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Stephie Boldly Goes...Exactly Where You're Hoping

Words: 11,514
Reviews: 37
Summary: Bella puts her medical knowledge to good use to seduce her best friend. A two-shot. Lemons, E/B, AH.

So...I think technically I'm cheating. By that I mean I chose a two shot instead of a one shot. But I honestly couldn't not choose this after I read it. I saw medical knowledge, seduce, and best friend. That's all it took to convince me to take a closer look.

This two shot is written in third person POV; first chapter is Edward while the second is Bella. The story follows best friends Bella and Edward through recollections of the past into the present day. What really drew me in was Edward's feelings of unrequited love and devotion to his best friend. That and the two of them were equals in their relationship; not a poor, shy, naive Bella being lovestruck at the handsome, confident Edward (though this Edward is handsome. I believe the phrase"jawline that could cut glass" is in there-which immediately makes me think of Rob's jawporn). As you find out from reading, both Edward and Bella have deeper feelings than they let on. Both may be confident in most aspects of their life. But when it comes to each other, there is doubt; doubt over where the other person's feelings may be.

Edward is a lawyer. Bella nurses while attending medical school (can I say I love Bella as a doctor as opposed to Edward?). They live in the same building and hang out often. On the night this story takes place, a bottle of Jameson is being shared as they joke over Bella's love of John Mayer. At one point, Bella mentions how much John Mayer's music affects her:

"You cannot tell me that his lyrical genius and extraordinary ability to play the guitar and make me come in my pants without ever touching me or removing articles of clothing, by just playing a guitar, is terrible."

That statement leads to Bella and Edward deciding to play a little game. I don't want to go into details for fear of ruining the story (though I'm sure some of you can guess as to what this game entails). Needless to say (though I'm gonna say it anyway) you should read this. It's hot. Dear Lord, it's hot. But it's also sweet and romantic. IMO the sexy times has that perfect balance that can be so hard to come (pun intended) by. And really? Only 37 reviews for these two smexcellent chapters? She totally deserves more love.

So go. Read and review!

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The Indies First Time Writers Challenge

The Indies First Time Writer ChallengeSponsored by: The Indie TwiFic AwardsJudges:
Rules and GuidelinesSubmissions will be accepted from September 19 12:00 AM EDT to October 27 11:59 PM EDT (based on time stamp of submission via
The theme of the challenge is "First Experiences". Entries may be Canon, AU, AH and of any genre (e.g., angst, humor, family, suspense).
Entry's ratings must correspond to the appropriate equivalent for the entry’s website (e.g. MA, PG-13, R).
Shipping: All ships are acceptable so long as they are tastefully done and well written. Pedophilic pairings and incest pairings are NOT acceptable. Any story found to violate this criteria will be ruled ineligible.
Collaborations are acceptable so long as it is a first time effort for both writers.
Limit of two entries per author or collaboration group.
Entries will be accepted from (FFn), LiveJournal (LJ), Twilighted (T’ed), and Simply Twilight. Please note that we will not be able to add entries submitted via sites other than FFn to the C2.
Entries must be between 2,500 and 15,000 words. The official word count will be assessed during the validation process via copy/paste of the entry (excluding header and AN) into Word 2007. Additionally, searches will be done across the four sites mentioned above to certify that no work by the author pre-exists. If at any time an author is identified to have pre-existing work, the one shot will be disqualified.
Twilight 25 Exception: If you are currently writing for the Twilight 25, and it is your first time writing, you will be able to participate in the First Time Writers Contest.One-shots may not be expanded until the contest is over.Submitting an EntrySubmitting an Entry Submissions will be accepted via our website
All entries must use a “The Indies First Time Writer Challenge” Contest header, which is below.

“The Indies First Time Writer Challenge” One-Shot Contest
Pen name:
Primary Players:
Word Count:

To see other entries in the “The Indies First Time Writer Challenge” contest, please visit the C2: thanks to the For The Love Of Jasper contest for sharing their contest framework with us.
Entries will be validated for quality grammar/punctuation and rules compliance when the entry is submitted.
After an entry has been validated, if submitted via FFn, it will be added to the "The Indies First Time Writer Challenge" C2. Authors will be PMed or emailed when their entries have been validated. If an entry is disqualified, the author will be PMed and may modify and resubmit the entry by the submission deadline, if she so chooses.

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Never Sleep in a Strange Man's Bed by WndrgY

This Week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: Never Sleep in a Strange Man's Bed
Author: WndrgY
Chapters: 22
Words: 94665
Reviews: 2405
Summary: Bella takes a vacation to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina to meet Alice's new boyfriend, Jasper. Rosalie and Emmett come along, too, just in case Bella didn't feel like enough of a fifth wheel. With Jasper's roommate out of town, Bella has his nice big bed all to herself. Until Edward comes home in the middle of the night...

Guest Reviewer: KrzyRiver

I’m sure it’ll be perfectly obvious by the time you reach the end of my review, but I feel the need to be straight with y’all from the get go. My love for WndrngY knows no bounds. No, seriously. I love this woman with a passion that I hope is making her blush somewhere right now. She’s an author I stumbled on in a moment of pure luck and have loyally followed ever since. I’ve laughed with her, I’ve cried with her. I’ve lovingly dubbed her Satan and I happily claimed myself as her spawn.

Why? Because she pwns me. Hard. In ways the good Lord never intended.

As addicted as I have become to all human fanfics, I must admit that at times I find myself wondering about this phenomenon that has taken over our fandom. Come on, didn’t we all have that moment where we stopped and asked ourselves, “How is this Twilight fanfiction?”

WndrngY is usually where I turn to when I find myself close to ignoring those ten bajillion AH alerts in my inbox. It’s always her who reminds me so effortlessly that it doesn’t matter if Edward is a vampire or if Bella is a klutz. It’s this damned epic love story that we all got swept up in and that motivated us to start writing fanfic in the first place. It doesn’t matter if Edward’s a douche or if Bella can properly match her colors, it’s the two of them together that makes it Twilight.

So is it any kind of a surprise that when NSiaSMB was first released onto the Interwebz, I jumped on it, hoping to get sucked right back into WndrngY’s writing? She didn’t disappoint. Because if nothing else could be said about Never Sleep, it’s this: it has, without a doubt, the most interesting meet cute I’ve ever seen Edward and Bella have. She gets major props from me for not only creating a unique fist encounter, but for making me giggle, getting me hot, making me sad, and hooking me in completely, all within the first 3,000 words.

And so we begin Never Sleep with our dear friend Bella, whom Alice has dragged down to South Carolina so she may visit with her new beau Jasper. Not exactly thrilled at the prospect of playing a “fifth wheel” on this little vacation, she finds herself unhappy and unable to sleep in Jasper’s roommate’s bed. And when Jasper’s roommate, one Edward Cullen, returns home unexpectedly, the two are forced to find a way to make the sleeping arrangements work. Cue steamy smut, puppy dog eyes, witty banter, and the irresistible romance that no story of Bella and Edward could be complete without.

WndrngY delivers on the romance and the smut perfectly. Revving us up beyond comprehension with Edward’s oh so sexy voice and making us fall in love all over again. So go ahead, try a little SoCoward on for size. I promise you won’t be able to resist his southern charm.

Emmy-I first caught whiff of this story on twitter where there was a murmour - a growing slightly shall we say heated or aroused murmur of a SugarWard... I remember being piqued by this and then distracted and my head forgot all about this mysterious SugarWard until Algie tweeted a round of ____Ward's in KFM and in one of the round's SugarWard was pitted against two other __Ward's.. & I remember tweeting who the hell is SugarWard - concerned it was the sugar addicted Edward crackfic certain ladies keep pimping ... Instead to my delight it was this story. .

I think the second half of this story is where it really gains momentum - once the action moves them apart from one another and the possibilities open up in terms of what their decisions will be - their choices and actions whilst apart have consequences for their possible futures. . . I particularly like where the story is poised at the moment. Bella has a HUGE decision to make - and as yet Edward has no whisper of what is in the wind. I also like that in relation to what is best for these two - I actually don't know.. . There are many probable and possible futures for this pair. With their friends and family in all sorts of different places and their careers in transition and on the up - anything is possible and I really could not say WHERE or how these two will end up. I like being kept on my toesies.

So SugarWard huh?! Well let me tell you about SugarWard... SugarWard is the pillar that this story rests upon for me.. Everytime, every single time he utters those two sweet syllables in his husky velvet dulcets I do a wee twitch of the girly kind! :) I have a VERY sweet tooth.. I am always a girl that j'adores the dirty talk.. throw in a southern suggestive charmer and SugarWard's dialogue really hits the spots other Ward's cannot reach......... Delicious, more sweeties for Emmy please.. (Candy to those of you not resiFour blue satin trimmed knick-knacks (or those edibly sugary knickers! - take your pick!) out of 5 from me... ding in Blighty)

Jo-The first thing that attracted me to this story was the title. It is perfection really. I immediately put this on alerts when I saw it first posted. Of course, being in true Jo fashion, I didn't read it right away. Much to my pleasure, I was surprised to see this story begins in South Carolina and our two favorite boys are both well bred, sexy, young Southern gentlemen. The title holds true to it's promise right in the first chapter and we are gifted with one of the hottest, most awkward-yet-steamy initial encounters between B & E that can be imagined.

I was one of those that had difficulty getting into the mindset of Edward with a southern accent, but once I got my mind in the right frame... holy hell. Wndrngy breaths new and true inspiration into a sexy as all hell twangin' Sugarward. One of my favorite things about this story is the realities of the problems our fair protagonists face in their long-distance relationship. The insecurities that both Bella and Edward face during their courtship create the perfect blend of drama, and facing those insecurities breathes heavily laiden UST into their meetings. Oh! To have Edward call me 'sugar'.... I can't get enough of it.

I do believe, aside from the fan-myself-hotness-of-southern-proportions, my favorite character in this story is... Bella. She's a successful sous chef under a very popular and famous chef. Her life, and cautionary nature, focused on her budding career, is thrown into upheaval for love, and her reluctance and fears of this change is part of what makes the story have so much realism. It's very refreshing, and add so of the most fuckhot sexing in the mix, and I'll have to give this story 4 out of my 5 sugarfied panties!

Kasey-Mmmm...Edward as a proper Southern gentleman (who's affectionately known as SugarWARD in the fandom). You know that a fic is well loved when its Edward gets a -WARD nickname, right? And this version of Edward is incredibly yummy (mind you, I have a thing for the accent and southern-boy ways). But, I digress. My point...I love the feel of this story right from the jump off. I loved how I was drawn in, not only because it felt real and plausible, but because it reminded me of a movie (don't ask me which one because I'm totally blanking on it right now, but it'll come to me).

Here we have a gorgeous setting in which WndrngY sets up the potential for romance after Bella lands herself (lucky bitch) in Edward's bed. And this Edward, mah gawd! (<--said in my best Southern drawl) so smooth, so charming, so sexy... think Rob P with Taylor Kitsch's accent. Mmmm. Anywhoodle, what I've enjoyed the most about his particular fic (outside of the UST factor and the sexin', of course) is its open avenues, and by that I mean the different possibilites for this story's progress. I like the fact that while I can guess which way the story will go (granted, I'm not in privy to the actual plot), there are still several open-ended directions that WndrngY can take it, which makes it unique and fresh. In short (because I've already over-extended myself here), I'm loving this story, and give it 4.5 out of 5 Scarlett O'Hara-print knickers (the lacey ones, of course) and a matching corset for good measure because even after I'm done reading it, I can hear Edward's sexy southern drawl in my head.

Nina-The title of this story is what drew me in, well that and the banner. This is one of those stories that can either live up to the great title or flounder and sink. WndrngY not only delivers a hot and yummy Edward and Jasper but also a great and realistic story. *gasp* fanfic that's realistic? Yes, on occasion it does happen.

SouthernComfortward, Sugarward, Iwannadohimontheouterbanksward, any of them are perfect descriptions of this Edward. The gist of the story is Alice has met yummy Jasper who lives on the East Coast, more specifically South Carolina's gorgeous beach. She drags her unwilling best friend Bella along to get her out of the dreary Pacific Northwest for a little sunny vacation. Truth is Bella needs it.

In one of the many great and interesting spins Sam is Bella's ex. I remember my review of that chapter and I was stunned that it wasn't the typical Jake as the dickhead ex boyfriend. Sam cheats, impregnates and marries all while under Bella's nose. I'd be pissed, and tear his nuts off ceasing any further progeny but Bella (for the most part) takes the high road. She's a workaholic, a loyal friend and a woman in need of a man to woo her. Cue sugarward.

So the vacation that sets in all in motion, lands Bella in Edward's bed. Accidentally of course. He wasn't supposed to be home but alas, he shows up and in a delicious twist they're in bed together and dream groping. *sigh* I'm booking my one-trip ticket to the South to try and find a sugarward.

The smut isn't overly abundant but it wouldn't fit within the story if it was in every chapter. There is sweet, there is spicy, there is beautifully written loving and hot and sexy fucking. There is goodbye sex when they've realized that the vacation had to end. They've got issues, 3,000 miles worth of issues but nothing can stop love if you want it badly enough.

I love this story, 4.5/5 sandy p*ant*es from me.

Steph-If a man that looked like that and sounded like that, called me "sugar" when I was laying in his bed, he'd have had me at hello. Cause, seriously? Edward as a southern gentleman, full of the good manners his mama taught him and calling me "sugar"? I would be died ded.

Sadly, Bella is the lucky bitch who ends up in his bed, not me. "Accidental" meeting at night, in his bed, when he's not supposed to be there. A shared bed, some hot dreams and fevered groping that turns just a wee bit awkward later, and we have the beginnings of a delightful, rompy romance. All of which never would have happened if she hadn't let Alice drag her along on vacation to meet her boyfriend Jasper.

We have the usual supporting cast and I think I love all of them. We get nice little bits of backstory and none of them are cliched. Southern Carlisle and Esme are just delightful. And I love that Charlie and Renee are still married. I won't give away Sam and James, but I must say these are in my top 10 favorite uses of these two.

Bella has some issues to overcome, and really, Edward does too. But you see them working hard to work through their separation, living on opposite coasts. I love how Bella always teases Edward about knowing the perfect thing to say. He does, and he could give men a lesson or five.

The sex? Oh, you want to know about that? Um, yeah. It's fuckhot and realistic and leaves you wanting more. It's liberally sprinkled but not at all overdone. Each time, I find myself longing for more from these two. 5/5 little blue bikini bottoms from me

Stephie-I love a southern gentleman. And I love Edward. Put the two together and what do you get? Sugarward from NSiaSMB. I'm late to the party, as usual, but having a really great time reading and catching up. I like how their fling is fast and just all about feeling instead of thinking. But their whirlwind vacation romance turns into more and they need to work through the miles that separate them. I love the realistic way in which they are somewhat shy and unknowing about what is really going on. I can't say much more than this, because I'm still reading, but I wanted to include my .02 because the sex is hot and the characters are believable and likeable. 4/5 panties
In addition to our Round Table Review above, we've also asked the author to share a bit about herself...

Hi. I’m Paige, also known as WndrngY, and I’m a practicing fanfic addict. I tried not to be. I told myself I was too old/dignified/boring for it, but nothing worked. Apparently I am not too old, even if I ought to be. I am definitely not too dignified—that one was a stretch anyway. And even if I am a little boring these days with two little kids and a husband, I still have all the memories and impulses from the days when I wasn’t so boring to draw on.

I’ve been writing all my life. I even got a degree in creative writing which I have mostly used in my professional life to do marketing and PR work. But I never stopped writing fiction in my free time and I’m currently in the process of trying to get my first novel published. In the meantime, I found fan fiction and it has been an incredible way to connect with other writers and readers, not to mention all the loud and proud pervs that don’t mind a lot of lemon with their main course.

I actually started by writing a fanfic on another site for Veronica Mars. It was a show I loved that got yanked off the air with no real ending and I had to get some closure so I could let it go. Then I started reading other people’s work, and then I found the Twilight section and I was done for. I read I Hate Myself for Loving You and Irritable Grizzly Adams and The Bella Swan Diaries and Scotch, Gin and the New Girl. I read Closer to God and The List and Snowed In and Hiding in Plain Sight. I know I’m forgetting some major ones, but my memory is pretty hit and miss. As soon as I finish this and send it off, another dozen titles will occur to me. As you can tell, I gravitate toward the AH. But I’m open to anything. Creature of Habit and Last Rites are two of my current favorites along with Son of a Preacher Man.

My first attempt at Twilight fanfic was Something Stupid, a teenage AH take on Bella and Edward’s love story that I loved writing and really loved finishing! Then, somewhere along the line, I realized I didn’t have to freeze them at 17 since I wasn’t using much else from the original story besides the characters. Then came Never Sleep in a Strange Man’s Bed. It started with one of those long ago memories I was speaking of earlier: When I was very young and very single, I went to Hilton Head Island with a friend to meet her new boyfriend, and his roommate came home unexpectedly in the middle of the night. That’s all I’m saying. There are little fictionalized bits and pieces of me and real incidents and other people (like naming Bella’s boss Chef Tyler. I dated Tyler Florence briefly when he was still a scrawny teenager—and no, he never cooked for me), but mostly it’s just my idea of Bella and Edward’s romance if they were grown-up human beings.

I wanted to write my take on that instant, but very real connection between them, only with Bella having a fully formed backbone and a life of her own and Edward being a modern human male, still with a great family and no real reason to brood. And, of course, with lots and lots of sex.

So that’s about it. I’m unbelievably happy to be featured on the PPSS and I think I have to thank Nina for that and for inspiring me to become a mainstream perv instead of hiding in the shadows.

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antiaol is Speechless Over Nighthawks and Wonderwalls

Words: 5,630
Reviews: 27
Summary: Bella seeks refuge from horrible nightmares at a small all-night diner, where Edward is the new night-shift waiter. Together they help save and heal each other from their pasts...

Finding a one-shot to recommend is harder than one would think. For me it is, anyhow. I like any story that I read, whether it's a multi-chapter fic or a one-shot, to have an actual plot. I like to get to know the characters - to fall in love with them and feel with them and go on their journey with them. Obviously finding all that in a single story that's generally between 5,000-10,000 words is a difficult feat. But still, I searched...and searched...and searched...and then I asked for help on Twitter. And I got a ton of options (thank you for all that pimped out their fave stories!) but still nothing was IT for me.

That was until I came across Nighthawks & Wonderwalls. I had originally intended to not use a fic that had been a contest entry, and honestly I think I completely glazed over that fact at eleven o'clock in the evening when I found it...and it wasn't until I had completed the fic and already decided to rec it that I realized it was an entry for the Love through Lemons contest. *sigh* Love through Lemons, indeed.

Even though this one-shot is short by my standards, CherBella is able to take us along, elapsing time beautifully as she progresses the relationship between Bella and Edward.

This fic is written in third person, which I generally don't care for, but was able to follow along nicely in this. We get to see this relationship as it blossoms through both their eyes and it really strengthens the story.

Now, this fic does not have a lot of dialogue in it, for reasons that I won't spill here, but are a definite twist to a B/E fic and one that I haven't read in this context. Personally, I think this just serves to make their connection all the more passionate and intense.

The smut in this is absolutely NOT hard-core fucking. Not even close. She doesn't talk of hot, wet pussies and throbbing cocks...but this isn't that kind of story. Their connection is absolutely that of love-making and being as this was for the Love Through Lemons contest, she illustrates it beautifully without the specific words.

So, if you want dirty, dirty fucking this fic isn't for you. But if you want to be reminded of the love that comes with the lemons in fic, then hurry your ass over and check this baby out.


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Just One of the Guys by SorceressCirce

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: Just One of the Guys
Author: SorceressCirce
Chapters: 26
Words: 223,599
Reviews: 3076
Summary: Scarred by events in her past, Bella relies heavily on her best friend and roommate, Jasper. When Jasper falls in love with a girl named Alice, Bella is excited for him but can’t help but wonder – where will she fit in? Canon pairings, AH/AU, OOC

Guest Reviewer- americnxidiot

I found "Just One of the Guys" on Twilighted and decided to read it because it had a cool banner and the promise of some geeky Bella/Edward fun. That's really all I was expecting. But then I actually started reading it and... hell, I was blown away. It has so many aspects that are seen all over the fandom - Bella as a victim of abuse, Edward as a reformed manwhore, a close friendship between Bella and Jasper. But the way SorceressCirce writes them just puts this fic so far ahead of the others.

This is one of the best Bellas I've ever read. She is a victim of horrific sexual abuse, but she doesn't let it destroy her life. We meet her several years after the incident happens, so she has partially come to terms with what has happened to her. She is incredibly damaged, actually afraid of having girl friends thanks to her past, but she gets by with the help of her guy friends (particularly her best friend Jasper). She knows what sets her off, and she knows what she has to do to keep herself from breaking down. She's comfortable, if incredibly lonely.

Then Edward comes into her life, the brother of Jasper's new girlfriend who has been having a crisis of his own, and it finally shakes Bella out of her stagnant life. Like in lots of E/B fics, the two feel an instant connection, but this time there is a serious thing keeping them apart. Bella thinks Edward doesn't date, and is almost afraid to let herself try to connect with someone romantically. Edward knows something is very wrong with Bella, but is afraid to push her away from him. SorceressCirce develops their relationship beautiful, understandably slow but still very passionate. We cheer with Bella with each step she takes with Edward (holding pinkies has never seemed so groundbreaking and sensual). Edward himself makes me melt with his absolute devotion to her. Jen's managed to make him both incredibly understanding and human. He is flawed, and he is absolutely not a saint, but he's willing to give all he has for Bella.

This story captured my attention so much that I read almost half of it at the airport in Italy on my blackberry; I actually got angry when I had to stop reading so I could fly back to London. The build up is intense, the UST is strong but still very sweet, and when they finally have their first kiss... yeah, it's a powerful moment.

I don't feel right giving this story a panty rating. Can I just hug it and hold it's pinky instead?

Bri- Never has a story captivated me - even with the lack of sex - as JOotG has. I am completely and utterly in love with the characters Jen has created. I actually love each and every one of them - and that's a hard feat to get me to admit. Generally I just want to get to the B/E times, but Jen has created such wonderfully three-dimensional characters out of the entire cast that I find myself equally enthralled with their airtime as I do with the B/E interactions.

And, let's just talk about those interactions a little bit. We are 200k+ words into this fic and we have yet to see any "real" action between the two of them. Does it matter? Nope. Not to me. And if it doesn't matter to me - largest perv in the history of the world - it won't matter to you, either. The UST that Jen builds between those two is more than enough to pacify your thirst for the sexy times. And their kiss? Their first kiss was........intense. And I don't mean "intense"....I mean I-N-T-E-N-S-E. Like, my-face-is-flushed- my-breathing-is-rapid- my-heart-rate-has-accelerated intense.

Now, for those of you who are wusspervs, this story is deep. There are some instances where you may be uncomfortable reading. Jen does a great job informing you when the tough chapters are coming, but on my advice - just get through them. They are beautifully written and really help to illustrate the troubles Bella is going through.

I shall wait...patiently (sort of)...for these two crazy kids to move their relationship forward. But, I trust Jen completely in knowing when that right time is. I give this 4.5 out of 5 panties.

Emmy- I don't know what made me read this story... Probably Nina! (my own personal dealer).. I am so bloody glad I did... This is a story that I cannot praise enough. Seriously cannot. Its wonderful. SC has the most beautiful of touches with her writing. It is always balanced - never too much, never over-kill and is a masterclass in subtlety and realism.

As my learned friends say - this Bella is lovingly written and realised - her horrific past is essential to her character development but is never glorified and gratuitously detailed, nor is it glossed over & conveniently "forgotten"! Her Bella struggles, tries her hardest and has her own coping mechanisms to living, shutting down much of her life in the process.. Jasper her bff is one of the most beautiful characterisations I have ever read. He's everything you would want in a friend and a brother. His struggle to hand over protection and first-to-turn-to status is written so brilliantly its insane. So believable - so heartbreaking... for Jasper needs to move forward with his life too. So much of what he does is for Bella - and he has a new relationship now too, and although his GF has no issues with jealousy or impatience Jasper needs to put his own life first. Again this is all magnificently conceived and executed. SC's perfect touch coming to the fore again.

Edward? Woah! Her PinkyWard is brilliant again. Battling his ever-increasing desire versus his need to keep Bella safe, secure and un-threatened.. His own battles with himself and his own past decisions and lifestyle plus his reactions to the "guys" in Bella's life and the important role they played in her recovery.

As I mention repeatedly SC's has the perfect touch and pacing - showcased in how she develops their growing relationship, intimacy and desires. Never rushed or pushed forward for the sake of it. The little steps these 2 take are beautiful and gorgeous. Their exploration and Bella's need for normalcy and her need for him tempered by her fears and insecurities. I have so many favourite scenes in this fic but maybe the one where after Ed has found out what Bella's trauma is and they spend their first (innocent) night together and things change immeasurably for Edward, Jasper and Bella... I also love the scene when Bella interrogates Edward and is delighted and fascinated to learn what she drives him to do...Or THE kiss in the rain!!

I adore this story. As much as I love lemon tart, I love the gentle lemonade that this story is serving up instead. I don't want to rush or fast-forward their action. (as much as I know it'll be fantastic!!) I love each hurdle and mile-stone they crash. I love how each little act brings them closer and closer and closer together and deepens their love. It certainly deepens my love for this story & SC's amazing writing. 4.5 pink cotton innocents thrown off whilst sleepy to haunt PinkyWard's dreams -out of 5.

Kathy- Just One of the Guys starts with Jasper getting ready for a date with Alice. We learn that he lives with Bella, and they've been friends since second grade. Alice discovers something traumatic has happened to Bella during high school. Bella allows Alice to believe it relates to her time in Arizona with her mother, but her internal thoughts show us otherwise (while not revealing the truth nature of the grief). By the end of the chapter, we're in Jasper's POV and we learn about Bella's ongoing nightmares. Chapter two has far too many references that I get – raiding, pandora, tanks, WoW... *sigh* We also learn about “asexual” Edward.

Chapter three brings a lot of Edward explanation, but more mystery as well. It's interesting, Edward and Bella are both torturing themselves over the past (over vastly different things, obviously) and both have devil/angel internal monologues. Neither dates, both had traumatic incidents with people of the opposite gender. Edward seems to channel his angst in working out, Bella in losing herself in her computer.

We get an extended multi-chapter, multi-POV view of their non-date together, which was lovely. They each clearly struggle with their budding feelings for each other, spending the entire night lost in MST3K watching.

Over the next few chapters, we learn more about Edward and Bella. We see their first official date, we find out what happened with Edward and Tanya, and then a few chapters later, the big reveal on Bella's backstory happens.

Not only are Bella and Edward well-rounded characters, but I really love everyone here. Alice is funny, Jasper is sweet and Emmett usually makes me laugh.

This story does so much for me – it gives me hope, it feeds my romantic side, and it has allowed me to appreciate the slow building burn of difficult love. Nothing feels trite or contrived, I don't think anyone is cockblocking me unnecessarily, I just feel like these are complicated characters who cannot jump into bed on the first date. They just would never have felt genuine had SC not laid them out exactly as she has, and so I thank her, and offer endless kudos for that.

4.5 out of 5 pink cotton panties

Miya- I'm coming out of blog lurkdom for this story. I'm a gamer. I love Twilight. This story is my god.

As most of my ficfriends can attest to, I have repeatedly sent bold and underlined text-filled emails to them- ordering them to go read this fic. I resisted reading it for ages because I doubted that there were actually other gamer/fic writers. I was expecting someone who knew only what the wiki article on DnD had. Instead, I'm met with inside jokes that only another gamer girl would truly appreciate, yet they're subtle enough that non-gamers are not missing out.

From histories that both Edward and Bella need to overcome- I've never been so freakin' happy for two characters to just lock pinkies. The UST is rockin' and I must admit to being so bouncingly obnoxious at the almost lemon between Bella and Jasper from their past. However, I am resigned to accept that he is "only" bestfriendSper and he's with Alice- although I've been working on Alice to share. ;)

I can't give this story panties, as five are not enough. Instead, I give it a nat 20, auto-confirmed critical hit, and a set of diamond dice. Perhaps I'll even write Circe her own Twilight/Dragonlance crackfic after a discussion about hot DnD characters. Oh wait....

Seriously, run (at Edward speeds) to this story. Walking is not an option. Oh, and you'd better review or we'll give your address to James.

Nina- I agree with Rachel about the banner, it's what drew me into the fic. Plus, because I'm old, I remember the movie from the 80's of the same name. I figured it was about that. It's not, and I couldn't be happier.

I love this story SFM it's insane. The pinky porn, the education in the D&D? It's not porn star boobie size, I'm still not really sure what you do but I think it'd be fun to watch.
Bella and Jasper's relationship in this story is one of the best I've ever read, it breaks my heart and makes me happy at the same time. Bella's history is tragic and painful but honestly, for such a profoundly awful subject, it's done with eloquence and compassion.

She is in pain, she's scared and she's vulnerable emotionally, but, she's also snarky, and smart assy and an all around great woman. This is one of the few Bella's that not only do I not hate her but I actually like her a lot.

Edward. *sigh* Another one of my favorites ever. He's understanding and generous and fucking hot as all hell, he quotes poetry and he's got the hottest fucking pinky in the fandom. You KNOW it's the truth!

I agree with Bri, 200k and no smut? Who cares, the UST is top notch, the fucking kiss in the rain was amazing. They're just getting into the horizontal loving, the bases are being rounded one by one and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.


Steph- So I sit here writing this at 3:30 in the morning. I started the story awhile ago, though I can't remember how I first found it. Probably one of the girls here since that's where I get the majority of my recs. I was about 5 chapters behind and thought I should reread so that it would all be fresh for me.

I'm so glad that I did. All 220k+ words were worth reading again. I knew that I loved this story, but had forgotten how much I truly did. And reading it again allowed me to see all the wonderful details again. SC's writing is so beautifully full of detail, but it never drags, never weighs the story down. It's integral to the storyline.

There are few stories that I feel such a strong connection to the characters. JOotG is one of these. She pulls you in while weaving Bella's heartbreaking tale. You just want everything to work out for her, you want her to be happy. Enter Edward and you want HIM to be happy too. You root for them with every new development that happens between them. The UST is through the roof. It's phenomenal and completely believable. I swear to God, the slow build just might fucking kill me though.

The situation warrants the slow build and SC tells that story beautifully. I have no doubts that when Bella and Edward finally do take that step, it's going to be explosive, in a beautiful, loving way. I look forward to continuing to watch the emotional journey these two take as they progress their relationship further into the physical realm. I know it will be as amazing as the rest of the story. 4.5/5 blue lacy panties from me

Stephie- I hadn't started this story until this week, when I realized that it was the coming up rec. So of course I had a lot of catching up to do. I don't exactly know why I hadn't started, since so many people were rec'ing this left n right (it seems I say this every week...such a trend of mine). I'm glad that it was a rec because it helped push me into reading it sooner than I thought I had time.

The beginning of the fic you meet Bella and Jasper, one of the greatest b/g friendships in the ficdom. Normally I find it really hard to believe a guy and girl are legitimate friends without a one sided unrequited love thing goin' on, but with JOotG, it's clear how Jasper and Bella are so close they are basically family. I love her Jasper, almost as much as her Edward, for how he took/takes care of Bella.

Edward, despite how he thinks of himself in the beginning, is the sweetest guy. He's very understanding and patient and sexy and sweet and sexy. I'm with Bella on the whole geek chic glasses.

There are some deep things going on in this fic, which is why the relationship between Bella and Edward is at first tentative and then slow moving. But it's all very real and believable. And, like the rest have said, despite the lack of smut, the feelings are intense. I'm patient because I know there is a reason for the waiting. And when Bella does gain emotional and physical control, when she is able to heal completely and move on with Edward, it will be completely worth the wait.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kasey and Defection

Title: Defection
Author: ericastwilight
Rated: M
Summary: Entry for the Love through Lemons contest hosted by LolaShoes/tby789. When Edward receives devastating news of Bella he isn't strong enough to stay by her side. Though he regrets his defection he realizes its too late. Until she agrees to meet him. M/AH

Aloha, Pervlings!  It's your girl Kasey, the Shack's resident Lit Perv, here to bring you this week's one-shot flavor, called Defection by ericastwilight (aka emarroquin on Twilighted).

Let me begin by saying that while this one-shot has the makings of a lovely story (and I believe it should totally be turned into a multi-chapter story), it is not WussPERV friendly.  Well, maybe just a little.  There is definitely angst here. Sorry Emmy and Bri.  But don't let the angst detract from the loveliness that is this little one-shot.  It's equal parts sweet, fluffy, endearing, a tad tear-jerking, but also spicy and HOT.  Did I mention that it was hot?  Of course it is! Otherwise it wouldn't make its way onto the Smut Shack, dear Pervlings.

Anywhoodle...I love it when a one-shot is crafted well enough that despite it's brevity (since most are 10k words or less), one can absolutely get a feel for the characters, fall in love with them (despite being Edward and Bella), and have its words create the perfect mental imagery to compliment them.  I found that there was a well composed plot there and loved how as a reader I was taken through the range of emotions felt by its characters.  And yet, this story still gives us that sexy 'icing on the cake' with a very delectable sex scene that was not only appropriate for the story, but was paced very well. 

In my opinion, this story is a hidden little gem which should be unearthed and admired.  In fact, it reminds me of a certain highly popular story (in that it pulls at one's heartstrings) but with a sexy happily-ever-after which totally makes up for any angst it may cause you WussPERVS.



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Resident Geek by Cdunbar

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: Resident Geek
Author: cdunbar
Chapters: 16
Words: 78,149
Reviews: 3557
Summary: Geeky Edward thinks he has absolutely no shot with the popular, beautiful Bella. Is he right, or will she be one of the many girls who thinks geeks make for better lovers? M for language, sexuality, and some underage drinking. A little OOC...ok, a lot OOC

Guest Reviewer- anniej13

What can I say about Resident Geek? Well, I started reading it at the beginning. Cdunbar has another story I was following called I've Been Looking For You. She mentioned on her Twilighted thread that she was starting a new story with a geeky Edward. I immediately jumped right on it, as I have a soft spot for geeks, and combine that with Edward and I melt. Wow. I just realized I missed the one year anniversary of it's publishing. That blows my mind. Ooops. I said blow.

Okay, back to RG and the awesome writing by cdunbar. I just love her writing style and her humor. She really is a geek, in case you're wondering. Hehe. She's even nice enough to list and define her geeky references in her a/n at the end.

Her Edward is so lovable and you just want him to get the girl so bad. He is a nerd, but he's not totally clueless. I like his courage and his ability to go after what he wants, even if he's unsure of himself, he's constantly urging himself on. Bella is a sweetheart. She's a typical co-ed. She's had some not so great experiences with guys, but she's worked through those things. She can take care of herself and she learns from her mistakes. Although you think it's the typical pretty girl with the geek, it's not. She needs him just as much as he needs her. Their bond is strong from the beginning and the UST is incredible! Bella is determined and she realizes that she has to takes control sometimes...maybe nudge him in the right direction. Probably one of my favorite parts of this story is their inner thoughts, especially Edward's. I'm always busting up laughing at him. I will never forget reading the chapter where he gets his first boob graze while Bella is sleeping and he's battling with himself over whether to grab a handful or not. So hilarious!

I promise you will fall in love with this story and the characters cdunbar has developed. I could go on and on and I'm tempted to tell more story specific examples but I don't want to spoil it. I admit that I always love Edward, and we know there are all types in the AH universe, but Geekward just holds a special place in my heart.

Bri- I've been reading RG since pretty much the beginning, I think. One of the few updates I get and read right away, anxious to see what adventures these two kids are going on.

Like Kasey said, the pacing in this is just right for the story - the UST burning brightly as we watch these characters sort of fumble around each other. However, everything that they encounter is so realistic for the story - for the characters - and that's what makes this story so great. It just wouldn't make sense for a virgin Edward to bang Bella the first night they met.

However, being a perv, I can't wait for the smexy times to ensue...I know they'll be great when the time is right for the story and for this B/E. Until then, I'll enjoy seeing what else they experience in the throes of new love. E being confused and unsure, a ball of nervous energy and anxiety, but it certainly resonates with me - I mean, was there a time when you were ever NOT unsure of what to do in a relationship? It's new and it's exciting and I can't wait to see where these two take us.

4/5 panties from me.

Emmy- For the life of me I cannot remember how I stumbled onto Resident Geek.. I *think* it might have been after reading one of her delick-ity one-shots.. Not that it matters... Other than to say whatever Cdunbar writes - she writes it with integrity, realism and a magic touch. As soon as you start reading RG you have immediate empathy for the protagonists. You get their voices and motivations immediately. Although Bella & Edward don't seem on paper, or to those surrounding, them to be a perfect match - but Bella & Edward know different. This gets revealed to the reader too. We see first hand just how perfect they are as they tentatively begin a relationship and feeling their way forward together.

Their connection and bond is so sweet and magical but the challenges they face and what they experience is so grounded in reality. They might be the match made in heaven but many others don't see it. Edward's geek status, and his anxiety about not being worthy of Bella's time, affection and body is tangible and most convincing... His fears about his experience and ability to be *her man* and give her all that she wants and to satisfy her are pitched perfectly...

As is this Bella - burned by past experiences looking for more from a relationship and drawn to the ample geeky charms of GeekWard and his shy and soft ways after dealing with one too many eejits.. Bella was needing to rediscover herself or certainly to regroup. Geekward is helping her to do so. But do they truly understand just how right they are for one another? Will their respective insecurities, or the interfering nay-sayers come between them?

So this is The Perv Packs Smut Shack... so something tells me you might want to know the lemonade quota... :) Its slow and steady and sweet and innocent and everything is building, building.. I love the little scared horn dog that GeekWard is - whilst Bella is yearning and burning for him but also trying to take this relationship slow and make it mean something... That means these 2 are a pretty potent mix of sweet & spicy... I love the most recent chapter - GeekWard really comes through for his girl and for himself....

A thoroughly entertaining and touching story that reminds you of the days of exploration and final frontiers...

4 (Princess Leia white bikini knickers) out of 5 from me.

Boobs. Boobs, boobs, boobies, boobs.

Hehe, sorry I couldn’t resist. This is one of the reasons that Geekward is so very dear to my heart.

I have to start this out by saying that a Geekward is just about my favorite kind of Edward ever; shy, insecure, fumbling, nervous, sweet, horny, but still so in-tune with who he is that he embraces his nerdiness wholeheartedly. Seriously, what’s not to love?

I’ve followed this story since its beginning, all the way back over a year ago. I’m always eager for each update, wondering what geekiness Christine is going to include this time around. It was/is so new and different; there had never been an Edward like this before. Sure there had been the shy, quite, insecure virgin Edward’s before (few and far between); but never written the way Christine writes him. This Edward is the OG (Original Geekward). Many have tried (myself included) to write a Geekward, but never quite reach the level that this one does.

Resident Geek above everything else is a sweet and fluffy story with the right amount of angst and drama thrown in. It’s not about how geeky the author can make Edward, but more about how his geekiness is who he is and an integral part of his person. This Bella is attracted to that side of him; she doesn’t try to change him or make him cooler, she perfectly happy with him the way he is. She may not understand everything that he talks about and is confused by some of his references, but she’s eager to learn the ways of the geek. Somewhere along the way she embraces her geeky side that she never knew existed.

One of my favorite parts of the story is during chapter 11 when Bella is playing D&D for the first time and has this little epiphany:
The swift and efficient manner in which he calculated all of those rolls and modifiers, even going so far as to know what to add up for other characters... It was kind of a turn on.

Which made me do a mental double-take because I was getting turned on... by math.


There were no words to explain how deeply this troubled me. Maybe I could see it as, what turned me on was
Edward doing math. Because that seemed better. And saner.

It’s not all about Geekward though, it’s also about Bella and how she’s not the Sorority girl stereotype Edward first thinks she is. She’s just a simple college girl, with a bumpy past that likes to have fun and has the hots for Edward. She’s sweet and sassy and warm and in sync with her bodies need for a little geek lovin’.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the smut. Well, I have to say that Geekward has a very vivid imagination for a virgin and we’ve been lucky enough to get glimpses into it. He has a dream about rescuing the princess in the tower, taking her on the top of the kitchen table, and there’s one with a little red lace negligee. Now that is all fantasy Geekward, actual Geekward is a whole other thing.

Let’s just say that the real Geekward gets a little excitable in the heat of the moment. Thus far, I think the boy has jizzed his pants at least 3 times. But ya know what? It makes him all that more endearing and adorkable. The real life encounters between Bella and Edward are sweet with Bella leading the way and showing Edward what to do. He fumbles, is nervous, it’s awkward and he over thinks everything and it’s all part of his charm.

But what Christine does really freaking well; UST. Ung, the laser tag scene is innocent but so sexually charged it leaves us panting and wanting more.

Hehe, Christine was nice enough to give us a preview of the next chapter and oh boy! Y’all better hold on to your knickers, or simply go without. It’s that effin’ good.

I fucking love this story plain and simple!

4.5out of 5 panties from moi!

Kasey- Okay, so maybe I'm one of the few Pervs who had never read Resident Geek in the past. I'll even admit to passing on it every time that I saw it on other people's Favorites lists, although I'm not really sure why, since I really enjoy cdunbar's work - Happy Birthday to Me, anyone? However, being that it was up for recommendation on the Shack, I figured I'd give it a go. And surprise-surprise, I actually liked it. It was fluffy, sweet, and I really liked the pacing. Oh, and the UST is just right for the tone of the story. Naturally, as a Perv, I'm always ready (and willing) to get into the schmexin' straight away, but realistically, with Eddie C. as the resident V-card holder, it makes complete sense that he and Bella wait. Besides, part of me has always wanted to seduce the Geek Squad guy. Hee-hee-hee. :P

Anywhoodle, I found myself reading the story in one night, anxiously awaiting more sexy times between E & B as I went from chapter to chapter, but patiently waiting because the story would lose it's momentum if they went buck wild too quickly. So, kudos to cdunbar for getting this reader to yearn for more Resident Geek, cheer for geeky Edward (as if I wouldn't), and continue to be interested, chapter after chapter. In fact, I'm already anxiously expecting the next chapter alert.

So, my take on Resident Geek? 4 out of 5 panty droppers, for the realistic, yummy (and yet subtle) UST.

One of the best things about writing the weekly Roundtable Reviews is re-reading stories that I love. Resident Geek has been a favorite of mine for a long, long time. I looked back at my old reviews, and the first one was from late November, which seems like forever ago.

Now, full disclaimer – I fucking love Geekward/Nerdward/Glassesward/Whatever-you-want-to-callhim-ward. In my other life, I am/was a geek. I've done technical support for more years than I ever want to fess up to. I've spent years in jobs tracking down bad guys by looking up and parsing email headers, doing traceroutes on IPs, contacting NSPs, and about 900 other acronyms 99% of people reading don't get. I've also played Diablo (I and II), WoW, CoH, pen & paper D&D and a host of other geektastic games.

Do you need to be as geeky as me to love this story? Hell no.

That's the beauty and magic of a well-written story – you can fall in love with it, even if it isn't your life experience, a long as it is laid our properly and well written. Resident Geek certainly falls into this category, and she even includes handy little guides at the end of each chapter, in case you missed what a reference was.

We meet Edward in chapter 1 working tech support for the university. It's a fun and sweet beginning, and he's introduced to Bella, who he's immediately enchanted with. In chapter 2, we find out that Edward plays D&D, eats Hot Pockets and drinks Dr Pepper (typical nerd fare) – how can you not love a guy that drinks Dr Pepper?

I think one of the best things about Resident Geek is the build-up of the relationship. These two don't just meet, have a magnetic attraction, fuck, and live happily ever after. They meet, there's magnetic attraction, but there are the normal facets of real relationships – Bella is flawed, Edward is uncertain. Even through the uncertainty, the attraction, and the real life drama, we continue to see them bonding and getting closer. I never felt cockblocked unnecessarily. The sexual intimacy between these two felt like it unfolded organically and naturally, and that's what I love about great stories. Sure, getting to the sex in chapter 1 is great, but sometimes, watching it develop is even better.

One of my favorite moments in RG was in chapter 5, when Angela gives Bella essentially a rundown of Dating Geeks 101. Chapter 6 has Angela giving Edward date advice in sort of a flip/flop of scenarios. Angela appears again as the voice of dating wisdom when Bella turns to her in chapter 13.

Chapter 17 had me laughing so hard. All the boob/bobbies talk just cracked me up. It felt so real for the inner thoughts of a geekboy. I loved that they go to the bookstore and pick out books for each other in their favorite sections – I have totally done that with my husband. And, seriously, Bella teaching Edward how to finger her after she's brought him to orgasm? So. Fucking. Hot.
I've seen a preview of chapter 18, folks. It's going to get even more hot. I can't recommend this story enough.

5 out of 5 Slide to Unlock panties.

RG is one of my faves, case in point? I was at Twicon, in the hotel coffee shop when I happen upon Erica (aciremos) and Christine (cdunbar) standing in line waiting. I stop, shoot the shit and proceed to show her my phone that had her update on it. That's how much I love this fucking story. Not just because it's sweet and romantic but because it's been giving me a fucking education in all things Geek.

For those of you had the misfortune of seeing me stumble around aimlessly at Comic Con while pointing at people dressed up asking, "What the fuck is she/he/it supposed to be". I should have taken notes/pictures/this story with me to help me meander around instead of looking like a tool.

The great thing about this story though, besides the well placed pop cultural factoids, is that it's never boring even strewn with words/games/phrases I've never heard of in my life.

RG is the original Geekward as far as I'm concerned is one of the sweetest, most convincingly written Edwards ever. One minute you want to bake him cookies and play WoW (<----is that right?)with him, the next you want to dress as Leia and bone him into the floor. Don't deny it, you know that everyone has a crush on Geekward. How could you not? He's perfect, loving, smart, hot, smart, loving, perfect and hot.

Bella, poor Bella. She's a sorority girl with a past but nothing too bad that it fucks with their chances at happiness. She tries to learn about the nerdly things that Eddie boy loves and does it with every good intention. Not caring that he's not the uber popular jockstrap or drunken frat turd, she just likes him for being him. She's also one of the few Bella's that I can honestly enjoy reading without wanting to take a steak knife to my pupils.

Their UST is wonderful. He's shy and inexperienced and reminds me of AMH in Weird Science, especially his deep thoughts on her boobs. Priceless. She's not of the virginal persuasion but she's pretty close to it. They're darling, and sweet and I will name him Edward, and I will hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him. Sorry, off track there for a sec.

The moral of the story is, good, nerdy guys can get the girl.

4.5/5 because I seriously love this Edward.

I'm not even sure I'm going to be able to find adequate words for how much I love Geekward. Make no mistake, this is the one and only ORIGINAL GEEKWARD, IMHO. And who doesn't love a geeky Edward? If you say you don't, well, I say you're probably lying. How could you not love this shy, somewhat awkward, insecure, virginal Edward?

He stole my heart from the first moment we met him, as he seemed to do with Bella as well. I love the way their relationship has built, slowly and steadily. Edward shows off all his geekiness and it doesn't turn Bella away. What I love though is the slow build of UST. We know Edward wants her, but being inexperienced, he's unsure and maybe just a little scared to make bold moves. So it moves slowly and Bella helps him along and holy hell if it isn't the hottest damn thing.

As Kathy said, we lucky pervs got a little sneaky peek at the upcoming chapter and y'all will not be disappointed.

5/5 "I can't believe I gave my panties to a geek."

Kasey don't feel bad, I hadn't read RG until I saw it come up as a rec for the blog. I don't really know why I hadn't started it, but I'm kinda pissed I had waited so long. The story sucked me right in...I read the entire thing in one day, during down time at work. Which is why I haven't had a chance to review, sorry bout that...I had been reading on my phone.

I just love geeky Edwards and IMO RG's Edward is the best. He's shy and inexperienced but not completely naive. He knows he's a dork and he knows when he's done something especially a certain post coital admission...He has sweet geekware. He loves D&D (I wish the guys I knew that played D&D looked like Edward.). Plus his first date choice with Bella? Really perfect. I thought it was awesome.

Bella, being more experienced than Edward, doesn't try being overly sexual. She realizes that Edward is so new to everything and therefore, patience is key. She has gone through some rough things in the past, but doesn't let that effect things really. And even if she's not the best at math, she's not the type to get down and moody over it. I really like how she can take things with a grain of salt and just enjoy her time spent with Edward. Plus, Bella likes Outlander and Jamie. She's alright by me just for that simple fact. Hehe.

Seriously though, I really enjoy the slow but realistic way in which these two are coming (oh pun intended) together. Now I can only kick myself for waiting so long to read. I'm all caught up and waiting for an update!

4/5 for me
In addition to our Round Table Review above, we've also asked the author to share a bit about herself...

Forged in the fires of Mount Doom on a dark and dreary night, an idea sprang forth from CDunbar's twisted mind to make Edward a certified, virginal geek and Bella his more experienced counterpart. Known as the one story to rule them all (only in the author's opinion due to her bloated ego, of course), Geekward has become something of a legend among Hobbits, Orcs and Men. ...Also, she's written some other stuff like a Doctor Who crossover and non-canon one shots.