Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Art Model" by dollegirl

This weeks one-shot rec is "Art Model" by dollegirl
Title: Art Model
Author: dollegirl
Chapters: one-shot
Words: 7,798
Reviews: 186
Summary: Bella needs money. Her friend convinces her to pose nude for an art class. One-Shot.

So, this week is my turn to pimp out a one shot. I must confess that I hadn't even heard of this one shot till my fellow PP gals gushed over it. Curious I was, so off I went to read.

The premise behind this one-shot is something I've never read before, let alone thought about. Bella, forced from her need for money poses nude for an art class. The friend that convinces her is supposed to be there with her, posing along side her. And since he's gay, she doesn't feel threatened; though she sure is nervous for everyone to see her. And who wouldn't be? But that friend pulls a no show.

Guess who his replacement is?

Oh yes, Edward "standing straight and tall, completely erect, in more ways than one" Cullen.

What's so great about this one-shot is the build up. Our favorite couple is posed together in an intimate embrace. And what happens while they are posing for the art students is hot, erotic, sweaty, ung worthy. Never before have I wanted a couple to throw all caution to the wind and just get it on in front of dozens of people.

With how well she describes what is going on between those two, I feel like I'm actually there witnessing the entire thing. Only, I wouldn't be drawing. I'd probably get some popcorn and cheer them on. Ha! Just kidding...kind of.
Read it, you won't be disappointed. At. All.


dollegirl is also the author of "DID" which again I have not yet read, but sure as shit will be. I hope she knows I may start stalking her now.
Link to story:
Art Model


MsKathy said...

This story ROCKS. I love it for the tension and build up. Yum.

Anonymous said...

I read this before. It was sexy and awesome and it was a pretty good panty drencher. I would take a nude art class just for that.

Pastiche Pen said...

D.I.D. is hilarious. fruit-flavored blow-up condoms float... need there be more description?

And the one shot is hawtness.

Ninapolitan said...

This one-shot is by far a fiery treat, that satisfies. Dolle is a fucking genius

JessicaN said...

LOVE dolle's smuttastic one-shot. I think Art Model is what made me consider stalking her...can't remember. But I'm wholly and completely a dolle fangirl.

Like the rec says, this story really made me want Edward and Bella to just go ahead and get it on with an audience...'cause WOW.


kuntrygal said...

Love this! I was trying to remember the title for it earlier today! Serious hottness!

Puppymama0909 said...

This story was great! So, so hot. I feel a sudden need to take an art class....or start modeling again...hot as hell

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That was hot. SUPER hot!! I need a cold shower.

Galathea said...

AWESOME!! dear God that was really hot really!! the sexual tension incredible and this Bella is funny and thanks to Gerald for not showing up!!!

Anonymous said...

seriously hot stuff right there.... i haven't read a one shot so engaging in forever! seriously, go read it