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The Naughty Librarian Loves a Hot 'Exhibition'

Title: "Exhibition"
Chapters: one-shot
Words: 4,387
Reviews: 132
Summary: Bella is compelled to attend an art gallery for class and comes away with a much deeper appreciation for photography. A softer one-shot example for the D/s Birthday Contest – GRAPHIC LEMON ExB

Who among us hasn't fantasized about standing alone, being approached by a beautiful stranger? Having him come up from behind, sweeping our hair away to lean down and whisper in a sensitive ear, "...there is something about you that is drawing me, inspiring to me." His next move, whisking away and seducing...

Umm...yes, please?

DefinatelyStaying has a knack for taking any and every desire your mind can conceive of and turning it into amazing, hot fantasy fiction. Whether you prefer adventurous Edward and Bella with or without a side of friendly neighbors and friends (Fantasies , Next Weekend), a tasty taboo Jasper/Bella/Emmett trio (Boom Shakalaka), or her current hit featuring submissives Jasper and Bella and their Dom, Master Edward (The Forbidden Room), DefinatelyStaying dishes up a veritable smorgasbord of delicious fan fiction that will entice, titillate and satisfy any who sit at her banquet table.

Exhibition is one such delicacy. Bella is visiting an art gallery to fulfill a college course requirement. She is relatively unimpressed with the work on display until she steps in front of four simple black-and-white eight-by-ten photographs. This quartet of beautifully erotic images takes her breath away, and little does Bella know she has captured the eye of the artist himself. He approaches her from behind and gives her a photographer's glimpse into what each of these four differently bound women, noted only as 'R, M, T and J,' felt and experienced. The unexpected comes, however, when Edward, our scrumptious shutterbug in black, asks Bella to be his next subject. Not a model, just a girl - our 'every girl' - Bella. Once again, just as in Twilight, I found myself longing to fill her shoes. Bella leaves the gallery with her mysterious stranger and while the shoot begins innocently enough, soon both artist and subject are desperate with need. I will refrain from spoiling the ending...

As I sat in our local coffeehouse and read this story for the first time (yes, I remember where I was...), I found myself squirming in my seat, wishing I were home with my husband. Instead, I was in a very public place with a hot healthy blush coloring my face and chest. As I'd come to expect, DefinatelyStaying had produced yet another captivating, alluring tale of desire, seduction and fulfillment - one I am pleased to report will be followed up shortly with Edward's point of view, an accompaniment one-shot entitled, The Muse.

If you have yet to partake of the bounty that is DefinatelyStaying, pull up a chair and enjoy her mouth-watering morsel, Exhibition, today.

DefinatelyStaying, better known to many of us around the fandom as Trish, is the author of sixteen stories. She also authors a fanfiction blog, where she posts links for her stories as well as her personal fanfic recommendations. Trish is a gifted writer, a beautiful soul & an amazing friend.

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Emily is Corruptible

Well hell how did it get to be my turn for a get you know you post already? I hate to write a bio on myself so I thought perhaps I would interview a few of my favorite PP girls and see what they say about me.

Wait is that such a good idea? Whatever, I can always edit their comments to make me look less deviant. But then again being deviant is FUN.

Beks- So this one time I was thinking about Em butt-ass naked...I mean...I could go on about Em, my sweet, sexy Mami, for hours, but I'll leave that to Nina, you long winded bitch. Hehehe.

I think all of the ladies of the PP can agree with me when I say that Em pretty much defies all laws of nature and reality-- when it comes to meeting people online. Is she actually smoking hot? Yes. Is she probably the nicest person I have met? I think so. You would have to force Em to say a bad word against anyone she's just so damn sweet.

Can she write her pervy ass off? Yes and thank god. It would have broken my heart if I had to tell her the chapters of Strength In Yielding she asked me to beta sucked ass. I would have told her though, then begged to be forgiven, Mami style ;). She's the reason I'm involved with all these lovely ladies and I am so glad I was smart enough to PM her about her Twi Avatar all those months ago.

She's so many things beyond an original Perv. Em's an amazing mom, a phenomenal photographer, a deliciously naughty texter (sorry Mami, I just had to brag) and most importantly a really fucking good friend. Did I mention she has a great rack?

Em -- thanks for letting me stalk you and for making me giggle-blush daily. I'm proud to be your Baby... MWAH!!!

Steph- so...what to say about em that hasn't already been said(yeah I procrastinated in true stephanie fashion and read what everyone else has written so far...i know i suck)? i'm pretty sure, if memory serves me correctly, that the first time i "met" em was on the thread for my story. she was so nice. that and she had some line about being a smut whore in her siggie so i knew we'd get along just fine. we bonded over many things: fics and BDB and ultimately started gchattin it up (the demise of any timely updates if you ask me). Since then we have shared a lot of stories and pictures (listen up, no one has seen mah tatas ok? i'm a very shy person) and just bonded.

she really is quite possibly the nicest one of the PP. that's not saying much though since so many of us sit at the bitch bench on a regular basis. i kid, i kid. but truly she's a sweetheart. even though she's busier than all hell, she still takes the time out to lend a listening ear, share ridiculous vajayjay stories from work, or send us pics to show off just how hot she is. it's rare, IMO to find a genuinely great person online (or in RL too...people are assholes generally speaking). not only is she a super hot MILF, she's also super talented. her PSing skills are responsible for many banners and she is a master behind the camera.

for some reason she was/is shy about her writing. luckily there were plenty of girls out to coax her from her hiding place and share a truly great fic: Strength in Yielding (which, btw em PLZ UPDATE SOON). you should all go and read and review. then PM her to hurry up. just kidding. like i said before, she's super busy and not just her updates suffer. we all suffer from not getting to talk with her as often as before. if only RL didn't get in the way. *sobs*

basically, i love em. you will too, i'm sure, after getting to know her a bit more!

Kas- For starters, let me say that "Kitty," (my pet name for Emily) is one of my favorite members of the PP. Not to say that the rest of the girls are any less, but instead to say that she and I connect in a manner that's a wee bit different than with the other girls (nope, not divulging details on that, *LOL*). Anywhoodle...outside of being the most pervalicious MILF (*winky-wink*) that I know, Em (as she's known in the PP) is sweet, thoughtful, supportive, & funny. Did I mention that she's a dirty girl, too? Oh, yeah. Dirrrrty - which makes her a perfect member of the Perv Pack.

Speaking of dirty, as some of you may know, Em is the author of a hot lil' fic called Strength in Yielding (GO.RUN.READ!), based on an uber sex-ay Dominant/submissive relationship between Emmett and Rosalie. You think that The Submissive was good? Well, yes, it was, but that's just fiction. Emily's Strength in Yielding is the REAL DEAL. The names may have changed to Em & Rose, but the hot sexin' (with a huge dose of UST) is 100% real. So, get thyself over to Fanfiction.net and read that little gem! And show my Kitty (Em, that is, you Pervs) some love! ;)

Nina- Nina- I met Em on Hope's TA thread and it was all downhill and up her skirt from there. You can meet people on the internet that you're friendly with, sure you can share certain traits with, hobbies etc. But how often do people come along that are an honest and genuinely nice person? Not often. That's what we found in Em. She's the complete package as a good friend, a wonderful perv, and a hot chick with latent lesbian tendencies and really what the fuck is better than that? Nothing.

So Em and the rest of us Pervs bonded, shared hideously inappropriate stories, made fun of our husbands, kids, families twatever, and most importantly I believe we've all seen each others tits at one point or another and holy ball sack batman does Em have a great fucking rack. I'm kidding (*shakes head no*)

So what can you take away from this little ditty? Probably nothing that you already didn't know. We're a group of profoundly pervy bitches and Em is one of the originals and one of the perviest, but ultimately? She is truly one of the best women I've ever been able to call a friend.

So now should I tell you the real story about me? I don’t think the real thing is as exciting as my twisted friends make me out to be. I am totally blushing at all they said about me. Damn I should do this more often, it is great for my ego. MWAH pervs!

<------This is me and yes those are my tits. When I asked what pic I should put up this is the only one that my pervs suggested. I think they just wanted to see my rack again. Pft, they have all seen much more of me than this.

So I am OIP Em aka Emily. I am recently 36 and still feel like I am 18 (you know just barely legal). I am currently living in the Cullen’s home state of Washington and fuck me I have yet to find any of those boys lurking about in my backyard. I am married to a guy who rolls his eyes and makes fun of me and my Twi obsession but under it all he enables me. He works in the media and got me tickets to a sneak peak of the film and also picked up BD at midnight for me on his way home from a release party that he was covering for work. Despite that he thinks I am strange for my vamp loving ways and even stranger that I could meet a bunch of pervy girls and a bi-boy from a book series that was the ultimate cockblock.

So how did I get to this point? It is a long and twisted road but the short version is that there was this epic long thread about Twilight on a photography forum that I read and I finally checked to see what the fuss was about. Everyone was raving about Edward and since I love to read I thought what the hell I will give it a shot. I had never read any vampire books before and I did not know it was a young adult book when I first started reading. As I read the first chapters I was like WTF, this is set in high school? But I was quickly hooked –duh; that was March of last year and I read all 3 books in 5 days. I ignored my kids- yes I am a mom to two boys ages 6 and 4, ignored my house and ignored my husband.

<---Here are my boys, don’t worry they survived on pop-tarts and yogurt.

I pimped out the books to the girls at work and we all laughed about how we wanted a marble hard man like Edward. There is no such thing as TMI at my office because I work in the Pussy Palace aka OB/Gyn department. Ask the PP girls: I have scared them all with stories about things removed from lady bits. I see genitals everyday and get paid for it. I can tell you that on average women under 35 are sporting hard wood and women over 35 can be bare all the way to full 70’s bush :shudders: Envy me!

Anyway back to Twi…I wound up on SM’s website looking for movie news because it was being filmed about 10 miles from my house and I wanted the scoop, that lead me to Twilight Moms and then to FF and finally to Twilighted. I never thought I would be such a geek to read fan fic but once I saw how good some of it is I was hooked. I was too shy at first (WTF, me shy?!) to post much on the Twi threads but Hope and Izzy brought me out of my shell on the TA/PW&J thread and the rest is history. Kasey took me on as her kitty –RAWR and then my life changed when I got a PM from Beks. She needed photoshop help and we instantly connected. Who knew I would find one of my best friends on a fic forum.

My very first foray into FF was Sacrifices by Enthralled (I know, I know it was recommended by Beks last week, but really it is that good) it was recommended on Twilight Moms but when the “M” rating went away from Twilight Moms so did I.

I then went looking for something equally as engaging –and with some smut and stumbled across AH/AU. I was not sold on the idea of human Cullen’s but dove in head first.

Boycotts and Barflies by vjgm cemented my love of AH/AU fic. I mean who does not love sexy Eddie, Jasper and Emmett shaking their ass to So Hott? Now there is a body shot that I wish I could be a part of.

From there I read voraciously and left all my smut novels untouched for ff. The poor dears are getting dusty, perhaps I should rub them, er I mean the dust off.

Realize by Goo82 caught my attention because it had a very long and active thread on Twi. The UST in this fic made me tense and want to scream at Bella and Edward. How can two smart people be so ignorant to their feelings for each other?

I LOL at Cullenary Education: Forks Sex Ed by MarcyJ Sex ed(ward) is funny anyway but when you combine that with an empath vampire and one who can read thoughts you have a hilarious read. I actually passed it out to some of the girls at work and it started their own fanfic obsession. I guess you could call me the office Twi pimp.

I am not a writer at all but I was convinced to start writing a fic of my own. (the girls linked it above and really it is not as good as they say it is) I say start because I got three chapters in and have not updated in forever! I suck; but that is another story and I’ll get around to it someday when my life is not so busy. Although I think I need to write Rose’s side of Me & Mrs. McCarty for Beks first before she kicks my ass.

Maybe I should have the “best sandwich ever” fire off some dirty texts and bust out Barney for inspiration…


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"Midnight Desire" by Twilightzoner

Our Guest Reviewer this week is psymom!

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: "Midnight Desire"
Author: Twilightzoner
Chapters: 25 (will be completed today)
Words: 91,144
Reviews: 3,615
Summary: An All Human parody of Midnight Sun. AH, AU and consequently OOC. No blood lust - just uncontrollable human lust. Smut filled fun . . .

Guest Reviewer - psymom- I first met Twilightzoner when I was the Twilighted Beta for her incredible AU story, “Vicissitudes.” When she posted the final chapters of the story I went to her, this woman I hardly knew, and shamelessly said, “WTF?! You skipped the smut? PLEASE tell me there is an outtake with the smut!”

She still owes me that damn outtake, but a little thing called ‘Midnight Desire’ got in the way.

Twilightzoner said, “I’ll write the outtake, but first, I have an idea for another piece that will be nothing but smut. It should be quite filthy, actually.”

Color psymom thrilled… “Filthy it is! I’ll take it! You want me to beta? Even better!”

And so it began, Midnight Desire, Twilightzoner’s version of Midnight Sun in which she attempted to replace Edward’s blood-lust with just LUST. PURE LUST.


Midnight Desire is the story of human Edward, consumed by his attraction to human Bella. But this is no ordinary attraction. This is a “most people think I’m in the closet because I never date…it’s really just that none of these brainless bitches are the least bit attractive to me…idiots, all of them…but, wait…who’s this new girl…OMG.I.HAVE.TO.FUCK.HER….NOW” kind of attraction. In reality, for me anyway, it’s what I kind of hoped was really going through Edward’s mind in Twilight all along… *smirk*

So why is Midnight Desire such a great story? Twilightzoner and I have had this discussion about Twilight on many occasions — “WHY IS TWILIGHT SO POPULAR? What is it that people love about it?” Well, I think the answer is the same for both – she has captured the essence of the whole Twilight phenomenon in this story…it’s desire. The desire to be desired, specifically. Who wouldn’t want to be the object of Edward’s desire? Nothing could be more intoxicating...to be desired by one that you desire is a most desirable predicament.

For MD Edward, or wankward as he is affectionately known to his fans, his desire mimics that of Twilight’s Edward. He wants Bella. He wants to consume her, to claim her as his own, to wipe out all those that stand in the way of making that happen. The parallels between vampiric desire and sexual desire are undeniable and Midnight Desire simply spells out that sexual tension that underlies Edward and Bella’s relationship in Twilight.

One of the greatest feats that Twilightzoner accomplished in this story is writing one of the smuttiest stories in the fandom, with no actual intercourse until the last quarter of the story. The resulting Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST) is delicious torture and once Edward moves from fantasy-driven self-service sex to “everything but” with Bella, Twilightzoner manages to maintain the level of eroticism with varied positions, locations, and every imaginable push of the boundaries Edward has imposed on their physical relationship. When they finally consummate their love it is done with realism and a sort of bleak sincerity that makes the reader both laugh and cry with the couple. As their union becomes more perfect, we are rewarded with some of the most beautiful prose in Twilight smutfic…
I buried myself inside her, reveling in the primal connection, exciting untamed
passions I had only previously suspected I possessed. And in my head, I seemed
to hear a rhythmic chorus of “mine, mine”. She was mine now – I had made it so.
My love for her knew no bounds, but at that moment delight in my possession of
her rang just as strong. To see her, so delicate, so helpless, her fragile body
writhing, trapped under mine, sent a savage thrill through me. And her
shattering vulnerability only emphasized the knowledge of my own. I was
powerless before her . . . and would be for all time.

No review of Midnight Desire would be complete without a discussion of the Monster—that character that became the undeniable star of the show, the living, breathing symbol of Edward’s baser instincts, and a comical representation of Twilight Edward’s opinion of himself. The monster has no secrets, and if he had a cock, he would wear his constant erection proudly. The monster took on a life and a fanbase of his own, and while he surely brought comic relief to Edward’s pain and suffering in his attempts to resist Bella, he will always be remembered for his most graceful and mirthless exit, when Edward and Bella were reunited after their run in with James. This scene was especially poignant because it represented the monster’s death in a sense…Edward’s desire was no longer too primal for Bella. Their commitment to each other was sealed the moment they came together in that powerful and emotionally raw encounter. There was no longer anything “monstrous” about the Edward—their love, their lust, their desire, was clearly mutual.

Not to worry, Monster, for you death is not the end. I have a feeling there’s a long line of willing imaginary companions that are dying to be your Midnight Desire.
After all, Monster is the new vampire.

Emmy- I think I was first drawn to Midnight Desire after the bombing out that was only 12 brilliant chapters of the book I am dying to read Midnight Sun.. I started Midnight Desire when it was maybe a third of the way through and was initially grabbed by the fact it deals with a lusty Edward – desperate for Bella. I love sexual tension and sexual frustration. I find it terribly erotic and so I get very excited when I find a story that does it as well as Midnight Desire does.. I also was drawn by the brilliant humour and comedy found within Midnight Desire. But as my fellow pervs are saying – there is so much more within this tale. Edward has more than just bust lust for Bella. Wankward is desperate for every inch of her: Mind, body and soul. There is such a parallel to the original story not just with Edward and the conniving interloper’s an innocent on the surface Bella, not believing her luck and not understanding her appeal, who under the surface has her own cock lust on the go. I love wankward - he is so spot on for a 17 year old boy, but also manages to contain most of what we love about the 108 year old virgin in the novel. He battles his desire wanting only the best for Bella, although he is only human and his control is nowhere near as vice like...

One of the best things about Wankward is his little friend, the little devil on his shoulder who is I suppose the physical manifestation of all of Wankward’s bottled up and out of control bust lust: the monster. So many moments of comic genius come forth from this inspirational character. The monster has his fun – he looks up Bella’s skirt whilst they are on a picnic, throws petals during the big seduction and is happiness incarnate when they find out that their girlfriend swallows..

I enjoyed this story oh so much. Not just for the laughs, incredibly sexy tom-foolery and then intense connection, the deep burning love, the hysterical cheeky chappy of the monster but for it all in combination. It’s a unique fiction that can’t be compared to any other that I have read. It’s a brilliant tale full of everything you would want. Belly laughs, emotional tenderness and *teary* connections, and fizzy tart lemonade by the gallon. I cannot fault this tale or tell you to read it enough. Please do go read it. 5 out of 5 knickers in the monsters sweaty palms from me.

Emily- I have read about half of this story. Real life got in the way and I have not been able to pick it back up. Not because I did not love the monster but because my own little monsters are keeping me way busy. I love the chapters I have read and it is defs on my list to read from start to finish as soon as I can steal some time.

This is the story that started my whole self-pleasing Edward fascination. I love it when Edward takes matters into his own hands, I just do. Viva La Wankward. This is one of the first fanfic I ever read in this fandom. It had me hooked from the very first chapter when Edward was perplexed and a little sickened to his intense, immediate and overwhelming reaction to Bella. Oh and this story is fucking hilarious, we are in Wankward's head the entire time and it is utterly delightful and makes me laugh. TZ perfectly channels the 17yo male here, or at least how I assume a 17yo male would think.

Edward's desire for Bella starts out as purely sexual, creating fantasies of taking and claiming her, pleasing her and himself in the process. The poor boy spends more time in the shower trying to get rid of his perma-erection and plotting elaborate fantasies involving Bella than anything else. But as he tries to resist Bella, his problem just gets worse and worse. The Bella Swan Resistance Plan goes into effect and morphs and changes as the story progresses. Wankward finally decides he has had enough and must have Bella for his own, but she doesn't some easy and makes him to work for it. He finally gets her and we see that she is just as enamored with him as he is with her. And also maybe feels the same desires that he has been feeling as well. I wouldn't call this a parody, maybe a parallel instead. Sure it’s fucking funny and the characters are human, but it follows Twilight in plot and events with little twists and tweaks along the way. One of the best Midnight Sun like stories I have read for sure.

Now let’s talk about the star of the story…the monster. The monster is a figment of Edward’s imagination and the manifestation of his desire and want of Bella. He’s such a cute little thing and has some of the best moments in the whole story. My cohorts have quoted him and some of his antics, so I will leave it up to them for that. But really you need to go read about him yourself in the story.

So I guess I should talk about the smut for a bit. Well it’s fantabulous. TZ writes it in such a way that we feel the love and desire that Edward feels for Bella and his want to pleasure her always. And ya know get himself off as well. There is always a comical lilt to the smut, but it only enhances the steaminess and sexiness of the smut, not detracting from it. TZ truly is a master at the art of smut writing.

I love this story and easily has a permanent place in my top 10 favs of all time. It’s funny, sweet, loving, witty, snarky and utterly steamy and cold shower worthy. 5 panties out of 5.

Beks- This was actually one of the first fics I started reading on Twilighted. I will say that I hate angsty fics. My fellow PPers can confirm that I am of the mind that actual life has enough drama and pain in it that I don't really like spending my free time reading about it. Thank God I got my hands on this little gem. Midnight Desire is fucking hilarious, but in all the best possible ways. This story has so many priceless one liners...

"The monster whipped out a copy of the Kama Sutra and began dog earring pages." or "our girlfriend swallows . . . our girlfriend swallows . . .” and at no point I did I find myself thinking "this author thinks they are really funny, but they aren't".

Edward is a normal, extremely horny teenage boy and its great how he fights daily against his hormones and the monster, to respect his girlfriend. Bella is sweet and funny and the way TZ worked in James was very well done. Not to mention the smut is not only right on for their age, but way delicious. Edward's endless wanking isn't have bad either. hehehe. I am looking forward to checking out other fics from Twilightzoner. 4 out of 5

Kathy- Ah, Midnight Desire has been on my list for a while; I confess, I didn't read it in the beginning, only because I didn't know it existed. Once I found it, I devoured it quickly and became part of the anxious crowd that waits for updates. What's not to love about a fic that says outright it's all about the extreme lust?

From the beginning, this parody is hysterical. I don't think I've read a chapter that didn't make me laugh AND breathe heavily. I love that Bella sort of makes him work for it; when he asks her out and then admits he has no real plan, she basically tells him, ask me again when you get a clue. We haven't even gotten to the monster yet. Oh, Monster, how do I love thee? The monster makes me laugh on the regular, especially when acting out lewd things.

Edward stick to canon in many aspects; his adoration of Bella, his protectiveness, etc. Their first kiss is smokin' hot, after several chapters of some Edward self-lovin'. Once the BSR is in place, the comedy amps up even further, imho. However, while I love Wankward, I actually prefer the later chapters when they are together and it isn't just in his mind. I'm a sap that way, I can admit it. I loved that their first time together wasn't perfect.

There is an underlying storyline with James that is compelling, mixed in with the fantastical smut. I think I actually cried when I read the last line in Chapter 25. I cannot wait for the epilogue. Absofuckinglutely 5 panties out of 5 on this one.

Miya- I had something clever in here before but I can't remember what it was... I'll settle for saying that I loved it, laughed and lusted in all the appropriate spots, and that this is a story that will go down in Twilight fanfic history as "The Monster Story." Well done! 4.5 out of 5 panties.

Nina- Initially I wanted to just read the whole of Midnight Desire again and pick out my favorite "Monster' bits and just list them so that he felt special at the highlight of his finer moments throughout the story. Then I realized that that would take away from discussing Edward's cock, that between him and the esteemed monster are the stars of this amazing tale of lust.

Replacing the Midnight Sun Edward's blood-lust with hormonal teenage Edward's sexual lust is the basis for this hilarious, remarkably accurate story (at least in relation to the hormones of a 17 year old boy) that is in all sincerity some of the funniest, sexiest and clearly most entertaining stories I've read. It is also one of the lemoniest stories without having an actual lemon until well into the story.

The opening chapters we're educated on the canon history of the family, well the canon history TZ style. His immediate attraction to her, his um...immediate response to her etc. Chapter 4 "the van incident" is clearly the real account as Meyer intended to write it. As dear Edward cradled Bella's shaking form in his arms, she completely forgot to document his raging boner as an integral part of the scene. That's probably what actually stopped Tyler's fan. Though poor Edward is mortified that his body reacted so inappropriately with Bella that he's convinced that she's going to tarnish his reputation throughout the school.

The Bella Swan Resistance Plan is Edward's grand idea to resist the lusciously tempting siren that is Bella Swan, ultimately the only woman to ever get his (and subsequently Little Eddie's) attention. The plan is also put into place to try and protect himself from not only her feminine wiles but Edward's misreading of Bella being the typical catty, vapid high school girl like all the others.

But his cock's unrelenting pursuit to embarrass him at every inopportune moment causes Edward to shut Bella out hurting them both in the process. Though he's resolved to ignore her hoping that he can 'quit' her (sorry couldn't resist), the resistance plan only antagonizes his um...need to beat off at any and every opportunity.

Wankward and his fantasies are some of the most detailed wet dreams I think have ever been documented. I honestly at one point felt bad for his cock as he continued (sometimes multiple times a day) jackhammering his cock to a multiude of positions that he has dream Bella in. Doggie, reverse cowgirl (one of his favs), schoolgirl, on her knees whatever. His daily releases at one point had Esme thinking they needed a new water heater since he spent so much time beating off down the drain.

The Bella Swan Plan is the next step in dear Edward's quest to get the girl. Once he comes (hehe) to his senses, he decides that it's not just her ripe, ample bosom or her supple ass that he wants but also just her. The great thing about TZ's Edward is that underneath the screaming, humping, horndog he's a genuinely romantic, caring and hopelessly in love young man. He dreams of marrying her and protecting her, just as canon Edward did. He's mature far beyond his years as TZ modeled MD's Edward after the 108 year old character in Twilight.

The story isn't without it's dramatic turn, pitting creepy James against Edward in a trifle that paralleled that of the ballet studio except it was his lust and a couch instead of his madness and a studio. Aside from the villainous James, there are the smaller bits of drama in the form of Alice monopolizing Bella's time, Charlie and his cockblockery and the the typical trials and tribulations of being young, in love and essentially obsessed (in a non-creepy way) with your soul mate. And finally the sadness we all felt in the last chapter as the Monster bid his final adieu. I nearly shed a tear.

The "Monster"
Today the Monster will be revealed. TZ commissioned numerous artists to create her true depiction of how she envisions the Monster to look like. Okay maybe not all that but someone has created the Monster's likeness to TZ's specifications and I, like all of you, can't wait to see how it fits in relation to the wacked as fuck brain image I have of him. In my warped noggin, the Moster is a large, cartoony penis (yes, large in that way, all sorts of girthy and glorious) that walks on his testicles while flexing his biceps kissing them while he asks Bella if she wants tickets to the gun show. He also has his own 'mini monster' encased in a banana hammock.

As I'm typing this, I am thinking that the Monster lounging dramatically on Edward's leather couch, praising the mind of TZ while they sip a nice Remy Martin VSOP and share a Behike together in celebration of the epilogue and his...reveal.

5/5 for Midnight Desire and 10/5 for the Monster and I want to thank him again for last night.

Stephie- I stumbled upon MD after reading TZ's contribution in Saturday School. I had no idea the story even existed (oh what a sheltered ff life I led...). Once I found it though, I couldn't stop reading. I mean that too. From the moment of Edward's...little problem and his reluctant admittance to Carlisle (which had me cracking up btw), I was hooked.

One of the best things about Edward is that he is totally canon in my mind. Maybe that's because my mind is deep in the gutter at all times...but I always viewed the vamps as very sexual creatures. Once the blood lust is cleared away, there is only lust. And MD's Edward has all the characteristics from the books: very intellectual, isolated (of his own doing), horny...er...ok I know that's not in the books, but it should have been damn it.

He is ashamed by his reactions to Bella and feels the need to prepare himself/avoid her at all costs ("Bella Swan Resistance Plan") lest she discover the raging hard on straining in his pants: "I could just imagine explaining that to Carlisle. Well, Bella Swan noticed I had a massive erection while I was talking to her, so I’m just going to have to change schools . . ." bahaha. Too bad BSRP=lack of hot water, or just the need of a larger tank in order to supply Edward with the ability to work off his insatiable lust. His poor, poor tender cock...

Then the Monster makes its first appearance. Oh but do I love the Monster. I never had any sort of image in my head as to what he looked like...except for that character Wario from the Mario Bros games; all squat and chubby and mustachioed, grinning madly and leering at Bella. Ok...so maybe I did have some sort of image. Whatever. The introduction as Domo as the monster made me laugh all over again, and I even had my mini pose with the doll in order to share (she loves that version of the monster). There are so many great Monster moments:

sighing and giggling
tap dancing
swooning and pouting
theatrically wiping its brow
clasping its hands and raising its eyes to the little hearts circling around its head
wearing a flack vest in fear of Charlie, then a bowtie to impress him
twirling an imaginary mustache (see?!)
opening a trench coat to flash Bella

I could go on, because it only gets better, but I don't want to waste your time or give too many funny moments away with my adoration of the Monster. MD follows all the major points from the book: first interaction in Biology, the near fatal van of doom, meadow, trouble with James, etc etc. Only this is so much funnier and sexier and just...awesome. If you haven't read it yet, WTF ARE YOU WAITING FOR? MD is IMO a must read. And I'm so excited to see what the Monster looks like in TZ's genius mind. 5/5


In addition to our Round Table Review above, we've also asked Twilightzoner to share with us a bit about herself and subsequently the Monster...

I discovered Twilight early last year, deciding the books would make good vacation reading while traveling during my daughter’s spring break. That could have easily been the end of the story. However, my daughter had read HP fanfiction, so I knew of the existence of that world. After reading the first three books and wanting more, I decided to look online to see if there was any Twilight related fanfiction. Ha! Just a bit . . .

After delving into that world for about a month, I decided to try my hand. I wrote my first story, a one-shot titled Certain Revelations, and celebrated like crazy when I received four reviews. Almost immediately, Vicissitudes, my post Eclipse story, demanded to be written. And almost immediately after I started it, the concept for Midnight Desire – just a premise, really – started trying to push its way into my consciousness. I demanded that it wait patiently until I finished the prior story.

MD really began as an experiment, and I was not entirely confident in my ability to pull it off. My entire plan at the beginning was simply to substitute lust for bloodlust and see where it took me while generally following the Twilight story line. I had a very vague outline in my head of how it would be adapted. Obviously, Edward would feel extreme and unprecedented lust for Bella and he would try to resist acting on that lust, thus creating a human version of Twilight.

After the first couple of chapters, I would read the next chapter of Twilight and think about ways to adapt it. For instance, human Edward couldn’t spring onto the roof and enter Bella’s bedroom undetected, so instead, he stood in the woods by her house and imagined what it would be like to be there. Without going into details, I’d just like to add that it was incredible fun sexually tormenting Edward.

The monster was only a twinkle in Edward’s eye in Chapter 1. It was born in Chapter 4 and took on full form by Chapter 7. As the story evolved, the monster became a steady form of comic relief, and I am exceedingly grateful to the little bugger. The monster now resides with me, but is often out whoring around and visiting adoring fans. It also spends time tormenting Ksangi, the “President” of its “unofficial fan club”, making unreasonable and ridiculous demands for attention and accolades.

Today, the epilogue of MD will be posted, and the story will officially end, other than some extras to come. Throughout the story, reviewers have told me how they picture the monster, and some have graciously asked how I envision it. With some help from very talented people, the monster now has a visage, and it will be revealed tonight on the MD thread at Twilighted. The monster also wants me to tell you that t-shirts with its image will be available at Twilighted, and encourages you to buy them all to help support Twilighted. Honestly, the ego on this guy . . .

In ending, I would like to thank the Perv Pack for reviewing MD, psymom for being the world’s best beta, and everyone who has taken the trouble to review the story. I don’t have the time to acknowledge every review, but I read them all and appreciate them beyond measure, that is, when I can pull the monster away from surfing porn and googling its name on the computer. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Emmy needs to change her knickers!

Author: Hammondgirl
Chapters: one-shot
Words: 5,547
Reviews: 147
Summary: Edward is the new guy in Bella's office. He's a complete geek, which is actually her undoing. She fantasizes about him at work constantly. An entry to the Dirty Talking Edward Contest. BxE, A/H, A/U, OOC. Rated M for a yummy geeky lemon!

Hello dear lover-ly pervlings, & fellow perv's,

Yup you are hearing from me again this week, get comfy - you know how I like to prattle..

Its my turn to pick just one slice of lemon tart with a large serving of clotted cream for you.. & I must say its a tough call. There are so many good one's out there.. However when I first knew we were going to be doing this, I thought of hammondgirl. hammondgirl is yet another lovely author who I discovered, back in October, when she started writing to enter a competition... I love everything she has done. I love her Resident Advisor & its slow build with the mutually smitten but clueless B/E who I call "my favourite hesitators". At first I couldn't decide between her one-shots, Shampoo (Edward has a base reaction to a summertime memory of a younger Bella..) and what I went for - Change of Underwear, for my pick.

Change of Underwear combines a few of my favourite Edible Edward ElementsTM: geeky, with a dirty yet silver tongue, and OfficeWard... *sigh* - what more could you wish for really? Hammondgirl writes really nicely, I love Bella's narration in this, her thoughts, and sometimes her actions, entertainingly run amok at the mere presence of Mr Masen.. The premise of this tempter is straightforward: A new colleague (Edward), is pretty awkward and overlooked by the entire workforce, but his spec's appeal is causing B to desecrate many pairs of knickers, (by the end of this fic you will too! ;] ).

Bella gets caught up in a haze of fantasies. Her imagination runs rampant whilst she waits every week for him to personally deliver his report to her.. Will they ever be more than fantasies, will he hand deliver more than a report to her this week? Read this tasty wee morsel to discover, and keep your change of underwear to hand... You don't want to be caught short needing new knickers like Emmy...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whatchu know bout me... Get to know Lipsmacked just a little bit better!

<---- my actual mouth and super straight teeth

I'll start off by saying the picture of me has been limited to the mouthal region because my mother works for the government and asked me very nicely to not embarrass her or my father, but I think if someone I knew found this it would take them a hot five seconds to put two and two together. Also Nina has this weird thing with my lips. (watch out Nina, Em never gave her consent. Just a heads up.)

Beks aka Lipsmacked here, filling the minority quota for Brown folks in the PP. I'm 26. I live in Los Angeles, but I'm from New Hampshire. I miss seasons. I don't miss feet and feet of snow from October to April. I go by Lipsmacked or Lipglossed on every forum because I don't wear make-up and I never have. But I DO have a monster lip gloss collection. I have a intellectually thugalicious boyfriend named Tony, or T as the Pack refers to him, who I have been with for 8 years.
<----T's face twin... sorta
I don't know when we're getting married, so don't ask. He looks like Ice Cube in this picture, but not Ice Cube walking around or in Are We There Yet? If that makes sense.

I'm a raging bi-sexual, hence my love of slash fic, mostly of the Alice/Bella persuasion. It's no secret, don't worry. I like my men tri-racial and my ladies busty with a fat ass. I love music. I love movies. I will watch Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Willow and Coming to America over and over again. I love books. And I love to dance. I like puppies, spaghetti dinners and long walks on the beach. Death cage matches and light bondage. I'm a total Daddy's girl in more ways than one (hehehe, Jo). I'm a fan of NPRs Morning Addition and A Prairie Home Companion. I would marry James Taylor or Christopher Plummer if my time machine was working.
<--- Captain Von DoMe

The only television shows I watch are cartoons and shows about murder investigations on A&E. I love Wonder Woman and I think her and Batman need to just tie the knot already. I hate the NBA, but I love Shaq. I think Twitter is stupid. (yeah that's right, Angelface)

I've had a million jobs... librarian, 6th grade teacher, meter maid. I have life ADD. I spent some time as the lube specialist at an erotic boutique here in LA. I miss testing the nipple clamps and whips, learning more about the new lubricants on the market and selling steel butt plugs and gay porn to celebs. (I see you Rupert Everett.) Ahh.. good times. I still find myself giving people toy/sex advice, because I don't really have the phrase TMI in my lexicon and I guess I just make people feel comfy enough to open up to me. (Its the lips.) And yes Hope, vaginal fisting wins out over rimming every time.

I am an avid Jake lover. Jake. Not Taylor. I fell in love with him somewhere between the kiss in Eclipse and a Breaking Dawn release party. Don't get me wrong, I love all the Cullen boys, but I just have a soft spot for Jake. I don't think him and Bella belong together though. Not at all. If I had to chose a Cullen boy it would be Emmett. Edward and I would kill each other.

<---- my Jake

I currently work for Disney, in film and television production. Yeah I know. I read and write graphic Twi smut and I work for the Mouse. The funny part of is my co-workers are well aware of my Twi obsession. A few of them have read my smut. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

I actually started reading Twilight for my job. We were "researching" the teen market and one day my executive producer walked into the room holding a copy of Twilight and said "WHO WANTS TO READ THIS?". I had no fucking clue what it was about, but I figured, "Hey I like books. Why not." BIG MISTAKE.

Or was it....

I read the first three books in four days. We weren't shooting anything and technically I was doing research, so I sat on our production designers couch for four days and read the first three books. When I was finished she wanted to shoot me because I would shut up about them. She has since caved and read all four books and is now just as in love with Edward and Co. as I am.

Work also lead me to the world of Twi fic. My boss was closing the doors on his fanfiction site in my early days with Disney. After finding out about my Twi-problem another co-worker pointed me towards some pretty good and some pretty bad Twi fic that was about to be pulled down from their site. I liked what I saw and during a case of writer's block I suffered while working on a screenplay for work, I wrote my first two one-shots, the companion pieces In His Dreams and In Her Dreams. I was shocked that people actually read them and even more shocked that people actually liked them.

I kept writing, diving into the post BD New School and the pre-Eclipse Baby Steps . Up to that point I had a severe distaste for AH-AU stories, but one day an idea for fic popped into my head and there was NO WAY I could squeeze it into the canon time line. I had too much respect for the established relationships and something about a vamp Rose and a were-Jacob, going at it behind Emmett's back just didn't feel right. After a long walk to Cold Stone Creamery So Obvious worked itself out, my first AH-AU story and I haven't looked back since. Baby Steps was well received by the 40 people who read it, but something about this Jake I created really drew people to the So Obvious.

Since then, I have focused manly on AH-AU stories. I have five stories going right now and I need to finish one soon. (Baby Steps will be the first one done for those of you who are just aching to know.) So Obvious is my baby because it led me to these lovely ladies. I have to say my favorite story to write is Lost then Found , a Bella/Alice slash fic that takes place in the DC Universe of Wonder Woman. Trust me its not as geeky as it sounds. I wrote it as a lesbo love-fest for my PP ladies and it has led to quite a few readers opening up to their inner tribber (look it up).

I don't write for my readers. I write to keep from driving my car up on the sidewalk on my way into work. Sorry. I've seen a lot of fics that have morphed in reaction to reviews or comments on the forums. I have had people make a lot of requests for my characters and I just can't do it. I do however reply to every review. :) I don't always proofread that well before I post, but I just getting so freaking excited that the damn chapter is finished. Excuse any typos. I mean well.

I have read so many stories that I have loved, oddly enough a lot of them were written by members of the PP before there was a PP.

We have rec'd several of them, but I wouldn't feel right without mentioning:

Sacrifices by Enthralled:
After rebuilding her life when Edward does not return in New Moon, Bella is reunited with Cullens. You find out in the first few chapters that Bella married Jake, had a child with him, and was shortly after turned by Victoria as revenge for killing Laurent. This story is crazy long, but so good. I read all 53 chapters in 2 or 3 days. The story just drew me in and I couldn't put it down. It's the first multi-chapter fic I read, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Alpha's Female by Swill122:
A one shot for now, but I'm praying she continues it. Nessie and Jake, some time after BD, are together in a magical, loving D/s relationship. It's really fucking hot.

Silence by JCara: Basically all the events following New Moon, but Bella is deaf. It is a really cool story so far and I wish the writer had more time to pay attention to it.

Evading the Orbit by TrampyVampies:
An AMAZING one shot so far about Jasper hesitantly falling in love with his best friend Edward. The writing is really fucking good and the entire time I was reading I found myself wishing this author had something published that I could buy.

I hope to have time to read more and to have more time to write. For now I'll be busy getting a rise out of my man, looking for songs to bone him to, praying to God Em writes the second chapter to Me and Mrs. McCarty like she said she would and of course... chasing the best. sandwich. ever!

Thanks for letting me ramble. MWAH!!

< ---- P.S. In case you didn't know.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fiberkitty's Reminder to Breathe

Title: "Breathe"
Author: Adair7
Chapters: one-shot
Reviews: 60

Summary: Jasper uses his powers to help Bella and Edward release some sexual tension. Smut. Jasper/Bella/Edward action, that means a THREESOME. If that squicks you out, don't read it.

The Powers That Be of Organization emailed me on Monday. "Miya, you're up for the one-shot rec this week." Me, I don't read one-shots unless they're for my contests or one of the Perv Pack smacks me over the head with it and says, "read this, dammit." I just don't have time to hunt down one-shots when there are so many absolutely fanfuckingtastic multi-chapter fics.

So, I went to my bookmarks and looked at the handful of one-shots I saved for proper appreciation later. Yes, I've enjoyed them time and time again, but I always come back to them because they're that good.

Then, I noticed something- they were all by the same author. Adair7. Yes, the one who writes Grey and a ton of other awesome stories that are a guaranteed good read.

Fiberkitty, being a good pervy reader, I went to my binder o' smut that is kept under the bed. Some new batteries in my rabbit, a good bit of reading, and a few orgasms later, I found my recommendation.

Breathe starts with the tried and true angle of Jasper is frustrated over Edward being an annoying prude who won't just get it on already. When the rest of the family goes away for a weekend hunt, leaving the three of them at home, the fun begins. Alice, future seeing meddling sprite that she is, gives Jasper the parting words of, "Take it easy on them."

Jasper refuses to relieve the tension without consent from all involved parties. It's later, when Edward and Bella are enjoying a good night kiss, that he finds his sought permission. He comes into Edward's bedroom, throws Edward against the door and kisses Bella. Okay, so no permission for that, but he goes on to explain what he feels every time Edward leaves Bella with blue clit.

The image that gets me every time:
"I waited for Edward to strike, to take down Jasper, but it never happened. Instead I felt Edward move up behind me, his delicate kisses making their way up my neck, his tongue cold but pleasurable as it played with my earlobe."

If you were Bella, wouldn't you want your first time with both Edward and Jasper? You've got protection against being bitten to a degree- at least of being drained, protection against badly named babies, plus you have Jasper to relax you through the sting and discomfort of your first time while Edward loses his virtue.

Fiberkitty says you should read "Breathe" (and review) or you all get a session with Dark Salvation's Master Aro.

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4theluvofmary here to SAVE YOU the trouble of getting to know me

That ^^ was my lame attempt at being “clever.” But we’ll come to that later. It’s my turn to astound you with details of my extravagant lifestyle. So allow myself to introduce…myself. The name is Stephanie. I’m recently 25. I have been married for 4 years this May. Yes I know, that means I got married young. Thanks. I also have a wee one known to many as Mini who is 18 months. I could go on and on about just how damn cute she is, but I’ll let the picture do the talking for me.
Moving on to more “pertinent” matters.

I first discovered Twilight during the month of August 2007. I remember it well; I was 7 months preggo and bored at work since I decided I was entitled the luxury of sitting and doing pretty much nothing whenever I wanted to. ***Although, it is my belief that a pregnant woman has every right to sit on her ass whenever she so pleases since all of her time is spent GROWING A CHILD. Anyone agree with me? Mothers, raise your hands. You know you want to.*** Some coworkers were insisting I read this story about vampire love. Not just any vampire love…teenager vampire love. I’m not afraid to admit that my first thoughts were WTF? That sounds like a horrible idea for a book! Funny, right? I finally gave in, bought the book, still slightly hesitant despite the check out lady’s declaration of love towards it. Naturally I read the book in one day.

The next day I paid a visit to my dear sister and told her I had read this book called Twilight. “Oh I have the second book if you want to borrow it.” She knew about the book…I mean series..and she didn’t tell me before now?! What kind of a sister… Seriously, I was pretty disappointed that she had not been the one shoving the books in my hand in the first place. Still, I walked away with her copy of New Moon in my possession.

I read it all that night and of course was too eager to read Eclipse to wait to borrow her copy. Screw that, I’m goin to fuckin Barnes & Noble. I bought Eclipse and New Moon…ya know, so I could go back to reread and really act out my budding obsession.

But once I finished Eclipse…I was done. I had to wait with the others until 2008 for Breaking Dawn. And just what exactly was I going to do until the release? (of course if I had known just how cockblocking that book was..I may not have anticipated its release…or lack thereof…quite so much.)

My venture into fanfic was slow and tentative. It started by going to SM’s site then going to the Twilight Lexicon that was mentioned there. There I happened to look at the side bar and notice something or other about Twilight fanfic. *click* and it took me to some Lexicon affiliated fanfic site. There were endless possibilities. But since I was such a newbie over this stuff, I stuck to the stories that continued where Eclipse left off. I read a few things here and there but found myself slightly dissatisfied with what was offered. I wanted something more…substantial. So I googled “Twilight Fanfic” (insert giggles from RPatz saying “google it” here).

FF.net was at the top of the list. So *click* and I was on my way to exploring the wonderful world of fanficdom. Somehow I managed to discover this little thing called an M rating…and it changed my world completely. You mean there are fanfics with SEX in it? Not only vamp sex, but human sex. The world of AH cracked itself wide open to me. I stumbled upon Jandco’s Cullen's Island. And it was…like whoa. Not only did she write extremely well, but she updated often, and I mean…there was the sex. Then there was Amethyst Jackson’s Only Human, the first fic I fangirled over. My reading list grew exponentially from there. I was getting so many updates in my box I had stopped reading actual paper books at this point.

For whatever reason, I felt this increasing need to write something myself. I don’t really know why, but I did. Maybe it was to prove to myself I could do it. Maybe it was because I had always wanted to take a stab at writing my “own” things. Either way I did it. I wrote and wrote and wrote, several chapters in fact, before working up the nerve to create an account so I could post. Then, I got so pissed at the 3 day or whatever waiting period after creating an account that I was so fucking jittery. The blessed day arrived when I could actually use my account and away I went, no looking back.

Private Tutor became my baby, one of my top priorities; ranked below Mini Mary and tied with the Hubs (I kid, I kid. I don’t avoid my family…I swear). There were times that I got frustrated with the fandom…random nonsense getting in the way. Whenever I got downhearted over some of the BS I felt was going on, I’d get some amazing review or a PM from a reader wondering when I’d update, and the pull to keep writing would suck me back into things. You have no idea what it does for the author. And I have forged a lot of good friendships over communication started from reviews or other PMs.

Life has never been the same. I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Twific. And apparently, also a giant nerd as I used one of the fucking most common quotes from the book to twist for my own personal use. *sigh*

Some things you may or may not know about me:
*I handwrite most everything. Only on rare occasion do I sit down to lappy in order to write out an entire chapter. You should see all the notebooks I have filled with PT, TAITA, and the one-shots I have written for various contests.
*Apparently I really like starting sentences with the word “and.” And (haha) my usage of “…” is unparalleled. Seriously, I don’t mean to use it but…it just pops up. If it annoys you, tell me. I promise to try and rein it in.
*I won’t caps anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. Like this post. If it were up to me, everything would be lowercase. I just can’t be bothered to press that shift button. I’m lazy, I know this.
*I am sensitive about my age, or rather, how old I look. I am 25 but have been told by more than enough people that I look 18. I ask you, do I seriously look that young? *I love music. I don’t think I can ever not include it in some way with my writings. That is all.
*I don’t like beer, unless it is of the “bitch” variety. It’s just not my thing I guess.
*I love sleep…but sleep is not my friend. I am up way too late (not by choice). This is why I am posting at almost 2am. *edited* AFTER 2am...
*I get really long winded…hence this post. I don’t think that piece of info should come as a shock to any of you.
*I hate going to the doctor’s. Seriously…you can ask a lot of people. I suffer from migraines and have been in need of a doc visit for some meds and have yet to go. For whatever reason, I think most doctors are full of shit. Now, if Edward was my doctor, I’d have no qualms about going in for regular checkups. That being said…
Let me tell you about this little story I am currently fangirling over by the title of “Save You,” written by socact (Ironically the author is in med school. I swear, no offense to you socact. I’d go pay you a visit if I needed a doc). I say it’s little but really it’s an epic fic. (and please excuse my pitiful attempts at making a banner adequate for this story)
Summary: Edward is a brilliant, troubled doctor who uses medicine to escape his past, until he meets a beautiful patient whose mysterious, debilitating disease challenges everything he knows about life and death. Can he save her? Can she save him? AH, ExB, Rated M
The story revolves around Edward, an emotionally distant doctor somewhat reminiscent of House, and Bella a pediatrician in her residency. She faints during a normal run through the streets of San Francisco. It wouldn’t seem like such a big deal, only her oxygen saturation levels are pretty abnormal (don’t ask me what that really means). Edward is asked to consult on her case, seeing how he’s basically the guy you go to when there are unexplained medical phenomena.
Edward insults, in typical AssWard fashion, and Bella actually talks back; something he is not used to since most are intimidated by him. The attraction is instant, though pushed down by both. Edward doesn’t feel the need to get close to anyone. Bella is offended at Edward’s comments towards her chosen field.
Bella’s sickness is the excuse Edward needs to keep seeing her, though admittedly he also feels very invested in her case. The reasoning behind that becomes clear in later chapters. Edward is determined to find the cause of the unfortunate things happening to Bella. The drama is strong, the emotions stronger. I cried, I will admit, at several parts of this story.
Luckily, the relationship that grows between them is enough to help me cope with the drama. I love how tentative Edward is, slowly changing and opening up, not only to Bella but colleagues and acquaintances. He finds ways to subtly admit that she is the reason behind his changing demeanor…and really the words he speaks to her make me tingle. They are very honest and just, wow. I haven’t felt that warm fuzzy feeling from reading in awhile.
Just when you think everything will be ok, news from Bella’s past calls into question Bella’s health. And that in turn, causes major heartfail. I won’t go into details. I will not spoil here! But rest assured, socact wants E/B together as much as the rest of us. Currently I am anticipating some much needed...reuniting
You have to read this beautifully written story. Because she is a med student, socact can very believably weave in the painful realities many suffer while working in the medical field. I also feel like I’ve learned so much just from her chapter titles (all named after an illness/disease/whatever). She continues to amaze me as, being a busy student, she manages to write an intricate story that updates fairly often (woot woot). Not only that, but it is amazing that she does not have more love for this fic. Remember what I said about appreciating reviews? She does too. Go show her some love.

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"Holding Out For You" ObsessingOverEdward

Our Guest Reviewer this week is Muggleinlove!!!

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: "Holding Out For You"
Author: ObsessingOverEdward
Chapters: 31
Words: 166,907
Reviews: 5,898
Summary: After her divorce Bella starts a new life in Carmel with her son. She soon meets a handsome doctor, who is dealing with his own loss and is struggling to raise his two kids. It's a story of finding strength during adversity and learning to love again.

Twighlited Thread for HOFY

Our Guest Reviewer Muggleinlove: Holding Out for You (HOFY) has been a story that I have been closely following since day one. And, it is still one my favorite stories. I literally count down the days until there is an update. It is that good. I, honestly, have to say that I had encountered very few stories that can have such a profound effect on me. It’s made me laugh, cry, and even want to throw something at my computer screen. It takes a very brilliant writer to accomplish that. ObsessingOverEdward (OOE) is one of the few writers that I have found that can literally suck you into the world of Bella and Edward.

This story intrigued me from chapter 1. A divorced Bella and a mourning Edward both trying to put together the shattered pieces of their lives. This is not your typical teenage story. This story is very realistic and captures the hardships of starting over. As a reader you genuinely feel the struggle that Bella and Edward face. They have to look out for not only themselves but for their kids, as well. Seth, Tony, and Liz are three characters that jump out of the screen. Sometimes, I swear they are really real. They truly make the story much more interesting. They make you laugh and they frustrate you onto no end.

HOFY takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions and I can’t fully explain it. It is really something you have to read for yourself. Things are not always fluffy (as much as I wish they were), but it captures the truth that is life. OOE delivers it all; from hot SOTB to scenes where you literally have to get up and go find a box of tissues. This story has the perfect combination of fluff and angst. Not to mention a wide variety of all our favorite Edwards: Wetward (OOE personal favorite), Daddyward, Honeyward, Tubward, Captain Edward, Coach Edward, and my favorite Dr. Sexy.

Although, she is a great writer she can be a very cruel woman. Just ask her how many times I begged her not to break Bella and Edward up? I literally used up a lot of energy coming up with alternate paths she can take them on. As the Queen of Fluff, I don’t do breakup stories well. And, it was excruciatingly painful for me to know what was coming. I know it’s necessary for her plot to develop, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

I recommend everyone to read this story. OOE has gone to great lengths to make it very realistic. Every detail of the story has been planned out perfectly and it shows in her writing. I end this by saying that there are very few stories like this one in out there. This story is really a sparkling gem in a sea of Twilight fanfiction stories.

Bri- I can admit it...I was not overly anxious to read this fic. The Naughty Librarian has been harassing me to read it for weeks and weeks and weeks and I always put it on the back burner. I mean, how excited could I get about an Edward that was married to Tanya? *scoffs* Whether she was dead or not didn't mean anything to me...

But, with the rec coming this week on the blog, I didn't have a choice. So, I procrastinated, started a couple other fics in the meantime (yes, just since Sunday) and then finally Wednesday afternoon I figured I better get a move on. And, the only thing that came to mind was what the fuck took me so long?? I devoured the first twenty chapters and then decided that I better get some sleep so I could - you know - take care of my kids and stuff. (damn kids needing attention)

Of course, the first chance I got I was back on the computer, soaking up everything OOE had to offer. I found this story incredibly refreshing. It was so nice to read an ADULT fic. One that doesn't involve shots and clubbing and drinking games. Normally when I read fics, I like to enjoy ones that don't have kids in them - cuz, let's face it, as a mom I get enough of the little demons in my day to day life.

But, with HOFY, I couldn't help but love how she wove the child characters into the fic. Rather than being a nuisance, they were necessary for the plot. I'm not going to lie - it still kills me that Edward was not only with Tanya, but actually loved her, married her and had kids with her. *shudders* But, what are you gonna do? If Bella can accept it and deal with it, so can I. Not only that, but we have to deal with an ex-hubs in Jake.

These two both have baggage that they need to work through, but that only makes the story more realistic.In the first few chapters of "getting to know you", the UST between these two was palpable. So, so, so fucking hot. I am a sucker for UST and the beginning chapters of HOFY definitely delivered. What could be better than UST? Uh...how about SOTB, honey sticks, Doctor Cullen, hot tub fun and blindfolds? Mhmm........... *shifts in seat*I actually should have listened to Naughty and stopped when we were in the hot, steamy part of the fic, but I was so obsessed with it, that I had to continue.

And, well, fuck me. Heartfail?!?! HEARTFAIL?!?! Gah. I hate it. I have cried in only a handful of fics. I can count them on one hand. Chapter 30? Totally cried. Dammit.So, after the longest review in the history of the world, I will end and say that if you are interested in a more adult tale, that you need to give HOFY a try. Despite any apprehension you may have, give it five chapters. I guarantee you will be hooked. 4.5 out of 5 panties from me.

Emmy- I first stumbled upon OOE's tales with a couple of tasty one-shots [How often do I write that in these recc's? Gawd bless the one-shot competitions in fandom!] she wrote for the Sexy Eddie contest.. I then got completely sucked in during Lady of the Knight.. (go read that too!) I think what I like about her writing style is that it is so complete & well rounded... Everything has a purpose, everything is relevant - whether it be to the storyline, the characters or the feel of the piece...

I am going to reveal how lame I am - yet again - by saying I only read the last few chapters this morning as I knew they were going to be traumatic, as in Emmy trying to plan forward in her mind how they were going to work out & have a HEA even if they never do traumatic! But even her heart-fail she does brilliantly..

Another thing I love about this story is how REAL the characters are. Yes they are both gorgeous, both comfortable financially, Dr (Doctor, doctor, gave me the news I've got a bad case of loving you) Cullen in partic is especially well-off, they live in a dream location. Yet they are real. (btw I do know that they are not actually real & are instead fictional characters! - they are just so realistic and well rounded in a dysfunctional, falling apart kind of way.) The way they are coping with the slag pile of shite they have had heaped upon them collectively & individually is 100% genuine & believable.. The choices they make based upon this - ditto yet again... Additionally the way that OOE writes the family dynamics, is just spot on. Brilliantly so. I veer between wanting to give Liz a big bozie as she is in pain then a right talking to as she's being a little mare!!! Bless her. Seth & Anthony and their antics are also win. & Jake (Harrumph!) as the pitiful ex-hub is also well conceived and developed...

Now the sexing! Good times. Yachtward - Hello sailor! ;) HoneyWard - I do love making a mess.. & just general ReallyKnowsHowToBlowAGirlsSocksOffWard is just yum. Really yum. He is considerate, loving & randy as hell. Delicious. But yet again the sexing is realistic, interruptions from children, fears about old marital beds all have ripple effects on their impressive, tingly sexing.

In case you cannot tell - I really like this story. I really like OOE's fabbio writing & stories full stop! & I end with a beseech to her, to make them happy love bunnies once more... :D
4pretty knickers out of 5 - give me a HEA & I'll ratch it up to 5!! ;)

Emily- I have heard wonderful things about this storybut I have not had the chance to read it. I have been too busy fucking. Well that might be a little bit true but in reality I have been slammed and have not had time to read anything new.

Hope- I was hesitant to start this story simply based on the size of it. It's kinda intimidating starting something with over 100k words already. But I am so glad that I did. And I feel like a tool for not starting it sooner. This is exactly the kind of story that I have been jonesin' for lately, a more mature (older) Bella and Edward. And yeah it's long (hehe) but it isn't boring or drawn out, the flow and pacing are perfect. But really the thing I love most about OOE's loverly story if how real it is. Seriously, these are real people with real problems and issues and the don't always handle them in the right or perfect way.

There is a lot of pain being batted about here, no not physical pain. But the emotional pain from losing a loved one and the dream of what your life could have been. Le sigh. Don't get me wrong there are a ton of lighthearted and funny moments. It's not all woe-is-me. OOE balances the necessary angst and the lightheartedness of everyday life so wonderfully that the angst just doesn't hurt as much. And these kids are cute. I am usually not a fan of rugrats in ff. But these kids are adorable, even Liz when she is being snotty. But really you all want to know about the smut. Come on, I know you do.

I just have four little letters for you: S.O.T.B. hehe. And no, I am not going to tell you what it means. You will just have to read to find out. I did. So, umm yeah. The smut is freaken' phenomeanal in HOFY, but the UST before the smut is even fucking better. It takes awhile for these two to jump into bed together. Ya know, pesky kids running around, interupting hand-jobs and such. But the build up to it is half the fun, right?

Definitely for these two it is. You must read the smut-take companion piece to this story called "Honey Sticks", sweet sticky goodness. Who knew Edward was so kinky?I loved this story. It is romantic and heatwrenching and fluffy and real and fuckhot and just *sigh*. Widoward, I love thee. 4.5 I wish he would take off my panties already out of 5.

Beks- I'm haven't gotten to the end yet, but I really like what I've read so far. I love Bella and Edward's characterization and the writing style drew me in right away. I can't wait to finish. : )

Kathy- I am going to be upfront about my bias for this story - I am one of the current betas for it. I have loved this story since it began. I really enjoy the grown up Edward and Bella who are struggling with real life problems. I don't feel like OOE tugs at my heart strings unnecessarily, but I did cry a lot reading this (because that's just me; I am the resident crying girl). Everything E&B have gone through so far has been for a purpose. I appreciate each of the characters, including the children, and their complexities and flaws.

I very much love that Tanya isn't a "bad" character here; Edward didn't divorce or leave her, it's just a complicated mess while he and his children deal with loving his dead wife and moving on to love someone new. I really liked that OOE didn't dive in with the smut in chapter 1 or 2 -- she built a solid relationship between these two, which they both needed and deserved. The UST was out of control and I really 'awwww'ed a lot at their dates.

Yes, there are some bumps in the road, but they serve to enrich this story. I love the path OOE is taking this story on, and I wouldn't dream of giving it any less than 5 panties... and neither will you, once you've read the MULTIPLE chapters of SOTB.

Miya- Yes, I am the odd one out who didn't cry at the recent heart fail. But I will say, the heart fail is completely and utterly necessary to the this well thought out, wonderfully paced, look at a real world Edward and Bella trying to make their relationship work around children, former relationship baggage, and a jealous ex-husband.

The SOTB (read to figure out what that means) was hotter than hell and I'll never look at lounge chairs and sleeping bags the same way. I have a new love for honeysticks thanks to our Doctor Honeyward, even if I had to do some laundry well past my bed time during post-coital bliss. There is drama, but that's because it's a real relationship. He never dealt with his grief or really allowed his children to deal with theirs, so a new woman in dad's heart is obviously going to be issue inducing.

My thumbs up are with Mama Bear Bella for putting the children first.

Before I had to retire my MILF of the week pic (due to mommy time taking over my fun web playing time) this was my first story rec- and that was before the UST exploded into SOTB. Read the side-shot Honeysticks to bring this from a 4 up to a 4.5 out of 5 panties.

Oh and please tell the author she can't kill Jasper just to make fiberkitty cry.

Nina- I've never been shy in admitting that I prefer grown-up stories as opposed to HS fics. It's just my preference (and by grown up I mean the characters being of legal age to vote, drink and buy porn.) Having loved Lady of the Knight so very much I added OOE to my alerty thingie hoping that she would soon write another story. Well she did and certainly didn't disappoint anyone.

I'll be honest and say I don't remember how old B/E are in this, probably late 30's but it's irrelevant. What IS relevant is the fact that OOE is portraying a real life relationship among two people regardless of their relative age. There are ups and downs normally, but throw in one dead wife, one cheating husband, three kids, a dog and Alice and you've got a true to form situation that so many of us can relate too.

I sound like a broken record but I adore UST, well I adore well written UST, and she is the mastah of the sexual tension. I adored their first date and the awkward but genuine feelings that they both shared through their internal dialogue. They've both been in relationships that they thought would be their forevers and now they're trying to climb back onto the proverbial horse. It's so realistically done and emotional reactions she stirs up is staggering. But in every relationship there are hard times too, especially when you're bringing children into the fold. There has been heartfail the past few chapters but again, it's completely justified and necessary to keep with the flow of the story. It's not all sunshine and rainbows because that's just bullshit.

Now, the sexy times. Lord above S.O.T.B. fucking read it to find out. Honey sticks? I hit up the folk art show near me in search of these badboys (btw I never did find any so if anyone knows where I can get them leave me a comment and I'll hunt those bitches down) I agree that I will never, ever look at a deck chair the same way again. Ever. I am even considering purchasing a boat or at least finding myself a hot doctor that has one and will let me play with his thermometer on board.

Read this story and love it. Then read all of OOE's one-shots as well. I'm quite partial to Eddie on a motorcycle. Or Eddie giving massages. Or Eddie dressed like Tarzan. Or Eddie as Peter Pan. Fuck it, read them all. 5/5 from me

Stephie- I'm adding my rec in a bit late. Sorry for the delay, but certain events occured that kept me from typing this up before it got posted. That being said...

I was told to read HOFY even before it was added to the list of possible stories to rec for the blog. I remember reading the first chapter and just being sucked in at the idea of Bella, newly single and leaving WA to start her life over. I love her relationship with her son Seth. The emotions she feels about leaving Jake are so very real and the need to protect her son is overwhelming (in a good way). The way she meets Edward is just perfect. They meet but do not immediately "fall in love" or feel that spark that pulls them together. It is just a casual run in on the beach.

Edward, poor Edward, who is suffering the loss of his wife Tanya after 8 years...It takes a lot for me to not automatically associate Tanya with the word bitch. I admire any author who can take her character and make me love her. OOE does this in the way she shows Edward's grief and flashbacks to happier times. Edward has two kids: Anthony who I think is seriously the cutest kid I've read about in Twific, and Liz...who while being a bit bratty (or a lot) has very real issues and is trying to cope with the thought of her dad "replacing" her mom.

Their relationship is great to read about; how they are both shy at first and upon realizing how the other feels, very excited to feel the sweet excitement that only new love can bring. There are definitely some hot moments in the story as they explore their physical side of the relationship (ie the o/s Honeysticks). But the best part of all the sexy times is the affection behind each time. They may not recognize that their feelings are moving towards love, but the reader sees it as each encounter bonds them together even closer.

It's not all perfect for them though. Liz is definitely suffering and having a hard time accepting this new woman in her life. And as such, lashes out on everyone. It's hard to read, but honest. And it eventually leads to Bella being the self sacrificing one in the relationship. Just so you know, I am NOT happy about what happened. I mean that in the most loving way. I'm not happy, but it makes for excellent reading. All I want is for resolution...happy resolution. Hopefully some SOTB resolution.

4/5 panties.

Steph- So I knew that I loved OOE's stuff, having adored Lady of the Knight. But when I got the alert for the new story, I was desperately behind in my reading, so I planned to wait until it was much further in or finished. But then it came up in the review list, so I knew it was time to take the plunge. I was right of course, I completely and utterly ADORE this story. Part of me was unsure, divorce, death? Do I really want to read something that could be so real and depressing. After I started of course, the answer was HELL YES.

I squeal like the fangirl I am when an update comes in, even if we are in the midst of the fail. It had to happen, I keep telling myself that, but dammit, I just want them to be happy. Grumbles at Liz. Nah, not really. She's a kid who needs help, and so does her daddy for that matter. So back to the once happy couple. GAH.

The UST between them is almost unbearable at times, you just want them together already, they are so stinking perfect for each other. And they just make each other sooooooo happy. SOTB. Oh my lord in heaven. HOT DAMN. I can only imagine how much better it will be when they're back together. They will be back together won't they OOE????

I may have to hunt you down if you say no. Extremely well written, the pacing is awesome, you won't want to stop. And you'll be frustrated when you reach the end of what's posted and go to the forums and BEG for updates. It's just that good. Right now I'm rating it a 4 out of 5 SOTB panties, when we get that HEA, it will undoubtedly go the full 5.


In addition to our Round Table Review above, we've also asked the author to share with us a bit about herself, her reaction to both the selection of "Holding out for you " and to our blog in general.

For reasons I would rather not go into, I’m going to remain anonymous. Yes, my lifestyle isn’t conducive to writing smut and heaven forbid if some of my family and friends ever found out. However, my husband is very supportive but I think that may have something to do with the fact that our sex life has drastically improved since I found Twilight. LOL.

What can I tell you? Hmmmm. I am a stay at home mom with teenagers! I play taxi and homework nazi everyday and besides that my kids only see me glued to the front of my computer reading some fabulous fanfic stories or writing. Yep, I’m going for mother of the year.
I guess it’s safe to talk about my fanfic life since that’s laid out before y’all anyway. *smirk* I have to admit that writing NEVER crossed my mind. I’ve always loved to read but my hobbies usually included crafty type things with the occasional book in between. Before fanfiction I had never written anything creatively. The only time I had written anything was for an essay or term paper in high school and those were forced upon me.

Thanks to Jayeliwood’s sexy Eddie contest back in August of 08’ I decided to take the plunge. I had already read a bazillion fanfics and knew what I liked in a story and what I didn’t. It’s funny how you start off saying that you are only going to read IC, Rated T, Vampire fics and then end up morphing into OOC, AH, deviant behavior and smut filled fanfics. But I digress, I entered the contest and was surprised at the response that I received. I never thought I could write a single page of a story let alone ten. Then the ideas started flowing. By the end of the contest I had written four one-shots and was completely in love with writing.

HOFY was supposed to be a light, fluffy, baseball story that completely did a 180 when I wrote chapter two. Edward was dying to have his story heard. Edward and Liz’s grief turned into something that I could have never thought up on my own (yeah, I know that sounds weird). But, I’ve never experienced death or divorce so I questioned if I could write a believable story.
The response was amazing and makes my heart swell. *wipes tear away* The people who have come out of the woodwork and expressed their heartfelt comments and stories have made me want to write the best story that I can. I appreciate every single person that reads this story and not to sound too corny but, y’all make my day a little brighter. My drive to write is really generated by you! So a big thank you for feeding my newfound addiction!