Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome proud 'Pervlings'

Welcome to the virgin voyage of the 'Perv Pack's Smut Shack', the preeminent guide to all that is smutterific and pervalicious. You will not need to muddle your way through uterus poking fics to find exceptional stories filled with lemony goodness. This blog is for those of you who have a genuine interest and love for realistic, well-written, sexified stories from the world of fanfic, preferably Twilight, but certainly not restricted to that fandom.

The primary intention of this blog is the recommendation of quality fanfiction in the Erotica genre. We embrace all couples. Canon, non-canon, slash, multiple couplings, both 'All Human' and 'Alternate Universe' stories, we don't care. We cater to all types of appetites-from romance to bondage, to romantic-bondage, yes it does exist, ask Isabel. We have varying tastes among us and it will show in this joint venture. It's not all about sexual content, that needs to be stressed. Many of the fanfics we read are ultimately love stories (of any coupling) that enchant us with the story and most importantly keeps us salivating for more.

Our only criteria is that the story is a representation of the author's commitment to the craft of Erotica writing, and follows the guidelines that both
Twilighted and FanFiction alike have set forth.

We are doing the dirty work for you. The Fanfiction community is inundated with 'lemony' stories and unfortunately some are very hard to read, so we are simply highlighting the cream of the cock...I mean crop. All we ask in return is to leave some love for the authors that write these gems. It means more than you can imagine to a writer to receive feedback. We all enjoy reading these stories and reviewing doesn't take that long, and tell them the Perv Pack sent you!

For those of you that are curious as to who we are and why we're doing this, the Perv Pack is a group of like-minded ladies, that met on the
Twilighted forums and formed a bond over our mutual love of all things smutty in nature and certainly everything in the Twilight universe. Some began chatting away from the boards via Google and established some very deep bonds and not just because of our love of smut and Twilight. Collectively we read a tremendous amount of fanfiction and between us we've authored sixty stories, a great deal of it being of the Erotica genre. Most importantly, we're not ashamed of predilictions towards smutty stories and we chose as a group of friends to bring our love to those that are interested.

We pride ourselves in not only reading, reviewing and recommending these wonderful stories but, in addition to being supportive of seasoned authors, we also welcome and encourage newbies as well. Many newly minted authors are unfortunately overlooked, so our goal is to give them a chance, if the writing is stellar and we are moved by their tales. Some of the members of the PP have recently ventured out as authors and so far the reception to their stories has been magnificent.

In addition to our weekly recommendations, we'll also be updating our very own 'Naughty Nuggets' found on the right side of the page. Each day will bring another update from a member of the Perv Pack and her corresponding section, and of course, they're all things sexual in nature so we welcome you to come and nibble our nuggets.

The Perv Worthy One-Shot post will be updated weekly by the PP to highlight those little ditties that make our toes curl and make us shift uncomfortably in our seats. These will be permanent blogposts that will just be updated weekly, please let our
Naughty Librarian know if you have a one-shot recommendation.

If we suggest will cum...

As a group we are still active participants in the
Twilighted forums where many of our favorites have 'discussion threads', so if you like our choices come check out the forum and leave some love for the authors there too. They may even reward us loyal readers with teasers, and come on who doesn't like being teased? Each week's featured story will also have a link to their corresponding thread on Twilighted as an easy way to navigate around the web in support of these great fics.

We can't stress the following sentiment enough.

One last thing before you venture of into the world of smut-filled fun, if you are an author of a story that the PervPack has chosen to highlight and DO NOT wish to be affiliated in anyway, please
email me, or any member of the PP and we'll remove the selection, no questions asked, no judgments made and no comments left in regards to the removal. We are here to showcase the talent of fanfic authors and wish no ill-will or hard feelings over our choices. We're keeping things friendly and pervtastic and wish all authors nothing but the best in their ventures, but we will respect your decision not to be a included.

Sincerest slurps,

The Perv Pack


MsKathy said...

Excellent job, ladies. Thank you for putting together a classy, smut-loving site. I thought this was just going to be lusty tales of smut, but I am so glad to see it is even more than that. I can't wait to see the features updated, I think it's very clever and I hope it really takes off in popularity. Kudos to everyone involved!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! my jaw just dropped when i found this little peace of heaven :) I'm always in the look out of well written smutty goodness, i have a serious addiction to fanfiction and the smut is a pervtastic bonus.
I added a link to this site (the banner) in my myspace, i hope you don't mind, i just want to spread the love (too)...
Keep the great work!!
(i'm mostly a lurker but see you on Twilighted!)
Much LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I fucking love that you guys made this... And I love the little golden nuggets on the side... I'm a sucker for music and when I read Lipsmacked 'Do me in the key of Fuh, a soundtrack to sexin' while listening to Ciara's Promise... just... fuck! Man... I think you unlocked the secret to my smut-filled vajine...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hello PP. Just came across this blog because I was over in Wide Awake and was led to the Lazy yet discerning ficster who led me here. Can't wait to read all the super great "smutastic" fics you all recommend. Will start with The Trip Home. Sigh.

I am a fellow perv and enjoy the smut to no end. Usually a lurker but recently wrote my very first Twilight fic. Lemony ExB. I would love to hear your thoughts on my first venture. =) Link:


kuntrygal said...

I think this was an awesome idea! Looking forward to the smut!

vampirevixen said...

i am uber excited that you guys decided to become the perv pack smut shack.

i can only pray to the dirty sex gods that i'll write something comparable to what you guys have written.

layla6881 said...

delicious! saw you had opened up the shack when i was perusing a fave author's page---manyafandom? hello? bueller....bueller.....anyway, i love to lurk in the background reading all the good stuff you put out for me--i would write but i know it wouldn't be as great as what i get from all the talented authors i favorite! keep the sex a-cumming...pun intended ;)

Puppymama0909 said...

You ladies are my fucking heros. Thanks for all you hard and wet work.

basketcase said...

May God bless each and every one of you for your devotion to all things pervy.