Thursday, December 31, 2009

Author Interview: HunterHunting & 4theluvofmary

This week we have the expert on all things Tattward, HunterHunting and our very own Stephie or 4theluvofmary.

Questions for HH:

Stephie: Ok HH, should I call you HH, Virginia, Gin? I don't know you very well (yet) besides how fuckhot your Tattward is. Mmm, Tattward. I digress. Back to the point. What do I call you?
hh: I go by Gin or hh, whatever you prefer, or h00r, that works too. I like that one a lot.

Stephie: K, h00r it or Gin. :) So tell me, is there a story behind your pen name?
hh: Yes, there is actually. I have a non-twilight fic (I know, craziness) and the character's name is Hunter. I played with that a bit and liked the way hunterhunting sounded, so I went with it. Plus with the whole Twi thing, and Edward being a hunter and Bella his prey so to speak, it made sense on both fronts.

Stephie: You're in Canada right? Do you have a "Canadian" accent? Do you say "eh?" a lot? I ask only because I used to have a Chicago accent, and even within the States people called attention to it.
hh: I actually say yeah more than I say eh, I think anyway. I do have a Canadian accent, or so I am told. Apparently we say "about" all weird, obviously I can't tell if this is true or not because it's my accent and it sounds normal to me. I live in Ontario and even from the northern to the southern parts there is a variation in accents. I guess it's pretty much like that everywhere, we each have our own twang.

Stephie: When did you first read Twilight? And how long after reading the series did you stumble upon fanfiction?
hh: I think there was a lot of hype about it, just before the movie came out and I had a four month old baby that cried all the fucking time. The only time she napped was when she was sleeping on my lap. I'm not the biggest fan of TV, I like a few select, usually violent or inappropriately funny shows (surprise, surprise) and I couldn't be bothered to watch daytime television and let my brain rot out of my head so I picked up Twilight<--god this sounds awful. I don't mean that it was a last resort or anything, just that I wasn't interested in watching Jerry Springer everyday. I was drawn to the metaphor on the cover, I thought of the garden of Eden, of Snow White, of someone's heart in their hands and felt like I could appreciate something easy to read it being teen fiction and all--you know, nothing that would make me think too hard, like Chaucher or some such literary work. I really loved the simple complexity of the story, so I bought the next one two days later and then I dragged my crying baby to Costco to buy the final two. I read them all within a week and then read them again, and again.
You mean you don't set the Twilight series on the same literary scale as Canterbury Tales? *scoff* I definitely understand needing something to do with a tiny one. I read the books when I was preggo. Except for BD, which came out after I had Mini. I got mine at Costco also, let's be bffs k? But that was convenience because I work there. *shrugs*
hh: We should totally BFF it up. I love Costco, it's the shit. I'm going there tomorrow, wish me luck on that please.
Stephie: OMG don't go to Costco tomorrow. It is fucking insane. Bat shit crazy. Do you know how many people come asking for their Xanax because the holidays make them all anxious and shit? *deep breath* ok...ahem. sorry about that outburst.
hh: I found ffn when I was on a Twilightmom's site. I was like really, people do this? Why? Wouldn't they want to write something they could publish? Then I started reading, first only AU, then AH, and I spiralled out of control. There are some really amazing writers out there who need to be discovered.
Stephie: So I started going to Twilightmom too, only for whatever reason, ok so it's because I'm an idiot, I didn't quite catch on to how it worked. Much like how I cannot do LJ. It's beyond me.
hh: Don't feel bad, as soon as I found ffn I abandoned Twilightmom's and became an ffn h00r.

Stephie: How long did it take you to decide to write and where exactly did the inspiration for Tattward come from? Because I just have to say, I love a man with ink. I also love a man packing serious heat...anaconda anyone?
hh: I actually started writing three other stories based on Twilight as a way to separate myself from the non-Twilight fic I was writing (gasp, I know, how is it possible to write something other than B & E???) and I was going to enter the Age of Edward contest, so I wrote AntiEstablishment Anarchy. I chickened out, and decided against entering, one because I didn't have a beta and had no clue how to go about getting one, and two because I thought it was absolute shit. I took the idea, the whole tattooed bad boy thing and started thinking about how it would translate if they were older, if there was more trauma and maturity and life for them. I started writing CW&IA and asked a couple of people MrsTheKing and TellMeNoLies to have a look because I really respect their work and they were kind enough to do that for me. The both encouraged me to post, and so I did sans beta. I cringe now when I read the first 8 unbeta'd chapters because they are so chocked full of errors it's deplorable.
Stephie: Well thank God for MrsTheKing and TellMeNoLies. Where would we be without Tattward? And, you know at least you got a beta after 8 chapters. I'm pretty sure it took me double that. Luckily mskathy took pity on me. But honestly, if the story is good enough, I can overlook errors. Your story has enough draw and mystery (plus a fuckhot Edward) to keep us all going.
hh: Thank God for that. I really want to go back and rework the first part of the story, not change everything, but give it a better sense of flow. It's really choppy, but that's the way it goes when you post a chapter at a time.
Stephie: Oh trust me, I toy with the idea of going back and just completely redoing PT. I am embarrassed at how bad it is. lol

Stephie: Do you draw any of your writing from personal experience?
hh: Thankfully none of the experiences I write about are mine. I work with a lot of mental health issues in my job, and I've seen a lot of trauma. We (the people at work) call it emotional ER. There is always something going down, it's quite intense. I love it though. I feel . . . I don't know, I've always been a pretty sensitive person. I feel things quite intensely, all the time and I guess it makes it easier to write fabricated emotional distress.
Stephie: Wow. I really admire anyone who has the heart and emotional capacity to help those with mental illness.

Stephie: All the ideas for the tatts on both Edward and Bella...did they just come to mind? Or did you sit down and actually have to think them out? I love the wings on Bella's back. You have no idea how much I'd love some on mine. Pretty sure I couldn't be quite so out of commission with a 2 year old mini though. She likes to climb me like a jungle gym. *pouts*
hh: As for the whole deal on tatts and piercings, well I've always been a fan of body modification. I wanted to show readers how I see, and perceive most of the people I know who are covered in body art, how beautiful it can be when you committ your memories to your body. I wanted people to see that it wasn't simply a form of deviance, that it truly is a beautiful art form and it can be so very healing. I knew that it wasn't a story that was going to appeal to everyone because of the premise, but I felt like it was something I really wanted to do and so I went with it.
Stephie: IMO your story has opened a lot of people's eyes and minds to the idea of tatts and piercings as just another expression of their identity.
hh: Thanks, I was hoping people would see it that way. I'm glad I was able to capture that aspect of it. As for how I came up with the tatts, I did a lot of searching, I could always see Bella's tatt in my head, but I couldn't find a pic of it, so when someone offered to draw my vision I jumped on that. I have a huge book of tatts and many of them came from there. I have some favourite artists, Jason Butcher being among them which is where the shrouded child came from in chapter 22.

Stephie: Do you have a set outline for your writing? What about a set schedule? Do you set aside certain times to write or plot out?
hh: I had an outline, it was three pages long, as you can see I am not very good at keeping things short and to the point. I am far too wordy for that. (Stephie interupts with: we can be wordy bitches together) The major events in the story were planned out from the beginning, particularly chapter 29 and the events leading up to it. The end is also planned, it's just the small details that I need to flesh out and make real. I don't have a set schedule, I can't work like that. I write all the time, almost everyday to be honest. Some days I write a lot, others not so much. The story comes in waves and I put fingers to keyboard as often as possible. Sometimes it's painful to have the scenes in my head and not on my computer, which is why 29-31 came so close together, it was literally torture to have that stuff in my head and not where I needed it to be. The scene where Edward found Bella in the bathroom was written well before any of the events leading up to it took place.
Stephie: Ok, since you brought it up...the heart fail. You say it tortures you to have it stuck in your head, yet you write it so well (i know wusspervs of the's hard. but good and worth it). Why do you think that is? Do you see yourself as more sympathetic to such painful things in life?
hh: I think it goes back to the way I feel everything really intensely. So when I write I am my characters (not in a I need medication kind of way). I try to be them, channel them, so the scenes sit in my head until I can put them on paper. I think my RL job and the amount of trauma and heartbreak I see on a regular basis makes me very aware of how difficult life can be for some people to cope with.
Stephie: And so after writing the HF, do you find yourself all emo and depressed? How do you separate yourself from your story, emotionally speaking?
hh: Sometimes it does have a negative effect. I had to step away for a couple of days, so I could get perspective. I know they are fictional characters, but I feel them in a very real sense, so sometimes it's good to take a break from them.
Stephie: Ever thought about writing pure fluff? hehe
hh: Yes, I think I'm gonna go for that with Hockeyward, but we'll see, I don't know if I can write angst free.
Stephie: Oh...I thought I saw some tweets about Hockeyward. He sounds sexy.

Stephie: I really love the kitty..and by that I mean the kitten, TK2. Where did that come from? Do you own cat(s) yourself?
hh: I have two cats, both pure white named Narbles and Digit--she has two extra toes on each paw and she quite cute. I felt like Bella needed something to take care of, to love, and that a kitten would be a good idea, because lord knows there will be no baby in this story.
Stephie: NO BABY?! lol jk. I have a cat. His name is Tiggy (that's short for Tiggo which is short for Tiggo husband named him). He's really fat with the face of a kitten. And thinks he's a dog. Srsly, he plays fetch. And guards the house.

Does music influence your writing at all? Do you have favorite bands/songs that you constantly put on repeat?
hh: I am obsessive about music. Whatever you see at the beginning of the chapter is usually what I have been listening to while I write. Lately I have been on a Seether and Silversun Pickups kick. I love their music. I like heavy bands, and I usually can't stand pop or anything that fits into adult contemporary. I was listening to The Cure when I was twelve, I haven't deviated much from my need for intensity in my music, I find it inspiring. We all have our muses. I'm so fucking picky about music. And I can't deal with House or Trance, it makes me feel like I'm having an anxiety attack.

Stephie: Do you have a set "cast" for CW&IA? Maybe a specific peen in mind?
hh: I see RPattz at Edward because I think he's fucking hot as shit, and I want to bone him all the time. For Bella I see Hannah Beth. I don't know who she is outside of pictures, if she's a huge cunt or something, but she's just beautiful and funky and perfect for this Bella. I love KStew, but she usually doesn't have enough edge to play this part. As for the rest of the cast, I see them in my head, but that doesn't mean I can see them beyond that. It would take some serious work to come up with my own cast for them. Winona Ryder from Girl Interrupted for Alice and Angelina from the same movie with better hair and less medicated for Rose. As for the boys, keep them as their actor counterparts, because those boys are fucking hot.
Stephie: Can you share your favorite pic as Rob for Tattward and Hanna as Inkella? Please?

Stephie: ^^ he is totes staring at Bella's ass in this pic.

Stephie: Are there certain stories/authors that have influenced your writing?
hh: I think AG broke the mold when she created WA Darkward. As for authors out there that influence me, Clive Barker is one, he's so fucking cool. I love his writing. I also love everything by Barbara Kingsolver, Anne Marie MacDonald, Joyce Carol Oats. For teen fiction I love Melissa Marr, she has such an interesting mind, I adore her stuff. I love Wally Lamb as well, he tells such a phemonial story, there are so many out there . . . if you mean ffn writers I guess just check out my faves. Although I've added about thirty in the past little while that I want to read in the future. OCDindeed makes me want to ball my fucking eyes out, I had to wait for a series of updates to come because it was making me feel ill to think about reading, she's that intense in the best way possible. Caligula42 is a lyrical goddess. There are so many amazing ffn authors out there who should be published, it's really hard to say. My Beta Bri has written a new o/s called The Shadowy Corners of Me, fuck it's awesome. Oh and theladyingrey, her words are music.

Stephie: What about...brain food. Is there a special snack you like to munch on when writing? (I've been corrupted. I can't think munch without thinking box *shakes head*)
hh: I usually drink wine, and maybe, if I can deal, I'll eat popcorn. But sitting on my ass all the time writing isn't really good for my waistline, so I try not to snack and shit (on Lindt chocolate) because that's not helpful at all. And I too suffer from constant perviness, I've totally fucked myself on the cupcake frontiere for the rest of my life.

Stephie: Ok, since this is posting after New Moon...what did you think? Did you notice the wonky mipple on Rob? Or were you distracted by something a bit...lower...
hh: DUDE!!! It was the only thing I could focus on, how fucked up was that? What the hell was going on there? Any theories?
Stephie: Only the ones started by other Twifans. I don't follow the blogs and shit religiously or anything, but I know some people think the directors added in some vampbites due to Edward's failed attempts at tracking? IDK

Stephie: You say you don't watch TV, except for some inappropriate ones. What shows make your select list?
hh: I don't watch TV mostly because all I fucking do is write, write, write. But, I love DEXTER, Criminal Minds, and sometimes the original CSI. I also adore South Park and Family Guy as well as American Dad because it's so highly inappopriate and honestly, the social commentary makes me pee myself. We're such a fucked up society, it's nice that people have created a show that highlights the worst parts.
Stephie: Oooh I love Dexter. And am also slightly disturbed that my mother enjoys it too. "Steph, I have season 2 for you. It is SO good." And all I can think is how fangirlish squeals do not sound right coming from my mother.
hh: I just watched the last episode of season four and was like WTF? NO REALLY WTF? I felt mind fucked.
Stephie: I haven't seen it yet SHHHHHHHHHH!

Stephie: Does your little one watch any TV? If not, then let me warn you against a few things. Namely Barney (idk why kids are drawn to that giant purple dinosaur) and even Dora. She bugs me. Trust me though, not because she's hispanic. I'm hispanic.
hh: She likes FourSquares and YoGabbaGabba and Into the Night Garden. She only watches about ten minutes a day though, she doesn't stop moving, even when she is asleep.
Stephie: Oh, mini's favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba...I'm not familiar with Four Squares or Night Garden though. Mini stops only long enough to hear the music, just so she can start dancing along.

(Hopey interjecting here for a sec. This interview was scheduled for last week. So no, Stephie & HH are not on crack. It was Pre-Christmas when they did this.)
Stephie: It's almost Christmas. Have you been naughty or nice? ;) What do you want to find under your Christmas Tree (oh shit, this is assuming you celebrate Christmas. If you in fact celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or some other holiday I'm unaware of...err then I apologize)
hh: I want a car jack for my iPod/phone and I would like a night away with hubs. And I celebrate Christmas, although my tree is quite pathetic looking this year.
Stephie: K, just checking. I want to be PC here. Well, at least, somewhat :)

Questions for HH from around the fandom:

From topazheart: 1) What are the best posish for max stimulation with a VCH piercing?
hh: VCH is Vertical Hood piercing which passes through the skin above the clit parallel to the lips. The best position would be anything where there is both external and internal stimulation. Woman on top is good for control, Man on top is just hot--visual and physical stim...ung...thinking of Tattward and his monster cock here. The barbell slides back and forth with the movement and causes friction, which leads to fuckawesome orgasms.

2) Can we expect a little bondage play in CWAIA since E likes it rough?
hh: do you really want me to give that sort of information away? This is Edward we're talking about, I think that says enough.

From Karolina aka moonC: 1. Was she planning this whole Tattwards' cucpcake obsession or it just came by accident? Now I'm also obsessed with cupcakes LOL.
hh: I just thought it would be funny, and sort of a contradiction to his character. I had no idea it would become such an integral plot device. I really like a good cupcake. Not as much as Tattward, but you know, if there was one in front of me I'd eat it.

2. I need to know if she's gonna make him to buy some panties for Bella. It would be sooo hilarious...
hh: I think Edward would willingly go buy panties for Bella. What I think would be funny is the scene where he's in the lingerie store and he's sporting a boner the entire time.

3. Does Gin have some writers ritual like writing only in the evening, while drinking tea or vodka ;)
hh: I drink wine, or diet pop. I sit in the same spot, listen to music and it's usually only in the evenings.

From Emmy:
FF author you most envious of?

hh: Envy, that word makes me feel uncomfortable because I feel like it has a negative context too it. I think I admire Sam (AG). She's gracious and quite lovely. Her writing style is phenomenal and her stories are just so touching and real. I don't really see her get riled about things, at least not publicly and that's such an admirable trait. I can be a fairly reactive person under certain circumstances, particularly when I feel attacked. She donates her time and energy to valuable causes often and she writes what she wants when she wants to, and she's adorable.

One thing you would change about the fandom?
hh: Hehe. *Raises eyebrow* that's an interesting question. I don't know, I've not been part of it for that long so I really can't say what does or doesn't need to be changed.

Any one scene/chapter you have been most proud of writing?
hh: Chapter 31 when Edward finds Bella in the bathroom, both the most difficult scene to write in the entire story and the most rewarding. I had that scene planned from the beginning, so when I finally reached it there was a sense of real accomplishment.

Dream fic to read or write?
hh: To write, the manuscript I have written on which my penname is based. I need to finish that one. To read, well I can't wait to read my beta Bri's since I'm waiting until it's complete so I don't have to wait for updates. I know, I 'm a hypocritical h00r.

Dream collaboration to work with?
hh: Bri, because I love her and it would be fun.

Dream tattoo?
hh: I plan to get a huge mofo lily on my back with my daughters name in the leaves.
Stephie: That sounds pretty!

What inspired the Tiger Kitten kitten & the name - its been a genius device... :) (If calling a cute kitten a device is the right thing to do! LOL)
hh: In MS Edward refers to Bella a furious kitten who thinks it's a tiger. I took it from there and then fucked with it, obviously.

Why cupcakes? & What is YOUR favourite frosting & RECIPE!! :)
hh: Because cupcakes are the best dessert ever.


2.2 lbs icing sugar

1 lb butter
1 t. clear vanilla
2-4 tps milk.

Beat until smooth and creamy. Frost Edward's dick with it and suck.

Stephie: hehe you said beat until smooth n creamy hehe (dirty mind over here)

From Seamonkologist: Quick question to those who enjoy/write m/m slash...when did you first realize it was something that was a turn on? And did you ever feel the need to hide that it turned you on?
hh: I haven't read any slash yet. I plan to, because I think it's hot, but I have a hard time picturing Edward with anyone but Bella. I'm going to start with AG's slash, because well, it's AG, how can it not be good?
Stephie: For me, Edward has to be with Jasper. It just works for me. And yes, is hot. rawr

Standard PP Questions:

(Stephie says she already answered these in the last interview. If you wanna know, check that out for a refresher)

Do you have any tattoos?
hh: I have four, a dolphin (guidance) wolf (endurance) and a frog (happiness) and I also have my astrological number and planets, which are incidentally the same as my daughters. Sadly my planets are the sun and Uranus, which is really so fucking stupid, because I have Uranus on my back *eye roll* so you can see how I might want to have that covered over. I would really like another tatt, a larger one that covers the astrological one, the design I have planned is huge , and I want my daughters name written along the stem.
Stephie: *snickers* Uranus.
hh: Dude, I know, I know.

What is your favorite sexual position?
hh: I really like being on the bottom, with my legs over my hubs shoulders, he had great arms, so it's nice to watch them flex and he goes deeper that way. I enjoy the feeling of having him in control, because I'm always in control of everything in my life, all the time--except when he's fucking the hell out of me.
Stephie: Um...yeah, that sounds hot. Being controlled is...nice.

Favorite ff ever?
hh: Sigh. That's hard, I love Wide Awake because it was one of the first one I ever read and it really pulled me into this world because I thought, shit, this woman can write and I would read this even if there was no Bella and Edward in it. There are so many good fics out there. I adore Irritable Grizzly Adams by Caligula42, her words are magical.

Hardest part about writing ff?
hh: I can't go back and change things, if I was writing this without posting I would go back and edit the fuck out of the story. But because of the nature of ff I can't do that, so I feel pretty decent about this 'draft' but I know if I had the option, I would rework chapters. I think my greatest fear is that I will disappoint my readers, and I expect that will happen eventually, some will probably hate the end or parts of the story line, but that just the way it goes. You can't make everyone happy all of the time. It's not reasonable to expect that from readers or myself.
Stephie: But as long as you are happy with your end product, I'd say that is successful. Plus you have plenty of rabid fangirls who ADORE your work. And wear your Masen gear. I'd call that quite successful!

Do people in RL know you do it?
hh: A few, a couple are reading, which is . . . odd? But it's nice to be supported while I write what I can only label as wordporn with some plot.

If i looked under your bed right now what would I find?
hh: Porn (mine), my husbands socks and a cat hiding from my daughter.

For those of you that use "toys" which is your favorite?

hh: I finally got a Rabbit. I love it, it's a nice stand in for the hubs.
If they could be in a relationship...would it be the same characters that you'd want to bone, or is there someone else they find more relationship worthy?

Do you currently have more than 1 sex partner?

hh: Do I count myself? If so I have two, me and my hubs, but I fantasize about Tattward all the time, because my hubs is as far from that as I am from China. Don't get me wrong, I love my hubs but a few weeks ago I was in a store and saw the hottest tatted up guy and I just about jumped him until I remembered I was a wife. Seriously though, that was a joke--mostly.

Question for Stephie:

hh: How did you come into the fandom?
Stephie: So after I read Eclipse and realized I had to wait a lifetime (ok, so maybe a little less than a year...what? that's a lifetime to me when it comes to books), I was dicking around the internet. At this point in time, I was either so pregnant I thought I was going to burst, or just had my daughter who was (and still is, usually) a fabulous sleeper/napper. I went to SM's website, to Twilight Lexion and saw these links for fanfiction. I'll admit to thinking that ff was *ducks* because I had never gotten into a story/series enough to want somehing more. Not even with Harry Potter, which I adore. But I was dying for more, too impatient to wait for BD. I found a couple sites, a few interesting stories. When I caught up with those and had nothing left to read I decided to google it. FFnet popped up. Then I discovered there so many awesome stories to choose from. That included the sex. I was sold.
hh: okay so I will admit that I too thought ffn was . . . odd. I mean, why the hell would people write all this stuff they couldn't even publish? Then I started reading and the addicition took over.

hh: What was the first story you read? Did you read AH at first or just AU?
Stephie: I started with AU because I was dying to know what people's theories were for BD. I may have shared this story in my GTK thingy but my sister called me up laughing hysterically the day before BD came out. The convo went like this:

sister: OMG I just read the funniest theory for BD EVER bahahahahaha

me: what was it?
sister: That Bella can't be turned because she formed an immunity to vamp venom, gets preggo from Edward, and Jacob imprints on the baby.
me: *fucking guffawing*

And then the next day after I read it in one sitting (yeah I know...don't act like you guys didn't do it too) I called her up. "So the not turning into a vampire things was off, but can you even believe?" Pretty sure I was all o_O by that point.

But when I discovered these really interesting and well written AU stories, I fell in love. Now I prefer those to AH, for the most part.
hh: I'll admit that was part of my move toward ffn, and the smut of course, because SM is a giant cockblocker.

hh: Where did you come up with your idea for Private Tutor and The Artist in the Ambulance?
Stephie: Private Tutor was...idk. I was itching to write something. I always loved writing but never really did. And I saw people, people just like me, writing their hearts out. I wanted to do that. But I needed an idea and that was what always stumped me in the past...having original ideas. So I decided to focus on something I was familiar with. College, at my age, wasn't so far in the past. And I had the hottest TA for one of my classes (not Bio though. That lab sucked) to use as inspiration. Unfortunately there were no tongs for me with that guy. Oh well. So it went from there. Because I grew up in the Chicagoland area and miss it SFM, I set it there. And now I want El Famous...or Panera.

The Artist in the Ambulance came from listening to music one night. I love music. A lot. When I can't sleep (which is far too often), I listen to music. One night I was in a Thrice mood. So TAitA came on. I just got this sudden idea. I love EPOV and for whatever reason enjoy writing it more than BPOV. The idea of having E all beaten and battered, him falling for the girl who helped save him...causing him to reevaluate his lifestyle (this is kinda a spoiler, yes?) just struck me as something fun to write. And by fun I mean, a definite challenge. I know little about the medical world. Plus the story is supposed to be angst/romance (I think is how I labeled it). Right now most just find it funny, because I can't stop myself from throwing in some stupid humor. But just remember, it is gonna get to that angsty part.

hh: What is your favourite thing about writing ffn?
Stephie: Probably the bonding I've done with so many fabulous ladies. I will admit to not having many RL friends, at least in the near vicinity. Most of my really close friends are back in Chicago, or elsewhere as their lives have directed them. So to write, read, and befriend people via the internets that share a common interest is great. I love that I can write something just a little bit naughty and know that it is appreciated by someone out there. And that I am not alone in my somewhat unhealthy obsession.

Also finding a creative outlet. As many authors, I would love the possibility of publishing one of my own stories. I'm not naive enough to think it will happen, esp not using one of my ff stories. But getting the practice, to hone my "skill" is invaluable to me.

hh: You've written a lot of o/s', what are the challenges of writing o/s' versus full stories?
Stephie: Yes...a lot of o/s. When I first started writing, I saw Jayeliwood's Sexy Edward contest and wanted to try out the whole "lemon" thing (not having written any sexy times in PT yet). And it just kind of exploded from there, the whole doing o/s for contests or fun. It's kind of a learning experience too. For me, and I'm sure most would agree, is writing something with substance. Sure you can write a hot, steamy o/s that is just basically plot. And most definitely some of my o/s are just that. But, as in my Tattward entry, I wanted something more. Condensing emotions and backstory into one 10k o/s is hard. But rewarding.

The trouble with full stories is all in the pacing. When do you stop with a chapter? How long should it be? What do you include/cut out? And then when you've got that mastered, you move on to figuring out when/how to end the story. I'm sure you feel an attachment to Tattward after spending so much time and energy (and tears *heartfail*) on the story. When do you let go? I know that was a challenge with PT. If I wanted I'm sure I could drag things on forever. And maybe some ppl would enjoy that. But that doesn't equal a good story.

hh: do you have outlines for your stories? Are they detailed or do you just go with the flow?
Stephie: No outlines. I tried. I can't deal. With PT it was a more, go with the flow kind of thing. I had several points I wanted to hit: the first ILY, their first time, Christmas/NYE, the break up, the tattoo, the song Edward sings to Bella outside her window...So the other stuff between came either from just on the fly inspiration, or from reviewers/friends who gave me good ideas.
With TAITA, most of my planning comes from the music. Again, I love the music. And if I'm writing, odds are I'm jamming out. When I got the idea for TAITA, there were several songs that, while listening, struck me as PERFECT for the story. Some were hilarious, like "Gotta Get Through This" for Edward's spongebath. Others are more...hmm I don't wanna say and spoil anything. If I told you the songs, you may get wise to where I'm going. Can't have that.
I wish I could outline though. Maybe I'd write faster...

hh: what do you find to be the most challenging part of story writing?
Stephie: For me it's finding the time. Mini is 2 and just EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE AND OMG CAN YOU SLOW DOWN PLEASE?! I remember when I anticipated her walking. Now I wish she would sit still for a minute (but hey, if I put on Twilight, she'll sit and watch. She loves Edward). When I write, I need absolute calm, or I get distracted. You should see my notebook (which is how I write...can't handle doing it all on the computer). Doodles everywhere. If I attempt to do any while Mini is awake, she just asks me to draw. I'm gonna be super lame and share. You see the Yo Gabba Gabba characters in the margins? Oh yeah, that's her doing.

But yeah, time. It's hard for me to find time to write and still read, do the PPSS blog. And then all of a sudden it's been a month since I updated. Then the issue is making sure my next update is enough to draw the readers back after such a long wait. And they are so fabulous to me *kisses*

hh: if you could fuck any one of the characters in Twilight who would it be?
Stephie: As in, the canon series? Because, I know it's probably rather obvious, but Edward. If not only because he's such a prude. And underneath that prude is a dirty boy. I just know it. I would want to corrupt him. And if Edward were real, I think he'd be scared of the things I can come up with in my head. Er...that sounds so wrong. LOL. From there it would be Jasper, Carlisle, Emmett, Mike..wait Mike? JK. Though if I'm going by the movie, Charlie with his pornstache would be a solid 2 on my list.

hh: Do you picture the members of the cast as your characters? If not, who do you picture?
Stephie: No, the cast of the movies never made it as my ideal for the characters, whether from the series or my own stories. For whatever reason, while reading Twilight, I pictured Edward having really dark, almost black hair. I know it's bronze. SM makes it a point to mention the color countless of times. Idk why I see it that way. Just do. But I'm not complaining when it comes to RPattz. Kstew on the other hand...I just, have to deal with her. She was very pretty in NM though.

For TAITA, Edwad is older, 35, so RPattz wouldn't fit the bill. He's Matthew Bomer in my head (from a show called White Collar on USA)

Bella, for me, is Rachel Bilson. Because I think she pulls off that sweet/innocent-yet-sexy look that I'm going for with Shortcake:

hh: Have you met any of your ffn friends in RL? Do your RL friends know you write ffn? Do they read it?
Stephie: Yes, mskathy and I have hooked up...ooh that sounds dirty...and are currently trying to get together sometime this lifetime. Pretty sure God is against this plan. Little does he know that in our next lifetime we will be gay boyfriends. lol As far as RL they don't know. As previously stated, it's kind of like a dirty little secret. Though most of my coworkers know my love for Twilight borders on the unhealthy.
hh: because of the environment I work in I have to keep my obsession with RPattz on the DL, but I wish I could be more open about it. If there was a support group I'd go. Wait, that's what ffn is, nevermind.
Stephie: Maybe we should have a Rpattz Anon. *stands up* My name is Stephanie and I have a problem...

hh: What authors either in ffn or outside of ffn inspire you?
Stephie: All of the PP gals inspire me, seriously. They amaze me with their level of talent and commitment. Authors like jandco, Twilightzoner (who also validates me over on twilighted), AngstGoddess003, tara sue me, Goo82 all for what they have written in the past and how they shaped the fandom. I feel bad, like I'm leaving someone important out. If you're an author, and I talk to you (or even if I don't and just read your stuff) chances are you inspire me in one way or another...that's not meant to be taken in a pervy way either...promise.

As far as published authors: J.K. Rowling, SM (can I please publish and have my story blow up like hers? For as much fun as we make of her, she's set for life. I'm a little green with envy), Jodi Picoult, J.R.Ward (gah BDB I love you), David Sedaris, and then there are the authors of the "classics" of which are too many in number to name.
hh: Oh, I just bought the first BDB book and I can't wait to read it. Whenever the hell I get a chance to.
Stephie: *claps hands* we must discuss when you start. I wonder who you're favorite will be...I'm gonna predict Z. He's all tatted and pierced and has some issues... hehehe

Does music have an impact on what you write?
Stephie: LOL I think I already answered this question. See ^^ But as a recap, it's huge (I was a music major for awhile in college). This is why I include a playlist before every chapter of TAITA. IDK how many people actually listen to the songs beforehand, but IMO they add to the experience.

hh: Who are some of your favourite ffn writers?
Stephie: Oh god, such hard questions. Again, the PP girls. I love Amethyst Jackson's work. socact, IMO is a relatively underappreciated author who deserves so much more attention. There are a whole host of authors who I love and fangirl over. I'm just bad at doing it publicly bc it seems like time is always running out before I get a chance to. *starts singing Muse to self* And there are so many stories out there that I want to read and haven't yet...stories that are like, wtf is wrong with you stephie, get with the program and READ. Can I take a vacation from RL to just binge on ff stories? kthx

hh: Who would you like to do a collab with, if anyone at all?
Stephie: Can I say you? :) let's see...socact, Amethyst Jackson, halojones, tara sue me, littlesecret84, stella luna sky, Gondolier...there's a whole list (which obviously all of the PP are on as well). But it's all my lofty dreams. I don't think I actually qualify to do collabs with any of these much-more-talented-than-I authors.

hh: What was the last bound and published book you have read? What do you want to read next? Do you like a specific genre outside of teen fic written by someone who cockblocked the fuck out of us for four novels?
Stephie: Srsly, SM cockblocker of the century. I actually just finished reading a fuckton of books. I've been sick and holed up in bed. So let's see...I read this book called Truly, Madly by Heather Webber. It's not actually for sale until February, but I received an advanced copy. It's a fun, cute read. So when it's out, I recommend to all. I also read Shadowland by Alyson Noel, the third book in The Immortals series and The Van Alen Legacy, fourth book in the Blue Bloods series. Both of which are YA. And it's funny because before Twilight I never had the inclination to read YA. Somehow these YA keep getting pushed at me. They're quick. They're easy. They're fun (sounds like I'm describing slutty girls). Next on the list is to finish The Fiery Cross, fifth in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Oh Jamie you are one fine Scott.

hh: I'm interested in your brain food when you write. Peoples eating habits always enthrall me. Tell me, what munchies *snicker* do you like?
Stephie: Um...I actually don't tend to eat while writing. It distracts me. Because I have weird habits when eating certain foods. I won't get into details but sufice it to say that I eat slowly. So normally I am either sipping on coffee, water, or Coke (not necessarily in that order) and sometimes something stronger, just for kicks n giggles...though alcohol usually makes me too uncensored and therefore go back and clean up/edit the shit outta what I write.

hh: If you could be anyone of the secondary characters in Twilight, who would it be?
Stephie: Um...I honestly don't know. I think maybe Tanya. Now, before I get people throwing tomatoes or even rounds of antibiotics to clear up any pesky rashes from our dear Ms. Denali, let me explain. I always hated how things were hinted at in the books. Clearly SM wanted us to assume things, and then I thought maybe I'd get more answers in Midnight Sun. But then ya know, the leak happened, so that's not gonna go down any time soon. BD confused me because Edward is hearing Tanya's thoughts and it seems like she is genuinely happy for the married couple but then again I'm just not sure...and I'm rambling. But there ya go. I'd be Tanya. I mean, she also gets to go fuck any willing human that crosses her path. Who wouldn't want that?

hh: If you were a vampire with a special power, what would it be?
Stephie: Wow, you are killing me with these tough questions. I think I kind of like Jasper's power. Only it would be more like the power of persuasian. There's just something about being able to influence people to do your bidding. Now as far as how I'd use my power - for good or evil- that's another question entirely.

hh: How much do you love your beta? I gotta ask, because if I didn't have mine
(along with my previewer) it would be pretty fucking horrible to read my shit. Are you pretty good with grammar conventions and punctuation or do your beta(s) work hard for you?
Stephie: What a good question! I wish I had a real beta when I started PT, but I didn't know anyone and had no clue as to how you got yourself a beta. And then when I befriended mskathy and she showed me the errors of my ways (literally here), I had to keep her around just to beta PT. I always thought I was a decent writer, because I can spot grammar problems like nobody's bsns. But when I get in the zone and am really tired (usual standard for when I write), things slip past my not so vigilent mind. As I matured as a writer, mskathy pointed out fewer mistakes, which made me feel good. But even still, without her that story would not be a fraction of what it is. In fact, I wish i could go back and have her fix my previous chapters!

arra584 is my TAITA beta and all around fabulous friend. She started the PT thread over on twilighted and would've done a TAITA thread but I forbade it (mskathy didn't listen to me). She is so nice she willingly volunteered to beta my shit. Which says a lot to me bc she doesn't beta for anyone else anymore. She <3>

Questions for Stephie from around the fandom:

From Emmy (pippapear):

How and Why Fanfic - what first tempted you in?
Stephie: Why? More like, why not?! Um, honestly, the lure of sex in Twilight sucked me in. I can't even lie and pretend it was something else. I wanted hot, dirty, steamy s.e.x.

I know you said you had the final song chosen for PT - but where did all your inspiration come from? That was a very long story - with many wonderful facets. . .
Stephie: More music, and general day dreaming. Also, just missing the city of Chicago. I never intended it to read as a "what stephie misses and wants to do in chicago" story. There were also several little things in there that have happened to me in RL. Whether funny, sexy, sad...I'll let you guess as to which ones ;)

The best thing that's happened to you because of the fandom?
Stephie: Friendships formed. Hands down. Hubs says he enjoys the "free" reading since I tend to gobble up books like tasty chocolate morsels. And I don't like to borrow them from libraries (nothing against them, I love libraries). It's just I prefer to own. Because I am a habitual re-reader.

How big a part does Music play in your writing?
Stephie: A ginormous part of my writing is music. I love how music can tell such vivid stories. Not just through lyrics either. Some instrumental pieces are so poignant they bring tears to my eyes.

Stephie: There you have it. Hope you enjoyed. It's quite long (that's what she said). For those of you celebrating the birth of sweet, baby Jesus, Merry Christmas (Eve). For those who don't, Merry Thursday!

Tune in next week for LolaShoes & Tara Sue Me!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MsKathy Gets A Bedtime Story

Bedtime Stories



Alone and lonely on an overseas trip to see her favorite singer, Bella meets a stranger who wants her to help sooth away some of his own loneliness. One-shot. Rated M for leMon.

So, I had the pleasure of reading The Beauty Within, another one-shot by afragilelittlehuman. TBW is a T-rated lemon-less one-shot, but it inspired me to check her profile for her other works, which led me to Bedtime Stories.

Without spoiling the ending of Bedtime Stories, I will say that this is a concept I've seen before. However, it is not often well-executed, in my opinion.

This isn't the most explicit or dirty lemon, but it is still smokin' hot. Something about lines like these just kills me:

“These fingers?” Edward asked, placing the tips of two fingers just inside her open mouth.

Bella grinned as she took his fingers into her mouth, sucking them wickedly. “Yummy.”

Mostly, this is a short, sweet, romantic lemon. The one-shot is so short, I bet you'll do what I did -- go back for a re-read immediately. It's even more sweet the second time around.

AFLH made me smile with the very cute twist at the end. Something about the romance of situations like this always gets me, and I love the unspoken hope there. I was left thinking... where's Ireland?

Monday, December 28, 2009

TZ and the Monster take "The Oath"


Bella & Edward's Sex Anthology


Okay, I’m totally starting to feel predictable. Someone says the words "pimp a story" and I immediately default to JenWordSong. People are going to think she’s the only author I’ve ever read.

But here’s the thing – I was asked to write about my favorite (smutty) chapter. And as much as I love pretty much everything Jen has ever written, The Oath just stands out for me and has since the first time I read it. It really just touched me on a level that no other fanfiction smut ever has (that sounded kinda dirty).

The Oath is part of Edward and Bella’s Sex Anthology, a wonderful series of, well . . . sex scenes displaying different emotions and representing various points in ExB’s relationship. While the entire series is well worth reading, The Oath really blew me away (I did it again). It is different from any other Twilight smut I have seen.

Let me set the stage. It takes place after Bella’s transformation. In Jen’s world, Bella’s change was not a walk in the park – she ended up having to deal with all of the issues that we would have realistically (okay, that’s just a weird thing to say about paranormal fiction) expected. In other words, Bella is not the perfect newborn.

So when the scent of humans walking through the Cullen property reaches newborn Bella, she has the reaction we (well, I) expected her to have – she goes berserk. Rosalie is unable to restrain her, and Edward must chase down a Bella rushing to the source of the scent to keep her from killing a human. So this is a good set-up for a sex scene, you ask dubiously?

Indeed it is, because what we have here is the angsty, emotion-laden intimacy of redemption. Once the temptation is gone, Bella feels nothing but shame, concluding she is evil, disgusting and unworthy of love – something Edward simply cannot accept:

It was clear what she was thinking. She believed that every particle of her was unclean, that she was something vile…a monster The very idea made me sick. As a human, she had been so good to me, so intent on showing me that I was not evil, was worthy of love. And now she needed someone to do the same for her. I would not allow my Bella to feel like anything less than what she was—my angel, my cherished love.

But Bella’s shame and self-loathing are too great to allow her to permit Edward to redeem her, at least without a struggle, and we see Edward’s naked fear of being denied Bella’s love:

"Kiss me back, Isabella," I demanded, my tongue coaxing her lips apart.

She allowed the invasion but no more than that, and the feel of being
alone, of being shut out sent sudden, ripping blasts of pain through my being. I
was afraid.

Opening my eyes, I looked into hers, and when I spoke I did not recognize
the fear there, the weakness. "Please, Bella, please," I said.

Okay, so am I making myself clear? We are talking some fervent, urgent sex here – characters who are desperate for the comfort and reassurance that only intimacy with one another can provide. Edward is driven by fear to bring Bella back to him, to break down the barriers she has raised. And for Bella, only Edward’s love can restore her sense of self. It is a moving and beautiful moment in Twifanfic. And if this doesn’t, um, do something for you, well, I just don’t know:

My fingertips brushed the satin of her thighs as I pushed her skirt up to her waist. Lowering my face to her panties, I smelled her arousal, the sweet musk staggering my senses. I shivered in anticipation. In mere seconds I would taste her, lap at the essence of my love, and she would know how good she was, how perfect, how deserving. I needed her to be exposed to me, open to my kiss.

While there’s certainly some great smut in this fandom, for me, this is the one. The characters are driven by a sense of need that has nothing to do with simple sexual attraction or a desire for release. It goes far beyond that—an urgency to achieve a primal connection that speaks more to salvation.

So, as tempted as I am to just keep quoting the story to demonstrate, I have to stop myself. It’s not that long! Just go read it!

Twilightzoner is the sole creator of "The Monster" arguably best representation of Edward's ahem... Id. She's a snarky ball of fun, with a wicked sense of humor. ~xo ninapolitan

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A little bit of Holiday Cheer from Us to You

There's not much I love more than Christmas. Seriously - all the festivities and tradition and loved ones and friends and happiness that abounds (I'm choosing to ignore the bastards that fill the stores this time of year). Now, what could be better than Christmas? How about Edward, Bella and Christmas? I know, I died a little, too. Here are some great xmas stories from around the fandom...some are old, some are new, but they are all worth the read.

Following a lifetime of extremely disappointing holidays, Bella literally runs into Edward in a coffee shop, and he decides to give her her first enjoyable holiday. How does he do that, you ask? He brings them both some "Holiday Spirit" of course! AH

Mistletoe and Wine
Bella is all alone in Seattle this Christmas. Can an old school friend give her some festive cheer? A smutty E/B one-shot.

I am a fucking child when it comes to Christmas!! I bloody bloody love it! :)
I love everything about it. Its all about family times for me. - complete with trifle, lashings of gluwhein(mulled wine) & blazing barneys at 4 in the morning on Christmas Eve as everyone falls out! :D :D :D

This is my fave christmas story thus far. & YES its from two of our own. BUT its brillo & fun & fucking fabbio & snort & guffaw out loud funny! Plus it has a family even more dysfunctional than mine! (who knew it was possible! ;) ).

This is my fave fluffy christmas tale!
A cosy, wintery Bella & Edward finally realising their connection. As warming as a cup of hot choc with cinnamon! :)

Here's some Gluhwein to beat the winter chill (translated means glow wine - it really does give you that! ;)
makes about 700 ml (1 1/4 pt).
600 ml (1 pt) red wine
75 g (3 oz) brown sugar
2 sticks cinnamon about 5 cm (2 in) long
1 lemon stuck with cloves
150 ml (1/4 pt) brandy
1. Put all the ingredients except the brandy in a pan, bring to simmering point and simmer gently with the lid on for 2-4 minutes.

2. Remove from the heat, add the brandy, strain and serve at once. - keep warm on a gentle heat - best in a slow cooker or rice cooker - away from direct flame...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all you lovely pervlings! May you get your stockings stuffed good & proper! ;) Lotsa love. Emmy. xxxxx

Merry Christmas Everyone! I bring presents for the perv in all of us. All pervs need a way to show our perviness this holiday season. Nothing says perv like a Golden Cock Ornament. And if you happen to butter your bread on both sides or completely on the other side there's a special ornament just for you; The Gilded Vag Ormament.

Now for the Pack fan in your life there are these Wolf Paw Pasties. Your SO will howl at the moon when you wear these bad boys.

I happen to love a little holiday loving. So for my holiday themed rec I give you...

Lets just say that Vixen's Edward is truly fucked in this fic that takes place at an office holiday party.

Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas.

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. My husband used to mock me mercilessly, but eventually gave in to the fact that I would always go slightly overboard. I've done less the last few years, but this year was back to normal, with the tree going up on December 1, and stockings hung shortly after. The only thing I failed epically at this year was hanging lights outside, and I cry weather-related interference -- I'm not used to dealing with snow, and it snowed heavily before I could get them all hung.

I'm not a religious person, so Christmas holds no spiritual meaning for me. What has made me the most filled with Christmas spirit this year, however, has been the love, support, and friendship surrounding me. I could never adequately express how much the friendship of those around me has meant. To each person that has taken the time to leave a review, send a PM, or tweet something positive -- thank you.

I picked Wishlist, by AmethystJackson as my Christmas-themed oneshot. I really love the build up and anticipation in this, and I hope you do, too!

The Christmas Potato

When I was a child I used to beg my mom to feed me raw potatoes. Yep. Raw. She'd peel and clean them and hand them over whole and I'd eat them like apples. She'd only give me one a week, because she thought they'd make me sick. How does this pertain to Christmas?

When I was five, I asked for my Christmas potato.

My dad hated that she let me eat raw potatoes, so I'd have to hide from him when I got one. Pop and my older brother and sister were finishing the tree and I had my potato in my hand looking for somewhere to hide.

I chose the Christmas tree as my hiding nook. I crawled behind the tree, a real one mind you, knocking ornaments down as I went, I crouched down behind it to enjoy my Seasonal Spud. As I was eating my Holiday Tuber, my dad yelled for me and I panicked. Trying to crawl back out with my half-eaten tater was hard and my shirt got caught as I was nearly home free.

As I tried to free myself, I only made it worse. The more I wiggled, the more the tree shook, the more scared I got and rightly so. My dad saw my plight and freed my shirt from the bottom branch but as I got to my feet. The tree crashed down on top of me.

Poor Christmas Potato. My festive root was covered in needles and I was upset. I didn't realize I too was covered in needles, broken ornaments and sap.

A lot of stitches, band-aids and a popsicle for my troubles later, I was home, sans Christmas Potato.

True story.

Merry Christmas Mr. Cullen

Drinks Nina likes.

I sit here in the midst of a Christmas Eve blizzard with a roaring fire in the background. So excited to be getting a White Christmas. It has always been one of my favorite times of year. The kids are excited and so are we.

Two new Christmas one-shots that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Bella has one purpose in life; to make partner at her law firm by 35. She has no time for silly holidays and certainly no time for love. One encounter at the office Christmas party changes everything.

Secrets and Santas
When Bella is assigned quiet Edward Masen for her secret Santa, she has no clue what to get him. The plan: get to know him. The outcome: what she could have never anticipated.

I'm gonna set the mood by sharing a joke. ahem *clears throat* What's the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa? Santa stopped after three hos. GET IT?! (my husband desperately wanted me to share that. So there ya go hubs)

As I write this, I am listening to Nsync's Merry Christmas and feeling silly as I sing along. But it's better than singing Mary Did You Know, which has been eternally ruined for me since having a daughter by the same name. *shakes fist* stupid family running that joke into the ground *shakes harder*

This Christmas I would like to rec a couple o/s for your enjoyment. The first is from my main girl Lipsmacked. She wrote it awhile ago and decided to post now. Then while discussing possible titles, she joked about something. I told her to use that. She did. Awesome. I like it because it's AU and I don't read nearly enough AU.

One- Shot : Edward and Bella celebrate their first Christmas with their growing family after their run in with the Volturi. ExB All Vamp -- Normal Couples. Thank 4theluvofMary for the title.

Then because I have a soft spot for AH and a Bella and Edward who are in love with each other but don't quite know it yet...

My Holiday smutty one shot! Bella and Edward have some drunken fun after the office Christmas party. The downside: she doesn't remember any of it at first. Rated M for the sex and some language.

And now, because what kind of Christmas would it be without some kind of sexual desecration...I present to you:

I've not tried out the recipe. So someone will have to let me know if they are tasty. I just can't bring myself to make those when I have a 2 year old running around, begging to help me in the kitchen. She'd probably try to reproduce the pictures with her stuffed animals. I mean, I *did* catch her tongueing her Mr. Potato Head and who the hell knows where she picked that up from? *shifty eyes*

Let's have the pictures do the talking, shall we?

(I love that he's all bug eyed and shit from the awesome ginger-doggy style sexin)

(I bet this could be incorporated into a o/s. "His cock tasted so good, like gingersnaps"...hahaha)
and my personal favorite...

(If you look closely, which trust me I did, you can see just exactly what the Gingerbread Man is workin with. But I'm a bit confused as to why his eyes are he needs to get all up close and personal with her ginger-muff)

In closing, may your stockings be filled *nudge nudge* and your spirits *cough*alcohol*cough* be bright. But in all seriousness, for those who celebrate it, Merry (or Happy depending on where you live) Christmas. Spend it with those you love and take time to sit back and enjoy the month(s) of hustle and bustle leading up to this one special day. Because when it comes down to it, the presents aren't what's most important right?

Dear Santa,

I have been a very very good girl this year…what? I swear!! Okay, so maybe I was on the naughty list for a very short time. (I’m going to blame that on Nina and her DILF contest!! HAHAHA!!) But surely I have moved over to the nice list because usually, when I’m naughty…it makes someone else feel nice – That should count, right??

So these are the things that I want to see under my tree this year;

1. More Emmett/Bella smuttiness…PLEASE!! I want to see more stories like Gemmabobella’s little bit of loveliness Let’s Get Physical (which I paid for an out take of for The Fandom Gives Back, and will totally be sharing with you all!!)

2. Also I would like MORE EMMETT in general! Like maybe a certain author would write a little bit of her Bella/Rose story and insert (in many different ways) the wonderfulness that is Emmett into their play time. I mean really can you imagine Emmett mixed in amongst this… ??

3. I really want Edward and Jasper to just DO IT!! I love me some Edward/Jasper slashiness…but the boys don’t seem to be getting enough!! I need them to get some more often in two of my favorites;

4. Oh, and if you can’t get me more Emmett, I will just take this wrapped up with a big bow (and judging by pics, we are talking a REALLY BIG BOW!!)

I think that is all I have on my list Santa. But I do have a little Christmas gift for you too…Merry Christmas, Baby by twighlit. Of course, it’s Emmett, Rose and a Fredrick’s of Hollywood Santa lingerie with vinyl boots!! What Rose won’t do to get out of wearing that…

Love, qjmom

PS: I know that Nina wants lots of panties in her stocking!!
I also wanted to thank all of these lovely pervy ladies for letting me participate in one of my fave blogs...I loved being the inaugural Honorary Perv!! Love all of you girls!!