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"The Trip Home" by MsKathy and Naughtypastrychef

The Perv Pack's very first fanfic review is...
The Trip Home
Author(s): MsKathy & NaughtyPastryChef
Chapters: 10
Words: 62, 902
Reviews: 100 (seriously that needs to change)
Summary: When Bella takes a long overdue trip back to Forks, an unexpected detour helps her find her way home and reunites her with old friends. AU/AH ExBxJ M for adult themes and lemons.

Bri- What's not to love? Edward & Bella? Check. Jasper & Bella? Check. Edward & Jasper? Check. E/J/B? Fuck, yes. We do love the DP in the PP. I guarantee you will spout "guh", "fuck" and "ung" more times than you care to admit while reading this fine piece of smutastic writing. For those that need a little love, well this ditty has that, too. And really, when Bella blacks out from pure pleasure, how can you not have a good time? 4/5 panties drenchers for me.

Emmy- Until many of the gorgeous PP recc'd this fic I had not heard of it.. (oh the shame...)(I was punished hard for that btw - don't fret!) So I went into this tale blindfolded - Cor Blimey Guv'nor! It is bloody tasty. I was left anxious for more. BUT as well as being drippingly delicious it has very strong characterisations and conveys genuine emotions and connections. This is not dirty sexing, it is dirty loving. The complex and intense relations between the triad is what makes this fiction work so damn well. The desperate, aching need the trio have to be connected, to be together makes the E/B/J shipping work. This was the first time I had read anything by this talented duo. But it will most deffo not be the last. I give this fic a sodden 4 panties out of 5... [that is likely to be upped as they post more chapters! ;)

Emily- is sunning herself in Mexico so will not be submitting a review this week but wished to say that she loves this story.

Hope-Okay, first I must say that I love this story and was instantly hooked from the first chapter. Usually when two writers collaborate on a story you can tell the difference, but with this story it is absolutely seamless. Personally, I like how bringing Bella into the relationship with Edward and Jasper as an already established couple not only works, but strengthens them. That Bella was the missing piece to their relationship. Oh, and the sex is hot. Like real hot. I need a little alone time after reading or my husband on hand. But this story is more than the smoking sex. It is I think, an honest look at what a polyamorous relationship could be like, and also this Jasper and Edward are sensitive and sweet yet masculine and strong.

Beks- After being convinced by Manyafandom’s All I Ever Knew that not only could I stomach Edward and Jasper making out, but that I WANTED them to, The Trip Home came as a MARVELOUS surprise. Two affectionate men who do not, at all, come off as overly effeminate and a Bella who knows when to say YES… I read this while sick in bed with food poisoning and all though I could be barely keep water down, this story left me hungry for more. (See that cute little thing I just did there) I cannot wait to read the other stories these ladies have to offer. Ms.K and NPC... Excellent work.

Isabel- I've found myself leaning into the screen more than one time reading this, honestly wishing I could crawl in bed with these lovely lovebirds. It's not just about the hot, rocking, panty-drenching sex. It's about the relationship and how committed they are to making it work for them. It's hot. It's emotional. It makes you think. And yes ... I'm always down for a well-written threesome.

Jo- Okay, HOTT can't quite sum up this beautiful piece of polyamorous imagery. I had difficulty getting into this story at first, I'll admit. As I read, I felt that the author was jumping too quickly and I couldn't get a decent hold on the emotion and characterization of this trio, however; the more I read, the more it became clear.... The intensity these three experience completely explains the quick jump into things in Chapter 1 and I have fallen head over heels for this ROMANCE. The relationship between these 3 is beautiful, intense, and VERY well written. And my GOD, I never thought I could even possibly look at another 'ship with the love and familiarity I feel with B x E......but J x E?? OMG! This is a love story, first and foremost, even if it takes a few chapters for you to really feel it....once you get there....mah God, it is one HELL of a love story. NOW, with that said, the smut is..... H O DOUBLE FUCKING TT. Again, new to me....I never thought I could get so turned on by a bromance, and putting the whole threesome sex aside, I found my groin twitching away while reading the hot J x E action! DTBella? YES!!! Submissive Edward? HOTT!!! The roles are switched around throughout and the sex possibilities with these three are ENDLESS!!! This little sleeper of a sexcapade gets 4 out of 5 sopping panties from me!

Kasey- The Trip Home is an epic erotic fic, loaded with incredibly detailed sex scenes, and (in my opinion) the sexiest character-portrayals in fanfics. The amazing mental images created by this story are absolutely golden and totally rub-out worthy (*wink-wink*). Mskathy and NaughtyPastryChef hit a home run with this one. 2 big thumbs up from me. 5 out of 5 panty drops/drenchers.

- One of the few true polyamory focused stories on ff. It of course has some of the most amazing sex scenes I've read but it's the emotional connections the authors create that keep drawing me back for more.

Nina- Before venturing into the world of Twilight fanfic, I never would have thought I'd be reading a story such as this, much less enjoying it as much as I have been. It's not just the fact that the sex involves three people, its just a portion of it. A very well done, hot, erotic portion but a portion nonetheless. You may not believe it but it is a love story at its core (snort). Edward and Jasper embrace their love for each other and then include Bella into the mix allowing themselves to fall in love with her as well. Now let's not forget about the sex, as if we ever could. The romance, the bromance and the sex are emotionally charged and really well written by two authors. That is a challenge that they've overcome wonderfully. 5 out of 5.

Stephie- Bella is one lucky bitch. I'd leave it at that...but it just wouldn't do the story justice. Because it is more than just the sexin...tho the sexy times are so good I need to make sure that either mini is in bed or hubs is home. While reading you really get a sense of how each character is feeling. The emotions are so strong and intense. Plus did I mention how hot it all is? I did? Oh..right. There's been a Bella sandwich, an Edward sandwich, and a Jasper sandwich. Now I'm just waiting for a Stephie sandwich. The panties...they will be a droppin. 5 out of 5 ladies.

Steph- Just reading the first few paragraphs and I was hooked. The characters are believable and intense. You can't help but fall in love right along with them. Edward and Jasper as lovers is HOT, both of them falling in love with Bella and thus falling more deeply in love with each other? It just doesn't get any better. The sex is hot and so is the romance. Not to mention the acceptance and approval of a couple of key figures. 5 panties out of 5.

In addition to our Round Table Review above, we've also asked the author(s) to share with us a bit about themselves and their reaction to both the selection of "The Trip Home" and to our blog in general.

Our reaction:
We are so pleased and honored that such a talented group of women have chosen our work as outstanding enough to highlight, much less to be the first story! We look forward to learning about new, quality PP-worthy stories from the naughtiest and most discriminating ladies we know. We are sure it will be a great blog that celebrates the dirty minds of ladies (and men?) everywhere, and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.

-I am a 33 year old stay at home mom in Utah (please hold all Mormon & polygamy jokes until the end!) to a lovely 7 year old daughter and a lovely but needy husband who can't ever seem to find a damn thing (hello, can anyone relate?). When I'm not wrangling my family, I can be found in front of my laptop, chatting away, reading on fanfiction.net or working on writing something. I love smut of many types and varieties; there are few things I love in life more than DTE, though... maybe DTJ. Wait, let's just let them get together and then it'll be a grand ole time. I can turn almost anything into a dirty joke, as my husband would attest - he is frequently sitting next to me as I write, playing random online games, saying things like "what kind of slots do they have?" Cue hysterical laughter.

Kristen-I am a 25 year old Pharmacy Tech who is stranded in Indiana (YIKES). I'm married to a wonderful man who does the dishes so that I can spend my time writing stories. We have one dog who is a wonderful spoiled brat. Because I am a classically trained Pastry Chef whose supplies are all packed up temporarily, I use writing as an outlet for my creativity. And just between you and me ladies, Mounties are HOT! I am obsessed, thank the Mounties for getting me into Fanfiction.


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kaia2008 said...

Loved that The Trip Home is the first Perv Pack review! This story is an amazing mix of the hottest smut and the sweetest romance! So damn addictive...

omalley165@yahoo.com said...

if this is any indication of the kinds of recommendations you are going to be making...I am going to have to find ALOT more free time...the trip home was sooo smuttilicious!
can't wait to see what you come up with next...

Britt01 said...

Love the idea of PPSS - this looks like it is going to be a lot of fun! The main fic recs, and then the side bar recs - nice! I'll definitely be spending some time here. Now, I gotta go read The Trip Home!