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"You Get Me Closer to God" by americnxidiot


This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...
Title: "You Get Me Closer to God"
Author: americnxidiot
Chapters: 21 (Complete)
Words: 54,266
Reviews: 992
Summary: They meet for one reason, and one reason alone. Everybody's happy. Nobody gets hurt. Right? "I wanna feel you from the inside."- E/B OOC All Human

(*Added by Nina, Hot Humpin' to NIN, how can you go wrong!)

Bri- Thankfully I read this a couple weeks ago when it was rec'd by a member of the PP before we decided to review it for all you lovely, smutty pervs. I was so wrapped up in it, about half way through I finally stopped to leave a review and apologized that I hadn't been reviewing every chapter, but I was so wrapped up in the story! Srsly - any story whose title is from my all time favorite fucking song? Umm...I'm sold, baby. Unlike some of my other pervy pervs here at the Shack, I actually like reading lots of the HS fics. This is totally included in that grouping. The sexin' in this fic is fuckhot. The UST in this fic is fuckhot. The relationship or pseudo relationship between B/E is fuckhot and believable. I always enjoy a fic where Bella isn't the weak, frail, clumsy wanna be pretty girl with an infatuation for Edward. I like me a strong, confident Bella and one that says "fuck" a lot is just the frosting on the cake. All in all, this fic is an awesome read (and it's COMPLETE!) - and don't forget about the outtakes she's just started posting. This sucker gets 5/5 panties from me.

Emmy- I owe one of the pack a massive tongue sarnie for reccing this fic to me.... ITS GOLD! Absolute diamond of a tale. I was transfixed by it. Started the first chapter to see what it was all about & then realised I had to read the whole shebang even though it was gone 2am - so I read in bed on my mobile phone.. Its hot, very hot. But also the characters and their actions are real, messed-up and honest. Bella in particular is a tour-de-force - denial, confusion, vixen and desire are her middle names. & Edward is a tortured delight... Plus the song choices are brilliant, they work so well with both the chapters,the sexing, and the atmosphere... Particularly the usage of my fave Laura Marling.. I must also say that the sex scenes are intense. Burning hot - sometimes just hot & other times laced with emotional confusion and a raging torment.... This is my first 5 ruined knickers out of 5..(I did actually have to write off a pair of silk pj's to this fic... )

To be perfectly honest this story was not even on my radar until it was recommended by my fellow Perv Pack members. Once I saw the title I got a little giddy wondering if this somehow related to one of my favorite fuck songs. I was happily surprised to see that it was Closer by NIN and I was instantly in love after chapter one. Who would not want to have Edward as a fuck buddy? What surprised me was that it was Bella and not Edward dictating the details of the arrangement. You do not often see that in stories with a similar friends with benefits arrangement. I read and reviewed each chapter and can't wait to read more from this author. I love this wonderfully smutty and also sweet story and give it 5 out of 5 pairs of soaked panties.

Hope-So ... hmmm ... what to say, what to say about "You Get Me Closer to God". Ummm ... it fucking rocks, hardcore rocks. Underneath all of the smut and little bits of drama and angst it is a love story. A realistic love story in my opinion. Bella and Edward unable to deny their physical attraction to each other become "Fuck Buddies" and on the surface everything is fine and dandy. But underneath it all feelings are developing and being denied. It is the coming to terms with those feelings and what actions the characters take that really drew me in. The reservations that Bella has about being in a relationship with Edward are very real and legitimate concerns. The author deals and addresses them in a very good way. Now lets talk about the smut. Oh My Holy Hell!!! Hot damn is the smut good in this story. The story opens with smut and Edward lifting Bella's leg over his shoulder. Even the lovemaking is tender yet hot, leaving you panting for more. Personally I have to try out the couch position, it just sounds to damn good. to pass up. Edward and Bella sneak around having sex in the most unusual of places. But it is very real to what two horny teenage kids would do. This is a must read for everyone. I give it 4.5 panties out of 5 ... just cause I wanted a lot more from this duo after reading it.

Hot. 'Nuff said.

Filiz- This is a tough one. I have mixed feelings. I think the writing is good--technically, quite 'clean' and well organized. My chief problem, however, is with the tone of the story. I'll be honest. I'm not that big a fan of purely angst fic. It creates a mood that personally I think interferes with the romantic elements. Angst creates a very intense tone that overrides the levity needed for a love story, in my opinion. There should be a blend of intense moments with some more tender ones. I only saw very brief glimpses. Also, angsty characters fall victim to becoming flat and too one-sided.
The Bella in this story was characterized in such a way that she was 'street smart' and very cynical, which I can totally appreciate and it fits the tone. However, when the author also tries to incorporate sexual inexperience and relationship naivete into her personality, it's just not credible. It feels too incongruent. In other words, I had a hard time believing that someone with so little experience with intimacy would be so jaded and cavalier in her attitude toward her first real romance. I couldn't reconcile how discordant it was. I wish I had more positive things to say because I think this writer has a lot of potential.

Isabel- Awwww, geeze. I seriously loved this story. I found it one night and literally stayed up until 2 a.m. to finish the whole thing. I haven't done that for a story in months. The whole thing is just so well written and I was incredibly pleased to see almost no typos or errors (very rare these days so major kudos!) The sexual tension between them is great and builds excellently all throughout the story. Bella's confusion with her feelings towards Edward and his honesty towards their situation is very well written and incredibly constructed. Beyond all of that, the sexing is magnificent and both pretty realistically written and very, very hot. I was very happy with the way it ended and definitely would recommend this (actually recommended it for Pack-wide reading!) Moreover, I am pleased to see that sideshots are being written as well. Very well done and definitely rating this 5 out of 5 panties .

The UST....OH! The UST! The sex....OH! THE SEX!!! This fic should be re-titled 'INTENSITY'. The ending was a little too fluffy for me....IDK, it just seemed flacid compared to the rest of the story, but it WAS a seriously happy fucking ending, so there, it wasn't a BAD ending, it just didn't fit to me compared to what the rest of the story did to me (and to my panties). If you start this story, you will NOT be able to stop. It is THAT GOOD. Not to mention the fact that the first line in the story describes Bella's back being scraped against the wall....ummm yeah. There is SO much sexin' in this story and really REALLY well written sexin' at that. Not to mention the fact that the storyline is just fucking WIN all around. She does SUCH a good job with the sexin', but an even BETTER job describing the emotion and intensity between these two. And she taught me a new sex posish! (on the couch...WIN!). Okay, I was too hard on the ending. It really was a great ending....guess I just wanted more more MORE! You know those stories....the one's that have you so wrapped up and turned on that the ending is a total let down for the mere fact that it is THE END. Yeah, so I just didn't want it to end, and I will be reading this one again I tell you. 5 out of 5 panties from me!!! (Oh, and when you're done with this one, check out Cascade & Cyanide by Rachel. It is SICKLY ADDICTING!)

Kasey- Like Hopey said, it's the coming to terms with the feelings that develop between two "fuck buddies" that makes for some angsty sexytimes. In my opinion, it's actually a story about a love and how they attempt to curb the budding romantic feelings for one another. Of course, there is TONS of sex (lemony goodness galore) coupled with a truckload of undefined sexual tension to whet your whistle, so to speak. The author did a good job of sucking the reader in from the 1st chapter - she starts out with B + E screwing, for pete's sake! Can't go wrong with her descriptive sex scenes, that's for sure. Be sure to plug into Closer ("I wanna fuck you like an animal") at chapter 1...definitely a must. I'm givin' this fic-y a sopping 4 out of 5 panties .

Kathy- From the very first chapter, this story is unapologetically hot. The banter between the two characters (Edward and Bella) keeps you interested in more than just the smut, but oh, what smut it is. The author did a great job of fleshing out these two as people; they aren't just kids coming together to fuck, they are each complicated, complex people who need things from each other. As time marches on, just as in real life, their needs and expectations of each other change and morph into something different. This story could be a contrived mess, but the author takes her time and brings them together carefully. The way Edward teases Bella is funny, sweet and sexy. Is there a cuter nickname for Bella than Jellybean? I say not. The smut is hot, the writing is clean and beautiful, 5 out of 5 panties.

Miya- If I could get my hands out of my pants long enough to give a proper review, I would. This story is that good. The UST, the sex, the banter, and you have to listen to Closer while reading. Go listen to it... Now pretend it's Rob singing it to you. You want to read this now, don't you? Thought so. Forget the panties, you won't need them. 5 out of 5 soaking panties for public restroom sex, being cockblocked by Alice, and some damned fine angst leading up to more sex.

Nina- I'll be honest and say that I usually avoid 'high school fics' like the plague. I don't like them because none really ever captured how I was in high school so I have a hard time relating to them. That's not saying that I only read fics that are similar to me, but I like reading stories that I get lost in, the ones that I squeal like a pig when they update (Yes, another Deliverance reference for me this week...shudder). I'm not saying that I want to read my high school life from the perspective of Edward & Bella, BUT, I also think that so many are either highly idealized to the point that they're Gossip Girl with the vapid narcissism running rampant, OR, the protagonists are so emotionally fucked that they can barely function outside of their little bubbles. I sound like a twat here, but I'm being truthful. I do 100% agree with my cohort Bri that a strong Bella is win all around. A STRONG HS Bella is fantastic and needs praise that the bitch can stand on her own.
The UST is ridunkulous, and I'm a total sucker for that shit, but it's not just that. The story itself is really well done capturing how flawed every character is, not just Bella and Edward, all of them have their faults. The smexin, hot damn, you NEED to listen to NIN when reading this, you must, or you are doing a disservice to yourself and to the story for not being in the right mind set to get fucked like an animal. I was grateful that with Alice's character though she eventually was happy for them being together, in the beginning she was crushed because they hid it from everyone including her. She was given dimension and focused on her own life as well as balancing the feelings of everyone else. Rachel has a few one-shots that I recommend as well, her newest full story sounds phenomenal and I'm sure we'll be seeing it listed as a future PP suggestion. 5/5 from me especially because I am a beyotch ;)

Stephie- I hadn't heard about this fic either, til it was brought up. I am so glad it was. Because first of all, the story is complete (so I don't have to suffer waiting for updates) and also because the sexin is soo good. The characters are believable (c'mon, they're in HS. HS kids are dumbasses). And the UST-ung. I loved a specific scene in school when Edward asks Bella how quiet she can be. Hehehe. Read it. So hot. 5/5

Steph-I stumbled onto this fic one day while browsing other people's favorited stories. The title caught my attention of course as this was one of my favorite songs in college. I read the summary, started reading and never looked back. The story is seriously HOT. Watching the two of them, but especially Bella, trying to figure out their feelings and what's going on with the relationship, it just sucks you in. I also loved the fact that the story is complete, because I'm not at all patient waiting for updates of stories I really love. I most definitely needed, ahem, some alone time when I was finished. Okay, okay, I needed alone time right away. 5 out of 5 dripping panties

In addition to our Round Table Review above, we've also asked the author to share with us a bit about themselves, her reaction to both the selection of "You Get Me Closer to God" and to our blog in general.

Reaction: I'm shocked and incredibly flattered, honestly. The ladies of the Perv Pack have written some of my favorite stories on fanfiction, so I'm thrilled that my little smutfest got chosen for review, even if just to be read by so many amazing authors. Thanks and I can't wait to see what other sexy sexy gems you guys find.

Bio: Rachel- I'm a 19 year old college student from New York City who is living in London right now. My poor cat is stranded with the parents back home. I actually realized my love of smut when I was fifteen and stumbled upon Friends fanfiction. I guess Matthew Perry got my panties in a twist. Anyway I made the mistake of picking up Twilight at the end of freshman year, and after three days of no sleep and no studying, I was hooked. When I'm not lurking around FF/Twilighted or being pressured by my friends to stalk Rob Pattinson in the pubs, I'm working on getting my degree in English, finding and listening to good music, and just enjoying being young and in the city.


Nellie Bluth said...

Wow, I joined this blog after reading manyfandom The Arrangement last night when she suggested it and I have to say I was so impressed with the recommendations so far and the whole idea of the blog in general. That was last night.
I read this story and loved it and I'm really upset now with this review. I understand free speech and I'm all for it but to belittle an author by saying she has potential when she's got quite the following before this was posted is just being a bitch. Sorry but this is my free speech moment now.
There are constructive ways to make comments that I'm sure this author would have appreciated more than your condescending bitchfit.

Pastiche Pen said...

You guys! I'm so glad you read this fic: because I already harrass her, and pimp out her story, and because she's just great at pushing keys into keyboard with mesmerizingly delicious patterns of words...

And "unapologetic" is just the best description--and don't even get me started on Cascade and Cyanide--her work in progress. We're talking buckets of happiness there.

Ninapolitan said...

Nellie, while I appreciate your opinion and I certainly agree that you are entitled to it but is calling someone a bitch being constructive or destructive.
We're all for productive discussions in regards to differences in opinion but really name-calling, come on now.
If you would like to have a conversation about condescention or constructive criticism, great, but let's all be civil about it.

Nellie Bluth said...

I'm happy someone at least responded.

I will apologize for calling her a bitch I shouldn't have said that but I'm sorry you can't tell me that this was a fair review

This is it and then I'll shut up.

This is fanfiction so unless you are Pulitzer winning authors how can you say she has potential? What is the scale? Reviews? How many people read her story?

Some of you guys have massive followings and while I'll say she's not yet in that stratosphere of some of you, belittling her isn't criticism.

The 'potential comment' is my biggest problem with the comments left, but not my only one.

To me, you are also contradicting yourself, you said that 'Angst creats a very intense tone' and that 'angst can make the characters flat' but then the 'cynical Bella' characterization DOES fit the tone so which is it? Is she flat or intense?

Feel free to email me, I like discussion and I will continue to read this blog for the reviews and the suggestions because MOST of these authors are my favorites, in fact I wish you would recommend your own stuff to make sure everyones reading it.

You guys are fantastic for starting this blog and honestly I think its great. Maybe I'm being a bitch today but whatever. I had to say something but in the end all I hope is that this blog explodes with greatness.
Nellie B.

americnxidiot said...

Yeah, Pastiche. Buckets of happiness haha.

And thanks again guys. You all rock.

Puppymama0909 said...

I have had this story and song stuck in my head for almost two weeks now...Normally it would be fine but walking into my place of employment singing closer, carrying restraint keys and smiling like (pussy)cat who caught the canary? Not a good choice.But this story? Worth every second. Thanks for sharing!

Kris said...

Fenomenal idea for a blog, awsome idea, I am so happy I can come here and find a good read right away. I've been reading so much and looking so much for great stories, you find them often and it's great when you do but a lot of times hours pass and you're stuck because you're looking for that something that's gonna be good and enjoyable and just no luck...well, thanks for weeding it out for all of us twilight addicts....

Oh, and great choices so far :thumbsup:


antiaol said...

WOOT WOOT fer Kath. That's all.

:shakes boobies: