Friday, January 23, 2009

"Hot Landing Zone" by hjb2006

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...
Title: "Hot Landing Zone"
Author: hjb2006
Chapters: 8 (complete)
Words: 28,682
Reviews: 112(seriously that needs to change)
Edward Cullen blames scientist Isabella Swan for getting them stranded on a remote island. But hell, Edward can improvise, adapt, and long as Bella stops driving him wild... (*Added by Nina, It's MarineWard!!!!! Do you need another reason?)

Bri- **puts on fireproof outfit** Any story that is long enough to engross me yet short enough to read in one sitting AND is complete is generally WIN for me. While I enjoyed the premise of this story and even the storyline, I just could not get past the grammatical errors (says the comma police). Some sentences didn't even make sense to me and had to be skipped completely - it was like the chapters weren't proofed at all. That being said, if you CAN get past that, it is an enjoyable read. The UST is hot and tense and the sexin is pretty fucking hot, too. I do wish there had been one more chapter thrown in there - the first sexual encounter seemed to be kind of thrown in my lap and I would have liked to work up to that just a tish more. So, basically, if you can get past all the errors in each chapter, the read is hot and worth it. Because I couldn't look past the errors, tho, I had to knock back my panty points. This gets 2.5/5 from me. **prepares for flames**

I first read this a wee whiley ago when it was recc'd on one of Hope's fabulous threads. Its a wonderful hot delight... You do have to get past the lack of editing on the first couple of chapters but after that - WOAH! SCORCHIO! A masterpiece in UST... With a feisty, interesting Bella and an absolute stud muffin of a MarineWard.... He is a lethal combo of lean, rough, highly-trained, mean, edgy and FIT - quite the dangerous cocktail... As well as amazing chemistry and hot, hot scenes this tale also has two individuals having to confront the facades their lives had become and the barriers they had imprisoned themselves within.. I love how the characters and their relationship develops and grows ... The last few chapters are absolute pearls amongst fanfic swine.... So yummy and so good. .... (yet again) a flippin' hot 4 soggy knicks out of 5.....

Hot Landing Zone has been on my "to read" list for quite awhile. I had heard many good things about this story and am pleased to say that it delivered! The UST is of epic proportion and there is something so damn sexy about Marine Edward. The chemistry between Edward and Doc Bella oozes off the computer and made me all tingly in places. Palm tree sexin was damn hot and I like how Bella is the aggressive one when it comes to getting what she wants. Chapter 7 made me just ache for Bella and Edward too but it seems that time and distance really can be overcome. I liked the pacing, the length and the ending. It felt very Hollywood but not cliche. I would like to see an epilogue and maybe that could be done in the future. The seamless POV changes were a nice surprise and shows the talent of the author. I agree that the typos are a little hard to ignore (they would be so easy to fix) but I was still able to lose myself in this story. I give this 4 lacy panties out of 5.

Hope-See unlike my other cohorts the typos didn't really bother me that much. Maybe cause I am notoriously bad at that too. Besides the typos this really is one of my favorite stories ... of all time. Yes I said it ... of all time. So Marine Edward and Brainy Doc Bella, that is an odd combination. But it works, really works for this story. I am a big fan of UST, so this story is right up my alley. This story is full of UST until they or Edward finally gives in to what he has been feeling since first seeing Bella. And when they do finally give in ... WOW!! The descriptions are not overly graphic, instead conveying what they are feeling emotionally and physically. Doing a bang up job at it in the process. Both Edward and Bella go through a transformation or change and grow throughout the story. Taking a long hard look at their lives and how unhappy with them they are. Edward only realizing it at the end though, like the moron Bella says he is. This story is short enough for a really quick read but engaging enough to leave you wishing for more. I personally love the ending, it is very movie like. So I am going to give it 4.5 panites out of 5. Only deducting for lack of proofreading.

I wont get all mushy about the huge soft spot I have for Marines, but I will say the idea of Edward as a man in uniform was enough to get the panties dripping. A few months ago Acireamos insisted I read this story and it was obvious why. The characters both have equally interesting backgrounds and the natural build to the first lemons is wonderful. The writer switches POVs often, sometimes within the same paragraph. Sounds like a trainwreck of an idea, but it done very, very well. And of course who doesn’t like a tear jerking happy ending. This story is fun, sexy and endearing. 5 outta 5

Isabel- is buried under a stack of very fat, very boring legal textbooks this week ... le sigh

Jo- Okay. First story I've ever read with 'Marineward'. First story I've ever read with 'Dr. Swan'. The plot had great original details and was visually descriptive. I was able to see all of Chapter 1 (the rescue) in my mind like a movie. Anyone who can write and give me movie-like visuals is alright in my book. On top of ALL of that, the whole "Romancing The Stone" relationship they started with was just WONDERFUL and full of yummy UST! As for the sexin....well....once this story gets hot, it just never lets up and gets more and more intense. I think her lead up to the sexin' with all the innuendos and UST made the schmexin' even HOTTER. I spent an entire evening in the tub, unable to put this wonderful piece of smut down....essentially turning into a wet, shriveled mess (and not from the bathwater). Marineward is HOTT, too too HOTT......Dr. Bella is SEXXXY as hell and takes control of the situation.....their lovin' is EXPLOSIVE and the author's desciptives were unique and refreshing (cutting away from the smutotony of reading the same sexin' over and over an over). Yes, the typos were annoying, but this story was well done and allows you to look past them (gets better as the story evolves). The ending was brilliant as well. This was a perfect read for a night in the tub (and a little self-servicing in the shower afterwards!) 4 out of 5 panties from me!

Kasey- I agree with the general Perv Pack consensus that once you get past the grammatical & spelling errors, you will find a little gem of a read. VERY HOT with just the right dose of sexual tension (actually, an incredible amount of UST) and the lemons are nomnomnom yummy. I read it while home alone and instantly called the hubs at work and asked him to stop by for an Afternoon Delight. The story was just so inspirational! I do wish that there was more to chew on because the story is pretty delish. But all in all, the story has merit and an interesting and not overly used plot (and I generally don't care for military themed fics at all). It grabbed my attention and held on to it from the get-go. So, I'm giving this one a 4.5 out of 5 panties because it's really sexy and smutty in a very, very good way.

Miya- The storyline was great and the lemons were hot. I had a really hard time getting past the typos in the earlier chapters, one and two especially. As the story went on, the typos improved or perhaps I just became caught up in the story. Usually, I'm not a fan of military fics but the plot was very well done. Edward as a Marine, hot damn. I give it 3 out of 5 panties.

I'm an English teacher so by nature the typos should have me screaming in pain but I'm sorry, Edward as a Marine? Yeah, his name could have been fucking spelled wrong and I wouldn't have given a shit. I COULDN'T READ IT WITHOUT THE MENTAL PICTURE OF ROBERT FRIGGIN' PATTINSON like this... "Tarzan in a tight black tee shirt and pants. And combat boots. A Marine." I just about died from that description. I agree with Kasey, the plot was very good, certainly not something I would have normally read if it weren't for the suggestions of my fellow pervies. I have no clue what most of the Marine terms were that she mentioned but I didn't care either. I'm a total sucker for UST and this has it. Chapter 5 nearly killed me right at the end, Chapter 6 did kill me and I had to have a Hot EMT revive me, Chapter 7 made me upset that there was only one more left and the 'oh my God he didn't just do that' scene made me want to beat MarineWard (hehe), and Chapter 8, I agree with Hope, I loved the ending. This is coming from an English teacher but I give it a 4.5 out of 5, deducting .5 for the fact that there were only 8 chapters and I want to find that island and live on it with Edward.

Stephie- Alright, enough helping old men get theirs. It's time I got mine and shared. So I had never even heard of HLZ until my ladies rec'ed it. But Marineward...well hot damn, who wouldn't want to read that? It's true there are some typos, and most of the time I'm so anal about it I'm mentally correcting anything I see...but not here. I was too wrapped up. And I'm usually not a fan of 3rd person POV...not everyone can write that well. But hjb2006: mission accomplished. The UST had me going. In fact, I snuck in chapters while at work, cursing the horny old men who were going home to sex up their wives while I was forced to remain professional and not just...take care of myself. TMI? sorry. But yes, it was hot and I only wish there were more chapters of them on the island, because let's face it, me likey the sexy times between Marineward and Nerdy Bella. The ending, was just beautiful. Sigh. 4 out of 5. Maybe I'll raise it up to 5 if Marineward scowls at me some more.

Steph- This had been on my "to read" list for awhile and I'm very glad to have had an excuse to read it now. I both loved and hated the fact that it was so short. It was wonderful to read it one fell swoop, but good lord, I could have used a lot more Marine lovin' from Edward. The UST was phenomenal, and I loved watching their transformation. I was never so happy as I was at the end, though some nice reunion sexin' would have been hot. I'm with Nina, picturing Rob as Marine Edward. Just GUH. The typos were a bit distracting, but honestly, I've seen worse. I give it a very gushy 4 out 5 panties.


Caitlin said...

I loved this story and honestly don't remember the typos at all. It was fun, with little to no angst, hot sex and a satisfying ending. I'm so glad you recommended it. And I do with the author would continue with her writing.

americnxidiot said...

Read this story a while back and loved it. If she could get someone to beta, it could improve it immensely.