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MsKathy Loses Her Inhibitions & Gets the Best Presents

Okay, we all know by now that I'm a rule-breaking h00r, right? Yeah, yeah. I picked two one-shots. I always have such a hard time picking my one-shots. I comb my favorites list, then I surf around and comb my BFFs' lists, and then I hit random faves, then I search on FFn... you get the idea, right? I spend weeks trying to find just the right gem to post about. This time, I had many potentials, but I picked these. I hope you enjoy.





Edward is in for a surprise when Bella comes home after a night drinking with the girls. What's happened to his shy, sweet Bella?

Okay, how can you resist a summary like that? I mean, damn, shy, sweet Bella takes a backseat? I wanted to know just how badass Cap was going to make B, so I dove in (twss).

"Tonight I want to tell you the things I want to do or that I want you to do to me. And I want you to follow through. No questions asked. Will you do that for me?"

Yes and please, oh, and thank you in advance. I knew right then this was gonna be good. Cap sets up the characters and background nicely, without overwhelming with information. This is AH, btw.

First time dirty talkers, Edward and Bella play it up. It's fun to be a voyeur as they go on this journey together.

"Make me come, Edward. If you make me come then I'll suck your cock."

Something about that line is just so. amazingly. hot.

From there, Bella goes on to keep begging him to make her come so she can have his cock... there's an unspoken tenderness there that was lovely. It's not just greedy sex, it's about mutual pleasure and enjoyment.

I looked at her, confused, and she smiled and pushed me so my back was against the wall. She dropped to her knees in front of me. God, yes.

I'm going to confess something: I'm not usually really big on the giving a BJ scenes. This one? I could not even bring myself to skim. Truth? I re-read it. More than twice.

She was no longer simply blowing me- I was fucking her mouth.

Dear God in Heaven. Like I said, I never usually get into the blowjob scene, but this one is outstanding.

Just before I lost consciousness I promised myself that I would make a run to the liquor store tomorrow. I wanted to get a bottle of Goldschlager to keep at home, just in case Bella got the urge to lose her inhibitions again!

I can only hope and pray for another installment of Drunkella getting her dirty groove on. Maybe Edward will even imbibe and let go a little. Let's go on our knees together, ladies, shall we?

The Best Presents

Amethyst Jackson



Edward saves Bella from her 50th birthday celebrations, and then he gives her what she really wants. One-shot.

What made this one win, over the rest of the really excellent choices? One single line, ladies:

"You want me to whisper filthy words while I pleasure you?"


"You should have said something years ago," he said. He pushed two long fingers inside me, smirk widening. "I've never felt you this wet."

Why yes, Edward, yes I do. Fuck. Me. Running. Seriously, DTE always has been and always will be a major weakness of mine. Yours too, right? I mean, when well written, it is just sublime. And this short one-shot? Very well written, not only from a technical aspect, but just the way even in this small amount of space, the characters are built. Oh, lines like these don't hurt:

"You shouldn't tease me," I panted as his fingers continued to play with me. "It's my birthday."

He grinned devilishly down at me. "But you cum so much harder when I tease you."

UNG. I've quoted this story all out of order, but I'm sure you'll forgive me.

The plot is nice here, because without having to expressly state it, we know Bella is a vamp, the Cullens are there, but background characters, as is Renesmee. Bella and Edward are playful and fun, light and loving. Then dirty, and salacious, in all the best ways.

My only complaint? I want more. So, so much more. Pretty please, with sugar on top, AJ?

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Mrs.The King wants to play in Fort Awesome & the Den of Sin

Fort Awesome and the Den of Sin


Hey all!

I was very excited when Nina contacted me about doing a Lemonshot. I was totally onboard. I thought she and I would be drinking alcohol.

Then she explained it to me and I said, “yes”, closed the email and panicked. Because sex lemons make me nervous. Reading them makes me blush, writing them makes me sweat.

So I felt unprepared. I asked a few friends (Hey UU Ravelry girls!) what their favorite lemon was and I was directed to the Parkaward Contest entries. (Do you remember that contest hosted by Algonquinrt?)

The one that I loved the most was Fort Awesome and the Den of Sin.
Megi-B gave me everything that makes me blush when reading a lemon, but the delivery was so touching. (hehe) No, really.

Even though this was a “ward” contest, Megi picked Jasper and Alice as her main characters. The dialog between them is so witty and sweet and real. This one shot’s lemon is entirely on a web cam. Instead of making the lemon feel impersonal, it feels intimate, under the covers with a flashlight intimate.

Alice squealed and reached for her pink earbuds as the iChat bubble bounced in it's dock. A green circle glowed, 'I'm here but fuck off.' Jazzled was now online.

Alice clicked the camera icon next to Jasper's user-pic and tilted her computer screen so the top of her breasts were visible instead of the top of her hair.

He said hello and waved at the screen but didn't sit down. Jasper was still straightening his room.

"Fuck off? Even me baby?"

"That's directed at you darlin'," he said before he bent over, ass centered right at his webcam. Alice sighed. He had the red plaid boxers on again. There was something endearing about the way he dressed, the plaid boxers especially. They left so little to the imagination, just one thin layer of fabric, loosely draped over his cock.

Now, I have already talked about the blushing, right? Well, in order for me to read a lemon completely without skimming over it, some of the plot development must be in there with the genitals.

"Found it!" Jasper shouted as he ran back to his desk. "Okay the guys are locked out and I've got my envelopes."

"Proper attire?" Alice asked.

"One piece of clothing for each envelope, boxers, tee-shirt, and socks, and I'll take off one for each school we don't match on."

"Wrong! One for each school we get into. Do I need to repeat the rules?"

It was Jasper's idea to turn their college acceptance letters into a game. Both were so let down over Jasper not getting into the conservatory at Oberlin that they wasted a cam date feeling sorry for themselves.

"I made sure to nail all my interviews. I'm going to be naked."

Megi kicks it up a notch and gives Jasper and Alice obstacles to overcome in order to show themselves on camera to one another. Jasper has a parka (of course) and is reluctant to show his new love. Alice has to show Jasper something that scares her as well.

“…More about your cock. God, I love it." Admittedly Alice was much more excited about Jasper's cock than their admissions letters. They would've worked it out somehow but she was going to explode if she didn't see him naked. "I want to kiss you. I want to climb in your lap and kiss you. I want you to reach up and grab the girls and kiss me."

"There's nothing I want more than to be kissing you Alice. Nothing."

"Damn. We disagree. I think I'd rather be riding your cock."

"No way. We've talked way too much. Next time I get to see you I don't even want to say a word. I'll kiss you the whole time." Jasper circled the head of his cock with his thumb as he spoke. His voice became stilted and breathy. "I don't want to tell you what I'm doing. I want to do it."

Of course, I don’t want to give away too much, because I want you to read it, but I will say that Megi’s entry contains not just a lemon but the feelings that make you want to have sex in real life.

She has the lust, the tender romantic feelings and for this couple, the trust that has to be unfaltering in order to achieve true intimacy.

The other aspects of this one shot are kick ass as well. Her dialog is so freaking witty. Jasper speaks like a man. Alice has enough cannon that makes you just want to keep her. I highly recommend crawling under the covers with this couple and watching their screens.

Mrs.TheKing is the creator of Poughkeepsie, Crushed Seraphim and Gynazole. She is by far the oddest person in the fandom, & God we love her for it!

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Marked by Whitlock-Masen






Edward Masen is a self-sufficient, independently wealthy man with a PhD in Social Anthropology. When he meets a man named Jasper, he is shaken by the disappointment he feels when Jasper is apparently an impossibility. ExJ, Slash, OOC


I'll admit it: I gloat about getting to read chapters of Marked before anyone else. A lot. But really, can anyone blame me? Whatever you want to call them - the Markedboys, Tattward and Inksper, Princess and Cuddles (snicker) - they're hot, they're sweet, they're funny, and they have tattoos and piercings. Yum.

Actually, I read the original Marked one-shot when everyone else did, back when it was an entry for the Tattward and Inkella contest. I had only just opened my canon-pairing-snob eyes to the world of fandom boysecks, largely because of the enthusiasm SorceressCirce and Naelany showed for certain fics (All I Ever Knew, in particular) on the thread for SC's Just One of the Guys. I wasn't particularly vocal about having ventured out of my canon bubble, so when Naelany pinged me on gchat early one morning to ask me a question, she didn't know what answer she'd get.

"Hey," she asked me, "do you read slash?"

I told her I did, but with the caveat that I only read E/J slash. (I won't go into how these two ladies have since gotten me to break that rule, but booze and sexual favors might have been involved.) Nae assured me that what they wanted me to beta/pre-read was E/J, so I readily agreed and eagerly lapped up the chapters I was sent.

Marked is your typical boy-meets-boy story, and yet it's not. The quality of the writing and the lush character development elevate this fic from mundane to must-read, and one of the most frequent comments I make on the chapters I'm sent is how real it is. Though the story drips with sexual tension - both unresolved and *cough* not - make no mistake: this is not porn without plot. Edward and Jasper are two guys trying to handle the very normal challenges of life, love, and coping with the scars left by previous romances. We've all been there, so it's incredibly easy to relate to their struggles even if, as women, we can't put ourselves in the exact shoes of their relationship dynamic.

Since I am a "blind" pre-reader, I don't know what's coming in the story, although I have some guesses. What I do know is the way in which I fell in love with these guys right at the beginning, and that my water bill has progressively grown with each new chapter as a direct result of the increasing number of cold showers I need to take. I know that I agonized with both of them as they each wondered if the other was interested, that I cheered when first kisses were exchanged, that my heart melts with every whispered endearment, and that my pulse races when they can't keep their hands to themselves. Which is often...and can you blame them?

Yeah, I can't. They're inked up and worked up...a recipe for explosive lemons. There have been times when I've literally had to stop in my comment-making duties and go take a walk to get my brain working again. What I love, though, is that the sexytimes aren't contrived or superfluous, but rather the normal developments of a couple growing closer physically as they do so emotionally.

And the emotional story is a huge part of Marked. It's a good thing they're both young, strong, virile men, given the baggage each of them is - very justifiably - carrying around. It's not overdone, or unrealistic - this is a portrayal of two guys who are affected by their pasts, as we all are, and who are slowly but surely learning to open up. In another display of stark realism, however, this progression is happening at a different speed for each of them, and despite how much of a wuss I am, I'm glad that not all of the answers easily.

There may be obstacles ahead for our lovebirds, and definitely some highly-anticipated revelations, but it's a mark of the skill of these authors and the quality of the story that I am as eager for those as I am for Edward to flick Jasper's nipple ring with his tongue again. Whitlock-Masen can bring it on...and everyone else can hate me because I'll get to see it first.

5 out of 5 from me. :)

What could be better than one hot guy with a nice peen? Well, two hot guys and double the peen, of course!! If you don't get turned on by hot dudes rubbing all up on each other and slash isn't your thing, then this rec isn't for you. If, however, you like a little guy lovin' once in a while, then Marked might be right up your alley.

I read the original one-shot when it was submitted for the Tattward & Inkella one-shot contest and enjoyed it then, though it did feel like a first chapter instead of one little story tied up together, so I was always sort of wondering if/when it would be continued. When this got suggested for a rec, I was able to read and find out.

The authors do something fairly unique in that they don't continue on straight from the one-shot (and you don't need to read that to read this story, as they fill in all the gaps), but instead they take us back to when it started and fill up the missing gaps with more information on the characters.

I really enjoy the Edward and Jasper the authors have created. I'm intrigued by their back stories and am interested to see how it all plays out. The UST that they write is yummy and there is a LOT of build up before we really get to see some solid interaction (besides teasing) between these two.

I'll be honest and say that looking at the number of words this story is, and in only 14 chapters at that, is a little daunting. If you enjoy large chapters (some as large as 20k+ words), then you'll be right at home with this fic. If, however, you're like me and enjoy much smaller chapters - somewhere around 5k words - you may be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of these chapters. I found myself wanting more time with the guys and seeing them evolve and instead felt like I got lost in - what I thought were largely unnecessary - details. I wished they had left a little more to the imagination and focused more on the relationship with the two boys and progressing that further, while getting over their individual hang-ups, rather than other inconsequential things.

I will say that the sexin' in this fic is hot and sensual at the same time. I love a little dirty talk and both these boys know just when to use it, and just how much to say. Of course, we get to enjoy a lot of play first - of the hand and mouth variety *wiggles eyebrows* - and when these two finally do the deed, it's sweet and hot all at the same time.

I give this 3 out of 5 tattoos

I think like my other birds, I read and loved the one-shot these dirty gals wrote for the tatt comp. :) So I was beyond thrilled when it was continued. MIND you - I almost went out of my mind with UST - as these two teased and tantalised one another (AND US!)..
If you haven't read this story before, yes there is a lot of words to catch up on. But I think it is well worth it. I love how completely we are immersed in the worlds of Edward and Jasper. Their alternate chapters reveal so much about their characters, their fears, their hopes and their past. Its intense characterisation that really adds to the UST and the general build up that you want these 2 hot tatted boys as happy lovers and proper partners to one another.

How much do I melt when they give in to their physical desires for each other? Whether it just be an intense snog inside of Edwards house? Or crazy frantic making out in front of sport on the settee? Or the dry humping, or the hands or the ........ GAH! Yeah its delish and very intense. I think what is also interesting about this story - is that Edward is the one with less issues.. He is just biding his time, waiting for Jasper to resolve his. Its Jasper that has the real baggage and is dictating the pace of their relationship, that makes a nice change from it always being Edward the complicated one.

I really enjoy Marked, every chapter seems to be getting hotter and hotter. The couch shag in the last chapter? Rarrrrr! Plus boy on boy cuteness, tenderness and sweetness, and proper characterization, with interesting side characters like Emily, Kate & Mike. Oh & hot tatts, piercings and photographs... I am desperate for Edward to introduce that camera into their sexing...

4.5 tatts out of 5 from me....

is all kinds of fail this week. I've not yet finished reading this story, so I don't feel right leaving a full review...yet. I'll come back later and fill this in properly (twhs). I can tell you that what I've read, I've enjoyed. The UST between these two is fan-fucking-tastic. I'm a sucker for good UST.

I love slash, but lately I’ve been getting tired of a specific (popular) slash ship. Yes, it’s true. Jasper/Edward fic has been kind of sucking my will. There are some classic fics for this pairing (some written by my fellow h00rs) that I love, but a lot of the fics that I’ve seen post lately aren’t doing it for me. I thought that maybe I was getting burned out on Ed and Jaz.

That is until I read Marked.

Oh HOLY FUCK! I sat down to read this story and about two paragraphs in I feel in love, head over heels in love. The level of writing in this story is on par (and at times above) what you would find in publish fiction. Every sentence is crafted with such care and thoughtfulness that I felt like I was peeking into someone’s real life.

SorceressCirce and Naelany take their time introducing us to the characters, in a meet-cute (google it) that doesn’t seem trite or staged at all. They use everything from the tattoo shop where Edward and Jasper first meet to the supporting cast of friends to helps us better understand these beautiful complicated men. Complicated…that’s a loaded word, but it works in reference to Edward and Jasper.

These men have pasts that have left a mark on them. We see traces of these old wounds in their inner monologues and their realistic reactions to the sudden intensity of their attraction upon first meeting each other. Both fear, doubt and question themselves in a way that I think we all can relate to and empathize with. All of this is done in long, detailed scenes that feel like you’re watching it happen in real time.

This felt like watch a movie or documentary, because Edward and Jasper feel so real to me. I feel for them, ache for them and am embarrassingly turned on by their sexual interactions. There is a vibrancy to characterization over of both these men that gives this story a sense of authenticity that most fiction (fan or published) lacks. This story is spellbinding, and it has captured my heart.

My very first reaction to this fic can be summed up in the email I sent to the rest of the Perv Pack right after I finished reading the first chapter:

I love this story so much that I want to write it on a blow-up doll and make sweet love to it.

As I’ve continued to read this story my feelings have not change, in fact they’ve intensified.

Whether you are a long time reader of slash fic or not, this story deserves your time and attention. Give it a chance, I dare you. Just read the first few paragraphs and try not to fall into the rabbit hole. Don’t be scared, we’re here at the bottom ready to catch you, when you fall in love with this fabulous story.

5 out of 5 tatts for me

We're sorry, but Kimpy is unable to come to the phone right now. She fell victim to spontaneous human combustion over the level of UST in the story called "Marked."

It is no secret that I love slash stories. Fem, boiz, threesomes, it's equal opportunity in my book, with one HUGE caveat--it needs to be A) Realistic (i.e., no "chicks with dicks") and B) Well written. Because of these rather significant obstacles, I don't read a lot of slash, simply because I'm picky as hell. Once again, we've already established this fact. Thus, when I found out that this week's pick was a slash fic, I got a little nervous. I hemmed and hawed, I dragged my feet, but eventually, I just dove in and read the thing, and I'm so incredibly glad I did. I LOVED Marked!

As I started reading, several things struck me immediately. First of all, Whitlock-Masen does a good job delivering cleanly written prose. No typos, no word misusage, nothing to throw off my eagle eyes. *happy, blissful sigh* Second, there was nothing involving either research or medicine that was incorrect, so again, another pleasant surprise. The final straw that broke down my reticence was a lovely awkwardness at play between Edward and Jasper that was the impetus to draw me fully into the story.

Once I was in, I fucking could not stop reading. I happened to be at home, on call, the night I started reading. I told myself I would read ONE chapter to see how I liked it, then go to bed and hope to get a little sleep. Six chapters later, at 10:30 AM the following morning, I finally had to give up and go to sleep, knowing I needed to wake up again in five hours. It has been a long time since I stayed up all night reading a fic, and I'm not going to lie, it was kind of a secret thrill to have found a story worth staying up for.

Whitlock-Masen's incarnation of Edward and Jasper are delightful. Naturally, these two boys are beautiful and fuckhot, complete with tatts and piercings. Edward sports a tongue ring, which is hot all on its own. When he decides to torture Jasper by wearing a tongue ring that says, "Cock Tease," I found myself crossing my legs a little too much, KWIM? Oh, and Edward isn't content to just wear the ring; no, he needs to snake it out of his lips and flash it at Jasper. You better believe I googled the hell out of "tongue ring with message" to find a replica. Oh, dear god, can you say UNF? Someone as beautiful as Edward flashing that signal at me? I would be toast.

Fortuntely, Jasper has more fortitude than do I, and he resists. Resists, I tell you! The uncertainly, the resistance, the awkwardness, it all blends into epic servings of UST, leaving you clenching and jumping ahead to the next chapter. Even when they finally get into things, they are still full of tension, because they haven't done all they want to do. As much as I profess to hate UST because it is just so... unresolved (!), who am I kidding? I love it, because when it finally resolves, it is so fucking worth the wait. I'm not going to spoil a minute of it by describing it, because you have to read it for yourself to appreciate the long, slow burn leading up to the *ahem* final resolution.

Aside from our boys, we have a cast of supporting characters who are well-developed in their own right. A gay Alice, a tattoed Billy Black, a straight Kate to whom Edward is a GBF, and a Bella unlike one you've ever read before. For people who have issues with Edward and Bella making joint appearances in a story but not hooking up? No problem in Marked. Because this incarnation of Bella is--wait for it, wait for it--a newborn baby! Yes, seriously! I thought it was a clever and lovely twist, something I have come to expect from Whitlock-Masen and Marked. Do yourself a favor. Give these delightful boys a chance. You just might be up all night, but it will be totally worth it!

5 out of 5 "Cum Here" tongue rings (yes, please!!)

I haven't been reading a lot of slash lately, I have no excuse other than nothing has really struck me as "YOU HAVE TO STFU AND READ THIS NOW!" Until Marked. Woof and sigh all rolled into one.

Like Bri, I enjoyed this o/s when it was in the contest. It was one of the entries that I hope would eventually be continued. Lucky us that the authors decided to listen! Thanks ladies.

The UST is really well done, and more importantly, in a very realistic way. The dirty talk is just to die for, unf, and I hope they continue it when they finally round home.

I look forward to seeing how they carry out the relationship that they're building. It's a great story and I think that if you're looking for some yummy slash, then this is your story.
3 out of 5

Tracy- I don’t read a lot of slash because of my Edward’s-Penis-Can-Only-Touch-Bella rule. But even if you’re someone who doesn’t usually read slash, you have to appreciate the relationship Whitlock-Masen has built between Edward and Jasper. The characters are believable and likable—more importantly the UST is ridiculously hot. There are simple exchanges that leave you panting:

My eyes continued upward, my tongue ring suddenly between my lips as I appreciated the sight of his toned chest and broad shoulders. I continued my appraisal all the way to his hair, which I noticed was more tamed than usual.
He must've just brushed it.
I can fix that.

When I met his gaze again, my tongue ring disappeared back into my mouth, and I gave him a crooked grin. His eyes widened, and I saw his lips part just before I heard a low, "Fuck me…"

"Maybe…" My grin widened. "If you play your cards right."

Um…yes, please?

And as a Boston girl myself, I love seeing a fic set in the area. (Go Sox!)

But like Bri, I found the length of the story a little difficult to manage. In general, I tend not to read many fics with chapters that exceed 10k, but that’s a personal preference. If you like them long (heh), Marked is for you.

3 out of 5

Marked is one of those great situations of what happens when to authors who are great on their own (SorceressCirce and Naelany) get together and collaborate. I, too, first fell in love with Marked in its one-shot form for the Tattward and Inkella contest. I would have been happy if it stayed there. I am so, SO glad they didn't leave well enough alone, because now we have fabulous.

Usually in a J/E fic, it seems to be Jasper who is always the one with his heart on his sleeve. In this case, we see Edward being the more tenderhearted of the two. Both of these men have been hurt by their last committed relationship. Edward was the victim of eventual parting of the ways because they both wanted different things from life. Jasper, unfortunately, was the victim of eventual indifference and cruelty. He learned the hard way about losing yourself in a relationship. These former affairs are the root of the problems these two suffer from. Edward not wanting to push a relationship to be more than it is, and Jasper afraid to give any of himself in fear that he will lose all of himself.

The story carries fantastic sexual tension. You find yourself hoping they push past their demons as they slowly round each base. One thing that is nice about the hesitancy, is that we get to linger with them at each turn. Lots of kissing. Eventually some over the close. Then some hands and mouths get involved. Finally, they do make love and it is so worth waiting for. It wasn't rushed. It was kind of nice that they took their time getting there. There is still some feel in manifesting their feelings into words. The L word has not dropped, but I have a feeling something soon is going to trigger that.

One of the things about this story that I think these ladies do most amazingly is their use of the "B" players. In most fics, sometimes the use of Mike, Jessica, Ben, Angela, and in this case, Bella, feels forced. Not so in this story. Bella is Ben and Angela's newborn. Emily is Jasper's sister. A mix of pack, human, and vamp cast are tossed in there as friends and family, and I will tell you that it absolutely works! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

These ladies do give us super long chapters every other week, but they are well worth setting aside the time for.

5 out of 5 tattoos.

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Ciaobella27 see's things in "Assymetrical Hues"

Assymetrical Hues




He is my lazy brother. She is my perfect wife. He is a brilliant painter on drugs. She is an erotica writer in disguise. At 7:43 a.m. I leave for work and they stay wrapped up in their little bubble of art. Written for the FML contest.

Being the extreme wussperv that I am, I have some prerequisites before I begin reading a one-shot. I like a good solid plot. I like a little well-placed smut. And I like an HEA.

But a happy ending is sometimes hard to define. Does it mean that Edward and Bella are together? What if they’re together and unhappy? Does it just mean that everyone is happy in the end? What if Bella and Edward hurt someone in pursuit of their own happiness? Is it still an HEA?

I read a one-shot for the FML contest recently that made me think about what I consider an HEA. In Asymmetrical Hues by StarlightSuccubus, Bella is married to Edward’s brother. While her husband is never mentioned by name, you get a very good idea from the start of how he feels about Edward:

We are young and different.

But we're brothers.

Different brothers.

So different since our origins.

Edward is younger and adopted.

I am older and biological.

Edward is an idealist and a dreamer.

I am a realist and pragmatic.

Edward is poor and idle.

I am rich and hard working.

The nameless husband lives a very regimented life, but he loves his wife and he loves his life. Bella, while happy, isn’t quite as fulfilled. Her husband isn’t supportive of her attempts to become an erotica writer. He’s also not very supportive of her needs in the bedroom.

I try to arouse her, touching her clit, but to no avail. It only makes matters worse for me, as she clenches, clenches, but doesn't come. She is trying and I am failing.

I start thinking about work, about my life, about people.

It comes unexpectedly. I ejaculate inside of her.

She rolls over, exasperated and I clench my eyes shut.

When Edward needs a place to stay, they take him in. Edward, a struggling painter, immediately forms a bond with Bella. He shows her his paintings and she allows him to read her manuscript. What starts out as a friendship quickly becomes something more.

When they can’t hold off their attraction anymore, the story gets steamy fast.

I feel every atom of him, every particle of our joined bodies as he takes me, possesses me. I wonder how I missed this. How it is possible to discover sex at my age. It feels… feels… otherworldly.

But when her husband finds out about her betrayal, the story takes a very unconventional turn.

I return to the red covered living room. I wait for them, all manic.

Fifty three minutes later the front door opens and in they walk.

They are jovial and casually touching, unaware of my presence. Isabella is clutching a manila folder and Edward is carrying Chinese take-out. They are at their own secret place, only it is not secret anymore. I can see it clearly.

They are in love.

There’s so much I loved about this story. StarlightSuccubus uses short, choppy sentences at times, helping to build up to a pretty dramatic ending. Because we see the events through both Bella and her husband’s point of views, we get a better understanding of what life was life before Edward arrived and the changes he brought about. I was so shocked by the ending, I found myself asking – Is this really a happy ending?

Read this one-shot mostly because it’s so different. It reminded me of another favorite one-shot, The Green Dress by littlesecret84. They’re both so unconventional and refreshing because they don’t fit the general one-shot mold. In the end, you’ll ask yourself in both cases if they really were happily ever afters.

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Team WussPerv likes it On The Double

Team Wussperv this team is made up of myself, Nina aka Ninapolitan, Bri aka Antiaol & Emmy aka Pippapear. I'm sure you're wondering what the fuck is a wussperv right? A wussperv is someone that is...

A) Tragically canon
B) Loathes angst (in massive doses)
C) Loves smut

On The Double


It's Bella's first day on the job as a body double in the new Edward Masen film. First up? The sex scene...O/S for the Haiti Compilation. Rated M for lemons. AH

This is...hands down...the most delicious non-sex sex I have EVER read in a fic. Ever. And, I read a shitton of fic - more than what is entirely healthy, probably. From the very beginning, I was smitten with this little story, both based on the writing (which was flawless) and the plot (which was intriguing and seamless for a o/s), but what really pulled me in was the incredible UST and longer "U" ST? I don't know if it was how forbidden the encounter was, if it was the setting and the small aspect of voyeurism... I don't know if it was that it was out of character for both people in the fic or if it was in how the details were described. Whatever it was, I was blushing. BLUSHING!! I never blush when reading fic, but let me tell you, this baby did it.

I've begged in my review that this become just a little longer - if only long enough (heh) for us to actually get to the penetration part of the act, and I'm sitting on pins and needles hoping my little wish comes true.

I went into this fic - really not knowing what to expect. Nina & Bri told me to read it - that I would love it. So I did. Without even reading the blurb... Holy moley! Quite the hot stuff this perfect length one-shot. It is very well written. You believe in the set-up; in the characterisation; in the hot as feck, hello nipples - Edward-filmstar-Cullen. You believe in how their scene progresses. What I like in particular is that we are as clueless as Bella is, regarding her turn with her Hollywood hot-stuff co-star. We seriously don't know what is going to happen next. Is he just trying to put her at ease..? Is he just acting.....? Did he really mean for **that** to touch **there**? God I love being teased - when I am teased as well as 'On the Double' does ...

This fic is one long delightful tease, with of course the obligatory WussPerv approved happy ending. No tears, no Tanya and no Jacob are in this fic! Relax, read and rarrrrrrrrr at this little lemon drop of a yummo delight. (SEQUEL/EPOV PLEASE!!!!!)

I'm pretty sure my brain melted from the HOT that this fucking story has. Unf and hot damn. They don't even do it and I was fanning myself. It's a one-shot that I wouldn't mind A) seeing continued B) seeing continued and C) seeing the EPOV of it when they decide to continue it. Am I being clear enough that we want more!

I'm not going to lie, while they didn't have sex during the story, I was CONVINCED while reading it that he was going to slip it in. Feel free to write that as another scene. Oh I don't know, all the footage got ruined from the hot sex scene and they need to reshoot it again and he accidentally on purpose boinks her.

Seriously, please write more. I don't know what I have to do to get you to do it but please write the EPOV at least. I'm not above begging or buying it in the FGB auction ;)

So I was in a crappy mood the other day and asked a friend to recc me a smutty one-shot (because that’s what I do when I’m cranky. Don’t judge me.) It was amazing. I was blushing and breathing heavy and they didn’t even have sex! So the next day, I was chatting with Bri and told her about this fic. As luck would have it, the girls planned to recc it today, so I had to offer my two cents.

What I liked so much about this story was that nothing went that way I expected it. Edward didn’t see Bella across a crowded studio and become smitten. He’s actually pretty professional. He’s not awkward and fumbling around her. He’s actually pretty confident.

It’s not until they’re about to film the scene and he leans down to whisper in her ear that I seriously lost my shit. Hottest thing I have ever read. Hands down. If the girls ever decide to continue this and Edward and Bella actually have sex, I may not survive. I’ll die happy, though.

The three of us are exceptionally proud of our wussperv status and do our best to beg and plead with people to share with us their findings. So, if you've got a wussperv rec for us, send it to me at

Monday, March 22, 2010

Breaking Trinity had billie.ze.kidd all hot & bothered.

Snarlward. As VvDeadRosesvV has brought me to call this beloved Edward. Is the best way to start the review I think. The story she has painted is nothing short of absolute brilliance. Filled with love, angst, drama and some maga Hot sexin'

I must admit that Snarlward is pantie changing worthy. It's not so much his physical appearance as it is the in image he exudes. His troubled sex god-esqe leaves me mentally drooling. Really a wonderful play on our typical Edward.

And oh, the snarls:


Edward snarled. Deep and low. And slid two fingers into my dripping sex.

“Oh God!”

“I’m your fucking God!” He growled so deep, so primal--I arched my back. “You’re mine, do you hear me?

You’re fucking mine!”
I've found that sometimes Dom/Snarl-ward can become a little border line abusive. However, when reading this story you just can't help but anticipate Edward's caveman moments. This rendition of Dom/Snarlward is foolproof in my opinion. While still holding on to the rough possessiveness we all love, he has a certain desperation for Bella. It's rather enduring that he obviously cares for her so much.

Tear-filled chocolate eyes held mine. Overcome with joy, lust, desire, contentment.

I feel it to.

I leaned down, gripping my twitching dick. Her small hands gripped my shoulders.

My free hand slid along her cheek. “My other half…”

Moving on I must comment on the immediate attraction between Edward and Bella. It's so powerful and intense that neither one can deny it. This quote from Bella I feel sums it best :


I never felt so liberated, so out of control and yet, still comfortable with it. Edward didn’t force me to do anything I didn’t want to do. And I wanted to do it again and again and again.

This idea of being out of control yet free, floors me. Neither one of them truly understand what is happening, but they can't stop. I believe this is beautifully handled in this story. Truly isn't this how many of use would react if we found ourselves in a similar situation? We dream of finding out soul mates so to speak but really could we truly handle the pull between two people who know no more than each others name? I think VvDeadRosesvV handles this scenario extremely well.

I also like how VvDeadRosesvV touches on the theory of scent:


“Alright,” I sighed and squared off close to him, desperate to shield myself from being overheard. “Let’s say there is a girl and the way she smells--not her shampoo or soap but her very personal fragrance--made you react…in a very primal way.”

There is something about personal fragrance that can indeed drive you wild. And I love VvDeadRosesvV spin on this. It's not “Oh you smell good, let's screw” It's more of an...instinct. A reaction that you don't really understand.


I took her hips into my hands and dragged her to the edge of the bed as she released her hold. My eyes took hers captive and I knelt down in front of her.

Tangerine. Honey. Wet Wildflowers.

Fuck. It was intense.

Of course there's also a little hint of that Possiveward that we love in here:

He inhaled sharply, passing his nose against my cheek to my ear. “Do you like wearing my mark, Bella?”

Edward’s free hand gripped my hair, his eyes feasting on his mark. I could feel his hot breath, burning the shorn flesh.

I hissed in desperation, my nails biting into his skin.

“Mine.” He snarled in lust, twisting my hair violently in his grip.

And oh, the ANGST. To love someone so desperately and yet have this sense of self hatred, where you won't allow your self the pleasure is heart wrenching. They both don't feel they deserve the other, when they do. It's maddening and amazing, all wrapped into one.


I wanted to punish us. Too good. Too right. We could never fucking be!

We already were.

"Edward!" Her cries were agonizingly beautiful. Her hips pressed forward.

I lost my self control.



"I'm begging..." Tears of pure release streamed down my eyes.

"So am I," his cries were strangled. "...don't ever stop."

Hands in my hair. Emerald eyes.

Sun. Sand. US.
The last thing I want to touch on is the switching of POV's. Sometimes when I'm reading a story and I see the author doing this I get concerned. Sometimes things get left out, it confuses you more than clarifies. However VvDeadRosesvV has brought me to appreciate this much more. I've found that with this story hearing Edwards Pov (along with Bella's) Gives you much more insight as to what is actually happening.

To me this is one of those stories ,with something in it we all can love. VvDeadrosesVv really knows what she is doing with something this intense. I definitely recommend all to check it out!

billie.ze.kidd is a reader and mega fan. She claims Twilight Fanfiction changed her life, hopefully for the better.