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Surrogate Love by shwritme

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: Surrogate Love
Author: shwriteme
Chapters: 7
Words: 47,032
Reviews: 316
Summary: Bella is a sexual therapist with unusual methods. When she goes on sabbatical to write a book, Dr. Hale calls in a favor and sends her a new patient. Bella must put aside her training and follow her instincts to help Edward overcome his difficulties.

Guest Reviewer - Bittenev

Alright, so I have to start by saying that I did a little squeal of excitement when I found out Surrogate Love was being rec’d. I’ve loved it from the beginning and get giddy every time I see a new chapter in my inbox.

Surrogate Love immediately pulled me in from the very first chapter when not even half way down the page I read…

And before we even spoke I was intrigued. What could be the problem with this gorgeous man? Why should he need sex therapy?

Yes, yes, you read that correctly, Sex therapy. As if that little line didn’t pull me in enough I read on in EPOV and find out that he has his mind reading ability, something which I have yet to read in an All Human fic. (although I’m sure they are out there).

One of the things I love about Twilight is the instant connection between Bella and Edward and shwriteme has brought that into this story perfectly. And not only do they have this amazing connection but she kicks it up another notch and brings it into their therapy as well. Bella is able to literally feel Edwards tension and anxiety and uses her skill and techniques to help him relax. And boy does she help him “relax”. I’ve got to say one of my favorite scenes is a little phone call that takes place between the two of them in chapter three. Bella gives Edward a homework assignment to masturbate and when it doesn’t go as planned she ends up calling him to “help”. It’s the very first glimpse we get of their sexual chemistry and it only grows from that point on. The shower scene? Oh boy the shower scene…. *runs back to re-read*

Of course it wouldn’t be a wonderful story without a little conflict and angst. Bella is a professional. She has helped numerous people with their struggles and has never come close to falling for her patients. But this smart, funny, blushing, adorable and hot Edward is too much for her to resist. She finds herself torn between what she should do as a professional and what she wants as a woman.

Both character POV’s are strong and I love the way shwriteme overlaps the scenes. It’s not overly repetitive and gives the perfect glimpse of both sides. Her writing is wonderfully descriptive and emotional. I find myself aching for both Bella and Edward and the struggles they face. And I want to freakin cheer every time Edward takes another step in his therapy. I’ve told the author this before but I love her Edward and his stuttering blushing ways. It makes me want to be a sex therapist so I can treat him.

Surrogate love gets five wet “taps” (read the story and you’ll get it) from me!

Emmy- I read this hot delight thanks to Nina.. - she obviously needs another new line added to her title - as she is my main pimp.. How many reviews have I started this way? Anyways. .. Surrogate Love is one of those stories that made me put away my ethics training - locked away in a drawer somewhere - think I may have the lost the key! [ooopsies.. ;) ]. In real life therapy is nowhere near as fabulous, fun or sexy... Its one of the reasons we love ff right?

So once I put away any of my learned resistance to the *alternative* practices undertaken by Dr Swan (I got a bit discouraged by the author promoting her therapies of choice - ff isn't the place for that in my book) I settled back to enjoy the hotness and burny UST that abound in this story... Seriously lemony delights in the more recent chapters (doing a quick re-read turned my nipples into cutting granite territory again).

I think what I like best about this story is the break from the now almost ff standard of weak virginal Bella & cocksure ever-ready-Eddie who finds his redemption in Bella whilst allowing her to blossom into the wanton sex goddess that she is.. (hey I have most of them on favourites I ain't knocking them or nowt). Yup this Bella is only human so has the same insecurities, worries and self-doubts that most folk have but she's been around the block and really knows what she's doing.. ~its her job for fecks sake!!!! Whereas Edward really does not have a clue.. so everything he feels is amplified, intensified and oh so much better for him and us the reader.. There is a voyeuristic thrill in reading this story..

We know that Bella is getting too involved, is enjoying herself too much, and that makes the smut much more sweet and juicy... We get to lug-in and cop a good eye full of what these two are up to..... Its so intimate and flourishing and with the scaffold of doctor-patient setting- its almost as if we shouldn't be there. I must say I love to do things when I really know I shouldn't! (So what are you going to do about it? You know you like me naughty!) One thing to be aware of, you have to suspend disbelief a little with how casually everyone's special skills are dealt with, empaths, mind-reading and premonitions in the real world setting are just accepted by all. So you just have to accept it and focus on the sexy!

I am going to be really blunt about it. This story turns me on. Its that simple. I can't wait till they progress from just getting off and using their mouths to really getting it on, its going to be rather good says Emmy! I give this 4 knickers hidden by sharp tailoring out of 5..

Hope- So I'm on gchat one day and Liz pops up and says something like OMG, go read this fic Right Now! And well, I trust Liz's opinion and if I didn't I feared she'd hold WFBR until I did. So off I went to read. See, here's a little secret about moi, I love forbidden romances. I LOVE THEM. A little bit of the naughty, the we really shouldn't be doing this but we're going to anyway, the I can't fall in love with you but I can't help myself I already have kind of stories. And Surrogate Love is one of those fics. Also, this is a Geekward, I love me a geekward.

Bella is a sex therapist, including sexual surrogacy. Now, I'm not gonna lie I don't really understand what a sexual surrogate "does" exactly except help people with their intimacy problems. Well, Edward has some intimacy issues stemming from a traumatic experience in his adolescence and has the added handicap that he's telepathic. Basically Eddie can't cum, I know poor guy. After some intervention on his families behalf Edward starts therapy with Bella. Well, it quickly becomes more than therapy for the both of them. Both are afraid or fearful that the other doesn't return those feelings. But it's not angsty or drawn out, they have legit reasons for feeling that way. Not to spoil, but things are about to come to a head in the story and I can't fucking wait.

Now the smut, which is what y'all really want to know about. And it's good. Srsly is there nothing fucking hotter than a man asking you to show him how to pleasure you? I think not. Ung, and Edward does it twice in this fic so far. Edward is inexperienced at best and needs to overcome hid mental roadblocks on the way to getting off. Shwriteme does this all kinds of wonderful. She balances Edward's lack of experience with Bella's experience and throws in the emotions and feelings the two are having to form a deliciously smutty story. Phone Sex and the Shower scene are both to fucking die for. 4 out 5 panties from moi.

Kathy- Surrogate Love is a story that I've read since before it was a Perv Pack Pick. I found the premise intriguing and there is, in my opinion, a lot of room to maneuver a plot like this. While I agree with Emmy that I had to lock away my thoughts on ethics, boundaries and sharing therapy techniques, once I got past that, I really dug in and enjoyed.

Edward, as we learn in chapter 1, is not only a virgin, but has stopped having orgasms. We also see Bella's attraction to Edward, and his fears that he's undesirable. Clearly he isn't, at least not to Bella, but alas, self-perception is sometimes the most important. We learn a little more in chapter 2 about why Edward is seeing Bella, and the specific details of the incident that led his family to host an “intervention” for his problem. We also learn that Edward can hear people's thoughts, except for Bella. It's a nice twist on canon, I think. The chapter ends with Edward promising to masturbate - good times. The chapter 2 moment leads nicely into the phone sex in chapter 3.

The story continues to progress, Edward stuck thinking there's no way Bella would want him and Bella thinking she's just doing her best to be professional, and Edward only wants her as a therapist. There are smokin' hot moments in chapter 4, and chapter 5, and definitely chapter 6. We close chapter 6 with the introduction of Jasper and misunderstanding, and chapter 7 gives us more details and explanation. Chapter 7 ends with Bella driving Edward home, and if chapter 8 is anything like the ones before, it should be off the charts hot. 4 panties out of 5.

Nina- I don't remember how or why I started this story. Maybe it was the title? It's irrelevant, all that matters is how fucking good it is! I have no ethics, or ethics training for that matter so the principles by which she 'helps' him are more than encouraged by me haha.

Anyhoo, so as Emmy said, this delightful tale is a much needed change from manwhore Edward and shy, still with cherry Bella. Not that she's a slut, no not in the least, but, she's very um...helpful with Edward. She definitely crosses the line, but I don't care. Hell the line can be set on fire as long as they're both on the same side of it enjoying the heat.

She writes Edward wonderfully. At no point did I feel like he was/is too over the top in regard to his insecurities, plus he's still a mind reader (except for Bella) which I enjoy. I like that she kept that piece of canon for the story. Plus, how can I forget to mention, Eddie's a geekward and a magnificent one at that!!!

Now, the smut.

Chapter 3 has the phone sex. I love me some phone sex (a lot, like a lot, a lot) and I really love the way she wrote this chapter! In 4 the lines are definitely blurred after their um...'couch time'. They both want each other but she convinces herself that he just wants to get better and he thinks that she's only helping him because she's obligated because of her being his doctor. So even though there is a lot of misunderstanding it's believable, especially considering what her line of work is. Then they're in the shower, oh Lord! Then they're on the couch, double oh Lord! There isn't actual sexing yet but the build up is fantastic!!! 4.5/5

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Kasey and the Potiphar's Wife

Title:Potiphar's Wife
Author: twilighter620
Rating: M
Chapters: One-shot
Words: 9,306
Bella is "Potiphar's Wife" the deadly seductive woman who makes it her goal to bed Carlisle's, "Joseph," Edward Masen. Mature content and based off religious themes. Proceed with caution...

HOLYMOTHEREFFIN-A! Your girl, Kasey (Love=EDWARD), is here once again to pimp out a personal fanfiction fave. This little gem, penned by one very gifted young writer, starts off with a bang, Pervlings. Literally!

As some of you may know, I loves me some Carlisle. One of my own stories features a Bella/Carlisle pairing because let's face it, Peter "Hot Bitch" Facinelli makes a sexy-as-hell Carlisle and his appearance in the Twilight movie only cemented my love for the character. But anyway, I digress.

Potiphar's Wife is a tale based off a biblical story where a man's wife desires another man - her husband's faithful servant, no less. That's pretty much the only parallels between twilighter620's tale and the story in the bible, so don't let the warning in the summary scare you away. This is absofuckinglutely a VERY hot tale.

I found myself reading it and salivating as the sexual tension built - and boy does it build well. Bella, the spoiled, sexy, self-indulgent wife of the wealthy, successful, gorgeous Carlisle thinks she's got it all until Edward Masen walks into their lives. Suddenly, Edward becomes the one thing she doesn't have. Naturally, she desires him more than anything and endeavors to have him. Of course, Edward is the absolute prize (duh!) but in his eyes, she's the forbidden fruit - a fruit that he salivates over, mind you. Tormented by his loyalty to Carlisle and his desire for Bella, Edward can only fight his lust for so long.

Anyway...I'm not gonna spoil it further. YOU'VE GOT TO READ IT! But I will say that I couldn't wait for the story to reach it's climax (pun intended) and when it did, twilighter620 surely delivered!

Actually, one of twilighter620's talents, in this reader's opinion, is her ability to channel Edward Masen/Cullen effortlessly. She writes him perfectly, conveying the way he speaks, the way he's presented to us, and just adding little masculine nuances which paints us a perfect picture of the alpha-male we all know and love. If you've read her other story, Secret, then you know what I'm talking about. A little rough around the edges, very masculine, alpha, and yet, perfectly put together. I don't know about the rest of you, but twilighter620's Edward always slays me, and as a result, I'm a huge fan of her fics. So when my turn to recommend a one-shot came up, I jumped at the chance to once again devour Potiphar's Wife and lust away. And believe will feel a bit overheated after reading this, if you know what I mean. ;) For those of you that have significant others handy, I recommend that you read this before bed. :grins evilly:

So, you know the drill, Pervlings...GO. RUN. READ!


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Team Blood Lust has Choices (and Consequences)


Now it's time for Team Blood Lust!


Title: Choices & Consequences
Author: JustBiteMePlease

Summary: 17 year old Bella is fascinated by the elusive and mysterious Edward Cullen. Will he be all she dreamed of? Or more than she bargained for? And will she still want him when one night changes everything? A/U Cannon pairings


Emmy: I have been following this story for a wee while. I really really like it. I particularly like her very strong, opinionated Bella who fights against the possessive and oh so sexy Edward and his need to own her. I love love love chapter 4, when Edward's lusty & delusional, or perhaps just over enthusiastic, side is revealed to the reader...

The writing is top notch, it has real depth and emotional impact with super characterizations of all the players..

& I really like a possessive vampy Edward... The scene with the shower door btw is HOT! I love it when vamps lose control..

Choices and Consequences is all about what happens when Edward does that. He makes the bed but its not just him that has to lie in it...... (& No its not a family orgy!! I mean Bella AND the rest of his family have to deal with the consequences of his choice....)

I think you will really like this one. ~ Trust me... I am a randy bugger 4.5 dripping... fangs out of 5.... :*

Nina: Emmy has talked about this for a while and I finally took my head from my ass and read it. I'm glad I did.

I too am a sucker for possessive vampward. He pwns me hard especially as Emmy said when his control is shot.

Besides yummy Edward in this, I love that her Bella has a spine and doesn't take any shit. She is opinionated and her attitude is great. I'm also a big fan of this Alice, who is a breath of fresh air in light of the typical depiction of her.

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The Mirrors by adorablecullens

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: "The Mirrors"
Author: adorablecullens
Chapters: 22 (complete)
Words: 94,797
Reviews: 2431
Summary: Teddy's secret and magical childhood is lost when a family heirloom is destroyed, changing his life forever. Now an adult, can Edward open himself back up to magic and love when he meets a beautiful - and hauntingly familiar - woman in real life?

Guest Reviewer - Lolaphilologist/ philadelphic

When Adorablecullens posted her first chapter for The Mirrors I was incredibly excited to see a new story, and definitely intrigued by how different this new chapter seemed to be than her previous stories. She had more than won my respect and affections for her previous stories. Her first, Silence & Security, has a very realistic and well-told love story with some really hot scenes. She truly won me over in writing Behind Enemy Lines, a rather muscular, epic love story. Besides impressing with her clean, flawless prose, in BEL Adorablecullens united one of the (if not THE) hottest Edwards in the fandom with a truly fearless Bella. These two prideful hotheads don’t know whether to fight, fuck or save the world, so they do all three, and I completely fell in love with them.

Witnessing Adorablecullens go from this electric badassery to the delicate, intricate fairy-tale that is The Mirrors seemed a bit like watching The Rolling Stones finish up a rousing set of Sympathy for the Devil, only to turn around, break out stringed instruments, begin to play Mozart, and excel at that too. It’s rare to watch someone switch genres so completely and still maintain a distinctive literary voice, but AC certainly manages to pull it off. I think it has to do in part with her inventiveness as an author. For BEL she invents two countries and the fragments of languages and culture to go along with them. For The Mirrors she proposes a new mythology with a decidedly ancient flavor. In both, she doesn’t just tell a story in a nice, descriptive setting. She pulls the reader in.

The Mirrors is a fascinating weave of fantasy and realism. It begins as story of two children named Swan and Teddy, who meet in a magical mirror world every night. Here they share an enchanted dream-life, falling in love innocently, as only children can. After disaster tears them apart, they search for over ten years, only to lose their own identities as well as each other. I love the juxtaposition of harsh reality with the trace threads of enchantment these two carry into adulthood. The grown-up Bella keeps her hair long, and Edward is subjected to wicked spells. Just as there is no instant recognition between the two, there’s also no abrupt change from the vocabulary of daily waking life to that of enchantment. Rather, they first recognize in each other certain magical elements in those words. He compares her long hair to a comet’s tail; for example, in what may be one of the most subtle canon references I’ve seen in a fic, if it was intended to be so.

If Behind Enemy Lines contains the fiery red and blazing gold of the sun, The Mirrors shines in lunar shades of ethereal purple and glowing silver. Mirror Edward and Bella are both gentle and brave. They are more hypnotic than demanding, as characters, and become increasingly compelling with each chapter and re-read. Their obstacles are both real and imagined, and sometimes difficult to tell apart. The monster of the mirror world, a mysterious creature, could easily come from the shadows in a child’s closet, and haunt the mind of anyone, at any time. It’s also not the scariest thing in the woods.

Bri- I finally, finally, finally took the plunge and read The Mirrors just this week. The PP girls have been going on and on about this fic for as long as it was updating, but nothing seemed to strike me about it. I wasn't pulled in by the summary as this sort of "fantasy world" schtuff really isn't my bag. And, while I enjoyed BEL, I wasn't enthralled with it like the rest of my pervy friends, so I assumed it would be much the same with TM. Oh my fuck was I wrong.

How AC is able to come up with these amazing, unique and utterly captivating storylines is beyond me. During so many parts of the story I would stop and think "how in the hell did she even think this up?? or think to include this??"

Her storytelling is thought provoking and mesmerizing and you find yourself reading this story and becoming as wrapped up in the world she has created as you would if you read a full-fledged novel. Just as with BEL, I saw this story as a movie in my mind. I always do with fics, but with this it was as if all the other stories I've read have been in black and white and this one was in brilliant color.

The storyline was amazing - it was a short read, though nothing felt left out. It was the perfect balance of everything. Just enough to make us happy and content. The angst? Well, Kas said there is angst and as a Wussperv, I'm going to give this my stamp of approval. Yes, it's there, but to me it was more a push to read that much faster and devour it that much more. It was nothing that ripped my heart out, but more propelled me to get to the bottom of the mystery.

And, the epilogue? Oh my fuck, the epilogue. I rarely cry in fics. Honestly - probably have done it in maybe 5 and my fic totals have to be cranking close to 500 by now. But this story had tears rolling down my cheeks. Not out of sadness, but out of sheer joy and the beauty of her words.

Fuck, I'm fangirling, aren't I? Meh - whatever. AC deserves it. This beauty gets a 4.5/5 cause, really, I coulda used a little more smut. What? I'm a perv.

Emmy- I think its pretty much universal knowledge by now that I really am the sappiest date in the box -certainly the pack. I cry at almost everything - heck I even cried reading these reviews & thinking about mine! So I most certainly cried during and at the end of The Mirrors. But this wussperv says its so worth the ride. I cannot, repeat, CANNOT praise this story or adorablecullens enough. After every chapter I was rendered speechless. It came to my review and I would parrot the same things back to her - check my reviews if you do not believe me... Lots of' I love you's', 'this story', 'oh my goodnesses' and 'publish this' - I must have done AdorableCullens's nut!!!! Every chapter, I was moved beyond compare, transported to this highly visual world that stirred my soul and simultaneously broke and repaired my heart.

I really struggle to unpack on reflection, what about this story kills me so. What is it that I couldn't get enough of? What facet was key in my complete submission and worship of Teddy; Swan; and both their mirror and real worlds? In all seriousness I don't think i can say. What I can say is that this piece is the sum of all its parts and then some - it is as if it is sprinkled with magic. The writing shines off the screen - like Bri says The storyline is epic. The twin worlds AC created are just faultless and so very real and so much of both worlds is symbolic of the hopes, struggles and issues in the real world - not just in relation to matters of the heart.... But her characterisations are just faultless.... Whether it be the innocent Teddy exploring the mirror world and his feelings for Swan, the Edward who goes into lock down or the Edward who's scarred emotionally beyond recognition who finds hope again in Bella - they all own me... The journey of Swan to Bella back to Teddy's Swan is no less heartfelt, powerful or perfectly poised... Additionally the supporting cast are used perfectly: The pain of Carlisle as a failing father, fighting first for what his medical training tells him to to and then for what his heart says is particularly impressive and emotive.

So lets cut to the smut.. It almost seems wrong to call it smut. Its certainly delicious but is so meaningful to the characters and the story that its almost sacrilege... AC's scared, virginal Edward being shown by Bella how to release some of his locked down emotions and physically love her.. Gah its just beautifully hot and stirring. The love that burns from within the very depths of this story appeal to me as an out-and-out proud romantic.. But it also provides the heat for some serious soul searchingly sensuous sexing..

I have banged on and on about the love in this story - & I suppose it is one of the most important themes of this story to me... but this story has so much more to it than just that. Its magical, tense, and almost scary at times, and deals with how we cope with the horrors that befall us I suppose....

There is so much to love with this story - but there is one thing I take away from it more than others and it is a dialogue involving Edward and characters in the mirror world near the end of the story, as a gift is tried to be presented to Edward and is asked what is this stain? The answer is quite resonating “It is a mark of their world and its incessant desire for sameness".I absolutely adore this story, cannot recommend it enough.. I award it 5 magical knickers out of 5 - its faultless, stirring, beautiful and unique - with some of the most beautiful sexing in the fandom. :*

Hope-As she was editing thispost for publication Hopey realized that she hadn't added her review...she's stupid like that. Being that she is away from her home computer at the moment (with the review on it) she will post her review when she gets home. She loves The Mirrors and Teddyward and adorablecullens and gave The Mirrors 5 out of 5 panties.

Alright kids, so being that I love everything that adorablecullens writes (as I consider myself a hardcore fan-girl of hers) I squealed when the 1st chapter of The Mirrors was published. As a Harry Potter/Narnia fan, the fantasy factor drew me right in. Add my favorite love story (Twilight - duh!) to the mix and PRESTO! We've got a winner. Not to mention the fact that AC writes like a mad genius and can easily bring out emotions in the reader with her brilliance.

Okay, okay, so let me stop gushing for a minute and give you the lowdown...

It's still very much Twilight. Very much Edward and Bella. They meet as children in a most unconventional way but never really know each other's identities (or much else). Nevertheless, their bond is inextricable and permanent. However, fate separates them and ANGST appears (WussPERVS, there is indeed angst, but you can't NOT read it -- you simply must put on a brave front and READ).

But never fear. Fate (and a bit of magic) sets things right - it is a HEA fic, after all. And Pervlings, the UST and subsequent lemons are YUM-MY! Edward and Bella find each other again (as adults) and are instantly drawn to one another - both physically and emotionally - so of course, the intensity of their desire for one another is perfectly written into the story and so palpable and rich and evocative.

When I read the last chapter, I cried. I didn't want to be done with it. But that's the kind of talent that comes from AC's writing. It makes the readers so invested that it's hard to part with characters that have carved their way into our hearts as TM's Edward, Bella, and even Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Carlisle have.

Oh yeah, I forgot to add that Daddy Hot Bitch plays an important [and always loving] role in it, so SQUEEE for all you fellow HB lovers. Maybe we should talk AC into indulging us with a Hot Bitch-centered story to drool over. *le sigh*

But I digress...The Mirrors...6 out of 5 panties from me. What? Did you expect any less? Not happening! So, GO, RUN, READ!

Kathy- Okay, I have a confession: much like Bri, the fantasy genre does not tend to blow my skirt up. Under duress and pressure from others, I have been known to pick up a fantasy book and read it, but the truth is, I just normally can't get into it. Something about the way my brain works and the suspension of reality required. Now, I can hear you laughing – and thinking, wtf, MsKathy? You do realize we all write and read about vampires all day, right? I know, I know. Like I said, it's most of the time, not all the time. Thus, we come to The Mirrors.

The first chapter of this story chokes me up, even on a re-read, because of the great detail and thought put into the back story (and, we all know by now that I'm just a big crybaby). We learn of Mary and Jack, separated by circumstances beyond their control, but never forgetting each other. We hear of their lives apart, and their unending longing and love for each other. We are introduced to Esme, Carlisle, Teddy and Alice.

Chapter two brings us Swan, and the first trip into the mirror. The way these two interact is really lovely, and age-appropriate for their eight years. They discuss the Black Monster. We watch as Teddy and Swan grow up together, learn about each other, and fall in love. Chapter three brings disaster and chaos, which spills into chapter 4.

The arc of this story spans several chapters where Bella and Edward become acquainted. I don't want to spoil anything about the details and events that happen, but just like BEL (adorablecullens' other masterpiece of suspense), you are sucked into this world and these characters, under her spell of storytelling. A cute misunderstanding gives reclusive and shy Edward the fortitude needed to ask Bella out for coffee. We learn so much about Bella's history during this afternoon they share, and it is amazing how the journey picks up from there.

There honestly was not a single chapter of The Mirrors that left me feeling unsatisfied or that fell flat. Every time a question would be answered, more would spring up, only to be elegantly answered later. The intimacy in this story is just that – intimate. At times, I felt as if I was peering in on something intensely private, which isn't often the feeling I get when reading FF. Their first sexual moments together are realistic and well-written, to say nothing of the first time painfully-shy virgin Edward has sex with more-experienced Bella.

Having utterly no clue how the story would wrap up, I was supremely gratified with the way adorablecullens brought things full-circle. Did I want the story to end? Fuck no. It had to go, though, and it was brought to closure in an even better way than I could have ever hoped. The magic of everything weaving together was spectacular and far beyond what I could have ever imagined. The epilogue had me in tears, just like everyone else.

While this story is sexy and has several lemons, it was never about the sex for me. Some stories you can tell, the author takes great pride in the sex-factor and essentially writes a plot around it. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, I might be accused of it myself. The Mirrors is different in that the sex is like a nice bonus to an already hefty paycheck. No one will be shocked to read that I give this story 5/5.

You know how in the Bellie's there is a category called "plot you wished you came up with?" Yeah, this is another one of those that I wish I did. I'll be honest though and be confident in saying that I wouldn't have done it a quarter as well as AC has done. She has masterfully created three stories, all completely different and more importantly, completely captivating.

Yes, I'm jealous as hell of AC and her talent. But, even though I'm painted green from head to toe, I can't say enough about how exceptional her story "The Mirrors" really is. I too am not normally a 'fantasy' story fan but I don't care whether you are or not. You are taken in from Chapter 1 and glued to the screen through to the end. Each chapter is intricately woven into the plot in such a way that you literally question every tiny, little detail (twice). I found myself thinking out loud in my reviews just praying that AC would humor me and throw me a frickin' bone!

From the beginning this is a love story, even if there was no smut at all it's still at the heart a truly beautiful story of that young first love that you remember your entire life. For Teddy and Swan though they meet through their mirrors where they lay in the grass beneath the twin moons and over their formidable years they fall in love. There are the little details in each chapter that just stick with you as she's building their back story. Their hair, the moons, the black monster (that I did really hope was named Jake). All these gems that stay nestled safely in your mind as you enjoy chapter after chapter.

Until the mirror breaks. I read that chapter at least 5 times and I still can't shake the chills I get from it. Not just because of what it smashing means to Teddy and Swan but the way she wrote his anguish. How it breaking and separating them broke both their spirits in completely different ways.

When they finally do reunite, it's profound and sad to see how dear Teddy has grown and suffered and how Swan had a truly hard life but they've found each other so it's clear sailing right? Yeah, no it's not but that's what makes it so good. While the fantasy aspect keeps the realism at bay, she manages to create their relationship into something that could really happen. That's some hard shit to pull off.

It's not just Teddy and Swan's love story though. Their story is paralleled with that of Jack and Mary, their relatives that were separated too beyond their control but their history frames the lives of other generations. Alice receives 'The Sight', the Cullens receive the wealth and stature while Bella's family is not so fortunate but their family is strong nonetheless.

Now, onto the smut. I usually get squicked at the word penis in fics. I know, I know I sound like a 12 year old girl but I'm a fan of cock (yes, I said it). AC uses proper terminology and it doesn't bother me. In fact, I would venture to say that if they were in the throes screaming fuck, cunt, pussy... it would make sense for her characters. That's what is golden about AC's work. She tailors the smut in the story around the characters. Just another exceptional quality of her writing.

In closing (yes, I am going to stfu now), I just ask that even if you don't think the fantasy genre will entice you, trust us. AC and her masterful storytelling will draw you in, make you cry, pant, cheer and sigh at the perfectly crafted story "The Mirrors." 5/5

Stephie- After reading and simply adoring BEL, I knew I would read anything from AC; if not just to give it a chance. Upon reading, I loved it. From the get go, The Mirrors pulled me in. Some may find that the fantasy aspect is hard to take in. For me, it was such an original aspect on the very common theme of Edward and Bella romance. It's hard to come up with something fresh and exciting, and AC has 100% managed to do that.

The slow build of Bella's and Edward's relationship is done so well. Because of hardships in each other's past, both are nervous, scared, and just generally not very well versed in healthy relationships. It's beautiful to watch how both grow up, overcome obstacles and all around just come to really know themselves through their love of the other person.

The sexin' is real and sweet and hot.

I could go on and on about how great and amazing both AC and The Mirrors are. But I don't want to waste your time. You really need to. Truly. 5/5

In addition to our Round Table Review above, we've also asked the author to share a bit about herself...

Adorablecullens is quickly (as in next week type of quickly) approaching her 40s, and lives in the progressive country of Canadialand, the one with national healthcare and legalized same-sex marriage. Unfortunately, while Facebook quizzes consider her 65% ghey, AC considers herself 0% and refuses to avail herself of the right many gay Americans would like to have.

When she's not writing fuckawesome fic, she wrangles one small child, one grown adult-child (the soon-to-be ex-Mr. AC whose stubborness has led to the premature greying of AC's hair), and a bunch of nerds all day at work (who may be more than 65% gay judging by the way they stalk each other online when not in the office). She works for a major Internet property we all love
(and sometimes love to hate) in Marketing, meaning she deals with nerds, crazies, and lawyers all fucking day. Who wouldn't need a little Balticward intervention after that? It's a miracle she ever lets her screen leave a browser tab open to Chapter 25 of Behind Enemy Lines, but she did - to bring us The Mirrors.

AC loves chocolate, bad 80s music, sushi, her daughter, RPatz, Ms Kathy and Algonquinrt - but not necessarily in that order.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In Honor of 'The Hot Bitch'...

Soooo, I'm traveling today to Comic Con. In anticipation of seeing Peter "the Hot Bitch" Facinelli I'm using my One-Shot Wednesday to emphasize my love of all things Peter and his peter.

Now. None of these are canon. I know, I know, "But Nina, you're a wussperv and only read canon." While that's true for E/B, Carlisle should never willingly have to fuck Esme.

In fact she should just not exist in my opinion. I hate her. So, I give you Carlisle laying his glorious pipe with everyone BUT that twat that he married. Ick.

Title-HB, CEO of Seksy, Flies the Friendly Skies
Author-La Vie Pastiche
Summary- Captain of Industry and resident Hot B!tch Carlisle makes it with hot stewardesses Bella and Rose after they meet on a NY to LA haul. My entry to the "That's Mister Hot Bitch To You" contest. AH/OOC GRAPHIC LEMON. smutty know you want to!

Fuck me sideways, it's Carlisle, Bella and Rosalie in flagrante and it's fucking H.O.T.!

Title-For Her
Author- Mrs. Ronald Weasly
Summary-Edward thinks too much. Bella overreacts. And Carlisle helps them accomplish something. Rating for threesome sexual content and slash. EdwardBellaCarlisle. EdwardCarlisle. Please read and review.

FYI: I'm not entirely positive that PFac will be at Comic Con but I do know that the following week he's at Twicon and mother fuckers? SO AM I!

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Team Slash learns to "Breathe"

Now it's time for Team Slash to have a go and give you a reach around. We love the man-love and enjoy a little girl on girl on the side.

We are Hopey aka manyafandom, Kathy aka MsKathy, and Stephie aka 4theluvofmary.

Title: Breathe
Author: Zulfiqar

Summary: The reclusive and famous Jasper Whitlock moves to Forks, Washington to escape a dark past. There he meets and is befriended by a mysterious man named Edward. Will their shared passions save them, or destroy everything? Jasper & Edward

Hopey-Breathe is very different from any slash that is out there that I’ve found. The mystery and suspense that permeated the 1st half of Twilight is present here. Told entirely from Jasper’s POV Breathe offers up little bits of information and hints as to what is going on as the story progresses. We know nothing until Jasper knows or realizes. Jasper has a dark past that he is running from and trying to overcome, exorcizing his demons through writing and is a popular author. Seeking quiet and solitude he moves to the remote town of Forks where he encounters the Cullens and their generous kind nature. Jasper is immediately drawn to Edward and seeks out his company in hope of finding a true friend, but the friendship or bond between the two of them deepens into something more. In the latest chapter the truth about the Cullens and the true nature of Jasper and Edward’s relationship is revealed. The smut is vague at best and implied or inferred to, a new take on the usually very graphic smut that is found in the slash genre. But the kissing is phenomenal and the emotions that Jasper is feeling are right on the surface. Jasper is quirky and awkward and uses an odd sense of humor to diffuse the tension between Edward and himself. I am anxious to see where this one goes and what comes of this duo.

Kathy- Breathe is a unique slash story, told entirely from Jasper's POV. Secrets are revealed, both for Jasper and Edward, and you learn about these characters slowly. Edward saves Jasper, twice, from asthma attacks in the forest near his family home. Jasper has retreated to a cottage in Forks, from his previous home in Texas, for reasons that I don't think have fully been explained yet. I feel like this story really gets its wings in chapter 7. I'm going to be honest, I felt like the interaction between Edward and Jasper previous to chapter 7 was slightly awkward; I just didn't feel a real connection between them. I also don't quite get Jasper's shoe fetish and I hope that gets explained at some point. Chapter 10 left us on a cliff and I am honestly eager to see where the author takes this story from here. The boys have only just begun to confess their feelings for each other and act on them. It's not clear if this will be an explicitly dirty story, or if the author intends to keep things on the more modest side, and since this is the first posted tale, there is nothing to perhaps try to compare and gauge. I'll be patient and wait; either way, I suspect it will be worth it.

Stephie- I'm always on the look out for a new take on slash. It's kind of hard to stay original, at least so I've discovered in the stories I've checked out. Breathe, in my opinion has taken a very popular trend in the ficdom at the moment and put a new spin on things. As Kathy says, there are secrets on both sides of the relationship that are revealed. Having it all in Jasper's point of view keeps the reader guessing and puts a new spin on the b/b romance. I liked the build up between the two of them, however; I agree with Kathy in that it was kind of awkward and do feel as if their eventual declarations were sudden. Regardless of that fact, I do really like this story. Especially entertaining is the way in which the entire Cullen clan is introduced to Jasper. I am hopeful for quick updates so I can find out what happens next and what's in store for this blossoming relationship.

Gotta a rec for Team Slash send it to me at

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Melissa228 & Manyafandom go mano-a-mano.

Melissa228 & Manyafandom go mano-a-mano.

The creator of DILFward and all around sweetheart Melissa228 and the Shacks resident geek manyafandom talk some smack!

Questions for Melly:

Hopey: Why did you decide to start writing, what compelled you to start typing away?
Melly: I always had a love for reading and that just manifested into a love for writing. From as far back as grade school, I remember hiding notebooks in my bedroom that I had filled with short stories and ideas. That carried through all my years of education till I went to college and was originally a journalism major. However, it became clear to me rather early on that I didn't have the backbone for journalism. I switched to an English major and that was a much better fit for me...although I didn't finish college, but that is a whole other story.

For a lot of years, I felt like something was missing from who I was...a part of Melissa that had once been there, but wasn't anymore. I couldn't put my finger on it and frankly, with working, marriage and baby, there wasn't a whole lot of time to sit and think about it. Like so many of us, reading the Twilight series effected me deeply in a way that I couldn't understand. I craved more and more of it and when Leiah/ScarlettLetters introduced me to fanfiction, the pieces started falling into place for me. Aside from all the wonderful stories, I had found somewhere for me to rediscover my writing and also still keep a part of Twilight near and dear to me. It was perfect. So, soon after I started reading fanfiction, the idea for my first fic, Return to Sender, came to me and I just started writing it.

Hopey: Were your stories fully formed when you started writing, was it outlined or did you wing it? Basically what's your writing process like. Any advice for your fellow authors?
Melly: For Return to Sender, I just started writing. There was no outline and although I knew how I wanted the arc to be formed and presented, I did not have a particular vision on how to get there. There was no outline, but there was tons of research involved. I would jot ideas down along with research notes and the direction took shape from there.

Confessions of a Nanny is completely the opposite. I have a very detailed outline that I worked on for a few months prior to even writing the first chapter. With that, I had several of my favorite authors read the outline and give me their feedback.

For me the writing process has to be relaxed and unforced. Personally, I don't stick to a strict time schedule of when chapters will post nor do I write ahead. I need to be in the moment, to write and feel along with characters. I need to go through the emotions and take the journey with them. Plus I fully feed off the vibe of the readers. The feedback I receive just helps to light my fire further.

Advice for fellow authors? Follow your heart and your vision. Don't try to conform or write something that you don't feel in your heart because you feel like it's what your readers want you to do. Once you head down that road, you lose integrity and it all turns to bullshit.
Hopey: I completely agree with this sentiment or idea. 100%

Hopey: What's the best & worst thing about writing? (I see you rolling your eyes missy)
Melly: The best thing about writing is the creative expression...taking a thought in your head and creating a story out of it. The worst thing? Having the time to do it :)

Hopey: What other stories are a brewin' in that noggin of yours?
Melly: I'm working on something huge...something the fandom has never seen. I'm super excited and would love to spill the beans here and now, but it is all very top secret at this point. :) I could be properly bribed though I think.......
Hopey: What kinda bribe we talking about? Anything I can offer up to get you to spill the deets?
Melly: Storm Trooper pics at Comic Con?
Hopey: Sure thing, I'll get right on that.

Hopey: Do you see yourself doing this (writing) for awhile? Is it something that you might want to do as a job one day?
Melly: I can see myself doing some form of writing for the rest of my life, but I don't think I would/could do it as a career....unless it was to write fanfiction :)

Hopey: You're married, you have a do you find time to keep your man happy, the kid entertained and fulfill our need for more of your writing? What does the hubs think of all this writing nonsense?
Melly: I'm not sure any of those things are happening, but thanks! I'm very lucky to be a stay at home Mom, have a kid that is super awesome and have a VERY understanding and supportive husband. He loves that I'm writing and is constantly enthusiastic about what I'm doing. There have been many evenings that he has come home to a messy house and a pizza box. He has never uttered a word because he knew I was writing and concentrating. Basically...I'm pretty fucking lucky.

Hopey: Where did the idea for "Return to Sender" come from?
Melly: I knew that I wanted to write a story in which Bella had some form of mental illness. I think it is often a very misunderstood and under-talked-about disease. In my eyes, I felt that if I could portray Bella in a very real sense, make her be like any one of the girls we went to school with, than maybe people would have a better understanding of the disease. The 'letter in the locker' part came later as a way to introduce the secret admirer.

Hopey: Where you scared or hesitant to put it out there because of the mental health issues/disease that Bella suffers from? what kind of reaction have you gotten because of Bella's disease?
Melly: I wasn't afraid in the beginning to write RtS because of the mental health issues. It was something I felt deeply personal about and that it was a story that needed to be told. Once I got further into the writing of it and Bella got more and more sick, there was a slight backlash from readers. There were some people that just didn't understand where the story was headed. It was difficult at times to continue in the way I had intended, but I knew I owed it to anyone with mental illness to portray it as accurately as possible.

There was obvious very strong reactions to Bella's disease. There were some people who didn't see the foreshadowing with Bella. The dreams, medication and other flashbacks, that led to her getting sick again. This caused some confusion and thoughts of 'Where the hell did THIS come from?' but it wasn't hidden. From the first chapter, Bella internalized her past and struggled with keeping her 'secret' hidden. So, that was a difficult reactions for me to get through...people thinking that I just made the whole thing up on the spot and just said "HEY...I think I'll make Bella schizophrenic!!" No... it couldn't be further from the truth.

The flip side? I got some of the most touching and heartfelt reviews and PM's from people suffering from the disease or someone who had a family member with it. They told me their stories and let myself into their lives to further see the devastation the disease can inflict. I was brought to tears on more than one occasion when a young woman would tell me, 'No one but my parents know but....I have mental illness...' and were so appreciative of what I wrote. It made it all worth it.

Hopey: Can you share any secrets or spoilers about what's gonna happen in CoaN? Give us the dirty down low. More Rabbit Time? Will Daddyward lend a helping hand?
Melly: Of course I can't share secrets! What fun would that be if I spilled the deets??
Hopey: You're no fun ;P

Hopey: Does the popularity of your stories scare or excited you, or both or really how do you feel about the popularity of your stories? What was your initial reaction when CoaN hit 1k (now 2k) reviews?
Melly: Ummm...this is a...weird question to answer. I don't actually see my stories as 'popular.' RtS had a moderate following and I was psyched that more than 4 people were reading it. Now as far as CoaN? My mind was blown to fucking pieces when it hit 2k in under 8 chapters. On one hand, I felt thrilled and overwhelmed...and on the other, I hope it's justified. I would never be ungrateful, but that insecure part of knows how many truly awesome stories are out there and wonder what makes mine so special?

Hopey: Me and many, many others LOVE your Bella's. They're feisty and funny without being bitches. Why do you write them or portray Bella that way, ya know a non-doormat?
Melly: Because imo, canon Bella was a doormat. Most of it was a sign of immaturity and some of it was just her being...her. When she openly took Edward back, with very little question, at the end of New Moon, I was furious with her. He apologized and it was all well and good. Breaking matter how upset and concerned Edward was with Bella wanting to keep the baby, he acted like a total dick. I just wanted once...for her to stand up for herself and say, "OK!! I get IT!! Everything you do, you do to protect ME but that doesn't excuse poor behavior! Quit acting like a jackass!!"

As with many of us, fanfiction gives us the opportunity to put our own twists and turns on the Twilight series. I want my Bella's to be a strong, assertive women who won't take crap from men, but still have some of the vulnerability of canon Bella. I want other women to know that you can be all of those things. You can be independent of your thoughts and actions, but still take into consideration what your partner wants of you. It's all about balance.

Hopey: What do you think is the best & worst thing about the fandom? Come on, we all have things we love and would love to change, I know I do?
Melly: The most wonderfully awesome thing about the fandom is all the amazing people I've 'met.' Yes, most of them I only get to talk to online and such, but there is such a lovely sense of friendship that I'm really proud to be a part of it. I've made great real life friends as well and if anything should happen to make any of us leave the fandom, then we would still be friends in real life. I believe, for the most part, that as a community we are very supportive of each other, both writers and readers alike and I think that is something rare.

The worst part? Too many passionate and intelligent women in one place :)

Hopey: Why and when did you get into Twific or fanfiction, was Twilight your first fandom?
Melly: Twilight was both my first fandom and first fanfiction. I've never even read Harry Potter or seen the movies.
Hopey: Dude...srsly?

Hopey: Top 5 FF's and WHY?
Melly: Okay...seriously...this was so hard for me.

Boycotts and Barflies- It was the first Twilight fanfic that I read from beginning to end. Plus I think vjgm is the Queen Bee. The story and the writer hold a special place in my heart.

Wide Awake- I know most people include this in their 'favorites,' but for me it really was the fic that made me decide to make the leap into the fandom and put my writing out there. The story itself is amazing and to know it was her first fic gave me a little nudge to stick my toe in the water. In fact, I sent her a PM way back in the early days telling her that I wanted to put some of my writing out, but was scared shitless. She basically told me to fuck it and just do it. I did. I still have the email.

All I Ever Knew- No, I'm not kissing ass...even though I know you would adore that. Plain and simple, it was my first slash and is done in such a wonderfully yummy way that it opened up my eyes to a whole other world. I thank you for that.
Hopey: Aww, thanks bb :)

The Office- Christina/tby789 has tapped into something very unique. She has created a story in which lust and sex has intertwined itself with the emotions of falling in love and she has done so completely seamlessly. You feel like you've been on the journey with Bella and her Beautiful Bastard, watching from the outside as they truly find their way to each other. Plus, Christina also seems to pull her sexy scenarios from every woman's fantasies. You read every chapter thinking that it was the hottest one yet...then you read the next one...and it was better than the one before. She nails hot one does it better, imo.

Mutually Assured Destruction- This story is probably one of the most powerfully written pieces I have ever read, fanfiction or not. I could talk for an hour about it and still not scratch the surface of it's awesomeness. It is a masterpiece and jandco is simply brilliant. I have no business writing along side of her.

Hopey: If you could do anything (non-sexual) with any fanfic Edward, who and what would it be? Don't worry we'll get to the sexual question in a bit, hehe.
Melly: I want to go to Target with Scotchward ( Edward from Scotch, Gin and The New Girl.) We can shop the aisles and afterwards, go back to his house for a card game. I would love to see if I could beat him...cocky little bastard.

Hopey: What's your favorite swear word to say in real life? And use it in a sentence. Make it good bitch.
Melly: Fuck. I there really any better swear word than fuck? It's so could be fuck, fucker, motherfucker,etc. Used in a sentence, huh? Hopey is one fuck hot babe.
Hopey: *snicker* you don't even know what I look like.
Melly: Ummm...yes I do.

Hopey: What's your favorite kind of cupcake, alcoholic beverage and breakfast food? Srsly this tells you a lot about a person.
Melly: Out of all these questions...would you believe that this one was the most difficult to answer?
Favorite cupcake: Red velvet with cream cheese frosting
Favorite alcoholic beverage: a Manhattan with 2 cherries
Favorite breakfast food: I don't usually eat breakfast, but I LOVE breakfast food ( we do a lot of breakfast for dinner in my house.) My favorite breakfast food is banana pancakes and turkey bacon.

Hopey: I know, I know this, but the readers want to know too. What's up with you and Stormtroopers?
Melly: What? Do I have a reputation for loving Storm Troopers? I don't know what it is. They are just large, hard and in charge. I imagine a Vin Diesel type dude under that outfit and that is just....rawrrrrr.

I'm a sick fuck...I realize that.
Hopey: See Stormtroopers are of the Empire. Me, personally give me a Jedi or a X-Wing Pilot. Yummo!

Hopey: Who's on your list and i'm not talking about the grocery kind of list? I'll share mine...
Melly: Rob...Rob...Rob...Rob. There is no list.
Hopey: Okay Rob, what's your fav part of El Robbo and give us your fav pic.
Melly: If I ever saw his package, I'm sure that would be my favorite, but for's that perfectly chiseled jaw.

Picking my favorite picture is nearly impossible. My Rob porn collection is enormous, but if I have to pick one...this one is it. Rawrrr

Hopey: Favorite toy and I'm not talking about the Fisher-Price variety?
Melly: I bought my first Rabbit when I was 21 and am SO glad I did. I think anyone who reads CoaN can tell the love I have for The Rabbit. Every woman should have one...EV.ER.Y woman.

Hopey: Any fantasies that have yet to be fulfilled? Any juicy ones that have?
Melly: Yes. And they are juicy.
Hopey: Srsly, you're not gonna give up ANYTHING, not even a little snippet?
Melly: Let's just say, I met the hubby when I was 22...aside from a few naughty tales, there was a lot that I wished I would have experienced before I got married.

Hopey: What's the craziest thing you've ever done, where you arrested for it? I'm sure you have some pretty crazy fucking stories.
Melly: I am RIDICULOUSLY boring. Seriously. I have been a good girl my whole life. I have never been arrested and aside from a few drunken nights when I made a few...mistakes(does dancing on bars and flashing my tatas count? Tequila is the devil)...I don't really have any crazy stories. I never cut school...I've skinny-dipped once...I am a NERD!
Hopey: What, no sex in a public place? No running through the streets naked? Nothing? No selling yourself into Sexual Slavery to some hot guy for 24 hours?
Melly: Okay..there was some sexin in a public place a time or two...and I loved making out when I had a few drinks, guys or girls, it didn't matter.
Hopey: See, I KNEW it. You were a dirty hoor. And how public we talking here?
Melly: Okay we got frisky on a golf course once. Also, for the sake of looking like a total HooR and exhibiting completely sacrilegious behavior, there was some getting down in a church parking lot once.

Questions that both of us have to answer:

Which Character in any story do you want to bone?
Melly: Okay...I originally had someone else here but....I have to say my own DILFward/Wankward/Pervertward/Fuckmenowsevenwaystosundayward. I've created my ideal hot Edward and Yes....I want to bone him...on his motorcycle...and lick his tattoos.
Hopey: Ung, just ung. I know the feeling, if Cuffward wasn't gay i'd be all over that shit, js. And I do agree tattoo licking is hot, I don't know why, but it is.

Do you have any tattoos?
Melly: I do. I have an angel on my upper right shoulder/back. I love tattoos and I hope to get oodles more someday.
Hopey: Pretty, does it hold any special meaning? Anything specific you're planning?
Melly: I always liked the idea of having an angel on my shoulder...a little someone watching out for me. As far as what I'm planning next? Maybe a little something like my Daddyward? :)

What is your favorite sexual position?
Melly: I like to ride it like a cowgirl.
Hopey: Dude, Now I have Cowboy by Kid Rock in my head and a visual of you "YeeHawing" swinging around a cowboy hat. I need brain bleach. hehe.
Melly: Oh you need to shush it sweet thing. There will be no bleaching of the have my cowgirl down to memory now, don't you? Mmmmhmmm, that's what I thought.
Hopey: Hoor. Though I wouldn't mind see Bella have a little Cowgirl action on Daddyward. just saying.

Favorite ff ever?
Melly: I listed my top 5 and that was hard enough. I can't name just one.
Hopey: Like Lays (<--snicker) you can't eat just one.

Hardest part about writing ff?
Melly: Fanfiction has a very devoted and outspoken following. The hardest part of writing it is making sure you have a quality story that is going to want to be read. Readers have a very specific focus in mind...they foresee how they want a story to go. If you don't give them what they want, there is often backlash and that is hard to deal with. You write something really believing you are writing the best story you can, but when the readers don't accept that, it sucks.

Do people in RL know you do it?
Melly: Besides my husband and few friends that already read fanfiction, no. I have some conservative friends and come from a traditional, Catholic, Italian family that would probably fall over dead if they found out what I was writing. I did mention to my Mom that I was doing some writing and she immediately started needling me about what it was for and if she could read it. The thought horrifies me so much that I've kept my mouth shut to everyone else ever since.

If I looked under your bed right now what would I find?
Melly: I actually had to look to see. You would find some Hot Wheels, my pink fuzzy slippers and my husbands huge Lava Lamp.
Hopey: I went and checked and there are Hot Wheels under mine too. What's up with that?

Who is your favorite non-canon pairing, non slash?
Melly: Bella and Jasper. It just makes the most sense to me.

Questions from around the fandom:

From tby789-

If you really met Rob, would you share him with Christina? What if she was dying and it was her last wish?
Melly: are a awesome person and a brilliant writer. I hope our paths cross, in real life, in the future someday, but if you get within once inch of my man, deathbed or not, I will finish you off myself.

Perhaps this is the proper place to address my love of Rob because I can only guess that people sense I'm a little...overly exuberant about him. I'm not obsessed, I just want to fuck him. I don't want to hang out, marry him, have his babies or even talk, (although I totally dig on the Brit accent) I just want his sex. I don't care if I have to wait till I'm 80 and all dried up, he will still be the hottest 71 year old alive.

What exactly was in the basket you gave him in Chicago? ~
Melly: mean when I MET Rob, right? Yes, I met him at one of the crazy Hot Topic events where people got their noses broken and people were arrested. When my friends and I considered what could be done as a grand gesture to welcome Rob to Chicago, I decided to put together a little goody basket. Since he was only going to be in Chicago for like ten hours, I put a basket together of things that Chicago is known for. There were Twinkies, Oreo's, Cracker Jacks, M&M's, Garretts Popcorn, Chicago Magazine, The Red Eye newspaper and a bunch of other stuff. Of course it was confiscated from me before I got to him, but I made it my mission to at least let him know about it. Standing in front of him, I blurted out..."I left you a goodie basket up front." To which he stared at me for a moment with a 'WTF are you talking about you psycho look' and said, "Ummmm, yeah...thanks." I was taken away by security shortly after.

From Ninapolitan-

Who is your ultimate 3-way.
Melly: Are we talking about in real life now? Hmmmm...Mel's ultimate 3-way. Well...I think I would like to do it Oreo style ( I'm the tasty center) with Rob and the hunk a man antiaol introduced us to in her Man Meat interview, Ben Godfre. Also, Ben says he's 99% straight which leaves a 1% chance of something extra-circular going on with him and Rob.

Were you ever a Naughty Nanny?
Melly: Ummm no. Of course I babysat and stuff when I was younger, but basically I don't like other peoples kids enough to want to be with them all the time.

What if RPattz wanted to watch your kids but he was gay and wanted to sleep with your husband instead of you, would you be okay with that? If yes, can I send you my video camera to capture that for posterity?-
Melly: If I could watch, I would be okay with that. Yes, I would videotape of course.

Fuck that...I'm lying...I would be all sorts of jealous and throw a Mel size tantrum if he picked my hubby over me.

From TallulahRemiter-

I'm all sortsa jealous that you got to see Bri's boobs in RL. I have to know, did you cop a feel?
Melly: I have not copped a feel, but I will say this, I've ogled them on more than one occasion and they are pretty fucking nice. She does shake and shimmie them as often as possible just like you would think she would.

From serenecaffeine84-

What are some fics that are on your PWN list right now?~
Melly: Clipped Wings and Inked Armor by hunterhunting- Inkward/Pierceward and tons of UST...need I say more?

A Murmur of Fire in the Vein by ElleCC- Bella/Jasper paring. Realistic and beautifully written story that tackles a very difficult subject.

Wild Swan by ScarlettLetters- Bella decides there is more to her than just being Mrs. Edward Cullen and she sets out to find return so does Edward.

Would you let me have a few hours alone with Dr. Hotward? Pretty please? I don't mind giving personal favors...
Melly: Dr. DILF/Hot/Pervert/Horny/Wank/ward is not that kind of 'ward.' He's a one woman kind of dude.

Do you ever feel stressed by all the attention you and your stories receive?
Melly: I wouldn't say that I feel 'stressed.' I feel more pressure than anything to do the best job I can. Some readers can be overly demanding and there are also some that are very critical, but 99% of the readers are so wonderfully supportive that it makes it all so rewarding.

Have you ever had an AVID reader/fan? And my AVID, I basically mean a stalker? Ha ha ha! And I'm SO not referring to me as the avid reader/stalker. LOL!
Melly: Nope...never had a stalker. I'm not that cool.

From EJSantry-

What is the best/worst thing about having a popular story?
Melly: The best thing is that people are actually READING it and enjoying it. There are far too many talented writers in fanfiction that fly under the radar and go undiscovered. Frankly, in many cases, it a whole lotta fucking luck.

The worst? People question your ability and motives. In my case, I've written two completely different stories; RtS was angst and dealt with a heavy-duty disease. Nanny is entirely different, fun and smutty. A few people thought I was selling out or crossing over to the 'smut side' just for sake of...I don't know what...but there were a few raised eyebrows.

What is a story (3 stories?) you read as soon as they hit your inbox?
Melly: The Dominant by tara sue me
Library Rendezvous by antiaol
The Wingman by ninapolitan

From Mozzer0906-

I'm stealing this question from the Twigasm podcast (and Bethie) because I thought it was a good one - if you could collaborate with anyone on a fic who would it be and what kind of story would you write?
Melly: You'll find out in a few weeks.

How did your morning Rob porn start?
Melly: Mels Morning Rob Porn started shortly after I joined Twitter and felt that everyone's morning would be just a little bit better if they seen a little Rob. Since I have about 2,549 pictures of him ( yes...that's an exaggeration) I go through them most mornings, find a goody and post it on Twitter. Who doesn't love a little Rob in the morning?

Questions for Hopey:

Melly: You were one of the first authors of slash and alternative relationships, why did you decide to write them?
Hopey: Well I have been a reader of the slash for a long ass time, I discovered it during my first forays into fanfiction a decade ago. At the time that I first started writing I wanted to do something different. I got my feet wet with a couple of E/B smut pieces. But the idea of a 3some always appealed, especially between Edward, Bella & Jasper. The Dirty Talking Edward contest gave me the opportunity to do it, so I thought what the hell and went for it. Not gonna lie, I was nervous about writing TwiSlash. At the time there was only a handful of slash fics in the fandom, almost all of them Vamp and very few of them Jasper/Edward. But people started wondering if TA Jasper & Edward would ever be physical with each other and that's just not something those two would do. So with the reception I received with TA, I decided to go for it and write a Slash piece at the urging of Isabel0329, Capricorn75 and a few others. Also AIEK was an angst break from TA, I needed it, needed something lighter and fluffier. It's worked out so far for me, though I think I'm perceived as only liking the "deviant" or non-canon. Which simply isn't true, but there are only so many times I can read Edward & Bella without getting a bit bored with it, ya know?

Melly: People have had very strong opinions on both The Arrangement and All I Ever Knew. I know for me, AIEK was the first slash I ever read and had NO idea how hot it would be to read about those two boys. What other positive reviews have you received on your fics? Along with that, what were some the negative?
Hopey: You are not the first person to tell me that about AIEK. I think of it as a gateway slash. It's not hardcore...yet and it's a good way to ease people into the man-love.

Surprisingly, I haven't received any truly negative reviews for either of those stories. I do feel like my stories have been a target at times for people to bitch about the state of the fandom, but people are always going to have issues with something or another. I try not to let it bother me too much, but it does.

I have received grumbling of sorts from people that don't think that AIEK is a "realistic" gay relationship because my boys didn't hop in the sack and fuck like porn stars at the first opportunity. Well to that I say; not all gays are man-whore sluts. I hate the stereotype, I hate it. I'm a faghag from way back in the day and most of my gays were/are in long term committed relationships. It's a myth that all gay men want to get in the pants of anything with a peen. Don't get me wrong there are gay men out there like that, but the same thing could be said for straight men too. But for me AIEK isn't a slash story, it's a love story that happens to be between two men. To me it's about two people in love trying to figure out how to be together, much like I see Twilight.

Now most of the grumbling about TA that I've received is in regards to if Bella & Edward are going to get together, and to please bring Alice in to get Jasper out of the arrangement. Well I've said it before and i'll say it again, Alice isn't the magical cure all for those three, though she does help a bit.

I have received a ton of positive reviews and feedback from readers saying that they never would have read a story about two men, but that AIEK has opened their eyes to the slash genre, how they treat homosexuals, and everything that a gay person has to go through. I've also received reviews, pm's and emails telling me that AIEK helped them come to terms with their own sexuality and gave them the courage to act on it or be honest with themselves. That is truly moving and touches me beyond anything that I could express. The positive I have received from TA is the opening of the eyes of the reader to other maybe "taboo" or "deviant" stories.

Melly: You wanna go there, huh? Okay....Top 5 favorite fics and why.
Hopey: Fuck You, you fucker. just kidding. I know my answers are going to seem awfully cliquey, but truly these are my current favorites. I tend to like the fics of my friends, not that I don't love stuff by people I don't know, ya know? But if I like something I seek that person out to fangirl on them, imma hoor like that. Now and in no particular order and this is ever changing, currently it's:

The Office by tby789, because it's more than just smut like a many people think. It uses sex/smut to tell the story and does it in a phenomenal way and that is a VERY hard thing to do. I also love Christina's writing style and narrative. Her characters and the story are fully formed. Every word said or thought, every action serves a purpose to the story. She balances the action and the emotions so fucking well. It is the complete package and I hate that people automatically dismiss it as smut. I know what that's like and it burns my biscuits. Oh and it's FUCKHOT! Every encounter is new and different, the smut never ever gets stale.

Lost and Found/Amazing Grace by gemmabobella. Again a fully formed and stellarly executed story and characters. There is such depth and heartache in Gemma's writing. Her characters have been through a ton of stuff, but it's believable and realistic. The healing process is perfect, it doesn't take huge leaps and bounds or skip steps along the way to fit what the people want. I have never wanted a kiss or admission of feelings so much as I wanted it in L&F. No Lie. I dig her style, and Gems is a motherfucking sweetheart. And as it happens I've gotten advance reads of the upcoming chapters and Oh My Holy Fuck is it good!!

Really? I need to pick three more? blarg.

Okay i'm gonna cop-out for a sec and say anything by adorablecullens. I can't pick one of her stories as my favorite, though I do have a soft spot for Silence and Security. But I think that all of them are on the same level as far as story, characters and execution go. Again I love her style and the way she chooses to tell the story. And fuck Balticward is an ass, but one I want to slap then fuck. All her stories are different and have completely unique characterizations of the characters from the books while remaining true to the characters of the books. And again I dig her style. Also, Teddyward pwns me.

Alright 2 more...

Gonna have to go with The Wingman by my lobster Ninapolitan. I am a HUGE fan of UST, comedy and awkward moments and The Wingman has that in spades. Nina balances the funny with the tender and sweet perfectly. She says she can only do the ridiculous, but I tell her to STFU all the time about that shit. Her Stutterward is so sweet and yet a normal everyday Joe, I like that...a lot. Also her characterizations of Edward and Bella are my 2nd fav of all time, no lie. I also love what she has done with the other characters. I hate most Jakes, but I can't help but like the lovable, horny, goofball she's created in that Jake.

Okay, I have to go with The Trip Home by mskathy. She did with Jasper, Bella & Edward what I was too afraid to do, which is make them be all together. I didn't have the balls to do it in TA and she did it in TTH. She also addresses the issues and struggles and highs and lows and everything else that comes with being in a poly relationship. Kathy does all that while not being angsty and keeping it realistic. And all that while writing some of the best smut ever. Really, Edward and Jasper with Bella and each other...I can't think of anything better than that, can you?

Alright I'm gonna have to do my top 7 instead of 5, because there is no way I could leave off these next 2 and because I can. ;P

When Fiction Becomes Reality by bittenev, originally by bella-of-the-ball. This story has owned my since the first chapter. I love what Liz has done with it since taking it over. I know people are bitching about the pace and that it seems to drag, I don't see that at all. I think she's telling the story exactly the way it needs to be told. There is a lot of history between that Edward & Bella and its not going to be magically solved and everything falls into place and they live happily ever after. That's not this story, this story is about coming to terms with your feelings and discovering what you messed out on the first time around and it's all brought to fruition by a book and a movie. Also Actorward or Cranward is about the sweetest, cutest thing ever.

The Fan by pears13, I recently discovered this one and fell in love with it...hard. It has an interesting storyline and a kinda douchey Edward that you can't help but love. The UST is off the fucking charts and you know how I love the UST. I feel some drama coming in it, but think that pears won't drag it out or make it total heartfail. She has me on the edge of my seat with every new chapter and it doesn't hurt that she updates so quickly either.

So there's my list. The main thing about all of these stories is that I love the story that the authors are telling and the way in which they tell it. That is the main thing for me. I hate to see a good story told by someone that doesn't know how to tell it. There has to be a good balance of both for it to really get to me.

Melly: What was it about reading the ‘Twilight’ series that resonated with you so much that you decided to write FanFiction based off of it?
Hopey: I liked the air of mystery that surrounded the Cullens and specifically Edward. That without any rhyme or reason they fell in love and that was it. They didn't struggle with coming to terms with it, they accepted it and went about the business of being together and figuring out how to be together. The falling in love was the easy part, everything else was the struggle. Also I have a thing for Vampires, I just do and always have.

I felt there was a ton of missing aspects in the books, so many things that could have been expanded on or explored. That drove me search out Twilight fanfiction in the first place, though I wasn't a ff n00b by any means. Also I wanted the smut, I wanted what we didn't see in those fade to black moments.

Melly: Do you see writing as a future career or something that you just enjoy doing? When you are not a SAHM any more, what do you hope to do?
Hopey: Not gonna lie, I have thought about reworking TA into a novel, but only as a vague maybe one day idea. And really I don't consider myself a writer in any way, shape or form. This is just a hobby. A hobby that takes up most of my time, but a hobby nonetheless. And before I was a SAHM I did a plethora of things; secretarial work, graphic design, accounts receivable/payable, Events Coordinator, and Library Aide to name a few. I honestly have NO idea what I want to do when I grow up. I would like to be a Librarian maybe, but will probs go with being a History Teacher.

Melly: You are a writing and reading MANIAC. With multiple stories, guest writing on various blogs and reading tons of other fics, you make us all scratch our heads and the fuck do you do it? With children and a you ever get any sleep because that is the only way I can figure that you fit it all in.
Hopey: I sleep quite a bit actually, hehe. It's hard, trust me it's hard trying to balance it all and honestly I don't do a very good job of it. If I did, my hubs wouldn't be such a fic widower and I would update my stories on a timely basis.

I have to be in the mood to write, I can't force myself to do it. Well I can't force myself to do it and have it be good. I don't really read that much anymore, but my to be read list has almost 200 fics on it. I'm not really reading what everyone else is reading...yet. I try to keep up with the stories i'm already reading, but even that is hard. I take too much on, it all sounds like so much fun that I can't say no and now I feel like I'm drowning in my twific responsibilites. But I can't give anything up, I love it all too much!!

Melly: What are some words of encouragement and some advice to newer FF authors?
  1. Get a Beta, make sure it isn't someone that is going to blow smoke up your ass. Someone who will tell you like it is. And take their advice, they only want to make your story better.
  2. Don't listen to the negative reviews. For every how ever many awesome reviews you get, it's the bad one that will stick with you. If it's constructive take it as advice and think about what the person is saying. Other than not listen, it will only discourage you. But be aware that by putting your stuff out there you are opening yourself up to criticism and negativity, it comes with the territory.
  3. Do something original, be different. It's worked, and worked well for me.
  4. Whatever you do, do it well. Put out the best product story that you can. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.

Melly: Rumor has it you are going to Comic Con what and who are you looking forward to seeing there? Will rub up on a Storm Trooper and take pictures for me? :)
Hopey: YES! I will rub some stormtroppers for you, you freak. What i'm most looking forward too...well it was participating in the Authors panel and still is, but mostly now it's getting to meet all the other Twiauthors/fans that are going. We're camping out in line Wednesday night for the New Moon panel and I think that honestly is going to be the highlight of the trip for me. I mean, i'm going to the Geek Mecca and i'm uber excited to be with my fellow geeks in our motherland. But seeing and meeting everyone that I know from online in real life is the real thrill. I just hope I live up to expectations, cause really i'm boring in RL.
Melly: I will be thinking of you there! I'm so very jealous!

Melly: What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?
Hopey: Hmm...good question. I don't know. I honestly don't think I'm that interesting.
Melly: Ok...that is bullshit and you know it.
Hopey: It's not bullshit. I am boring. I spend most of my day chasing after my boys, breaking up fights, playing with lincoln logs, trying to keep the house from looking like a disaster zone, dicking around on twitter and attempting to write and read. See very boring.

Hmm....I really don't like shower sex as much as everyone seems to think I do. I've only every had it maybe 5 times in my life. I know I put my characters in the shower all the fucking time, but only because I like to think it's because they're exposed and maybe more open and honest in that situation.

Melly: You have an entire day to yourself (okay I'll give you 24 hours because I'm a Mom too and just a 'day' isn't enough) how you spend it? You have the WHOLE day...and evening :)
Hopey: I have no fucking idea, honestly I'd probably be bored out of mind. But lets see; sleep in, eat all the things that I want to eat, watch all the movies that I want to watch, go shopping and shop for the things that I want without being rushed, not pick up after myself or clean anything, plan a gathering with my girls to chill and drink and talk and generally have a blast, and then the hubs can come home for a bit a service me proper. See that's really boring, but a dream none the less. Also enjoy the silence for an hour or 5. It's hardly ever truly quiet in my house.

Melly: I'm coming over...before we go out and party like the MILF's we are, we go to dinner...what is your dinner and drink of choice? What if we stay in? What would you make your guest of honor?
Hopey: Hmmm...well i'm not that big of a drinker. I mean, I drink and stuff when I go out socially, but chilling at home...notsomuch. Let's see...for drink it would depend on where we were going; to like a sports bar a Beer (preferably Yuengling or Corona) and tequila shots, to a nicer bar type establishment probs a Amaretto Sour or Midori Sour. For dinner I love me a good piece of meat, I'm talking about steak you perv or some awesome sushi/Japanese food. I'm not much of a wine drinker, I don't like the stuff to much.

If you were coming over well I would make you my fuckawesome Chicken Quesadillas and fresh guacamole or my pot roast with smashed garlic/parm potatoes, for dessert either my "everything but the kitchen sink" brownies or turtle cheesecake. And for drinks, well I make a wicked Mudslide.
Melly: Sushi and Corona's...I'm THERE. If we are staying in...I would devour all the yummies you have for me.

Ok..I realized that sounded pervy...not a peep out of you.

Melly: Do you remember how we first **MET**? I you :)
Hopey: Umm...was it me leaving you a review for RtS and then fangirling the fuck all over you on the thread. And then pm's and such?
Melly: Oh It was ME...fangirling all over YOU. I was still slightly quiet, lurking around and headed over to your thread to drop off some love for TA. I told you in a post that I had just started writing something and you told me to send you think link, that you made no promise to read it because you were so busy. Now I'm wondering if I can go dig through all 1000 pages of TA thread and see if I can find that post.
Hopey: There are sooo not 1000 pages of the TA thread. Actually it's kinda dead :( I guess that's what happens when I stop going there and ya know updating on a timely basis. And I could have SWORN that it was me fangirling you on the RtS thread. But you say you have proof, so lets see it. Where or whenever it was, we're cool now. Margaritas and Brownies abound.
Melly: Proof you say? I spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time looking through 600 pages on TA thread...and I found said post.

Re: The Arrangement (formerly PW&J) by manyafandom

Your browser may not support display of this image. by manyafandom on Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:30 pm

Melissa228 wrote:Thank you so much for the was well worth the wait! I have no idea why you think people would jump ship or why some would want to!? This is the thing....there are so many lessons to be learned in this story, it is hard for me to separate them all. For the life of me, I can' figure out why people feel sad for Edward. Ok, I get it..he is scared of ruining friendships, of rejection..blah..blah..blah..BUT he is miserable and in love and not doing anything about it. Do you know what happens when you love someone and don't do anything about it? They fall in love with your bestfriend. Maybe. Jasper is feeling emotions he never felt before and isn't afraid to express them. Any girl, especially one that cares for him deeply, would love to hear those things said to her. Even if the feelings aren't totally mutal, it sure does make you wonder....and it sure does make you feel pretty damn mushy inside. Bella has gotten sex and love completely intertwined and she doesn't know who she is, what she wants or which way is up and down. I love it girl...I really do. Honest and hard core just like life. I just started my first fanfic, just 2 chapters out, and so many think they have it all figured out. Love cushiness is what they think it is and what they want...but nope, I am writing real shit, as are you, and that is so much better IMO.

Melissa thank you for your comment!! I see all sides of the story. Cause I have too. I have to be Bella and Edward and Jasper. But I think that sometimes people look at or focus on one character. They all have made mistakes. They all are at fault. They all share it equally. And your comments on all of them are spot on.

And can I get a link to your story. Though I cannot guarantee when I will get around to reading it.

Hopey: Well I stand corrected. And I sound like a bitch in my reply. le sigh.

Melly: As a fellow Star Wars fan (I fucking love that we have this in common...there are not enough chicks digging the Star Wars)...give me the down low. How did you get into them? Which is your favorite movie? Favorite Character?
Hopey: Hmm...well I always loved them as a kid, but I would say my true love affair started with Star Wars in my late teens. I rewatched the movies when they first came out on VHS and fell in love all over again. As time went by I discovered the expanded universe, which is authorized and published fanfiction for the most part and my love for the world George created expanded to epic proportions. I mean, I have a Rebel Alliance tattoo for crying out loud. See, I'm such a geek. But I liked that the story was still fresh even if the effects look cheesy by today's standards, that good always triumphs over evil, that there's a cost or struggle to achieve true greatness and to overcome anything worth overcoming and the rogue always gets the girl. Star Wars takes the basic historical archetypes and sets them in a world that hadn't been seen before and made it fun and enjoyable for everyone. It's Science Fiction, but science fiction everyone can get behind. I'm actually a bigger fan of the Expanded Universe and all the books in it then I am of the Movies. I mean the movies are the reason behind the EU, but the same could be said for Twilight and liking the ficdom more than the actual books.

Favorite movie has to be "The Empire Strikes Back" it's the best imho. And Fav character for the movies it's Han, I mean come on it's gotta be Han Solo. In the EU it's either Corran Horn or Kyp Durren and if you don't know who those people are, i'm sorry, but they're both Jedi's.

Melly: Besides FF related, what other websites do you visit daily?
Hopey: Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day, USAToday's Pop Candy blog, PennyArcade(webcomic), RealLife (another webcomic), the MCCS site for the base we're stationed at and Yahoo is my homepage. See boring. But I visit a helluva lot of FF sites on a daily basis. Lately i've been on the Comc-Con site a fair amount. I wonder why?
Melly: Don't rub it in.
Hopey: Neener, neener, neener!!

Melly: If your house was on fire, and your family was safe, what are three things you would save and why?
Hopey: My yellow chucks, I know what you're thinking...they're just shoes, but they're the shoes I wore under my wedding dress and the shoes I was wearing the first time I met my hubs. My external HD cuz all of our music, movies, my RobPorn and writing is on it. And probs my kitchen knife, it was my grandmothers and she taught me how to make fudge and strawberry shortcake with it.

Melly: What is the craziest/worst job you ever had?
Hopey: haha, nothing to crazy. I've had to do crazy things for various jobs though. Like I had to get into one of those blowup Sumo Wrestler suits and fight someone else once. And I had to man a cotton candy machine and spent 8 hours popping popcorn. I've also had to defuse fights, rush people to the hospital after white water rafting accidents and hold a drunk girls hair as she puked all over me.

Melly: Did you have an imaginary friend growing up? Do tell?
Hopey: Actually I did. I had mice, like from Cinderella, except the were named Blinkie and Midge. I was a weird child.
Melly: It could be worse. I didn't have any imaginary friends...that's what kind of loser I was.

Melly: Your tongue piercing….How long have you had it? Give us the deets on it.
Hopey: Well I had it for almost 15 years. I got it when I was 18 and at the time that I got it piercings weren't that mainstream or pop. I got it cause it was easy to hide and for the other added benefits, if you catch my drift. I had to take it out a few weeks ago because I tripped over something (i'm totes klutzy like Bella) and the ball was on the outside of my lips (cause I played with it a lot) and it ripped the bottom of my tongue a bit to where it swelled up and I had to take it out. FYI I've also had my nips, brow, lip and nose pierced at one time or another.
Melly: That's hot. Not that your tongue ripped, but that at one point so many pierced.

Melly: I seem to recall a special circle time on The Dominant thread in which you shared with us, the website (thank you for that by the way.) Care to share anything new and fun you learned or found on that website?
Hopey: hehe, I love circle time. I'm hoping for some circle time while were waiting for the New Moon panel at comic-con. I've learned that I'm not nearly as flexible as I used to be, haha. I do love that site and it helps with writing of the smut.
Melly: Have someone call me. I want in on that circle time esp. after you are all sleep deprived and giddy.

Melly: Alright...I'm letting you borrow my boyfriend, Rob Pattinson, for the're getting down to business in bed RPatz style..and in walks.................?? And you say...SURE...COME JOIN US. Who and why? way??
Hopey: Well, I wouldn't want to share him. I would work that boy like he's never been worked before, let me tell you. But in walks Ryan Reynolds, Jackson Rathbone or Jamie Bamber or all three and I say the more the merrier and more hot men to service me. And why...umm have you seen them, that's why.
Melly: Well that's yummy. Rob, Ryan Reynolds and Jackson Rathaboner...::mel is off to dreamland::

Melly: When did you lose your virginity? If you are comfortable, can you share the deets?
Hopey: Umm...lets just say I was young and it wasn't the best of circumstances. But all my other experiences have been HIGHLY enjoyable and more than made up for it.

Melly: What are you wearing right now? It's something hot isn't it?
Hopey: Glitter pasties and g-string. srsly! No really, just my everyday loungey clothes, my mom gear.

Melly: What do you like most about your body? What is your best feature?
Hopey: If you asked my hubs he would say my boobs cause, well he's a dude. Me, I happen to like my hair. Though it annoys the fuck out of me and I think it's about to be cut off. (edited to add: I did cut all my hair off this week and it felt so fucking good.)

Questions that both of us have to answer:

Which Character in any story do you want to bone?
Hopey: Balticward or Beautiful Bastard! Hands down no contest. But those aren't my fav Eddies ever, hehe

Do you have any tattoos?
Hopey: Yep, two currently. I have a dolphin on my upper right shoulder (no significance except I was young and stupid) and the Rebel Alliance symbol on my inner left ankle (yes imma dork like that). I do have plans for more though.

What is your favorite sexual position?
Hopey: The Bendover. Or any position from behind that I'm standing or kneeling for.

Favorite ff ever?
Hopey: Ugh...srsly? I'd have to say the one that I would pick if I could only ever read one FF for the rest of my days...either; Hot Landing Zone (UST off the fucking charts and a Fuckhot Marineward), Behind Enemy Lines (Balticward, needs I say more) or A World Without Sound (Deafward pwns).

Hardest part about writing ff?
Hopey: Being motivated to do it. No seriously. When i'm motivated I can bang out a 8k chapter in a day. I'm also easily distracted, i'm looking at you Twitter and Gmail. I have story ideas out the ass, it's finding the time, moto and lack of distractions be it online or real life.

Do people in RL know you do it?
Hopey: FUCK NO!! No, only my hubs and daughter know. No one really knows about my Twiaddiction outside of them either. It's not that I'm embarrassed, it's just not something that my friends would be into or remotely get, ya know?

If I looked under your bed right now what would I find?
Hopey: Dust bunnies? srlsy nothing. We moved to our house in May and are moving again in August (maybe) so most of our stuff is still packed up. If you were hinting around about toys, well those are in a box in my bedside table for handy and quick retrieval.

Who is your favorite non-canon pairing, non slash?
Hopey: Hmm...I'd have to say Jasper and Bella. It just makes sense to me. Jasper and Edward have similar personalities but are different enough to make it interesting. They are both cerebral, but Jasper wouldn't be as possessive and arrogant as Edward is.

Questions from around the fandom:

From tby789:

Do you secretly live in a brothel where you reign over threesome’s and fuckhot gay boy couples? Please say yes.
Hopey: In my dreams maybe, that would be all kinds of awesome wouldn't it though?

What is the hardest part about writing slash? What gave you the idea for TA? Why did you originally decide to make AIEK in Jasper’s POV?
Hopey: Ugh, hit me with the hard questions.

Umm writing slash...I would say making them manly, not giving them too much of a woman's voice. And anatomy, I don't have a penis. Or not one that is attached to me (I so own the hubs peen) so I have no idea what sex or an orgasm feels like physically for a male.

The idea for TA or for the OS that started TA was brought about on the Dualism/Permission thread. There was talk amongst the few of us that frequented that thread about that B&E having a 3some with Jasper. Maybe him having his ability and using it to his advantage. Then the DTE contest came up and one of the cat's was Threesome, so I thought why the hell not. At that time I had only ever written 2 small little smut stories and had NO desire to write a long multi-chapped fic. But when I sat down to write PW&J (as it used to be know as) the idea of 3 best friends getting drunk and screwing came to me. Then what if two of them had feelings for each other that none of them knew about. There were stories out there about BFF E&B being secretly in love with each other, but none of them had the dynamic of adding another person into the mix. I wanted to explore that. Maybe she wouldn't end up with who she was originally in love with. How would the sex affect and change their friendship?

Well, you rarely see Jasper's pov in anything. Or at the time that AIEK first posted you didn't. It was a journey of self-discovery for him and I wanted the spotlight to be on him. It wasn't tell about chapter 5 or 6 that I decided not to switch POV's. That was always the switch, but after so much had happened it didn't feel right throwing in a new POV. Edward has his own story to tell, so I decided to do AIEW for him.

How many times have you seen Star Wars?
Hopey: Too many to count. The original trilogy at least 300 times each and Episodes I, II & III probs in the 100's each somewhere. Yes it is a sickness and yes I am aware of it.

How many pairs of converse do you own?
Hopey: Srsly, I had to go count. 10; celery green (lo & high), sea foam green, yellow, red, black, navy blue, red with white & black accents, forest green & royal blue. I want some light blue and purplish ones too.

When you meet Rob, will you feel guilty or giggle at the thought of what you make him do in your filthy story?
Hopey: Hehe, probs get all nervous and shit. Because what if he's read what i've done with his character? Dude, that is so not cool, i'd be soooo embarrassed.

Who is your ultimate 3-way?
Hopey: Edward/Bella/Jasper where that all participate ala The Trip Home. Or the idea of Edward/Jasper/Carlisle sounds tasty too. But if I could have ANYONE, right now it would be a Jamie Bamber (Apollo from BSG for those of you not in the know/Hopey/Ryan Reynolds sammich. Sounds yummo!

from Ninapolitan-

Do you own the Leia bikini costume? If not, would you buy one if it meant a 3-way with Rob and Jackson (with your hubs consent of course)
Hopey: *snicker* No I do not, and I wouldn't want to see me in one either. But if that was the way to get Rob and Jax in my bed, then FUCK YES! And as they are both on my list, the hubs couldn't say anything about it. ;P

From TallulahRemiter-

You've recently begun a flip of AIEK, AIEWanted. Are you trying to kill us all? Death by Cuffward?
Hopey: Yes, yes I am. It's all part of my Master Evil Genius plan to kill you with teh ghey hawtness. Is it working?

From seamonkologist

Question to those who enjoy/write m/m slash...when did you first realize it was something that was a turn on? And did you ever feel the need to hide that it turned you on?
Hopey: I've never hidden it, it was actually the second convo I ever had with my now husband. Very early on I discovered my man on man love through fanfiction actually. I was looking for stories and stumbled upon it, I was intrigued, read and have been hooked ever since. I don't have a definitive answer for why it turns me on or why I like it so much, I just do. But I think that part of it is that to me a man being open enough to admit and embrace his desires and attractions without feeling emasculated by it is incredibly sexy. Also it's desirable to see a man act or behave or feel that way about or to another man. It's special and endearing.

From serenecaffeine-

Since you're manyafandom, do you just have an interest in other fandoms or have you written extensively for other ones?
Hopey: I do have many a fandom, hence the name. But most have fallen to the wayside since I discovered Twilight. I was never as involved in the fandoms as I am with Twilight, I was merely a reader and nothing more.

Lets see, I tweeted this a couple of weeks ago but i'll do it again here. Other fandoms that I have or do read are; Buffy & Angel, Firefly, SW, SW EU, Final Fantasy X and XII, Resident Evil, Eureka, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, BSG, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Robin Hood (bbc), LOTR, Fruits Basket, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy BeBop, Initial D, X-Men, POTC, Bones, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, Friends, House, Harrry Potter and many more that i've dabbled in over the years. I have a lot of different ships, some are strictly slash and some are a mix and some are straight hetero depending on the fandom.

My first foray into writing was shortly before I discovered Twilight. I wrote or started a Final Fantasy XII fic that I have since deleted because it was crap. I would like to revisit it again now that I have a little bit more experience under my writing belt.

Do you ever feel stressed by all the attention you and your stories receive?
Hopey: I used to, there was a lot of pressure when they first came out, a lot of attention, some of it positive and some of it negative. It's fallen off a bit as my stories aren't as popular anymore because I don't update as frequently and the twificdom has exploded since I joined, so the stress is less, for which I am thankful. Also the subject matter of my stories aren't as controversial anymore and the subject matter or pairings are accepted more in the fandom so that helps a ton as well. There is always the stress to do right by the characters and the story, but I think that any writer feels that.

I don't do this for the attention or reviews or the numbers, I do it because I like it...the writing and being apart of the community. Not gonna lie, the attention freaks me out a bit. I appreciate and am grateful for the attention, I know there are others that would love to have some of the success I have had in the fandom. I know that I am considered popular, though I don't see or consider myself as popular. Sometimes I simply don't get the why of it I guess.

Have you ever had an AVID reader/fan? And by AVID, I basically mean a stalker? Ha ha ha! And I'm SO not referring to me as the avid reader/stalker. LOL!
Hopey: Nope, no stalkers. Though Nina was persistent when we first started talking and for that I am eternally grateful ;) I do have some very loyal readers and reviewers that I can count on to read and review every new story and chapter I put out. It makes me all giddylike when I think of them. When I'm having a moment of emo or doubt I can read their reviews and comments and it helps.

From AmoreTwilight-

When writing a multi-chapter story what do you feel are the key elements to wrapping up the ending of the story successfully and completely?
Hopey: I don't know honestly. I'm trying to figure that out right now with TA. I guess bringing the characters to the end of their story in a way that stays true to the story and is realistic to the journey they've been on throughout the story while satisfying the reader and myself at the same time. If any of those elements are missing it would feel like closure, ya know?

Do you keep a notebook with you at all times to jot down ideas as the come to you for her stories?
Hopey: Nope, but I should. Lines of dialogue and story ideas or elements will pop into my head all the fucking time and I try to remember them, but fail most of the time. (edited to add: I actually bought a comp book today to take to CC)

In select fics to read what are the key elements that you look for and how far into a story do you read to decide if you will continue?
Hopey: A good story, that is the big one. Second and equal to that is they way the story is being told. I'm not actually that picky, unless it's slash or BDSM, than i'm uber picky cause there is a lot of crap out there. I don't have anything specific as far as pairing or genre or type of storyline. I do prefer AU-AH and fluffy or romantic stories, but don't limit myself to those alone. I give any story a few chapters, 5-6 before I decide if i'm gonna add it to an alert. I have dropped stories that were well established if I feel they jumped the shark or went in a direction that comes out of left field or doesn't ring true to the story told so far.

From EJSantry-

You do so much in the fandom, if you were made to pick just one thing to continue doing, which would you pick?
Hopey: You mean besides writing...cause I'll never stop that I think, unless the drama that is so bountiful in this partic fandom gets to be to much for me. But I would have to say, being a reader and participating in the discussions about the stories.

Which of YOUR stories is your favorite? Why?
Hopey: AIEK, hands down, no question. Why? Well because I love the characters and world I have created with it. I love the love story between Edward & Jasper that i've written, it's magical while being grounded in reality I think. But I think that AIEK is going to have a run for it's money with the other story I'm working on for when TA is over. I am completely enthralled and enamored with it.

You write about doing smut right in fanfiction. Who is doing it right, in your opinion, right now?
Hopey: ugh, so many people for so many reasons. I'm all about balancing the action with the emotion, that's what turns me on and gets my juices flowing.

tby789 is good at fighting the conflicted feelings and primal, base lust and desire. adorablecullens is good at giving us depth of emotion, while not being overly graphic but still making it fuckhot. LolaShoes is good at getting down and dirty, while keeping the love and connection front and center. the-glory-days is good at slowly building the growing feelings of love while still exploring/maintaining the physical relationship. ninapolitan is good at building the tension till it's about to explode while keeping it from being too much. tarasueme is good at exploring and accepting the true needs of the characters while balancing it with the hidden love that is there between them. There are more, many more but those are the ones in the forefront of my mind right now.

From Mozzer0906

Both AIEK and TA were sort of the first popular stories in that genre (threesomes and slash) - now they have exploded in FanFiction. Of course with that comes an explosion of not-so-great stories, but for the most part are you happy with the attention these genres are getting in the fandom?
Hopey: I'm glad you said "sort of" because I've never claimed to have created those genres or to be 'Queen Bee' of them (I don't think there is a or should be a Queen Bee of them either). There were stories before mine and there will be stories long after mine are finished, but I do feel like a pioneer of sorts in those genres.

I am very happy with the explosion; be it the good, the bad, the ugly and the truly great that come along with it. I am overjoyed that the fandom doesn't feel bound to strictly canon couples and only two people in a relationship anymore. That doors have been opened for others, that maybe it is a bit easier for non-conventional story lines to be explored and the limitless possibilities that the books didn't even begin to cover to be written. That's what fanfiction is all about isn't it, exploring the possibilities?

Did it make you proud to see slash as a category in the Bellies given that 8 months ago it was just a teeny tiny niche in the fandom and you sort of brought it more into the mainstream?
Hopey: It did! That something that was taboo and only talked about in dark alleyways is now so prevalent in the fandom. I don't even care if AIEK wins, that's not why I wrote. But I would be flattered, appreciative and grateful if it did.

What is your favorite Jacob/Edward story of the moment?
Hopey: Is it sad to say that I haven't found a favorite yet. Edward/Jake is becoming my new obsession of sorts. I am desperate for a good story featuring those two together. I'm sure there are good ones out there, I just haven't found it yet. But, to be honest I haven't been able to devote a ton of time to finding a good one. Fics for that partic pairing are full of mpregs and other assorted ridiculousness. I want someone to do a serious take on that pairing. And no, it will not be least not anytime soon.

If you could put any tattoo on your husband, what would it look like & where would it be?
Hopey: hehe, that is a good question. My name along his penis, kidding of course. No really, it's kind of cheesy but I would like for him to get the Rebel Alliance symbol in the same place that I have mine (inner left ankle). So they're matching, but not too cheesy like my name or anything. He has a tattoo and has plans for many, many more.

What was the hardest chapter to write for AIEK so far? TA?
Hopey: ugh. For TA chapter 19 "The Beginning of the End". It was so fucking hard and probs why it took me two months to do it. Jasper needed to redeem himself and do it in a big fucking way. I also knew that at the end of the chapter he was going to break Bella's heart so all the redemption was going to be for naught, but he was also going to fess up and come clean with himself. It was a chapter full of amazing growth, revelations and acceptance for him. It was hard making him likable and trying to get the reader to understand where exactly he was coming from and what he was going though.

For AIEK: Hmmm...probs chapter 7 "Fajitas and Falling Apart" because that moment between them in the rain where Jasper confessed everything had to be perfect or I wasn't going to be happy with it. There was so much build up to that point, that is had to go down in a certain way. It was all about making it right. Or the other hard (hehe) chapter was chapter 10 "Friction and Realizations" I had never written guy on guy and was so nervous that I wouldn't get it right. I wanted it to be hot and primal and full of lust and passion, while keeping the love and emotions that they share in the forefront. Also that was Jasper's first big step in being physical with a man, but I didn't want his nervousness to overshadow everything else.

What are you most looking forward to about ComicCon?
Hopey: I kinda answered this already; but meeting the other twific girls, seeing Rob live and in the flesh and getting away from my kids for a few days.

If you could pick one question to be asked of you on the CC panel - what would it be?
Hopey: Probs your first question honestly. Or where do I see the fandom going as far as genres and trends, and how I plan to fit into it? Though I don't have an answer for it...yet.

If you bumped into Rob at CC what would be your reaction?
Hopey: I've thought about this and honestly I have no idea. I'd like to think that I would remain calm, cool and collected on the outside and not become a screaming gushing fangirl. But really, I won't know till it possibly happens.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know these two chicas!