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The Succubus Loves "Late Night Encounters"

Late Night Encounters


Long distance relationships—everybody’s heard of them, some people have had them. The question is… how do people manage to be apart from their significant other? Does the sexual aspect of the relationship disappear completely? Well, my dear gals, kyla713 knows the answers to these questions and she illustrates them for us in her story Late Night Encounters.

Edward is a very busy doctor in Chicago, he has no time for relationships and if he ever does, the women don’t have patience to deal with his full agenda. Bella is a shy student in L.A., she is not very outgoing and needs a couple of drinks to be daring. One night—while Bella is drunk and Edward is curious and frustrated—they stumble upon each other in a sex chat room (cue for our very favorite DTE—dirty talking Edward). 

That’s how their relationship evolves. A little naughty words here, a few dirty whispers there, until they dare to use the webcam. From there, their relationship becomes serious until they meet in New York for the first time. It’s New Years and they share this holiday together, creating memorable times and amazing physical sex.

Then, the hardest thing comes—the parting of the ways. Knowing how it feels to touch, to kiss, and not being able to do so. How does one retain her man when he’s in Chicago? How can they find umm… release, until they see each other? Well, Rosalie knows how and she gives some advice to her friend Bella.

"It's still good, Rose. I'm not complaining. It's just that, after actually being with him, I kinda always want more. And this week, I've only gotten to talk to him once, and a couple of text messages. But that's normal, right? I mean, I love him and I want to be with him so much."

"I think I'd be more worried if you weren't feeling this way. But you still have a while before you can be with him, so why not make the best of what you have?" she replied casually with a shrug. "Get inventive."

What do you mean?" I asked with a furrowed brow.

"Spice things up, Isabella Swan," she persisted and looked down at her watch.

Now that Bella has some things under control… considering, Edward is frustrated and finds it hard to be away from her now that he’s finally gotten to know the real deal.

It was my first week on call since returning home from New York, and if I'd thought it was unbearable before that trip, I'd been entirely mistaken.

After having Bella beside me almost constantly for an entire week, feeling her lips against mine, her body writhing both above and beneath me—this was the unbearable part.

But to his surprise, Rosalie’s advice and a certain shopping trip keeps him going through a hard day of work. He starts receiving text messages throughout the day, along with attached pictures that make him a bit uncomfortable under his jeans and scrubs (Edward in scrubs… don’t we all love kyla713 for that?).
You tell me. Get home safe and this will be there waiting. :P

Opening the attachment, my breath caught in my throat at the image displayed on my screen. Even without the face, I would know that body anywhere, and her attire was not helping my uncomfortable predicament. She was draped across her bed, no longer in the snug t-shirt, but now in a silky, dark blue negligee with lace encircling her ribs. The swell of her breasts and the soft curves of her waist were accentuated beautifully by the provocative garment, and I physically had to swallow down the moan that threatened to escape me.

And this is his last response before he gets home. 

Damn baby, you are killing me. This shift can't end soon enough. Can't wait to see you. Love you.  

When he is in front of his computer, she has a surprise for him. Role-playing, Bella leaning against a brass pole. Ha! This is how she keeps her LDR interesting. Bella is mah girl! 

"I have rules, Dr. Cullen," she began in a deep, sultry voice as she slowly circled the pole. "Even if this is a private showing, there is a level of decorum required. There is absolutely no touching of any kind, I'm entirely off limits. And if I notice you touching yourself inappropriately in any way without my consent, I will stop immediately. Understand?"

I groaned and nodded, unable to remove my gaze from the sensuous woman before me. This wasn't Bella; she was completely in character, and it was one of the most arousing things I'd ever seen.

And as things progress, of course Bella couldn’t resist to see the effects she was having in her effing hot and sexy green eyed Doc. I don’t blame her, I would like to have my beautiful visual, too. 

"And fuck professionalism. I want to see that cock and see if it's as beautiful as the rest of you."

Her throaty tone caused my stomach to knot and I swallowed hard at her words as I unfastened my jeans, lifting my hips off the chair.

She shook her head in response, waving her finger in front of her. "No, leave them on. Just take it out."

She hasn’t even gotten undressed, yet!

"What would you like to see first, Dr. Cullen?" she asked, her fingers dancing over her breast and down over her skin to the thin straps of her panties.

"The top. Take the top off," I grunted softly, my hands lowering to the arms of my chair again, gripping them firmly.

And things get rather… umm…  intense from that point on. Bella is a tease and a naughty girl and Edward enjoys her actions a little bit too much. At seeing her man so aroused because of her—not to mention the enthusiasm she’s putting into her role in this game—she gets rather bold. 

"Is this what you would do if you could?" she taunted as she lightly pinched them between her fingers, her soft moan resonating through my entire body.

My hips shifted again at the view on my screen and sounds echoing in my ears, my cock throbbing for release. "No, I would have them in my mouth."

Bella smiled, raising her hand to her lips and gliding her tongue over her fingertips, then returned them to her breast and began circling the skin again. "Your warm, wet mouth would be right here?"

Finally, Bella can’t take it anymore; she needs to complete her hot visual (and ours) by having his hand around himself. She knows Edward is desperate, but he is restraining because of the rules of their role-playing. She also is provoking him to speak, to show her how much the sexy Doc wants her *SLS fans herself at this point*.

"Show me. Touch yourself," she said as she began massaging between her legs.
"I thought this was against the rules," I mumbled.

"No one needs to know. And I want to see those fingers wrapped around that long, hard cock," she replied in a commanding tone and I brought my hand to my erection, groaning as I squeezed it gently. "Now slowly move your hand. I don't want you to come until I can feel you deep inside me."

Things get hotter from there, but I’d rather you go read the chapter—or the story if you haven’t—because it is simply a sin not to (or maybe it’s a pleasurable sin doing it). What I really love of this story is that even though it is very sexy, has tastefully done sex scenes, it still has a plot and awesome moments between our favorite characters. Kyla713 has done an amazing job with her cyber sexy story. 

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Strange Bedfellows by The Bouquet

Strange Bedfellows

The Bouquet




As Edward Masen uncovers the details of the incident that took Chief Swan's beautiful daughter Bella away from him, he soon begins to wonder why the weirdly perfect Cullen family seems too involved for coincidence.


I sat, wondering how best to recommend a story for the Perv Pack’s Smut Shack when there is no smut at all involved. Then I realized, it really doesn’t matter at all that there is no sex in the story, because Strange Bedfellows (even the name is provocative!) is strong enough, funny enough, compelling enough, and mysterious enough to stand on its own. That’s right. I’m saying this story will suck you in, twist you up, and they haven’t even kissed yet.

To begin with, the bouquet introduces a typical seventeen-year-old boy. Well, he’s not entirely typical, because he isn’t focused on sex at all… well, much. This Edward is swoon-worthy, though, because he is gentle, kind, and full of regular flaws. He plays the piano, he wants to go out for the track team, he may possibly suffer from epilepsy, and he’s in love with Bella’s photograph.

Up until that moment, Charlie Swan's daughter was more of a concept than a person. She existed only as a blank spot in the life of a man I didn't really know. All that changed when I saw her picture and heard her name. The blue of her dress brought out roses in her cheeks, and the California sun sparkled in her chocolate brown eyes. Suddenly, I hungered to know everything there was to know about her, including what happened to cause her father such pain.

The Cullens and Hales are present in school, but Bella is not. As you might expect, rumors and mystery surround the perfect students, and Edward finds that he is drawn to them, rather than repelled. Beyond the striking good looks, the creepy eyes, and the startling ability to know exactly what Edward is thinking, the Cullens and Hales seem to have inside knowledge on what exactly happened to Bella. However hard he tries, he can’t quite piece together the puzzle that’s before him. All he knows is that Bella is in a hospital, the kid that ran over her disappeared, and the Cullens and Hales are the only ones that won’t talk about it.

In a real city, you just start living and you don't worry about what happened before you got there. Here, it's like someone dropped me in the middle of a book, and I don't know what happened in the first half.

The bouquet has an amazing touch with her dialogue, and the narration has beautiful moments of poetry without being flowery and overdone. She introduces the mystery, weaves in the clues deftly, and then sits back to grin as it dawns on the reader. Just when I thought I had it all figured out- what I hoped for, what I truly desired to read- the bouquet then pulled a thread, and a new mystery that had run through the first half of the story, but quietly and below the radar, jumps to the forefront and we’re off again down a twisting path at a breathless pace.

Never once does the bouquet falter in her voice, which is hard to do with a teenage boy. The conversations are believable; the situations seem familiar. The bouquet has a gentle sarcasm that brings smiles, but never casts the characters in an unsavory light. And let me assure you, even without the promise of sex between Edward and Bella, there is still a longing- a burning. As his heart overflows with love for the mysterious Bella, so will your heart overflow for this flawed hero. I can promise that you will sigh and whimper; your pulse will race over some of the loveliest lines in all of fanfiction. What talent it takes to craft a story that holds readers rapt in a fandom that loves its smut, and never do the lips of our hero and heroine meet!

Strange Bedfellows is now, and will always remain, one of my favorite stories. I wish I could tell you more, but the mystery is the very best part.

I first read this story when I was Indie (check out their website - TONS of fabbio stories abound) validating. It just blew me away - immediately. Do you know when you read a story and you literally get a chill from just how amazing it is? That you immediately become obsessed with? That was me and Strange Bedfellows. Bri - had previously been raving about the story, but I didn't realise until after I had read it that they were the same story.

So to make you realise just how amazing this story is, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we here at the shack - have decided to recc a T fated fic this week. Yup. NO M story. That is JUST HOW GOOD THIS STORY IS! (Pls be remembering that the last time we did this it was for Swirl & Daisy - you all know how loved that is!)

So no sex. Some of you might be thinking. Why is it so ruddy good then?

EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING about this fic is what makes it so good.

Story? Yes! Its an AU story, but.... The fact that Edward is a human. That its just him and his fartbagvagina(I used it again just for you Hopey <3)>

The fact that the Cullens are not this cozy family of pretend humans, who have learned to temper their vamp tendencies that we are used to in canon. How could they be, when their mind reading son is not a vamp or part of their family? How would they have learned when others are suspect and wary of their specialness without his gift? Which of course sets me off thinking about what else would be different - without Edward as a Cullen..... Gah its soooo addictive. But back to the Cullens. They are creepy. Eerie, sinister even. Its fabulous reading.

Ok. What else?

LOTS. The characterisations?

Just brilliant.

I mentioned the storyline with the Cullens. I LOVE her characterisation of Emmett in particular, Alice for not being a bouncy shop-a-holic, and one particular scene between Edward & Esme - PWNS my arse! And Charlie - just love him in this fic (Nina & I were discussing this earlier) - he is how Charlie would be in canon, if his daughter was in a coma instead of the chasing after a vamp as she does as book Bella. Yes you read that right. Bella, we learn alongside Edward, is in a coma in a private hospital. Charlie is heartbroken, and so is Edward - although Edward doesn't really know why..... . . . . .

Edward's characterisation is just brilliant. He's a proper teenage boy, adjusting to life without his mum, struggling to get on with his dominating twat of a father. Struggling to fit into a small town, when he doesn't know where he belongs. HE KNOWS something is not right with the Cullens, and he initially does his best to stay away from them, but he unravels information that means he cannot leave the situation alone. Edward is lonely in this fic. Missing his mother, his old life in Chicago, his purpose and his motivation. What could possibly change things for him?

I seriously cannot recc this fic enough. The writing is just stupendously good. The storyline is just fabulous. Captivating, creative and takes my breath away. I am in love with her Edward, and I so want him to be a happy bunny, as he's not a happy boy, he lost all his happiness. What or who will help slowly return it to him? Please, if you trust me but at all, read this fic.

5 returned flashlights (torches for any fellow brits) out of 5 from me.

My review is gonna be really short. Don't take the shortness for lack of love, because I abso LOVE this story all kinds of hard. It's just that by now you might have gotten the vibe that there is a mystery going on. Well, there is and really it would completely spoil everything if even one little itty bitty detail was leaked.

So, I'm not gonna say much about the actual plotline except that Edward and Edward Sr. are new to Forks. Moving from Chicago after the death of Elizabeth. Both men are still grieving and Edward Sr. thinks a fresh start is needed.

Edward takes an immediate liking to Chief Swan, who is the opposite of his father. Not that Edward Sr is all bad, he just wants what's best Edward or what he thinks is best for Edward. It's out of love that he does what he does.

Now Edward falls in love with a picture of the lovely Bella that he sees in Charlies house. Yes, you read that right, he falls in love with her by only seeing her picture. It's intense and almost other worldly.

And that's all you're getting from me in regards to plot. Read for yourself to uncover what may or may not be going on with Edward, Bella and the Cullens. Trust me, it's well worth the read.

Now I really do love this characterization of Edward. He's just such a guy. A typical teenage guy. I think The Bouquet nailed what it is to be a teenage boy. He's awkward and funny and self-depreciating and confident when needed and competitive and earnest and a little bit lost and just fucking lovely.

It's the characterization of Edward combined with an original twist on Canon that makes Strange Bedfellows so fucking good. It's a quick read, I read it in about 5 hours and I read really effin' slow.

5 out of 5 flashlights from moi.

The key to a great mystery is using what the reader knows (or think they know) against them. That is also the key to writing a great AU fic. We all know canon like the back of our hand, but when we travel into an alternate universe that knowledge cannot help us, and sometimes, as is the case with this story, it trips us up.

Strange Bedfellows starts with a Human Edward Masen who has just moved to Forks and finds himself in the middle of a mystery involving the police chief's daughter Bella Swan, and the enigmatic Cullens. That is all the details of the story I will give you, because you need to read it for yourself to really appreciate the depth and details that the bouquet put into this story.

Stories like this are the reason I read AU fan fiction. There is no other way I could see these characters, completely IN character and in the same world, but in a completely different context. This is still the story we know, and yet it is NOTHING like the story of Twilight.

Edward is a curious, obsessed, heartbroken young man who searches for meaning in a mystery as a way of escaping the real life stress and tragedy in his past. He is human, he is actually 17 and he yet he is still Edward, through and through. I love seeing this story through his POV, and how very little is explained to us. Instead we are shown in subtle ways. So much of who Edward is and how he became this way is revealed to us naturally as we see him interact with his father and new friends.

I'm being vague, I know. There's a reason, and to find out you need to just read this story. I do not want to ruin your chance at experiencing, first hand, one of my new all time favorite fan fics. This one is in the top ten.

For get what you know or you think you know. Find a quiet corner, get comfortable and be ready to be spellbound by Strange Bedfellows.

I give it 5 out of 5 flashlights

Every now and then, you run across a story that shifts the center of your own personal Twi universe. The cool thing about that, is that for nearly everyone, the name of that story differs, but its effect is the same. For me, Strange Bedfellows is one of those stories.

I already swore my eternal allegiance to The Bouquet. I may *cough* have sworn to marry her and bear her babies. I'm also fairly certain I promised to lick her up and down. Yes, dammit, I loved this story that much!!

In a lovely twist on canon, Strange Bedfellows is about a teenager named Edward Masen, Jr., who relocates to Forks, Washington (AKA purgatory in Edward lexicon) from Chicago in the middle of the school year to "start over" after his mother died the previous November. He moves with Edward Masen, Sr., who is definitely not up for Father-of-the-Year for 2006 (the year this story takes place). To say Edward Sr. is an insensitive, selfish jerk is actually being kind of nice. Every interaction the Edwards have with each other is rife with sarcasm and typical teen rebellion.

Edward Jr.'s mouth gets him into a lot of trouble on a regular basis, at least with his father. His internal monologue is gorgeous, filled with snarkity gems of goodness. A delicious example occurs when he first meets Jessica Stanley:

...Unfortunately, Jessica Stanley didn't need another participant in order to have a conversation...

We've all experienced individuals who just can't shut up, but this particular comment made me giggle like a schoolgirl, because it is cut from the fabric of universal truth. His snark doesn't exactly endear him to the popular kids, and Edward is constantly battling the political evils of high school--Sit with the popular kids? Sit with the creepy Cullens? Or avoid it all by hanging in the library? His typical choice is the library.

Oh yes, I did mention the creepy Cullens in there, didn't I? Right. You see, the Cullens keep to themselves at school. They have pale skin and amber eyes. And they're all together. Like, together, together. At first, with Emmett as his Biology lab partner, Edward is friendly with the Cullens. Then, for reasons I cannot divulge for the sake of being a spoiler, he avoids them. A quandary everywhere he turns. Are you sensing a theme here? The bouquet weaves the Twilight story into Strange Bedfellows in subtle yet discernible ways.

As if all this snark and high school political intrigue isn't fascinating enough, the story is a mystery of sorts, which slowly unravels before your eyes. You can't wait to get to the next chapter, to uncover another layer of the onion. Nothing is what it appears to be on the surface. I almost felt like it was a version of Twilight meets Twin Peaks (for those of you old enough to remember that David Lynch cult classic). Small Washington town, everyone knows everyone else's business, with a sense of a sordid underbelly of some kind.

There is one character missing from this review, isn't there? Bella Swan. Suffice it to say, Edward falls in love with her the moment he sees her picture. Problem is, Bella is in a coma, and it doesn't look like she's going to recover. For the sake of spoiling the mysterious plot, that's all I will say about our young protagonist and the love of his life.

This story is rated "T," so there are no super juicy lemony moments, but there is some definite UST in the way Edward pines for Bella, and I have a feeling some juicier moments might be in their future. Regardless, I implore you, one and all, to check this story out, because it is a lovely little slice of heaven. You won't be able to put it down.

5 out of 5 Returned Flashlights

I admit the summary of this fic scares the shit out of me. I am that bad when it comes to potential angst/heartfail. So, I waited, and waited and waited some more until I could literally not wait any longer to read it.

God, I'm such an ass.

Seriously, I should know better than to question whether or not these glorious ladies would allow me to read something that would kill my poor wussperv heart. I've heard them go on for weeks about the intrigue and the mystery surrounding Strange Bedfellows. How unbelievable this characterization of Edward is. He's such a wonderful modern twist, while managing to maintain so much of what we love about Meyer's Edward.

He's just moved to Forks with his dad Edward Sr. who I immediately want to junk punch and mount his sac as a hood ornament. Aside from his prickish attitude, he does have Edward's best intentions in mind (I hope). He's a 17 year old kid so he's curious and thrust into a new town, new school and hell. It's Forks so you know something wonky is afoot.

Edward embraces many characteristics of canon Bella in this story. The curious nature, the attitude towards not giving a shit about his self preservation and just how much he wants love. He's one of my favorite Edwards, hands down. I want to hug him, while glaring maniacally at his father.

Then, I want to take Charlie out for dinner and drinks. Seriously. One of the BEST Charlie characterizations ever. I love every single scene he's in even if they break my heart. His and Edward's relationship is so perfect I can't get enough.

The Cullens are also done so, so well. No hokey shopoholic vapid Alice, Rose is a shit but not too bad, Jasper while canon, I imagine him with a better wig and Emmett. It's nice to see a relationship with Edward and Emmett that isn't centered around measuring peens and playing the XBox.

The one thing I'm going to fault The Bouquet for is her description of Carlisle. Really? A blonde Data? I had to ask what that even meant since I didn't know someone's name was Data except in the Goonies. Then I googled Data from Star Trek Wars and JFC um. Hell No!

Hot Carlisle

Not Hot Data

5/5/ I don't care if there isn't any smut.

After reading Strange Bedfellows I realized I don’t read enough T stories. I read them, but not nearly enough. This story was fantastic! So many loops and turns. It took the Twilight book, flipped it upside down and shook out all the really juicy parts and then smashed a really good original story into it.

I’m an AU girl, I can do canon, but very rarely. So human Edward made me all giddy and shit. After reading so many stories where Bella was the new kid at school, reading Edward moving to town and being the new kid was refreshing.

Edward Sr., to me, is a douchebag. I know he’s looking out for Edward and doing what he thinks is right, but no man, just shut the fuck up already. I like him NOT!

(Dying to spill)

God, reading as Edward fell in love with someone he’d only ever seen in a photo and heard stories about, just broke my heart. I rooted for the two of them, but in her state, he was left alone.

(Seriously in pain, keeping my mouth shut)

This whole story sucked me in and I had it read in no time. I didn’t want to come to the most recent update because I knew it wouldn’t be enough. Yeah, sue me, I’m greedy like that. Honestly, I didn’t even register that there was no smut, I didn’t care. I loved it just the way it was.

(Mustn’t spill, mustn’t spill)

Hmm, Bella Italia… um maybe I won’t put my restaurant review in here. I will say it was not of the good. :-(

Since it’s not complete yet, I’m left with some questions, but I have faith that she will answer them in time. Here’s where my review must end before I break down like a crazy person and spill all the juicy secrets… Yeah, I’ve got a big mouth that way. Anyhoodles, the point is— you must read it!

5 returned flashlights

After realizing belatedly (this means about three chapters into the story) that we were reading a T-rated fic this week, I was a little leery. But then I recalled all the wonderful things about the story I had enjoyed just three chapters in and I decided that I should stfu and trust that the PPSS wouldn't steer me in the wrong direction. There are very few fics that can suck me in so quickly.

It's been so long since I've read a truly T-rated fic that I can't even remember the last one I read. So in this moment I'd like to thank the bouquet and the PPSS for initiating me once again with a well-written story.

Strange Bedfellows is mystery and also one of the best twist on canon pieces I've come across. Edward in this story takes the part of canon Bella - a new student in Forks - while Bella remains the mystery. Bella, from what Edward knows, is a patient in Dr. Cullen's hospital after suffering a serious accdent. But even while the reader gains little bits of knowledge here and there, you are still left with questions. Where is the bouquet going with a coma patient and a new guy?

Because Bella is a very secondary character in this fic for the first 4/5 of this story, I'll have to center my review around Edward (and we know how hard that'll be).

Edward in this story is a troubled, directionless, and recently motherless young man. I don't necessarily think the bouquet was doing this intentionally, but I felt like those were some pretty profound traits for him to have. Depending on how you view canon Bella, Edward in this story is a slightly exaggerated version of her. Bella in the canonverse is without any true aspirations and in many ways she's parentless. Edward being so very much a testament to a twist on canon made it feel it feel like the bouquet was making a huge statement on the canonverse. That was one of the many things I loved deeply about the story.

But back to the real important stuff, right? What's Edward in the story really like?

Ladies, here is your answer:

Up until that moment, Charlie Swan's daughter was more of a concept than a person. She existed only as a blank spot in the life of a man I didn't really know. All that changed when I saw her picture and heard her name. The blue of her dress brought out roses in her cheeks, and the California sun sparkled in her chocolate brown eyes. Suddenly, I hungered to know everything there was to know about her, including what happened to cause her father such pain.

Don't you just wish you were that brunette in the dress? Gah!

What I also enjoyed and have a feeling is a result from it being a T-rated fic is that your attraction to Edward in this story has nothing to do with his looks or sexuality. The story is entirely from Edward's POV (there are BPOV outtakes) so you get a one-sided perspective on Edward. You're forced to focus on his personality, his morals, his intelligence rather than his bronze hair and chiseled jaw. You can read the entire story and hardly notice the lack of smut.

The bouquet is writing such an awesome story that you get sucked in and don't care. I know I certainly didn't!

5 out 5 returned flashlights

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Kimpy says you'll be Damned if You Do

Damned If You Do

Kristen Nicole



One-Shot for the "Love For The Unloved" Contest. Lauren Mallory might be high maintenance, but she has her reasons. Lauren/Jessica SLASH. AU.

Kristen Nicole is one of the best writers in the Fandom; she wields the grammarsword like no one’s business. It’s bad enough that she is wicked intelligent, but on top of it, she is also bitingly witty, a true beauty (inside and out), and a superb human being. It doesn’t seem fair, or right, that one person could receive so much goodness from the universe, but she clearly did. You want to hate her a little bit, just because, but it is impossible, because she is that freaking adorable.

Her multi-chapter stories, The Caged Bird and Bella Swan, Zombie Killer, are skillfully written, and have received some good review counts. It grieves my soul, however, to see that her wonderful one-shot about Lauren Mallory only has 40 reviews. Forty! True, it’s about a character that everyone loves to hate, and it is a femmeslash about that same character, but that’s no excuse. It’s a great one-shot that deserves recognition, so I’m doing my best to fan the flames.

In general, coming out stories kill me dead. When you see an individual fighting hard to deny their sexual orientation, it’s like a kick in the gut. No one should have to deal with that. No one. Not even Lauren Mallory. While my inability to cry is practically legendary, if you show me a coming out story, I’m gone.

It takes some genuine writing skills to make someone who is the high school equivalent of Heather Chandler—the original mean girl—a character you can care about. I didn’t hate her Lauren Mallory incarnation; in fact, I actually empathized with her. I wanted things to work out for her. That’s just one example of why Kristen Nicole’s writing is so good.

I’m a total h00r for snark, and Kristen Nicole’s Lauren is as snarky as they come. The entire piece is filled with gorgeous little gems like this, about Angela Weber:

She was almost too sweet to be around sometimes, like adding sugar to pre-sweetened Kool-Aid. If she wasn't such a genuinely nice person, I might have hated her just on principle.

In the moments when she isn’t being snarky, however, Lauren’s internal monologue reveals an aching sadness and loneliness, because she’s figured out that she’s gay. It dawned on her with sudden clarity during a 7th grade sleepover at Jessica Stanley’s house. She played Truth or Dare, and was dared to kiss Jessica. Her description of Jessica is surprising, yet sweet:

I moved closer to Jessica on the floor and kneeled in front of her. Her pretty hair was all in her face, and I tucked it back behind her ears, marveling at the softness of her downy skin. I left my hands on her shoulders, the sweat from my palms dampening the cotton of her nightgown. She looked up at me, her big brown eyes huge and scared…To say that the kiss was life-changing would be an understatement. She didn't taste like gross lunchmeat. She tasted like bubble gum and candy and sweet girl. I felt like all of my insides were unraveling. Fireworks shot behind my closed eyelids and my fingers clenched on her shoulders, my whole world rocking wildly on its axis.

This is the kind of first kiss everyone should get, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. This kiss is what it’s all about. The answer to the universe must surely lie in there somewhere.

Like all good things, this kiss had to end, and Lauren was instantly branded a “lesbo.” The way she describes her feelings, like she had been punched in the gut, takes your breath away. It completely describes the reasons behind Lauren Mallory’s epic cruntiness. Given the choice between being called a dyke for the remainder of her school years, or being a mean bitch to keep everyone away, I think most people would make the same selection as did Lauren. Thus, the mean girl was born.

Lauren pines for Jessica every day following that fatal kiss. She stands by, watching Jessica lust after Mike Newton. Her heart breaks when she learns Jessica and Mike are going to prom together. To help her forget, she takes on a bottle of Grey Goose. When Jessica calls her, sobbing because Mike broke up with her that night, Lauren is waiting in the wings. They down shot after shot of vodka, until Jessica gets the ingenious idea of sending a mass e-mail to everyone about how tiny Mike Newton’s peen is. When she sits down at Lauren’s computer, however, she discovers girl-on-girl porn right in front of her face.

I watched, horrified, as Jessica scrolled through my browser history to reveal the massive amounts of erotica I'd been looking at on a daily basis. Veritable orgies of women, all with dark, curly brown hair. These were my substitute Jessicas. These were the girls that I got off to when I was alone in my room. My sad little delusions on display for her to see, with me squinting and pretending they were her every time I touched myself.

Jessica’s response to all this girl-girl porn? No, it isn’t “Get lost,” or “You freaky dyke,” it is a simple request: Show me.

*cue the whimper*

Oh, Lauren shows Jessica exactly what’s going on:

"You taste so fucking good," I muttered, my tone nearly guttural with suppressed need. She looked so vulnerable and needy sitting in front of me that I couldn't seem to stop the next words that flew out of my mouth. "I love you so much, Jessica. Please just let me make you cum."

Typically, I go bonkers when Edward says this kind of stuff. I have to admit, however, that hearing it come out of Lauren Mallory’s mouth was just as fucking hot. Lauren has wanted Jessica ever since that 7th grade kiss, and to be a fly on the wall in that moment where her dreams came true was priceless. That was all it took to redeem Lauren Mallory in my eyes.

Do yourself a favor—check out Damned If You Do. Because, da-yum, you’ll be glad you did.

The Wusspervs find out "How Dirty Boys Get Clean"

Team Wussperv this team is made up of myself, Nina aka Ninapolitan, Kim aka kimpy0464 & Emmy aka Pippapear. I'm sure you're wondering what the fuck is a wussperv right? A wussperv is someone that is...

A) Tragically canon
B) Loathes angst (in massive doses)
C) Loves smut

How Dirty Boys Get Clean


EB. It's two days before the wedding and Bella has a plan. A two-parter.

I found this fic one day just diving for some sexy vamp VirginWard :) - What? You all know I am a dirty-gertie slaaaaag. Yes this is a before & after the wedding story. But it is NOT a lets build up and practice fic (although I do love them too!). HDBGC is instead their last night together before they become man & wife, and then their honeymoon. So yeah - two pretty big nights for them. :D I think what I love most about this fic (& here my sappyness comes through) is their playful bath time. When Bella watches Edward and see's him playfully mucking about, when she washes him and makes him feel cared for and treasured. It allows for them to reach a new understanding about what being married will mean to them and for them. Which they begin to address in preparation for their big day....

"I cried out softly, something sounding like a whimper, and Edward immediately stopped.

"No. No. That's good," I assured him, my voice quivering, heart pounding. I stroked his cheeks. "That's a good noise."

Against the edge of the tub, looking into his fevered eyes, it hit me: he was naked. I was near naked. And his erection—whatever engorged it, blood, venom, reinforced steel—it was causing heat to pool between my legs. A slow throb began to demand my attention, making me swell too. This was becoming real. And his eyes begged mine for a response.

Stop. Or continue on.

His mouth gravitated toward mine, but our parted lips simply touched. The stifling heat and our mingled breath—cold warmed with hot—was enough as his hands cupped my breasts and squeezed.

Unable to help it, I whimpered again. And without taking my eyes off his, I grabbed one of his hands and pulled it into the water between us, intentionally dragging the rough tips of his fingers down my chest and belly, to the thin elastic band of the white cotton that covered me. Pleasure surged through me. His fingers on me. Near that heat. And without prompting, he slipped his hand beneath the cotton. I inhaled fast. My legs parted just enough. God, the feeling, as his palm slid over and cupped me.

His eyes closed and his mouth opened on mine.

"You're so soft, Bella," he groaned against me. "So perfect."

Another whimper escaped."

Its cute and sexy right? That is what I love about this fic. Bella is not a porn star - she's awkward and embarrassed and unsure. Edward is not suave and ready to pull a James Bond seduction on Bella. Their mutual love and desire makes them work it through. Makes them enjoy working it through and finding this new layer of togetherness that being married brings. The honeymoon is also not the glorious seduction many write it to be. I won't spoil it for you and tell you how it thwarts Edward's plans.

This is a cute two-shot that has plenty of sweet (nay adorable) interactions between Bella and Edward. But also has some searingly intense scenes between them as they finally become husband and wife. Its a quick, endearing and sexy read. And its deffo WussPerv approved. :)

For the record, Emmy has been lobbying me hard to join Team WP, because she saw through my rough, gruff exterior to see that inside, I'm a WP at heart. I finally had to own up to the world that I really am a Bella/Edward shipper. So I'm saying it--out loud--I'M A WUSSPERV!!!

For my first official outing as a WP, Emmy and Nina chose a lovely little story with one of the best titles I've ever seen: How Dirty Boys Get Clean and How Clean Girls Get Dirty.

Does it get any better than that? I loved the cleverness!

The premise of the story is that Bella wants to trick Edward into pushing his sexual boundaries before their wedding. She decides to get him into the bathtub, to get him clean after a hunt. As she undresses him, she starts to talk about his naked torso:

I wanted to fill my arms with the hard, thick strength of his chest and back.

Well, call me a Perv with a capital "P"; I read the words "hard" and "thick," and I start to mistake "strength" for "length," and my mind goes to dirty, naughty places. Suffice it to say, I'm not one of the clean girls getting dirty--I'm firmly entrenched in the dirty needing to get clean. Just saying.

As she tries to convince Edward to take a bath for her, she tells him that she doesn't really know him--or, rather, know his body. She states so innocently that she doesn't even know what his calves look like, how hairy he is, if his second toe is longer than the first. I never really thought about that before, throughout reading Twilight or FF pieces. Naturally, I tend to focus on the schmexing, and little thoughts like this one get lost in the haze of lust. It was such a poignant, beautiful comment, recognizing that Bella needed to learn his whole body. I loved that aspect of this story.

At one point, Bella thinks to herself,God grant me the courage to look. That is one thing I would NEVER be saying to myself if Edward was naked and in front of me, but I loved it all the same. I'm also exceedingly glad that she did have to courage to look, since we see the story through her eyes. luvcali76
describes how Bella is an explorer of Edward, slowly washing his body and uncovering uncharted territory. The very best part of her exploration is that Bella discovers things about Edward that are imperfect, and how much she loves that it is imperfect. Now I'm not sure about anyone else, but I have never run across the words "Edward" and "imperfect" in the same sentence. I was delighted to find someone truthful enough to write Edward in this way; certainly, as beautiful as he is, there are things that aren't perfect.

Another aspect of this story was the intimate art of bathing someone else. We've all read shower scenes in FFn, or even smexing it up in a tub, but this was wholly different. Bella wasn't in the tub with Edward (at first, that is!!), but she took the time to wash almost every inch of Edward. We get to be flies on the wall, watching Edward play in the tub, filling his mouth with bath water and spitting it out. It was about so much more than just sex--it is about their connection. Their beautiful, magic connection.

My favorite line from the story sums Edward's love for Bella up in a beautiful confession of his adoration:

"I've been on this earth for one hundred and seven years. I've traveled every continent, and I've seen every living creature a man can see, and I've never seen anything more beautiful than you."

Cue the whimper. Yep, it's official--I'm a Wussperv.

Emmy sent this to me with her typical, "Stop what you're doing and read this, you'll love it." I'm not sure that is an accurate description of my feelings for it. Let's be honest, there are loads of 'leading up to' or 'practice' fics. Let's also be honest, I read almost all of them ahahaha. Ahem, anyway. With sooooo many practice fics, they all tend to run together, but, this like very few others stands out to me.

It's short, 2 chapters that take no time at all to read. Of course then I read them again but whatever, it's still a quick read. It's more than that though, it's how much is packed into each chapter without it being overstuffed. The wording is clean and the writing is so well done that by the end I was pissed there wasn't more! Plus, I'm a total sucker for begging VampWard...

"Don't stop," I pleaded, sinking down so that he was practically on top of me, my knees skimming the cool surface. "Trust me to stop us. Please. Let me be the one." Still, he waited. "Can you handle this?"


There was something else in his expression. "There's nothing to stop you anymore, is there?"


He was worried.

"And my blood?" I asked him. We were so vulnerable now.

"Makes me want you more."

"Want me?"

"Want you," he whispered in my ear.


The three of us are exceptionally proud of our wussperv status and do our best to beg and plead with people to share with us their findings. So, if you've got a wussperv rec for us, send it to me at

Friday, May 21, 2010

A World Without Sound by The Romanticidal Edwardian

A World Without Sound

The Romanticidal Edwardian




AU, BxE. My name is Bella Swan; good at sign language and karate. My best friend is deaf, and you know what? It doesn't matter.

SPECIAL PERV NOTE: In honor of this week's Edward, you can follow this link to learn how to sign this week's rating, flashback.


Since this is the Perv Pack’s Smut Shack I thought I would start off with…their trip to Paris…a nightclub…jazz music…a booth hidden from view…and a very beautiful Bella giving Edward a very private lap dance that definitely brought things to completion. Just one of those story scenes that stays with you long after reading.

A World Without Sound was one of the first fanfiction stories that I ever read and it is one I won’t forget. It is a beautiful coming of age story for Edward and Bella, beginning their friendship at the early age of five (5) and becoming each other’s everything. In this story Edward is deaf and has to deal with the challenges of living in a world that is full of sounds that are outside of his comprehension. At the early age of five Bella, like most young children, quickly adapts and learns to communicate with Edward.

The story is told from Bella’s point of view and begins in their teenage years, however the author cleverly weaves in moments of their past through flashbacks that are relevant to the storyline. One of my favorite flashbacks was a fairytale moment…at the age of six…Bella and Edward had their first kiss, as Prince Edward rescued Princess Bella from the fiery dragon Carlisle. It was precious, sweet and a moment to be cherished in the story. The memories shared help to fill in the history of their relationship and move the story along. I enjoyed every one.

Given that Edward is deaf and their main method of communication is through sign language, The Romanticidal Edwardian skillfully develops the dialogue “Pp…ah…Er…fff…eh..ct” (to quote a moment in the story). As you read you come to love the use of sign language and how it is effectively written, to the point where you miss it when it isn’t used. Like most couples in love Bella and Edward are so in sync that they are able to communicate with a smile, eye contact and body language.

In the story Edward strives to learn to speak meaningful words like “Bella” and of course “I love you”, and the “I love you” is spoken beautifully with the just the right WOW factor. While I do not understand fully the complexities of hearing impairments and have minimal exposure, I can only imagine the challenges that must be overcome. Throughout the story the author gives the reader a glimpse into the difficulties, whether it is in school, home, or just trying to communicate with the father of the girl you love…when the written word becomes so important. And even then Charlie is a man of few words.

The story takes you through their relationship, from best friends to their first real kiss as teenagers to wedding bells and dealing with the reality of adult life. There are moments I will never forget…when Emmett found them kissing and announced to the house that they finally did it…or Jasper’s birds and the bees speech, signed by Alice…or their last day in Paris at the top of the mountain…

The story has its moments of angst, some related to Edward’s disability and some are events or actions that happen in a lifetime. When I think of A World Without Sound…the words sweet, endearing, loving, innocence, charming, sadness, angst, fierce loyalty, beauty, sexy and hotness come to mind.

Speaking of sexy and hot, The Romanticidal Edwardian makes sure the story has the right amount of spice. Edward is the consummate gentleman, but that doesn’t stop him from getting his groove on with Bella. The sex is hot whether it is in bed or on the kitchen table and Edward’s hands are very skilled, well beyond sign language.

A World Without Sound is complete and a gem in the Twilight FF world…must-read!

Thank you to Ms. Kathy and Kimpy0464 for inviting me to be a guest reviewer. It is my first time…so I hope you like it.

I had never read A World Without Sound until it came on deck here at The Shack. I have read various fics over the years exploring the facets of people who have both physical and emotional, sometimes even mental, disabilities. This is only the second story where deafness is addressed. In A World Without Sound, Edward was born deaf. In the very first flashback, a devise that The Romanticidal Edwardian uses brilliantly to add an emotional richness and a connection to these two characters, you can already "see" these characters in your mind's eye:

Slowly, he put his hand up to his ear, and shook his head.

The girls brow wrinkled in confusion this time. "What?"

He pointed to his ear again, and shook his head. The girl copied him, and asked, "What, you can't hear?"

He didn't answer, not positive whether she'd gotten it right or not, and just continued to look up at her.

She shrugged. "Well oh well. Let's go play with the tetherball! C'mon!"

This time, she reached down and grabbed his hands, yanking him up and dragging him after her.

I didn't know then that that moment was the seal for our everlasting friendship.

As we watch the formation of their friendship through the flashbacks, we watch high school seniors, Edward and Bella, struggle to find their moment to confess their love for each other. You can see it in every gesture and even in words spoken. Edward is always very sweet with Bella, and Bella secretly uses her martial arts training to kick the ass of anyone who even thinks of hurting Edward, emotionally or physically. One such occasion, leads us to the first of two of my favorite "I love you" moments in fic. You wonder how you can pull off two, but The Romanticidal Edwardian does. I would love to quote them, but I won't spoil.

One of my favorite side stories of A World Without Sound is the fact that Bella, from the time she is five, has a HUGE crush on Carlisle before her affection is transferred to his son as they get older. This is a running joke throughout the story and adds some great comedic moments between the Swans and Cullens. The best of which is five year old Bella's proposal.

When Renee told her it was time to finally go, Bella marched right on past her to Carlisle with a determined air. All the adults watched her curiously, while Edward glared in a corner, already knowing how she was about to proceed.

Bella stopped in front of the doctor and took a deep breath. She knew how to do what needed to be done. She'd seen it on movies. Sliding down on one knee, she looked up at Carlisle.

"I don't have a ring, but I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?"

In the end, The Romanticidal Edwardian has created a friendship that I think we all envy. One that you can pinpoint it's start at a time before you could tie your own shoes. The kind that survives awkward ages and stages. One that is fierce, loyal, and protective. One, that in the end, gives you the love of a lifetime.

3.75 out of 5 Flashbacks

This is one of those stories I first read a long time ago - hence why its one of our Old Skool/Classic picks. A World Without Sound is almost a spectrum fic, as it covers such a wide ground. Spanning the lives of Bella & Edward as they both lead lives shaped very much by his deafness. What I like about this fic best is the balance that the interspersed flashbacks to Bella & Edward as children provide to our understanding of Bella & Edward's relationship as adults.

Some of my favourite moments are their flashback moments. From young toots in the playground, to awkward teenagers in one of their bedrooms, we learn so much about them as individuals but much more about their bond. We learn how they support and encourage one another - & how they love one another fiercely, desperately and perhaps hopelessly. The first few chapters - & certainly for most of the flashbacks both Bella and Edward are unaware just how deep their bond goes, and how much they mean to the other. They don't understand what the intensity of their own feelings mean. Only knowing they would do ANYTHING for the other.

I love how The Romanticidal Edwardian shows the jealousy that starts to spark when Bella & Edward think that the other might have an admirer... And I love how they finally reveal their feelings to one another. But that is not the end of their story. They still have defining years together - years where they have to adjust to a life together and what Edward's disability means to them and their future...

One tiny peeve I have is when an author inserts an author's note or a comment in the middle of their story, this happens a few times in this story. Thankfully not every chapter, and I think it is something that The Romanticidal Edwardian doesn't do anymore. In her most recent WIP the fucking fabulous Untouchable - (which I BEG YOU TO READ AS IT IS ACHINGLY WONDERFUL AND JUST W.O.W!) There are no A/N's anywhere near the story itself. So please don't let that put you off.

I imagine this story and particularly the issues that come up at the end of the story are controversial or difficult issues for some people. They are difficult issues to convey in your writing without personal experience or perspective. But they are just a story device here, designed to make you think about the characters experiences and how difficult at times things have been for them both, and their fears for their futures.

I must say how cute these two characters are - especially in their flashbacks, The Romanticidal Edwardian does such a smashing job of conveying their innocence and the strength of their convictions and their crackling chemistry - that as children they just cannot understand. This pair of best friends are utterly compelling and convincing.

That chemistry thankfully stays with them, even as challenges are thrown their way. They have a deep physical connection and need for one another. The lemon near the end, is intense and interesting. Interesting because it made me think about all the sexual noises we take for granted. The slurps, slaps, tiny noises of wet, moist, hard and soft, breaths, whispers, pants, moans, grunts, cry's. How different would we all find sex without hearing those??

I really like the sweetness and love that resonates from this fic, and how The Romanticidal Edwardian has made me think about lots of issues around disability and love and life.

4 flashbacks out of 5 from me. xx

I have a weakness, okay I have a lot of weaknesses, but right now I'm talking about my love of hot deaf boys. It may sound odd to you, but I went to special juinor high school for a time (for my learning disability) and met a lot of extremely good looking boys that were deaf. First lesson I learned, don't call them hearing impaired. It makes them pissy. Second lesson, most of them were gay. Poor, cockblocked Jeanne was very sad. Third lesson they really were no different than any other boys that I knew. It didn't stop me from trying (and failing miserably) to learn ASL (American Sign Language), or from learning enough to passably understand it, at least for brief conversations.

A World Without Sound reminded me a lot of those days. What I would have given to be BFF with one of the hot boys...UNF! This story also reminded me of the intensity, strength and purity of friendship when we are young. Bella and Edward meet at a young age, and due to Bella's fearless acceptance of Edward, their friendship is cemented within a heartbeat. It's beautiful, and it made me fall in love with this story.

At the heart of this story is Edward and Bella, their intense and unshakable friendship, and how that transforms into love. I found myself overwhelmed by the depth of this story, and how the very different story telling style she choose to tell their backstory flowed so naturally. I adored how we got to see glimpes of how their love was just as obvious to their family and friends as it is to the readers, and how Edward's attraction was VERY apparent, despite Bella's blindness to it.

As the story progresses, and Edward and Bella become adults the story's centeral theme changes. I will admit that for me it wasn't the same story, and I chose to stop reading. This was a purely personal (and completely quirky) choice on my part. I just loved young Edward and Bella's story so much, that I wasn't ready for them to grow up, and deal with these issues. To me, it seemed like there were two distinct stories, and I'm just giant mushball that wasn't prepared for the angst and character choices The Romanticidal Edwardian made. What happened to me?

So, if you want to read about young love, and a very different, but still wholly canon, all human Bella and Edward, pick up A World Without Sound. Then ping me on gchat or on twitter and we can giggle like little girls over cute deaf boys. *snicker blush*

PS If you're curious about deaf life and cochlear implants, PBS has a great site for their documentry Sound and Fury. I encourage you to check it out.

3 out of 5 Flashbacks

I was really intrigued by the premise of A World Without Sound. I hadn't read a FF story featuring a deaf person before, and I was curious to see how The Romanticidal Edwardian handled the subject matter.

As the story unfolds, you learn that Edward has been deaf since birth. He and Bella have been best friends from the moment they met, when they were both five. They share an inexplicable bond to one another, almost like two magnets sticking together. Wherever you find one, you find the other. Bella is ferocious in her defense of Edward, determined that no one will tease or mock him without first answering to her. Yes, that's right--to her. You see, Bella has a black belt in karate, which she earned solely for the purpose of defending Edward. The Romanticidal Edwardian's incarnation of Bella is one kick-ass grrrrl. Not to mention she learned American Sign Language at an early age in order to communicate with Edward. This girl is major league committed to her deaf best friend.

What is perfectly clear to the reader, and to anyone else who knows Edward and Bella, is that these two are deeply in love with each other. They pine for one another silently, convinced that their love is unrequited. Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth. There is a scene where Edward is watching Bella practice karate, something he always does when they get home from school. As Bella describes it,

I was snapped back into reality when I heard Edward groan softly, and then saw his feet walking toward to door; probably to the kitchen or somewhere else. I sighed. He did this sometimes, and I figured it was just because it was boring to watch me stretch. Still, it made me sad when he left, especially knowing it was my fault. But I mean…c'mon, it's not like I made him come in here…but the thought still didn't quite erase the guilt.

Bella is so clueless that Edward is in love with her, and it is adorable. The UST between them is so strong, you can literally feel it on your monitor!

What I loved the most about this Edward and Bella was their deep, strong, abiding friendship. While they both love each other, their friendship is paramount, and it hinders their revealing to one another their true feelings. They do everything together, even sleep together (platonically, of course). In a lovely twist on canon, The Romanticidal Edwardian has Bella waking up before Edward so that she can watch him sleep. She captures a beautiful moment in that image.

I refuse to spoil the surprise of the way in which their love is finally revealed; suffice it to say, Edward's confession has to be in the top ten Most Rewarding ILYs in FF. It is surprising, beautiful, touching, and poignant. It literally made my heart clench.
As the story progresses, and Edward and Bella become adults, there share some angsty times together. As most PPSS followers may know, I am a nurse. As such, I try to give authors a little creative leeway when it comes to writing medical scenarios, because most writers do not have in depth knowledge about the medical field; I can appreciate that. The Romanticidal Edwardian herself issues a caveat in her A/N about being gentle with her lack of medical knowledge. That being said, however, I feel that I need to add a little disclaimer of sorts. The medical issues that Edward faces appear to be written with little research to back them up. I understand that the way it unfolds is critical to her story line, and give her that creative license; I simply need to state that the way it unfolds is medically inaccurate.

In addition, the way she deals with Edward's deafness is quite different from my real life experiences with deaf individuals. Every one I've ever met has been fiercely independent about being deaf, and they tend not to view it as a disability. I liken it to the Mutants versus humans in X-Men: The Last Stand. A vaccine was developed to "cure" Mutants, making them human. Most Mutants contended that there was nothing to cure, just as most deaf people believe they do not have a disability. Again, this is The Romanticidal Edwardian's story, and she has the liberty to write it from any perspective she chooses. I was merely a little surprised that she chose to approach the story from this angle.

Overall, The Romanticidal Edwardian concocted an Edward who is lovely and sensitive, who pines for his best friend, and completely captures my heart. I love him, feel for him, and just want to wrap him up in a warm, motherly hug. She also succeeds in crafting a strong, independent, kick-ass Bella, a momma lion determined to protect her mate at all costs. Their absolute need for one another to be whole is beautiful and touching. Their relationship is the heart and soul of the story, and that's really all that matters, at the end of the day.

3 out of 5 Flashbacks

I have a soft spot for sensitive Edwards, never men in general, just Edward. I don't seek these types of stories out because they end up stomping on my wussperv heart in only a few amount of chapters.

This pretty much did it to :)

So, why do I have such a hankering to read sensitive, slightly awkward Edwards? Because it usually (hopefully) leads to a kick ass Bella. I'm tired of doormat female characters that are on the opposite end of spectrum when it comes to life experiences yadda, yadda. So for this Bella to be strong, confident, fiercely protective and asskicky (literally) I loved it from chapter 1.

The flashbacks themselves are what I think endears me so much to the story. Seeing how the little Bella first becomes friends with Edward in spite of his hearing loss. Each walk down memory lane builds such a beautiful love story that you can't help but swoon for the two of them.

The first 'I love you', Christ, the second one too was wonderful, saying her name! Jesus. The little kids playing with Carlisle (unf) with the Princess, the Prince and the big, bad dragon. My God, your heart aches with fear and hope that everything will be okay between them.

One of my favorite parts has to be when they're teens and finally figuring out that the other is attracted to them. For years they operated under the delusion that their feelings were all one-sided. Silly kids. In her 'karate' room while she's working out and poor teenage Edward has to watch her stretch and bend in front of him. Of course he gets so hard he can hammer a nail but she thinks he's bored. I don't know why but that scene cracks me up.

It's a sweet story, and it's around a long time. So long, that I ended up reading it again for this!

3/5 Flashbacks

My heart does the little sappy-clench when I read stories like this. Where there is a friendship between two people and it grows into something more. And I’m not talking they drunkenly sleep together and then decide ‘let’s try being a couple since the sex was good’ kind of thing. Yes, I’ve read stuff like that. And that shit never works out… at least not realistically. Too messy. Anyhoodles, maybe I’m more attached to the friendship to love stories because of personal experience, I don’t know; I just know I have a soft spot for them. They are swoon-worthy.

And while my heart does the sappy-clench, it also does the sad-clench. Like in chapter six when Edward breaks down and Bella comforts him:

My heart broke, and wrenched even harder this time, as I looked down at his sunken form. I dropped to my knees, and wrapped my arms around him, as he sobbed his frustrations out on my shoulder. I leaned on his shoulder as well, letting a few tears slip silently down my face. His pain was my pain, and it hurt so much right now.

But it was my turn to be strong. How often had he held me while I cried? Almost every time. So, for once, I comforted him as his tears fell, something I hadn't seen in many many years. I'd clean up his busted hand later. I knew right now he just needed someone who cared.

His arms wrapped around my waist and held me tightly against him as his sobs slowly faded, and he fell asleep against me.

Whoa! Of course I must mention the cheerleader in me that screamed when Bella stood up for herself and Edward. Stories with a strong Bella, a Bella with a backbone keep me interested and I’m happy that The Romanticidal Edwardian wrote this kind of Bella.

Guh! When you get to the ‘I love you’ moment… I have no words. Just smiles and swoons.

Stories that really explore the relationship of friendship to one of love will always be my favorite. I guess it’s because they are the ones that most people can imagine themselves in. I mean seriously, when will anyone really fall in love with a vampire and live forever with them? This? Now this is real; this is something that can and does happen and when it does, it’s one in a million.

3 out 5 Flashbacks