyone including her. She was given dimension and focused on her own life as well as balancing the feelings of everyone else. Rachel has a few one-shots that I recommend as well, her newest full story sounds phenomenal and I'm sure we'll be seeing it listed as a future PP suggestion. 5/5 from me especially because I am a beyotch ;)

Stephie- I hadn't heard about this fic either, til it was brought up. I am so glad it was. Because first of all, the story is complete (so I don't have to suffer waiting for updates) and also because the sexin is soo good. The characters are believable (c'mon, they're in HS. HS kids are dumbasses). And the UST-ung. I loved a specific scene in school when Edward asks Bella how quiet she can be. Hehehe. Read it. So hot. 5/5

Steph-I stumbled onto this fic one day while browsing other people's favorited stories. The title caught my attention of course as this was one of my favorite songs in college. I read the summary, started reading and never looked back. The story is seriously HOT. Watching the two of them, but especially Bella, trying to figure out their feelings and what's going on with the relationship, it just sucks you in. I also loved the fact that the story is complete, because I'm not at all patient waiting for updates of stories I really love. I most definitely needed, ahem, some alone time when I was finished. Okay, okay, I needed alone time right away. 5 out of 5 dripping panties

In addition to our Round Table Review above, we've also asked the author to share with us a bit about themselves, her reaction to both the selection of "You Get Me Closer to God" and to our blog in general.

Reaction: I'm shocked and incredibly flattered, honestly. The ladies of the Perv Pack have written some of my favorite stories on fanfiction, so I'm thrilled that my little smutfest got chosen for review, even if just to be read by so many amazing authors. Thanks and I can't wait to see what other sexy sexy gems you guys find.

Bio: Rachel- I'm a 19 year old college student from New York City who is living in London right now. My poor cat is stranded with the parents back home. I actually realized my love of smut when I was fifteen and stumbled upon Friends fanfiction. I guess Matthew Perry got my panties in a twist. Anyway I made the mistake of picking up Twilight at the end of freshman year, and after three days of no sleep and no studying, I was hooked. When I'm not lurking around FF/Twilighted or being pressured by my friends to stalk Rob Pattinson in the pubs, I'm working on getting my degree in English, finding and listening to good music, and just enjoying being young and in the city.

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"Art Model" by dollegirl

This weeks one-shot rec is "Art Model" by dollegirl
Title: Art Model
Author: dollegirl
Chapters: one-shot
Words: 7,798
Reviews: 186
Summary: Bella needs money. Her friend convinces her to pose nude for an art class. One-Shot.

So, this week is my turn to pimp out a one shot. I must confess that I hadn't even heard of this one shot till my fellow PP gals gushed over it. Curious I was, so off I went to read.

The premise behind this one-shot is something I've never read before, let alone thought about. Bella, forced from her need for money poses nude for an art class. The friend that convinces her is supposed to be there with her, posing along side her. And since he's gay, she doesn't feel threatened; though she sure is nervous for everyone to see her. And who wouldn't be? But that friend pulls a no show.

Guess who his replacement is?

Oh yes, Edward "standing straight and tall, completely erect, in more ways than one" Cullen.

What's so great about this one-shot is the build up. Our favorite couple is posed together in an intimate embrace. And what happens while they are posing for the art students is hot, erotic, sweaty, ung worthy. Never before have I wanted a couple to throw all caution to the wind and just get it on in front of dozens of people.

With how well she describes what is going on between those two, I feel like I'm actually there witnessing the entire thing. Only, I wouldn't be drawing. I'd probably get some popcorn and cheer them on. Ha! Just kidding...kind of.
Read it, you won't be disappointed. At. All.


dollegirl is also the author of "DID" which again I have not yet read, but sure as shit will be. I hope she knows I may start stalking her now.
Link to story:
Art Model

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"Hot Landing Zone" by hjb2006

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...
Title: "Hot Landing Zone"
Author: hjb2006
Chapters: 8 (complete)
Words: 28,682
Reviews: 112(seriously that needs to change)
Edward Cullen blames scientist Isabella Swan for getting them stranded on a remote island. But hell, Edward can improvise, adapt, and long as Bella stops driving him wild... (*Added by Nina, It's MarineWard!!!!! Do you need another reason?)

Bri- **puts on fireproof outfit** Any story that is long enough to engross me yet short enough to read in one sitting AND is complete is generally WIN for me. While I enjoyed the premise of this story and even the storyline, I just could not get past the grammatical errors (says the comma police). Some sentences didn't even make sense to me and had to be skipped completely - it was like the chapters weren't proofed at all. That being said, if you CAN get past that, it is an enjoyable read. The UST is hot and tense and the sexin is pretty fucking hot, too. I do wish there had been one more chapter thrown in there - the first sexual encounter seemed to be kind of thrown in my lap and I would have liked to work up to that just a tish more. So, basically, if you can get past all the errors in each chapter, the read is hot and worth it. Because I couldn't look past the errors, tho, I had to knock back my panty points. This gets 2.5/5 from me. **prepares for flames**

I first read this a wee whiley ago when it was recc'd on one of Hope's fabulous threads. Its a wonderful hot delight... You do have to get past the lack of editing on the first couple of chapters but after that - WOAH! SCORCHIO! A masterpiece in UST... With a feisty, interesting Bella and an absolute stud muffin of a MarineWard.... He is a lethal combo of lean, rough, highly-trained, mean, edgy and FIT - quite the dangerous cocktail... As well as amazing chemistry and hot, hot scenes this tale also has two individuals having to confront the facades their lives had become and the barriers they had imprisoned themselves within.. I love how the characters and their relationship develops and grows ... The last few chapters are absolute pearls amongst fanfic swine.... So yummy and so good. .... (yet again) a flippin' hot 4 soggy knicks out of 5.....

Hot Landing Zone has been on my "to read" list for quite awhile. I had heard many good things about this story and am pleased to say that it delivered! The UST is of epic proportion and there is something so damn sexy about Marine Edward. The chemistry between Edward and Doc Bella oozes off the computer and made me all tingly in places. Palm tree sexin was damn hot and I like how Bella is the aggressive one when it comes to getting what she wants. Chapter 7 made me just ache for Bella and Edward too but it seems that time and distance really can be overcome. I liked the pacing, the length and the ending. It felt very Hollywood but not cliche. I would like to see an epilogue and maybe that could be done in the future. The seamless POV changes were a nice surprise and shows the talent of the author. I agree that the typos are a little hard to ignore (they would be so easy to fix) but I was still able to lose myself in this story. I give this 4 lacy panties out of 5.

Hope-See unlike my other cohorts the typos didn't really bother me that much. Maybe cause I am notoriously bad at that too. Besides the typos this really is one of my favorite stories ... of all time. Yes I said it ... of all time. So Marine Edward and Brainy Doc Bella, that is an odd combination. But it works, really works for this story. I am a big fan of UST, so this story is right up my alley. This story is full of UST until they or Edward finally gives in to what he has been feeling since first seeing Bella. And when they do finally give in ... WOW!! The descriptions are not overly graphic, instead conveying what they are feeling emotionally and physically. Doing a bang up job at it in the process. Both Edward and Bella go through a transformation or change and grow throughout the story. Taking a long hard look at their lives and how unhappy with them they are. Edward only realizing it at the end though, like the moron Bella says he is. This story is short enough for a really quick read but engaging enough to leave you wishing for more. I personally love the ending, it is very movie like. So I am going to give it 4.5 panites out of 5. Only deducting for lack of proofreading.

I wont get all mushy about the huge soft spot I have for Marines, but I will say the idea of Edward as a man in uniform was enough to get the panties dripping. A few months ago Acireamos insisted I read this story and it was obvious why. The characters both have equally interesting backgrounds and the natural build to the first lemons is wonderful. The writer switches POVs often, sometimes within the same paragraph. Sounds like a trainwreck of an idea, but it done very, very well. And of course who doesn’t like a tear jerking happy ending. This story is fun, sexy and endearing. 5 outta 5

Isabel- is buried under a stack of very fat, very boring legal textbooks this week ... le sigh

Jo- Okay. First story I've ever read with 'Marineward'. First story I've ever read with 'Dr. Swan'. The plot had great original details and was visually descriptive. I was able to see all of Chapter 1 (the rescue) in my mind like a movie. Anyone who can write and give me movie-like visuals is alright in my book. On top of ALL of that, the whole "Romancing The Stone" relationship they started with was just WONDERFUL and full of yummy UST! As for the sexin....well....once this story gets hot, it just never lets up and gets more and more intense. I think her lead up to the sexin' with all the innuendos and UST made the schmexin' even HOTTER. I spent an entire evening in the tub, unable to put this wonderful piece of smut down....essentially turning into a wet, shriveled mess (and not from the bathwater). Marineward is HOTT, too too HOTT......Dr. Bella is SEXXXY as hell and takes control of the situation.....their lovin' is EXPLOSIVE and the author's desciptives were unique and refreshing (cutting away from the smutotony of reading the same sexin' over and over an over). Yes, the typos were annoying, but this story was well done and allows you to look past them (gets better as the story evolves). The ending was brilliant as well. This was a perfect read for a night in the tub (and a little self-servicing in the shower afterwards!) 4 out of 5 panties from me!

Kasey- I agree with the general Perv Pack consensus that once you get past the grammatical & spelling errors, you will find a little gem of a read. VERY HOT with just the right dose of sexual tension (actually, an incredible amount of UST) and the lemons are nomnomnom yummy. I read it while home alone and instantly called the hubs at work and asked him to stop by for an Afternoon Delight. The story was just so inspirational! I do wish that there was more to chew on because the story is pretty delish. But all in all, the story has merit and an interesting and not overly used plot (and I generally don't care for military themed fics at all). It grabbed my attention and held on to it from the get-go. So, I'm giving this one a 4.5 out of 5 panties because it's really sexy and smutty in a very, very good way.

Miya- The storyline was great and the lemons were hot. I had a really hard time getting past the typos in the earlier chapters, one and two especially. As the story went on, the typos improved or perhaps I just became caught up in the story. Usually, I'm not a fan of military fics but the plot was very well done. Edward as a Marine, hot damn. I give it 3 out of 5 panties.

I'm an English teacher so by nature the typos should have me screaming in pain but I'm sorry, Edward as a Marine? Yeah, his name could have been fucking spelled wrong and I wouldn't have given a shit. I COULDN'T READ IT WITHOUT THE MENTAL PICTURE OF ROBERT FRIGGIN' PATTINSON like this... "Tarzan in a tight black tee shirt and pants. And combat boots. A Marine." I just about died from that description. I agree with Kasey, the plot was very good, certainly not something I would have normally read if it weren't for the suggestions of my fellow pervies. I have no clue what most of the Marine terms were that she mentioned but I didn't care either. I'm a total sucker for UST and this has it. Chapter 5 nearly killed me right at the end, Chapter 6 did kill me and I had to have a Hot EMT revive me, Chapter 7 made me upset that there was only one more left and the 'oh my God he didn't just do that' scene made me want to beat MarineWard (hehe), and Chapter 8, I agree with Hope, I loved the ending. This is coming from an English teacher but I give it a 4.5 out of 5, deducting .5 for the fact that there were only 8 chapters and I want to find that island and live on it with Edward.

Stephie- Alright, enough helping old men get theirs. It's time I got mine and shared. So I had never even heard of HLZ until my ladies rec'ed it. But Marineward...well hot damn, who wouldn't want to read that? It's true there are some typos, and most of the time I'm so anal about it I'm mentally correcting anything I see...but not here. I was too wrapped up. And I'm usually not a fan of 3rd person POV...not everyone can write that well. But hjb2006: mission accomplished. The UST had me going. In fact, I snuck in chapters while at work, cursing the horny old men who were going home to sex up their wives while I was forced to remain professional and not just...take care of myself. TMI? sorry. But yes, it was hot and I only wish there were more chapters of them on the island, because let's face it, me likey the sexy times between Marineward and Nerdy Bella. The ending, was just beautiful. Sigh. 4 out of 5. Maybe I'll raise it up to 5 if Marineward scowls at me some more.

Steph- This had been on my "to read" list for awhile and I'm very glad to have had an excuse to read it now. I both loved and hated the fact that it was so short. It was wonderful to read it one fell swoop, but good lord, I could have used a lot more Marine lovin' from Edward. The UST was phenomenal, and I loved watching their transformation. I was never so happy as I was at the end, though some nice reunion sexin' would have been hot. I'm with Nina, picturing Rob as Marine Edward. Just GUH. The typos were a bit distracting, but honestly, I've seen worse. I give it a very gushy 4 out 5 panties.

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"Denial With One Major Flaw" by The Romanticidal Edwardian

"Denial With One Major Flaw" by The Romanticidal Edwardian
Title: Denial With One Major Flaw
Author: The Romanticidal Edwardian
Chapters: One-shot
Words: 2,865
Reviews: 109
Summary: These two exes want to hate each other. But that's rather hard when in love them. Add in all that casual sex and it's near impossible. They're tired of pretending. BxE, AU, all human, one-shot.

We're gonna kick off our weekly one-shot recs with a piece of awesomeness that always gets mah panties damp....

I love reading one-shots. Especially ones that aren't wham, bam, thank you ma'am and actually have some sort of story or background to the characters. The only problem with these types of one-shots are that generally I want them turned into full-fledged fics. And, this one is no exception.

We have Edward and Bella - co-workers with a past that seemingly hate each other now. Throw in an all-knowing Alice, some JealousWard and a feisty Bella. Mix well and toss in one solid round of sexytimes and that's the recipe for a "you better grab that vibe and find a secluded spot" reaction if I've ever seen one.

TRE manages to put all the fabulous pieces of a good One Shot in this short little ditty that makes you want more.

The Romanticidal Edwardian has brought us the popular fics such as A World Without Sound, Alone and the Lonely and it's continuation Collision of Worlds, along with many, many other short fics and one-shots. Her writing is superb and - cause I know this is what you're here for - the smut rocks, too.

Well, run along now. Don't forget yer vibe - and don't say I didn't warn ya.

Link to Story:
Denial With One Major Flaw

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"The Submissive" by tara sue me

"the submissive" by tara sue me
Title: The Submissive
Author: tara sue me
Chapters: 11
Words: 22,632
Reviews: 541
Summary: Can Bella Swan warm and win the heart of DOM, Edward Cullen, while living out her darkest fantasy? ADULT THEMES. AH, OOC

Bri- I devoured this little ditty as soon as it was rec'd by one of the PP. Ummm...can you say guh worthy?? The dynamic between E&B is like nothing I've seen before. I'm anxiously awaiting the rest of this story to see where the author takes us. I should tell you that this deserves 0 out of 5 panties, cause you better make damn well sure you aren't wearing any when reading it. But, wouldn't want to ruin the average of this baby, so 5/5 panties drenched it is. You won't be left unsatisfied.

Emmy- I made the fatal error of first reading this tale in between meetings the other day. The subsequent meetings were NOT productive as feck-me hot-to-trot Dom Edward Cullen was dominating my mind (& lady crackers). This story is very well done. Its exceptionally well written. It has a huge, hinted at back story for both characters and there is much going on behind the eyes and physical reactions of both. Tara's Edward is mighty fine. Probs one of the hottest Edward's in FF (IMHO). I think when the Dom/Sub genre is done well (like in IZ's fabbio Dualism/Permission) as in this story - it could be canon. Fierce, controlling Edward obviously captivated by Bella and Bella just desperate for more from him... I tell you even thinking about this tale has me all flustered and tingly. This is hot burning intense stuff. Their chemistry is sizzling and smokes off the screen. There is tons more still to come in this tale... more sex, more control, more testing and challenging but importantly more about their motivations, desires and emotions. The last couple of chapters have thrown me off. I really don't have a figgy as to whats happening or where its going to go, & I love that. Its a Dirty Gertie winner. This is FF smut gold: and in my book deffo deserves a drenched 4 knickers out of 5....

Emily- I read this all in one sitting and was squirming the whole time. As a female involved in my own D/s relationship, I can relate to some of what Bella is feeling. Reward and punishment are both very real aspects of this world but I think chapter 10 was a bit too harsh. Spanking can be used for erotic sexy times and for chastisement but 20 lashes with a crying Bella was a little much for me. If Edward would have comforted her right after and told her that she took the punishment well would have made it easier to stomach. Chapter 11 does somewhat address these issues and I was happy to see it. So far there has not been huge amounts of actual sex, instead the focus has been on the mind fuck which is perfect for this Edward and Bella. Tara is weaving a sexy, addicting tale for us to enjoy and I love the rapid updates! I am beyond curious about EPOV but I think it is effective that we are just staying in Bella's head and her journey into the D/s world. I give this 4 panties out of 5.

Hope-I just started reading this a few days ago and I read the whole thing in one sitting and needed a panty change and some alone time with my husband. It is that HOT. So yes Edward is very dominant in this story unlike any other DomEdward I have read. He is a true Dom. He doesn't play around in this story. Bella is his Slave. She must submit or the agreement is over. It is more than just sex though. She must submit fully in and out of the bedroom. There is no grey area. But I can see it turning into a love story. As they both give and take and grow in their relationship. But the twist is as the submissive Bella really has all the power. Edward may be the Dom and make the rules that must be followed, but it is Bella's submission that makes it all work. Bella knows this and that is where this story is completely least to me. As the others have said this story pulls you in and makes you pant for more. 4 panties out of 5

Beks-There are no words. I give it a 12 panties out of 5 (7 extra for the panties I had to change with each chapter.)

Isabel- This story had me from the get go. I have incredibly high standards for dom/sub fics and find most of them too focused on one aspect or another to really be genuine. Their interactions in the beginning are so interesting and complex that I was enthralled by the early chapters. The dynamic Tara Sue Me has set up between them is absolutely fascinating and I can't wait to see it develop. The first time they actually have sex just kind of blew me away and left me mumbling and making that fish sucking for air noise because I was just stunned. As the story has progressed after that point though, I'll be honest ... I've found myself scratching my head several times wondering what the hell was going on. The last few chapters have seemed a bit disconnected and Edward has been out of character (or at least the character established so far in this story). I know he's been lenient with Bella and needed to show her some discipline, but I'm not exactly sure the spanking in Chapter 10 was the way to go. It was a lot more cringe worthy than guh worthy. Besides this, I look forward to reading more and see where Tara Sue Me takes this story because there is just so much potential with it. 3.5 out of 5 nicely wet panties for me (3 boyshorts and a thong).

Jo- Okay, so I ran out of GUH's by Chapter 2 and just committed myself to full-on moaning into the computer screen. I've let Ms. Tara know that she is the first and only writer to ever reduce me to moaning out loud. The Submissive jumps right into it and demands your attention by the second paragraph. The idea, though done in fanfic many times over, is written out in a believable way and gives a refreshing look at the 'real' dynamic behind a Dom/Sub relationship. I am very intrigued by the story progression, and ecstatic over the originality that's already shining through in her plot. The Groin-Twitches were scorching and did not relent through the entire read. Even if you don't relate to the whole D/S dynamic, the smut is a panty soaker and the writing is fab. This one gets all 5 pairs of my drenched panties. 5 out of 5 UNGGGGHS.

Kasey- The Submissive was a nice read. Starts out with strong characterizations (such as Edward's stoic Dominant control and Bella's determined submissive attitude). As someone who enjoys this type of roleplay in real life, the mind fuck factor in the beginning of this story is pretty yummy and engaging, regardless of whether you like D/s sex or not. 3.5 out of 5 wet Nickies from me for this fic.

Miya- The Submissive is an amazing read that pulls you into the story. The range of emotions are spot on and the sexual tension can be cut with a knife. Your panties are already drenched by the time he lets her into his bed. Edward is hot but reserved and has an aloofness you want to submit to in order to penetrate his walls. You'll be looking for your own Master by the time you're done reading. You'll definitely soak 3 pairs of panties and start dampening the 4th while reading this.

Nina- I've never been the type to get so worked up over a story that I actually have to walk away, this did it. After Chapter 4, I was reading each chapter twice and have since re-read it all again. I still can't wrap my head around the subject matter and the lifestyle yet I'm completely enthralled with it. Being a total Type A personality, I couldn't begin to understand what's it like to give control over like this or to actually search it out and crave it. tara sue me's storytelling is captivating, her descriptions of the characters emotions are profound, especially Bella's willingness to submit to Edward. Of course she has given us nothing by way of Edward's emotions, just what he portrays to Bella and what she finds via her outside discovery. Their dynamic is extremely well written and I'm eager to see in what direction she takes this story. 4 out of 5.

Stephie- As soon as it was rec'd to me I read "The Submissive" in one sitting. From the very beginning I was sucked into the story. The idea is very fresh and intriguing, especially since we have no idea what is really going on inside of Edward's head. Some of it may be hard to stomach, ie where Edward punishes Bella's lack of submission, but I still highly recommend it. DomWard is sexy. And I cannot wait to see what is really going on. So mysterious...4 out of 5 panties here.

Steph- I was immediately intrigued by the premise of this story. I was sucked in completely by the idea behind it. Being all from Bella's perspective, we are left whirling with the ever changing moods of Edward. From fairly tender and caring, to the cold and dominating man that punishes her quite strongly. It's a compelling read that always leave me wanting for just a little bit more. I am quite anxious to see what is going to happen in the future. 4 out of 5 panties from me.

Link to story
"The Submissive" by tara sue me

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"The Trip Home" by MsKathy and Naughtypastrychef

The Perv Pack's very first fanfic review is...
The Trip Home
Author(s): MsKathy & NaughtyPastryChef
Chapters: 10
Words: 62, 902
Reviews: 100 (seriously that needs to change)
Summary: When Bella takes a long overdue trip back to Forks, an unexpected detour helps her find her way home and reunites her with old friends. AU/AH ExBxJ M for adult themes and lemons.

Bri- What's not to love? Edward & Bella? Check. Jasper & Bella? Check. Edward & Jasper? Check. E/J/B? Fuck, yes. We do love the DP in the PP. I guarantee you will spout "guh", "fuck" and "ung" more times than you care to admit while reading this fine piece of smutastic writing. For those that need a little love, well this ditty has that, too. And really, when Bella blacks out from pure pleasure, how can you not have a good time? 4/5 panties drenchers for me.

Emmy- Until many of the gorgeous PP recc'd this fic I had not heard of it.. (oh the shame...)(I was punished hard for that btw - don't fret!) So I went into this tale blindfolded - Cor Blimey Guv'nor! It is bloody tasty. I was left anxious for more. BUT as well as being drippingly delicious it has very strong characterisations and conveys genuine emotions and connections. This is not dirty sexing, it is dirty loving. The complex and intense relations between the triad is what makes this fiction work so damn well. The desperate, aching need the trio have to be connected, to be together makes the E/B/J shipping work. This was the first time I had read anything by this talented duo. But it will most deffo not be the last. I give this fic a sodden 4 panties out of 5... [that is likely to be upped as they post more chapters! ;)

Emily- is sunning herself in Mexico so will not be submitting a review this week but wished to say that she loves this story.

Hope-Okay, first I must say that I love this story and was instantly hooked from the first chapter. Usually when two writers collaborate on a story you can tell the difference, but with this story it is absolutely seamless. Personally, I like how bringing Bella into the relationship with Edward and Jasper as an already established couple not only works, but strengthens them. That Bella was the missing piece to their relationship. Oh, and the sex is hot. Like real hot. I need a little alone time after reading or my husband on hand. But this story is more than the smoking sex. It is I think, an honest look at what a polyamorous relationship could be like, and also this Jasper and Edward are sensitive and sweet yet masculine and strong.

Beks- After being convinced by Manyafandom’s All I Ever Knew that not only could I stomach Edward and Jasper making out, but that I WANTED them to, The Trip Home came as a MARVELOUS surprise. Two affectionate men who do not, at all, come off as overly effeminate and a Bella who knows when to say YES… I read this while sick in bed with food poisoning and all though I could be barely keep water down, this story left me hungry for more. (See that cute little thing I just did there) I cannot wait to read the other stories these ladies have to offer. Ms.K and NPC... Excellent work.

Isabel- I've found myself leaning into the screen more than one time reading this, honestly wishing I could crawl in bed with these lovely lovebirds. It's not just about the hot, rocking, panty-drenching sex. It's about the relationship and how committed they are to making it work for them. It's hot. It's emotional. It makes you think. And yes ... I'm always down for a well-written threesome.

Jo- Okay, HOTT can't quite sum up this beautiful piece of polyamorous imagery. I had difficulty getting into this story at first, I'll admit. As I read, I felt that the author was jumping too quickly and I couldn't get a decent hold on the emotion and characterization of this trio, however; the more I read, the more it became clear.... The intensity these three experience completely explains the quick jump into things in Chapter 1 and I have fallen head over heels for this ROMANCE. The relationship between these 3 is beautiful, intense, and VERY well written. And my GOD, I never thought I could even possibly look at another 'ship with the love and familiarity I feel with B x E......but J x E?? OMG! This is a love story, first and foremost, even if it takes a few chapters for you to really feel it....once you get there....mah God, it is one HELL of a love story. NOW, with that said, the smut is..... H O DOUBLE FUCKING TT. Again, new to me....I never thought I could get so turned on by a bromance, and putting the whole threesome sex aside, I found my groin twitching away while reading the hot J x E action! DTBella? YES!!! Submissive Edward? HOTT!!! The roles are switched around throughout and the sex possibilities with these three are ENDLESS!!! This little sleeper of a sexcapade gets 4 out of 5 sopping panties from me!

Kasey- The Trip Home is an epic erotic fic, loaded with incredibly detailed sex scenes, and (in my opinion) the sexiest character-portrayals in fanfics. The amazing mental images created by this story are absolutely golden and totally rub-out worthy (*wink-wink*). Mskathy and NaughtyPastryChef hit a home run with this one. 2 big thumbs up from me. 5 out of 5 panty drops/drenchers.

- One of the few true polyamory focused stories on ff. It of course has some of the most amazing sex scenes I've read but it's the emotional connections the authors create that keep drawing me back for more.

Nina- Before venturing into the world of Twilight fanfic, I never would have thought I'd be reading a story such as this, much less enjoying it as much as I have been. It's not just the fact that the sex involves three people, its just a portion of it. A very well done, hot, erotic portion but a portion nonetheless. You may not believe it but it is a love story at its core (snort). Edward and Jasper embrace their love for each other and then include Bella into the mix allowing themselves to fall in love with her as well. Now let's not forget about the sex, as if we ever could. The romance, the bromance and the sex are emotionally charged and really well written by two authors. That is a challenge that they've overcome wonderfully. 5 out of 5.

Stephie- Bella is one lucky bitch. I'd leave it at that...but it just wouldn't do the story justice. Because it is more than just the sexin...tho the sexy times are so good I need to make sure that either mini is in bed or hubs is home. While reading you really get a sense of how each character is feeling. The emotions are so strong and intense. Plus did I mention how hot it all is? I did? Oh..right. There's been a Bella sandwich, an Edward sandwich, and a Jasper sandwich. Now I'm just waiting for a Stephie sandwich. The panties...they will be a droppin. 5 out of 5 ladies.

Steph- Just reading the first few paragraphs and I was hooked. The characters are believable and intense. You can't help but fall in love right along with them. Edward and Jasper as lovers is HOT, both of them falling in love with Bella and thus falling more deeply in love with each other? It just doesn't get any better. The sex is hot and so is the romance. Not to mention the acceptance and approval of a couple of key figures. 5 panties out of 5.

In addition to our Round Table Review above, we've also asked the author(s) to share with us a bit about themselves and their reaction to both the selection of "The Trip Home" and to our blog in general.

Our reaction:
We are so pleased and honored that such a talented group of women have chosen our work as outstanding enough to highlight, much less to be the first story! We look forward to learning about new, quality PP-worthy stories from the naughtiest and most discriminating ladies we know. We are sure it will be a great blog that celebrates the dirty minds of ladies (and men?) everywhere, and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.

-I am a 33 year old stay at home mom in Utah (please hold all Mormon & polygamy jokes until the end!) to a lovely 7 year old daughter and a lovely but needy husband who can't ever seem to find a damn thing (hello, can anyone relate?). When I'm not wrangling my family, I can be found in front of my laptop, chatting away, reading on or working on writing something. I love smut of many types and varieties; there are few things I love in life more than DTE, though... maybe DTJ. Wait, let's just let them get together and then it'll be a grand ole time. I can turn almost anything into a dirty joke, as my husband would attest - he is frequently sitting next to me as I write, playing random online games, saying things like "what kind of slots do they have?" Cue hysterical laughter.

Kristen-I am a 25 year old Pharmacy Tech who is stranded in Indiana (YIKES). I'm married to a wonderful man who does the dishes so that I can spend my time writing stories. We have one dog who is a wonderful spoiled brat. Because I am a classically trained Pastry Chef whose supplies are all packed up temporarily, I use writing as an outlet for my creativity. And just between you and me ladies, Mounties are HOT! I am obsessed, thank the Mounties for getting me into Fanfiction.


Links to TTH:


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Welcome proud 'Pervlings'

Welcome to the virgin voyage of the 'Perv Pack's Smut Shack', the preeminent guide to all that is smutterific and pervalicious. You will not need to muddle your way through uterus poking fics to find exceptional stories filled with lemony goodness. This blog is for those of you who have a genuine interest and love for realistic, well-written, sexified stories from the world of fanfic, preferably Twilight, but certainly not restricted to that fandom.

The primary intention of this blog is the recommendation of quality fanfiction in the Erotica genre. We embrace all couples. Canon, non-canon, slash, multiple couplings, both 'All Human' and 'Alternate Universe' stories, we don't care. We cater to all types of appetites-from romance to bondage, to romantic-bondage, yes it does exist, ask Isabel. We have varying tastes among us and it will show in this joint venture. It's not all about sexual content, that needs to be stressed. Many of the fanfics we read are ultimately love stories (of any coupling) that enchant us with the story and most importantly keeps us salivating for more.

Our only criteria is that the story is a representation of the author's commitment to the craft of Erotica writing, and follows the guidelines that both
Twilighted and FanFiction alike have set forth.

We are doing the dirty work for you. The Fanfiction community is inundated with 'lemony' stories and unfortunately some are very hard to read, so we are simply highlighting the cream of the cock...I mean crop. All we ask in return is to leave some love for the authors that write these gems. It means more than you can imagine to a writer to receive feedback. We all enjoy reading these stories and reviewing doesn't take that long, and tell them the Perv Pack sent you!

For those of you that are curious as to who we are and why we're doing this, the Perv Pack is a group of like-minded ladies, that met on the
Twilighted forums and formed a bond over our mutual love of all things smutty in nature and certainly everything in the Twilight universe. Some began chatting away from the boards via Google and established some very deep bonds and not just because of our love of smut and Twilight. Collectively we read a tremendous amount of fanfiction and between us we've authored sixty stories, a great deal of it being of the Erotica genre. Most importantly, we're not ashamed of predilictions towards smutty stories and we chose as a group of friends to bring our love to those that are interested.

We pride ourselves in not only reading, reviewing and recommending these wonderful stories but, in addition to being supportive of seasoned authors, we also welcome and encourage newbies as well. Many newly minted authors are unfortunately overlooked, so our goal is to give them a chance, if the writing is stellar and we are moved by their tales. Some of the members of the PP have recently ventured out as authors and so far the reception to their stories has been magnificent.

In addition to our weekly recommendations, we'll also be updating our very own 'Naughty Nuggets' found on the right side of the page. Each day will bring another update from a member of the Perv Pack and her corresponding section, and of course, they're all things sexual in nature so we welcome you to come and nibble our nuggets.

The Perv Worthy One-Shot post will be updated weekly by the PP to highlight those little ditties that make our toes curl and make us shift uncomfortably in our seats. These will be permanent blogposts that will just be updated weekly, please let our
Naughty Librarian know if you have a one-shot recommendation.

If we suggest will cum...

As a group we are still active participants in the
Twilighted forums where many of our favorites have 'discussion threads', so if you like our choices come check out the forum and leave some love for the authors there too. They may even reward us loyal readers with teasers, and come on who doesn't like being teased? Each week's featured story will also have a link to their corresponding thread on Twilighted as an easy way to navigate around the web in support of these great fics.

We can't stress the following sentiment enough.

One last thing before you venture of into the world of smut-filled fun, if you are an author of a story that the PervPack has chosen to highlight and DO NOT wish to be affiliated in anyway, please
email me, or any member of the PP and we'll remove the selection, no questions asked, no judgments made and no comments left in regards to the removal. We are here to showcase the talent of fanfic authors and wish no ill-will or hard feelings over our choices. We're keeping things friendly and pervtastic and wish all authors nothing but the best in their ventures, but we will respect your decision not to be a included.

Sincerest slurps,

The Perv Pack