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Emmy’s Buried Deep

This Buried Life

Emmanuelle Nathan



Bella Swan is content with her career and her new life in London but feels that there is still something missing. Will a chance encounter with sinister yet intriguing stranger hold the answer to what she truly desires? AU. Rated M lemony reasons.

I am sort of cheating this week... (GASP!) (I know, I know!!) This WAS a one-shot, but Emmanuelle has just turned this into a full WIP.... :D

But I loved it as a one-shot, even though it is still unknown if it will be WussPerv safe or not! EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeP!
But goodness gracious me! Its crackling choc-a-block full of TENSION & LUST & DARKNESS! Its delightful. Edward is mean and moody, demanding and delicious! Mmmmmmmmmh

His hand slowly moves down and cups my chin, before his fingers slip down my neck. They rest on my pulse point at the junction of my neck and shoulder. I shiver and his lips twitch. My brain wants him to stop, but my body is desperate for him to continue. My rational thoughts tell me that he won't dare to go any further. My body rejoices as his fingers prove me wrong and slowly trace down my arm, deliberately brushing my breast and pausing there, sending shocks to my nipples and further down.

His eyes haven't left mine, and I see something dark moving behind them. I know what it is. It's desire unfurling and I'm not sure I want to see or feel any more than I already am. His fingers brush down the side of my torso and come to rest on my hip bone.

"Tomorrow you are going to wear your wrap around dress again." It's a statement, not a question. The words startle me out of my haze.

"Aren't you?" Again, it's said more as a demand rather than a question, and I manage only one response.


And with my answer, I realize we are pulling into my station, the doors are opening and I am moving away from him and stepping off the train with countless, faceless others.

What just happened?

Yup Bella & Edward are strangers on a train (or are they?) and Edward is making certain demands of Bella that she cannot help but to concede to. That she cannot help but crave....No ruddy wonder!!!

He knows what he wants, he also knows what she wants and makes sure they both get it. Now the multi-fic I should not be speaking about, but it gets better. Edward gets bolder. Bella gets more vulnerable (& turned on!) and things get a whole lot more complicated. If you like your Edward with an edge; if you like an assured, career girl, experienced and sexual Bella; if you like naughty things done in public and if you want an intriguing plot - with a potential AU (we still don’t know if he is vamp or human). Then READ THIS FIC! Its feck hot & I am quite in love with it at the mo. Even if its a bit dangerous. (I like it! Sssssh!)

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WinklesShoes gets lost in the "Darkness"




The “first time” – we’ve all had it, well, I hope we’ve all had it. If not, you’re probably in the wrong place, reading the wrong review, for the wrong kind of story. It’s a well versed scenario, and seems to be part of the staple diet of many fan fiction dieters. We’ve all read them at some point - some of us have even written them. Some are good, and some are, well, not so good. In the case of cherry.blossomz ‘Darkness’ – it’s fucking awesome.

I happened upon this little explosion of goodness when it was being recommended all over Twitter like a lemony rash. (Which, by the way, you can get a cream for).
Darkness revolves around Bella who is a university student who transfers to New York State during freshman year. The usually perfunctory school scene unfolds until she meets the brother of her only friend, one Edward Cullen; a musician and professional brooder. Somewhat of a lothario with a fairly clouded reputation, Edward is also hot headed and a little damaged. Add some tattoos, a guitar and a dash of angst, and you’ve got yourself one damn fine Edward right there.

And from the moment they meet, the sexual tension between these two is so palpable it almost jumps out of the screen and punches you in the lady bits.

“Edward reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Zippo. His thumb flicks, and it opens with a flame. I wrap my lips around my cigarette and place the tip in the flame, looking up at him. He looks from my eyes to my mouth and back to my eyes again. The flame is reflecting in his eyes and he still has that damn sexy smirk on his face.

I puff and pull away from his light… but not his gaze.”

And let me clue you in on a little something. Once these two start – Jeebuz! There is no stopping them.

“I press into him and he backs up against the brick wall. His lips leave my mouth and begin to kiss my neck. His hands tangle in my hair.

I take this opportunity to breathe, and drink in his delicious scent. He moves back to my mouth and his hand slides down to my ass, gripping it firmly.

I wrap one leg around his, craving more contact, wanting something to release the intense ache I am feeling between my legs. I can feel him getting harder as my body rubs against his.

Edward moans again and as I grind up against him and he kisses me harder. We break the kiss and my mouth moves to his neck.

I have never felt more aroused; and I have never been this forward. I want him so badly.

I start to feel a little dizzy.”

You’re feeling dizzy? I’m feeling dizzy!

But did I mention Edward has a girlfriend? No? Oh, he does.

So of course, in comes reality, stomping, hissing and throwing a bitch fit. But it doesn’t stop the pace of the story, and does nothing to quell the fire between Edward and Bella. Being that Edward is a passionate musician, there are a lot of musical references and cherry.blossomz has woven quite a few songs through the chapters, something that I personally love. In fact, I’m fairly sure she may have stolen my iPod.

But, I digress. After all is said and done, we come to the big night. The validation of the V Card. Of course, Bella has the moment that every girl experiences. The thing that all girls think about in those vital moments right before it happens.

He takes my hand, practically dragging me toward the house.

I'm shaking with nerves. He's so much more experienced than me, what if I'm not good at it…

But, never fear, dear reader. With Edward on the job, you know that won’t be the case.

I greedily take in his body, sinewy muscles contracting and flexing in anticipation of touching me.

He moves to the end of the bed, his gaze never leaving mine. He grabs the insteps of each of my feet; his touch in that sensitive spot makes me even wetter.

He grips my feet hard, pulling my body down the bed. He lifts one of my feet to his mouth, kissing and licking the sensitive skin.

His lips slide over my ankle bone, the inside of my calf, my knee, my fucking thigh…

Oh, did I tell you he has a little foot fetish? Oh, silly me. Well, he does.

With my leg up, the angle is deeper, and I feel my eyes water with how all-consuming he feels inside of me.

He rhythmically pushes into me, coming back to place his mouth on mine… moving his hands into my hair.

He slows his pace, looking into my eyes…"There's only you now Bella, you're the only one…"

Le sigh.

From here, it’s like a lemon-fest. A lemon shop. A lemon tree even – you get it, lots of smut. In fact, I made a comment about wet wipes in a review, so it may be best if you invest in some before continuing.

Anyway, I’m not going to sit here and give the whole story away, because that’s just silly, and because cherry.blossomz would probably hunt me down and maim me horribly.

Just kidding. Not really.

But I will give you this.

Wall Fuck.


In a public place.

But that’s it! My lips are sealed.

As an avid reader and a sometimes writer, I know there are so many opinions about first time scenes, believe me, I’ve heard it all. But, in all honesty, not everyone wants to hear the truth all of the time. Not everyone likes to be assaulted with images of tearing flesh and bloody sheets. And sometimes, in the real world, that’s simply not how it happens anyway. And, um, hello? People, we read stories about Vampires! Enough said.

To finish my rant, for me, Darkness is a lovely mixture of romance, lust and smut with a touch of melancholy. The hot scenes make you hot, the happy parts make you happy, and in the end, the sad parts make you sad. But in the end, isn’t that what we want?

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The Fandom Gives Back - Eclipse Edition

The Fandom Gives Back

Alex's Lemonade Stand


Welcome to The Fandom Gives Back, a Fandom-wide initiative, created to unite the fans of the Twilight Saga and raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand. ALSF is a children's cancer research foundation, borne from the vision of Alex Scott (1996-2004). In November of 2009, the worldwide Twilight community banded together to raise more than $87,000 in just 7 days! Join us this year for FGB: Eclipse, June 2010. We hope this sequel event will surpass our first inception and raise even more to help this important charity!

One thing that I think defines who I am is the fact that I come from a REALLY big family. I have 28 aunts and uncles, 40 first cousins, and now several of them have children. You go into second cousins and beyond, and the numbers are astronomical. The point is that we have never had a case of childhood cancer in our family. According to the CDC, more than 16 out of every 100,000 children and teens in the U.S. were diagnosed with cancer, and nearly 3 of every 100,000 died from the disease. I can't help but think that for our family to have NO pediatric cancer means that there is some family out there where they all have it. So, I am not doing this for selfish reasons. I am doing it for that mother out there who has to stare into the face of her sick or dying child every day praying for a miracle and a cure.

There is no such thing as a “too small” donation. All of those add up to a big help in caring for families and children, and helping doctors work towards a cure. Thank-you to all who are giving in any way they can.


Last year due to time/money constraints I was a small doner. Happy to have more of both this year to help! Here is where to find me around the auction (happily wearing my Wards t-shirt and drinking from my Swirl & Daisy mug from MyT_spot – thanks m81170!):

* Moderator of Teams
* 3 recipes for the Love Bites 2 Cookbook (Death by Chocolate, Mama Sabatino's Stuffed Shells, Grandma's Chicken Noodle soup)
* Donated autographed copy of "Lover Mine" by JR Ward
* Donated autographed copy of "Dead Until Dark" by Charlaine Harris
* Member of donation Team Swirl & Daisy
* Member of donation Team Take the Ice

Everyone knows i'm a lover not a fighter. Er i mean a reader not a writer. I'm just a huge supporter of this fandom and so many of the talented authors within and lovely friends I have made. In case you have lived on a canoe for a whiley and don't know what fgb is about? Its purely and simply a wonderful charity our dear friends and clever clogs Nina, Christina and Lo set up and has run. The charity is for kids cancer. Yes that's right. Its ALL about helping children who are seriously ill. Supporting them and their families during a really tough time. Who wouldn't want to help that? Really? Its all done through Alex's lemonade stall so you can read there more about the amazing work they do. . .

But please remember every donation and contribution goes directly to helping children suffering with cancer and their families. My wee contribution is being on some teams. I actually can't remember all the team's i'm on. I know for deffo i'm on Team Summerward & Team Swirl and Daisy. I've committee to at least one more. And I know I want to bid on a few more. I'm also going to be purchasing the fgb cookbook n cocktail book - Love Bites. I STUPIDLY forgot to send recipes in though this year. Doh me. I'm going to peruse the T-Spot for some fun stuff for ComCon in a few weeks. Oh, and I am also a mod on the auctions too again this year. Remember folks whatever you can afford helps. Really helps.

I'm a brit and I know that all our healthcare is provided through our taxes. But I know cancer effects more than just health and families need more than just medical treatment. I don't care that all the money from Alex's Lemonade charity goes on families in America. Because its helping really really ill children. So wherever you are in the world - make a difference to an innocent child. As well as getting amazing goodies fandom goodies for it – you can also know that you've helped someone who is severly in need. This fandom amazed me last year. Such amazing amounts of money raised. Be selfless again fandom. Do it for the kids. :)

thank you. X x x x

Hopey is proudly supporting Team MsKathy.

The highest/winning bidder will get get an exclusive peek of ONE of the fics offerings.

Once the auction is closed, the highest bidder will get to pick one of the fics offerings listed below. I will deliver it by no later than August 30th, 2010. I will not publicly post it (if I post it at all) until October 1st, 2010.

List of fiches: For more details on the fics and maybe even a teaser click the banners below.

  • Moon & Nightrunner: The FULL story of Moon and Nightrunner (from Confessions of a Difficult Woman).
  • Gentlemen's Choice: The first chapter of a (James centric) sequel to Whatever a Lady Wants, featuring James/Jasper.
  • Confessions of a Difficult Woman Outtake: Minimum of 3k words.
  • GRAB BAG: The first chapter of a WIP fic or one shot that has not been posted yet. Minimum of 3k words.

I have two one-shots available (FC, FS) and I'm part of Team Swirl + Daisy.

I am a mother. I am a fan.

Unfortunately, you hear stories from certain media outlets that mock Twilight fans. Calling us, not so nice names and lumping everyone into one uber fanatical category. It is unfair and in my opinion, not an accurate representation of the fandom.

Sure, there are people that take it to the extreme. But, it's not like Twilight is the only franchise that's caused such passionate feelings to be stirred within the fanbase. Hell, it's why it's a fanbase!

LoTR, Star Wars, D&D, WoW, Star Trek, Bradley Cooper fan groups (okay that's not real... is it?). Half the XBOX man-games have cult followings *coughCallofDuty&HALOcough* with huge forums and meet ups and they're just as passionate! 

The Fandom Gives Back is something that we started to raise money for charity. Plain and simple.

What has happened is that it's morphed into this juggernaut.  It's managed to educate some of those in the media that while yes, there are fans that take things a bit above the norm in how they express their love of The Saga, that there are also those that channel their passion towards helping those in need.

As a fandom you've accomplished something that no amount of negative media can take away.

Focus on that.

You've dedicated your time, your efforts, your hard earned money, your talents and your love towards something like Twilight to help those who can't do this for themselves. Children.

Nobody should suffer the loss of a child. Nobody.

As if losing a child wasn't bad enough, for a family to see them suffering at the hands of a disease that has no cure can only be described as excruciating. I thank God that I don't know what it's like.  But I have seen it tear apart families and it's unlike anything I could ever accurately describe.

You don't need to be a parent to grasp how hard that must be, only a human being.

What this fandom is doing this week is hopefully raising money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. Little Alex Scott -- even at four years old -- had the passion to want to help others.

The money raised will fund research.

The money raised will help those that are in already in need and fighting every single hour of the day.

The money raised will help those earn an education towards fighting pediatric cancer.

The money raised will help those that have dedicated their lives towards finding a cure for these despicable diseases that are taking our children away.

Focus on that.

The auctions open tomorrow 6/26 at 11:59PM Eastern for bidding.

The forums are open now where you can register and peruse the threads.

On our forums there is a thread about "How ALSF has touched you"

Please share a story. Even if it's just that you bought a cup of lemonade from a stand in your area.


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Chele goes "South of the Border"

South of the Border, a Toxic outtake

Sweet Dulcinea



It's the last night of Spring Break, and things get wilder than Peter ever expected. Will Jasper & Alice crashing in their room ruin Peter & Bella's night? Nah, you know me better than that! My FFFA from 3/26

South of the Border is exactly the kind of one-shot that got my perv-loving self hooked on fanfic, by captivating my mind, my heart, and my pants.

It is engrossing, well-written, and incredibly hot.

If I'd have been the kind of girl to party in Mexico on spring break from college, I'd have wanted to do it with Sweet Dulcinea. South of the Border is an outtake from her story Toxic, but fear not, you need not read a word of the other to be able to enjoy this exercise in voyeuristic smut. Oh, no. This little gem lays on its back like a dirty little h00r... err stands on its own. You know what I'm trying to say.

Now, it may not shock you that the story I am recommending features a non-canon pairing: Peter and Bella.

If you don't know Peter, this is a great way to become intimately acquainted with him. Sweet Dulcinea writes Peter like no other. He is sexy, funny, and masculine for days.

Peter and Bella are college sweethearts on spring break in Puerto Vallarta, along with their friends Alice, Jasper and Angela. After spending the days lounging on the beach, they like to hit up the scene for some liquid refreshment where things quickly get heated. Bella and Angela decide to put on a bit of a show by locking lips at the bar, which sparks Peter's animalistic side. The level of sexual connection between Bella and Peter is apparent from the moment they head back to the hotel. Their raw need for one another is tempered by humor and lighthearted banter which had me laughing even through the haze of erotic tension.

When they get back to the hotel room, things heat up quickly. Peter really knows how to put his face in it, if you know what I mean.

"Our clothes were ripped off and tossed about in a flurry of fabric and grabbing, groping hands as we kissed and tugged on one another. I lifted Bella once more, tossing her onto our bed and watching her body - and her tits - bounce when she landed. Without hesitation, I dropped down to the floor at the edge of the bed and yanked her legs so that she was perched at the edge of the mattress. Parting her thighs forcefully, I sunk between them, lapping at her in a long stroke from her opening to her clit and back down again. I felt uncontrollable as I continued, using my hands and my mouth to make her moan louder and writhe more desperately with each passing minute. Something primal and desperate had taken command of me, and all I wanted to do was bury my face in her soft, wet pussy and stay there for days."

Just when things seem to be coming to a climax, there's a knock at the door; Jasper and Alice have come to take refuge since their room is otherwise occupied. A situation that could have been a cockblock of epic proportions turns into one of the steamiest scenes imaginable as each couple tries to find their release. The voyeuristic clench factor on this is a million.

"I'll be quiet, I promise. Just think of how hot it would be to know I was forced to hold back from screaming for you. Baby, you know what you do to me."

Just then, before I could protest, an unmistakable little feminine moan pierced the silence, followed by a quick "Shh." Bella's hips rolled against mine once more, and whether reflexive or intentional, I bucked back against her.

"Fuck me," Bella said determinedly, but this time her words were louder, and I knew our friends would hear them. What happened next was unlike anything I had ever imagined."

Sweet Dulcinea keeps the scene so real, relying on descriptions of sound, shadow and movement to paint the picture of what is going on in the adjacent bed. It would have been so easy to take this to a whole different level by turning this into a massive orgy (which I'm never opposed to), but by retaining the integrity of the independent couples, it carries a viscerally erotic tone. It feels entirely possible. I believe it completely.

You need to read South of the Border. This story makes me want to have sex in the same room with my friends.

Anyone looking for a roomie for ComiCon? You can find me at the bar.

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octoberland is "Defrosting Edward"

Defrosting Edward



I’m willing to bet that most fic writers can identify with the following scenario:

You get a plot bunny. It’s ‘just’ silly smut so you figure it will only end up being one or two chapters tops because really, how much smut can one write? But then before you know it two chapters turns into four, four into eight, and then you end up hitting double digits.

Such was the case for author Aleeab4u and her story Defrosting Edward. Set between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn it was only ever meant to be a silly fluffy lemon wherein Alice helps Bella execute a plan to “defrost Edward”. Now it has become what Aleea refers to as the “never ending lemon” and my naughty nature will be eternally grateful.

But it isn’t just the sex that makes this story so special though. As with all of her work Aleea does an amazing job of characterizing a canon Edward that plausibly grows into a version of Edward that is no longer afraid to touch his “fragile little human”. Not only does he lose his fear but his confidence awakens desires and fantasies in both of them they’d never previously contemplated. Oh, and I should probably mention this noteworthy little detail. She’s up to twenty-one chapters and Bella and Edward are still virgins but TRUST ME when I say this is one of the HOTTEST lemon stories out there. I think it’s a testament to Aleea’s skills as a writer that she can have twenty-one extremely sexy chapters without actual intercourse. Ms. Meyer could learn a thing or two from her.

I lower my body over hers. Brown eyes suck me into their depths and I wonder if she knows the lengths I would go to to please her. There is nothing she could ask of me that I would deny her. I need her to know this, to lose insecurity and shame and to give over everything to me. The power of that near surrender excites me incredibly, like the predator I am, will always be. She's mine. I want every fantasy, every taboo desire or thought.

I can’t begin to tell you how difficult it was to choose which chapter to review. There are so many cold shower worthy scenes in this story that it’s almost impossible to choose. It was truly terrible to have to re-read the entire story in my effort to choose. Truly. Not. Let’s just say that if I had a partner they’d have been one lucky person that night. ;)

So let’s get down to the good stuff, shall we?

I decided on chapter 18 which is a meadow scene. I know, I know, you’re thinking “not another meadow scene” but trust me this one’s quite…satisfying. Her Edward gets a tiny bit darker and more dominant in this chapter, though certainly not in an extreme sense, and I for one absolutely swoon over a commanding Edward. I hope you will too.

In this chapter Edward has set up an evening date with Bella in the meadow and has laid out a bit of a surprise for her.

Most of the meadow stays shrouded in shadows, but a few carefully placed lit torches chase back some of the dark. It is the bed I've created that is the centerpiece however. Woven from vines and branches carefully selected from this very meadow, the frame as much blends into its background as stands out. Gauze net style curtains hang on either side, shifting subtly in the breeze and further muting the strands of lights weaving through the bed's branches.

The story switches back and forth between Edward’s POV and Bella’s.

It takes my human mind a long time to process it all. The torches at the meadow's edges. The incredible fairytale bed with all the soft glowing white lights. The candles in shimmering glass hurricane style lamps glowing in the grass. The white curtains, frothy and incredibly delicate looking, fluttering gently in the warm night breeze.

One of the things I love about Aleea’s Edward is that she maintains his constant struggle with his desires, his dual nature between vampire and human that I always loved in the books. Here that duality switches from blood lust to physical lust. But remember. We’re talking about a vampire. Physical lust to them is a whole different ballgame. It’s primal and instinctual and while Edward most definitely loves Bella with every fiber of his being there is a part of him that wants to claim her in ways vastly different than that of a human lover.

I try to move into his arms, tell him I've missed him too, but his eyes suddenly go dark and he vanishes.

Gasping, disoriented I spin around looking for him. He's by the bed, arms upraised and grasping the branches. I think I hear one snap. His eyes are closed, but the second I take a step towards him he shakes his head in warning making me stop. After only a brief minute he exhales loudly and then he's back in front of me, his hand once again cupped around my cheek, icy and smooth. His eyes remain dark, carrying a note of warning so I stay completely still.

And then things really get going:

Somehow I force a hesitant smile to my lips. "We don't have know."

His answering smile isn't hesitant. The half smirk coils my core in warm knots, and when he gently places his other hand on my waist and draws me near, his eyes spark. "Oh, but we do, love." His lips find mine, take away my ability to remember why I'd said we didn't have to. "I need to know if you look as beautiful as I remember, feel as good as I remember, taste as good as I remember."

His words turn that warm knot into a hot mess, and my hands move of their own accord to tangle in his hair.

Earlier I may have given you the impression that Edward’s lust for Bella’s blood is completely gone but that isn’t quite true. He is a vampire after all. However he’s discovered a little something that helps him control that urge.

I need her skin, bare and perfect and satin and hot, pressed all over me. I need her sweet cries to fill this meadow and chase away the demon blood lust inside of me. Only her body has that power.

The sound that comes out of my mouth at the sight of her naked and bound beneath me can only be described as guttural. I'm so hard it's nearly painful, and her scent? God her scent. So much more potent without the barriers. Venom floods my mouth, scalds my throat. For a second my hands tremble, torn between so many raw desires, needs.

Another thing I love about Aleea’s work is that her lemons are what in my mind could be called eloquent. They are sexy and hot without delving into Hustler territory.

Bella gasps louder as I continue to suckle her rhythmically, groaning both to increase her pleasure with the vibration and also simply because I cannot help myself. Having her tender little nipple in my mouth is so erotic, such a simple thing yet so overwhelming. Her taste, the flavor of her skin saturating my taste buds, her eager panting breaths letting me know I'm pleasing her. More, I think to myself, I want her screaming. In full approval my erection throbs and strains, growing damp at the head as small pulses of pre-cum saturate the fabric it rubs against, my body endeavoring to make itself more ready for hers.

Whoa, sorry, got distracted there for a moment. I’m a sucker for the more animalistic side of Edward that she captures so beautifully and she’s able to capture it so beautifully with the simplest of lines:

I feel her body draw in tightly around my hand and she answers perfectly, silky thighs clenching hard around my shoulders. Her cries fill the meadow perfectly, uninhibited and wild, a glorious tiny prey being consumed by her predator.

As you might have noticed I’ve mostly only quoted EPOV so far. I’d apologize but I’m not really sorry. I adore him. But as I mentioned earlier the story also contains BPOV and while I admit I’m not always a fan of BPOV in any story (overload from the books maybe?) Aleea still manages to capture the passion, fragility, and underlying strength that defines Bella.

At first it's awkward. I don't have a clue what I'm doing and I'm terrified he'll stop me, or worse yet, won't like it. Taking my time I seek out places that make him whimper with the tip of my tongue. When I grow brave and take him in my mouth as fully as I can, he gasps on a hard indrawn breath and the branches snap.

His low snarl is my only warning before I find myself flat on my back beneath him. His eyes are closed, body rigid, nostrils flaring. Running my hands up over his chest I say his name softly, trying to bring him back to me.

"Edward, I'm sorry. Did I... do something wrong?"

And then there’s just the sheer poetry she creates with her words:

I could crush her like a fragile new bloom on a tender spring green stalk.

With every stroke and glide the head of my erection passes over her tiny pink bud until she's so swollen and wet and ripe that I'm destroyed by aching degrees.

And last but not least I applaud Aleea for not being afraid to flirt with the taboo:

My other hand slides under her bottom lifting her hips more firmly into me, letting my finger tips slide into the moist full cleft of her buttocks, teasing the forbidden with the tip I coat in her honey. She lets out a shocked little mewl but her shuddering grows more pronounced and she begins to whimper in hot little bursts against my mouth as I stroke her there softly. I make no demands, time enough for those in the future, content for now to tempt her with possibilities.

That little section alone kills me every single time I read this story and it was ultimately the reason I chose this chapter. I am pretty much a useless hormone driven ‘time to pull out the toys’ (hey, it’s PPSS, I can say that right?) mess when I read that bit. I’m frankly amazed I can even type right now. Thank goodness I’m near the end here because it is most definitely time for bed.

In regards to that little bit though I feel like I should clarify that they have not actually ‘gone there’. That would most certainly break the virginity rule in my mind so as much as I love picturing them doing that (did I mention I’m an unabashed pervert?) I’m also very pleased that they haven’t.

Ms. Meyer once said in an interview that she was trying to portray “the sensuality of abstinence” in her books and while this isn’t quite what she had in mind I personally feel Defrosting Edward is a stunning example of just how far you can go without going far at all. Aleea’s writing is in my mind near perfection. Her lemons are sexy as hell, her characterizations are spot on, but most importantly she binds it all together with the strength of the love between Bella and Edward. A love that, as we all know, defies the laws of nature and mortality.

"I love you." It's easy to see in that moment that she means it in all ways, to all parts of me, with equal ferocity. The monster and the man.

I know that these days vampire stories aren’t very popular. But I urge you. Step back to the roots of this fandom. Revisit the Edward we all fell in love with in the first place; a man whose love for a woman consumes him, who would do anything and everything to please her, and for whom eternity with her would never be enough. Aleea captures all of that and then some. Her story is passionate, tender, at times humorous, and never EVER fails to send my heart racing and my girl parts aching for more.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Gentleman from Washington State by Betty Smith

The Gentleman From Washington State

Betty Smith




Senator Edward Cullen is the handsome scion of the Cullen family. A playboy's playboy, he is taken with an intern in his office, Bella Swan. She is untouchable for many reasons, and he's in a tough re-election battle with Jacob Black. AH,M Adult Content


The Gentleman From Washington State is a fast-paced, thrilling, West Wing style drama smashed right into our favourite Twilight characters. The outcome? Sexy Senator Edward Cullen is bamboozled by the young witty intern Bella. Cue sexual tension, add some oozing thick intellectual substance, meaty plot and The Gentleman From Washington State is a stand out fiction.

It’s election year and Senator Cullen’s biggest rival is Jacob Black, who also happens to be Bella’s ex. With Alice and Rose working at his side, Senator Cullen is playing to win the election and, most importantly, the girl.

Whilst you will get plenty of smutilicious smut, this story also educates in the most unexpected ways. Miss Betty Smith is a brilliant story teller and takes the reader on a journey through the iconic political and historical sites of Washington DC while dropping anecdotes and details about the US political system and the finer etiquette of political life. Add feminist philosophical theory, political scandal, games and players, non-canon couples, lemony lemons, hawt Edward, sexy legal notions of equitable estoppel, current political issues plus treachery and treason and Miss Betty Smith is on the right path to uber awesome fiction status.

Bella from The Gentleman From Washington State is strong, educated and self assured – oh, how I adore a strong protagonist. Is it any wonder she has this effect on Senator Cullen:

"As Bella was talking though, Edward had lost himself. He was no longer Senator Edward Cullen, or Edward Cullen, Assistant District Attorney, or Lieutenant Edward Cullen, U.S. Navy, or even Edward Cullen, son of Senator Carlisle Cullen. He was just a guy named Edward completely enraptured by this slip of a girl, Bella. He could think of no place he would rather be right then, but with Bella at Safeco Field watching a Mariners game and drinking a couple of beers."

Senator Cullen is labelled the playboy but has a serious, committed, sensitive side, conveyed by Miss Betty Smith eloquently and salaciously:

“And no one would deny that his election was helped by his devastatingly good looks. Tall and fit with bronze hair and green eyes, he looked like Adonis. But Edward's good looks were associated with his one political handicap – he was and always had been a notorious playboy.”

Did I mention the sexual tension? Oh. My. The slow burn and Senator Cullen’s devilish plotting will have you begging for his panty dropping smile.

“The way he was smiling at her warmed her from the inside like she was drinking single malt whisky. He also made her want to bite a knuckle in sexual frustration. Must not have sexy thoughts about the boss thought Bella – well, at least not in front of him.”

For those of you who want an indication of the smut:

“He smiled at her and said, "I need to finish making it up to you."

She smirked. "And how will you do that?"

He smirked back. "Watch me." And Edward kneeled before her and buried his face between her legs.”

White hawt. Not-what-you-will-expect-but-oh-so-delicious-smut!

One of my all time favourite genres is man whore Edward tamed by virginal Bella. This story does that it in a way few fan fics ever have. Grab your best suit (or your Monica Lewinsky blue dress!), some large Jackie Onasis style sunglasses plus a string of pearls and jump on the campaign trail of Senator Cullen. The Gentleman From Washington State will not disappoint.

The Gentleman From Washington State is the first story where I have come across a politico Edward, and I love it! DC is one of my favorite towns, and I enjoy politics. To top it off, this manwhore Edward is also former Navy SEALward. If he road a motorcycle, it would be the perfect storm of Wards for me.

Edward is a Senator and is introduced to new intern, Bella, at the start of the story. What I love about the interest Edward shows in her from the start is her mind. She is intelligent and a quick wit, and that is Edward's initial interest. That he wants to sit and talk to her. Find out what she thinks of what she is reading and discuss with her his similar interests. That is sexy.

Given their positions, they both know each other are forbidden fruit. So, they both quietly admire the other. They both drift to fantasy when they happen to see one another. After admiring Bella lounging by a fountain one afternoon is one of my favorite, and sweetest moments, in the story.

It was during Edward's fantasy that Bella sensed that someone was looking at her. She looked at the people on the sidewalk around her, and they were all occupied with their own lives. She was about to shut her eyes again and enjoy the sun when she spotted Senator Cullen in the trees across the street. Bella didn't think that she was imagining that he was staring at her. She stared back at him curiously and wondered why he was looking at her. After 15 seconds of them staring at one another, Senator Cullen waived to her – just a small movement of his hand from left to right. Bella smiled as she hesitantly waived back, and a small smile appeared on Edward's face.

The little left to right wave. *melts* I pictured him leaning his shoulder against a tree in it's shade, arms and ankles crossed. Suit jacket hanging open, and then the smile! *shakes head to clear it* Back to the story!

Bella couldn't believe it. The whole silent exchange seemed odd, but also exciting. Edward's smile encouraged her. With a hand movement, she pointed to her chest and then pointed to him, asking him if he wanted her to come to him. As she did it, Bella was happy.

We must remember that this relationship is a big Monica Lewinsky no-no. They both know this, and Edward pulls himself from the moment.

But when Edward saw Bella ask if he wanted her to come over, he froze and panicked. He wanted so badly to nod his head yes and go on a walk with her. Edward wanted to start a relationship with Bella that would take them to that meadow by the lake.

But Edward's whole life had been about duty and honor and responsibility. He thought of everything at stake – a Democratic Senate seat, his family's legacy, and his career – also her career for that matter. It was too much. Instead of saying yes to Bella, Edward shook his head no and started walking back to his office with an anguished heart.

*heart aches*

But no worries. They both, especially a jealous Edward (of THE hottest Mike Newton ever written), don't want to resist any longer. With the aide of his family, Edward begins seeing Bella on the sly. They meet up, always chaperoned by a member of the Cullen family (i.e. they are in the same building, so they have the media excuse of Bella being a "friend of the family" if they are ever busted). They do date and find that they are completely compatible, and we watch as they fall in love.

Bella's V-card is still in tact in this story, and after finally admitted aloud their love for one another, she cashes it in very romantically on a bear skin rug in front of the fireplace in Edward's library. Very nice. Though, after, provides one of my favorite lines in the story:

"We got the rug dirty. And it doesn't matter. We're lying on a bear. He's had worse on him than cum."

Still, there are a lot of things working against them. They have a jealous former lover of Edward's getting suspicious. Edward's political rival, and Bella's former boyfriend, Jacob's people trying to dig up dirt on Edward. Finally, just the taboo nature of their relationship weighing over them. Something is about to give, and I am equally nervous and excited to see how it all plays out.

4.5 out of 5 Bearskin Rugs

Right-O fellow Wusspervs. This story WILL NOT, I repeat NOT hurt your heart. But do be aware that there are some scenes where Bella & Edward are not together. Not detailed. Bear(bare????) in mind that if *I* can cope, then so can you! :D. Ok disclaimer over. Onto the goodies!

I am in fecking love with this story something hardcore. I don't understand American Politics. (hell I don't even understand British politics for fecks sake!) but - that is irrelevant. All you need to know is that Senator Cullen is hot fucking stuff on the hill. I can picture him in his delicious suits, mad sex hair & sparkly debonair charm as he sass's about DC. Rarrrrrrrr. Do you need another reason to read this?!

Wait you do? (really? O_O) O.K then. How about some amazing UST. Sizzly, sexy, god how much do I want you, my knickers might not cope type of chemistry. How about forbidden love? Bella is just a wee poor innocent intern. The older (SEXY!) Senatory Cullen can not be seen to exploiting his staff, or using his power to have his very wicked way. He has to remain cleaner than clean. As he has a huge opponent for his seat in one Mr Black.. Oh said Mr Black? He has a history with the object of Edward's fantasies/obsession/lust/admiration/fixation/hard-on... Do you see how delicious this plot is now? DO YOU?

Oh & everyone has already said it - but Betty's use of non main players? Genius. Mike Newton? Hot (IKR?! Who'd have Adam & Eve'd it!!). I also love her characterisation's of Emmett, Seth, Rosalie, Leah and Irina. They are inventive and clever and kept this story fresh and intriguing. Many a loop ball did Betty throw me! & I bloody LOVE that!

This story is ridiculously easy and quick to read. So I swallowed it up - but it really comes into its own from chapter's 4/5 I think.

4.75 (stained) bearskin rugs out of 5 from Emmy!

First and foremost, The Gentleman From Washington State is that is NOT PackPerv™ safe. Jacob is conservative, Christian, Republican and Senator Edward Cullen’s political rival. I must admit I struggled with this and with the transition into reading 3rd person omniscient. I recognize that ever story needs a villain, and Jacob seems to be the easy choice for most Twilight Fan Fiction writers. However, once I got past the extremely out of character Jacob Black, I found this story to be fascinating and down right addictive.

While I can’t really relate to the “doe-eyed,” virginal, intern Bella, I find Senator Cullen and his struggle with his inexplicably intense attraction to Bella the most fascinating part of the story. The chemistry between these two is palpable, and sweet, despite the significant age difference. The fact that Edward is very sexually active with a couple different women at the beginning of the story and yet is still captivated when he first meets Bella only serves to fascinate me more.

Betty Smith has done a great job of spinning an intriguing, steamy and romantic story that has me a bit entranced. I’ll admit, I also have a bit of a crush on her Mike Newton. I also adore Alice and Rosalie. They are as much a part of the unique love story as Edward and Bella.

While, I was hesitant at first, I think Betty Smith has won me over, for now. I will keep my broken PackPerv™ heart on ice as I continue to watch how this unconventional, but beautifully written romance continues.

3.5 out of 5 Bearskin Rugs

The Gentleman From Washington State has all the elements of a story I love: It is well-researched, smartly written, and contains EPIC amounts of UST. We all know the old adage, "write what you know." Clearly, if Betty Smith isn't writing about something she knows, then she is one hell of a researcher, because she has this down to a science, and I adore her for it. I like her so much, in fact, that I proposed having an illicit affair with her. She said it would be unethical to sleep with someone who is reccing her story. And therein lies my dilemma with TGFWS. Okay, so perhaps I didn't propose the illicit affair, but she does write about one, and my, oh my, it is SO good.

No one will be surprised to hear me confess that my geeky ways include political wonkdom. I am a rabid political junkie. Creating Bella as an intern in Senator Cullen's office is a stroke of genius; where else could you create an environment that is ripe for an unethical and unprofessional affair between Senator and intern? It's along the same lines as teacher/student--it simply shouldn't be done. The issues surrounding the attractiveness of power and consensual relationships are almost as old as humanity itself.

Senator Edward Cullen is a Kennedyesque politician, a lawyer who has served in the military as a Navy SEAL, whose family is wealthy, famous, and the political elite of Washington state. He is charming, handsome, and randy as hell; he is a notorious womanizer. I need to clarify that he isn't an abuser of women--his liaisons are, for the most part, with women who use him as much as he uses them. He simply loves to have sex, and enjoys women who love to have sex.

His handlers are sisters Alice and Rosalie, and they have their hands full trying to keep his penis from getting them into all sorts of political hot water. Jacob Black, his arch nemesis, is running against him as the Republican's Senate candidate. Seth Clearwater serves as Edward's loyal Chief of Staff. Oh, and the intern mentioned earlier? You guessed it, Bella Swan. A woman who is much younger than Edward, and who, as an intern, is clearly off limits. Their mutual attraction and story line closely mirrors canon, and Betty Smith weaves the stories together beautifully. Where Senator Cullen cannot be caught making out with Bella due to political ramifications, it hardly differs from the canon Edward who cannot because it's too dangerous.

One quick word about canon characters: Betty Smith has created the best Mike Newton in fanfiction EVER. He's African American, wicked smart, a skilled athlete, politically savvy, and incredibly intelligent. He also has the hots for Bella. Edward recognizes that at once when he sees Bella and Mike together, and he and Mike share a "moment," where they size one another up. Suffice it to say, Mike backs slowly away, leaving Bella for Edward. He understands it would be political suicide to continue to date Bella if Cullen is also interested in her.

To complicate matters even further, Bella's ex is none other than--you guessed it--Jacob Black. The relationship didn't end well, and while Jake got married and had two children in the interim, he still pines for Bella. He is less than pleased when he finds out she is working for his enemy, and you just know that his campaign is going to attempt to use that to their advantage.

Edward and Bella have so many things against them, you sense that the relationship is doomed to fail. They have to be incredibly skillful and secretive in arranging meetings. Edward's past is always threatening to uproot Bella's confidence. His political nemeses will have a field day should they ever find out about the affair. Edward knows Charlie Swan, but only because Charlie helped Carlisle bail out Emmett, the eldest Cullen family child, when his drunken antics got the better of him. The clincher there? Bella doesn't know that Edward knows her father, the standard sin of "lying by omission." Did I mention that virgin Bella just started taking the pill, and when she finally has sex with Edward, she has a few pills left to take before her first period? This house of cards can be blown down in so many different ways, and you wince as you read future developments, not knowing which will cause the house to fall.

Finally, I have to discuss the UST in TGFWS. OH. MY. GOD. It is smoldering hot, some of the best UST ever. Really. Because they have to be exceedingly careful, every stolen moment together ramps up their UST. They cannot be together unless someone from the Cullen family is present to help keep up appearances. Their stolen, secret kisses caused my monitor to smoke. Even a bit of exposed skin is incredibly erotic, for all the things it causes Bella to think about doing to Edward or vice versa, but cannot. When they finally get to have sex, later in the story, Betty writes it very realistically. It is an amazing experience for both of them, but it isn't a 5-O unicorn rainbow spectacular for Bella, and Edward doesn't last as long as he would like to. While Edward's penis is gorgeous and ample, it isn't a "porn star oddity" (a description that totally had me giggling). They are a real couple, Bella is a real virgin, and it takes a little time before things are perfect. That doesn't detract from how much they both cherish the experience from the very first moment, and it makes the story more convincing and special.

I'm not even going to start quoting Betty, or I will never stop. Do yourselves a favor and READ THIS STORY! It is smart, funny, hot, engaging, and realistic.

5 out of 5 Bearskin Rugs

I'll be honest. This took a few chapters to hook me, but then once it did? Jaysus.

Let's start off with how great this Edward is. I mean he's a Senator. Woof. He's a single, hot Senator. Woof. He's a stunningly attractive, single Senator that likes to bone in D.C. Woof. Besides that though, he's an extraordinarily well written, wonderfully characterized Edward that you immediately adore. The bravado, the family ties, the self-loathing over wanting Bella, his loyalty. Oh yeah and he's a former Navy SEAL. Woof.

Bella on the other hand, I wasn't so keen on in the beginning (mainly b/c I have a problem relating to a 22 year old virgin but hey, she grew on me). She's headstrong, sassy and wonderfully opinionated and she doesn't take his shit.

I love that.

She's an intern. Now, before you go moaning about Monica/Bill etc. it's not like that. They fight the good fight against their burgeoning feelings. They try and take the high road instead of dropping trou in his office on day one. They do make a conservative effort to keep their relationship on the up and up but ultimately (and thankfully) they give in.

As Jeanne said, Chapter 7. Well then. Oh and Chapter 29 I happen to like too... Ah hell, all lemony chapters are really well done :)

Now, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the secondary characters. First of all, Betty has managed an epic feat of making me like an Esme. Maybe it's because she killed Carlisle off (damn it) but regardless, she's a ripe old bitty and I like her.

Rosalie. Threw me for a loop.

But most importantly. MIKE NEWTON. I envision him as Blair Underwood. Woof x infinity. Enough said.


5/5 Blair Underme for TGfWS

Let me set the scene: Bella is new in town; intelligent, but enough of a dork to be relatable. Edward is gorgeous, charming, and a bit distant from anyone other than his close family. Upon their first meeting, she unravels him, and he struggles desperately to reconcile what he is with what he wants. Oh yeah, and Senator Edward Cullen's in the middle of a hotly contested political campaign and Bella is...... his young office intern. You see, the story's foundation may be familiar, but the setting? It's one of a kind.

The Gentleman From Washington State has all the qualities that I love in a good AH fic. Betty Smith has done a masterful job of taking canon characteristics and storylines, and infusing them into an all-human setting of well-developed plotlines and intense UST. When canon lines are delivered, they have new life, instead of sounding trite and inserted, they flow into a scene as well as they did the first time you read them. Keep an eye out for this, because it is perfect.

"I said we shouldn't be friends – not that I didn't want to be."

One of my favorite aspects of this story is the fabulous secondary characterizations. Mike Newton will make you swoon. Yes, I said it. Swoonworthy Newton - it's no longer an oxymoron. Alice, Edward's sister, and her husband Jasper are stalwart supporters of Edward's clandestine romance, and Rosalie is the vicious protector of the family with a wicked sense of humor.

"Rosalie snickered. "Oh Edward, there are few things I would rather see than the introduction of your little intern girlfriend to your lesbian fuckbuddy. Count me in."

It is a rare and special treat when a fic causes me to closely examine societal mores and question my own cultural opinions, and TGFWS has done exactly that. Betty Smith does such a convincing job of portraying Edward and Bella as perfect partners that I actually began to reconsider how I would feel if a similar story of romance between a political leader/young intern were to play out in RL. Edward himself struggles with wondering if a relationship can truly be consensual when he is, in fact, Bella's boss. I will spare you the Clinton/Lewinski editorial, although that debacle is used to underscore the forbidden nature of this relationship brilliantly. In the end, it is Bella's intelligence and logical thinking that finally convinces Edward that they are on equal ground, but Edward's interim cockblocking while he works out his own moral dilemma is just, so, very, Edward.

Now, that we've made it through our highbrow discussion points, I'll expound on my absolute favorite ingredient: the smut.

There is a special place in my pants for a story that can both make me think and effectively deliver the smut. TGFWS has just enough sprinkled in through the early chapters to keep my filthy mind engaged alongside my more cerebral pursuits of plot and character development. Senator Cullen is no prude, and before his heart belongs to Bella, he has some rather detailed sexcapades with several different ladies. In addition to his pre-Bella sexual pursuits, Edward's fantasies of Bella are quite steamy:

"he wanted to make love to all of her. He would show her how to help guide him entering her so they could be as one. Edward imagined Bella's body slowly enveloping him. He then would begin gently thrusting himself deeper into her, keeping the pace as comfortable and pleasurable for her as he could. He dreamed of coming inside of Bella and the two of them laughing and nuzzling one another"

You can still love this story if you dislike or don't know much about US politics. Betty Smith has gently woven in enough detail to get you up to speed and set the scene, but doesn't choke you by inserting an agenda. The Gentleman From Washington State is an engaging, thought-provoking love story which has me eagerly awaiting the day I can have some more of it.

4.5 out of 5 Bearskin Rugs

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thirty Days? Fuck that shit, I wouldn't last three.

Thirty Days




After a drunken bet with Emmett, Edward swears to abstain from sexual activity for an entire month. Bella isn't pleased. And temptation is a tricky bastard. AH. Rated M. B-day gift to queenofgrey.

Okay, so it's 'not technically' a one-shot but cut me some slack.  A few small things.

A) I adore Christina

B) I adore Christina's writing

C) If Christina doesn't update this story soon I'm going to cry

That being said.  It's hot. Jesus Christ, is it hot. I love it and... there isn't any sex yet. Now, hear me out. There is enough lemon to make your head spin so it's certainly NOT lacking for anything steamy.

See there is this bet. Eddie is dumb enough to think he can keep it in his pants (and away from Bella) for thirty days.  Yeah sounds easy right? Bitch please. You try it and tell me on Sunday (aka 4 days from now) how it's working for ya. 

Anyhoo, Bella is ready to mount the nearest lampost since he's hellbent and determined to win. Dumbass.  There are vibrators, near misses and a car ride to Hot Bitch's house that leads to some no-ladywear dinner times.

It's funny and cute, sweet and then a kick to the pants but it's her writing that stands out for me. I love it.  Clean, sharp, witty and gorgeous.

Read this, review it and then move onto "The Woods are Lovely Dark and Deep" and then wax poetic about how wonderful this author is.