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"The Submissive" by tara sue me

"the submissive" by tara sue me
Title: The Submissive
Author: tara sue me
Chapters: 11
Words: 22,632
Reviews: 541
Summary: Can Bella Swan warm and win the heart of DOM, Edward Cullen, while living out her darkest fantasy? ADULT THEMES. AH, OOC

Bri- I devoured this little ditty as soon as it was rec'd by one of the PP. Ummm...can you say guh worthy?? The dynamic between E&B is like nothing I've seen before. I'm anxiously awaiting the rest of this story to see where the author takes us. I should tell you that this deserves 0 out of 5 panties, cause you better make damn well sure you aren't wearing any when reading it. But, wouldn't want to ruin the average of this baby, so 5/5 panties drenched it is. You won't be left unsatisfied.

Emmy- I made the fatal error of first reading this tale in between meetings the other day. The subsequent meetings were NOT productive as feck-me hot-to-trot Dom Edward Cullen was dominating my mind (& lady crackers). This story is very well done. Its exceptionally well written. It has a huge, hinted at back story for both characters and there is much going on behind the eyes and physical reactions of both. Tara's Edward is mighty fine. Probs one of the hottest Edward's in FF (IMHO). I think when the Dom/Sub genre is done well (like in IZ's fabbio Dualism/Permission) as in this story - it could be canon. Fierce, controlling Edward obviously captivated by Bella and Bella just desperate for more from him... I tell you even thinking about this tale has me all flustered and tingly. This is hot burning intense stuff. Their chemistry is sizzling and smokes off the screen. There is tons more still to come in this tale... more sex, more control, more testing and challenging but importantly more about their motivations, desires and emotions. The last couple of chapters have thrown me off. I really don't have a figgy as to whats happening or where its going to go, & I love that. Its a Dirty Gertie winner. This is FF smut gold: and in my book deffo deserves a drenched 4 knickers out of 5....

Emily- I read this all in one sitting and was squirming the whole time. As a female involved in my own D/s relationship, I can relate to some of what Bella is feeling. Reward and punishment are both very real aspects of this world but I think chapter 10 was a bit too harsh. Spanking can be used for erotic sexy times and for chastisement but 20 lashes with a crying Bella was a little much for me. If Edward would have comforted her right after and told her that she took the punishment well would have made it easier to stomach. Chapter 11 does somewhat address these issues and I was happy to see it. So far there has not been huge amounts of actual sex, instead the focus has been on the mind fuck which is perfect for this Edward and Bella. Tara is weaving a sexy, addicting tale for us to enjoy and I love the rapid updates! I am beyond curious about EPOV but I think it is effective that we are just staying in Bella's head and her journey into the D/s world. I give this 4 panties out of 5.

Hope-I just started reading this a few days ago and I read the whole thing in one sitting and needed a panty change and some alone time with my husband. It is that HOT. So yes Edward is very dominant in this story unlike any other DomEdward I have read. He is a true Dom. He doesn't play around in this story. Bella is his Slave. She must submit or the agreement is over. It is more than just sex though. She must submit fully in and out of the bedroom. There is no grey area. But I can see it turning into a love story. As they both give and take and grow in their relationship. But the twist is as the submissive Bella really has all the power. Edward may be the Dom and make the rules that must be followed, but it is Bella's submission that makes it all work. Bella knows this and that is where this story is completely least to me. As the others have said this story pulls you in and makes you pant for more. 4 panties out of 5

Beks-There are no words. I give it a 12 panties out of 5 (7 extra for the panties I had to change with each chapter.)

Isabel- This story had me from the get go. I have incredibly high standards for dom/sub fics and find most of them too focused on one aspect or another to really be genuine. Their interactions in the beginning are so interesting and complex that I was enthralled by the early chapters. The dynamic Tara Sue Me has set up between them is absolutely fascinating and I can't wait to see it develop. The first time they actually have sex just kind of blew me away and left me mumbling and making that fish sucking for air noise because I was just stunned. As the story has progressed after that point though, I'll be honest ... I've found myself scratching my head several times wondering what the hell was going on. The last few chapters have seemed a bit disconnected and Edward has been out of character (or at least the character established so far in this story). I know he's been lenient with Bella and needed to show her some discipline, but I'm not exactly sure the spanking in Chapter 10 was the way to go. It was a lot more cringe worthy than guh worthy. Besides this, I look forward to reading more and see where Tara Sue Me takes this story because there is just so much potential with it. 3.5 out of 5 nicely wet panties for me (3 boyshorts and a thong).

Jo- Okay, so I ran out of GUH's by Chapter 2 and just committed myself to full-on moaning into the computer screen. I've let Ms. Tara know that she is the first and only writer to ever reduce me to moaning out loud. The Submissive jumps right into it and demands your attention by the second paragraph. The idea, though done in fanfic many times over, is written out in a believable way and gives a refreshing look at the 'real' dynamic behind a Dom/Sub relationship. I am very intrigued by the story progression, and ecstatic over the originality that's already shining through in her plot. The Groin-Twitches were scorching and did not relent through the entire read. Even if you don't relate to the whole D/S dynamic, the smut is a panty soaker and the writing is fab. This one gets all 5 pairs of my drenched panties. 5 out of 5 UNGGGGHS.

Kasey- The Submissive was a nice read. Starts out with strong characterizations (such as Edward's stoic Dominant control and Bella's determined submissive attitude). As someone who enjoys this type of roleplay in real life, the mind fuck factor in the beginning of this story is pretty yummy and engaging, regardless of whether you like D/s sex or not. 3.5 out of 5 wet Nickies from me for this fic.

Miya- The Submissive is an amazing read that pulls you into the story. The range of emotions are spot on and the sexual tension can be cut with a knife. Your panties are already drenched by the time he lets her into his bed. Edward is hot but reserved and has an aloofness you want to submit to in order to penetrate his walls. You'll be looking for your own Master by the time you're done reading. You'll definitely soak 3 pairs of panties and start dampening the 4th while reading this.

Nina- I've never been the type to get so worked up over a story that I actually have to walk away, this did it. After Chapter 4, I was reading each chapter twice and have since re-read it all again. I still can't wrap my head around the subject matter and the lifestyle yet I'm completely enthralled with it. Being a total Type A personality, I couldn't begin to understand what's it like to give control over like this or to actually search it out and crave it. tara sue me's storytelling is captivating, her descriptions of the characters emotions are profound, especially Bella's willingness to submit to Edward. Of course she has given us nothing by way of Edward's emotions, just what he portrays to Bella and what she finds via her outside discovery. Their dynamic is extremely well written and I'm eager to see in what direction she takes this story. 4 out of 5.

Stephie- As soon as it was rec'd to me I read "The Submissive" in one sitting. From the very beginning I was sucked into the story. The idea is very fresh and intriguing, especially since we have no idea what is really going on inside of Edward's head. Some of it may be hard to stomach, ie where Edward punishes Bella's lack of submission, but I still highly recommend it. DomWard is sexy. And I cannot wait to see what is really going on. So mysterious...4 out of 5 panties here.

Steph- I was immediately intrigued by the premise of this story. I was sucked in completely by the idea behind it. Being all from Bella's perspective, we are left whirling with the ever changing moods of Edward. From fairly tender and caring, to the cold and dominating man that punishes her quite strongly. It's a compelling read that always leave me wanting for just a little bit more. I am quite anxious to see what is going to happen in the future. 4 out of 5 panties from me.

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"The Submissive" by tara sue me


b said...

loving the fic recs, ladies. just wonering if you'll be rec'ing any femslash? just cause i don't think there is much of it (quality anyways) in this fandom.

Ninapolitan said...

We will be actually, hopefully in the near future. In the meantime, isabel0329 write some of the best out there, including Skin Deep and Comfortable (though the latter isn't just fem). I would recommend her in the meantime, we hope you enjoy!!! Thanks for visiting.

Lipsmacked said...

B, also if you're interested I have written a femslash story called Lost Then Found and a Bella/Rosalie one-shot that may become a two-shot called Me and Mrs. McCarty. Thanks for swinging by.

Anonymous said...

Sooo... yeah started reading this... and I just wanted to give a little movie rec. that reminds me of this story (because film is also my SHIT) If you have never seen the movie, 'Secretary' watch it; the movie is a dark romantic comedy! It has Maggie Gyllenhaal in it, and it really is fabulous!

Sleepy Hollow Craft Company said...

this story is smuterrific! good is amazing!!! She says as she lights a
anyhoo~ just a little something else I found that I thought the perv pack might like...
it's a one shot right now but the author has promised more...and you'll want more, trust me!!!
and as always thanks so much for the wonderful gals rock!

Dawn said...

Good god, that was awesome.

Anonymous said...

First off, I love this blog. Thanks SO much for starting it!! Next, thanks for pointing me to this gem. I was up till 1am reading it in one seating, and up another hour just thinking about it. This author SO gets the dynamics of a D/s relationship, and as a person who used to be in one, it is a thorough joy to read her take on Edward and Bella in the bdsm world. I cannot wait to see how this author adds to the story, and I want to see Bella get into some more trouble!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS BLOG TO DEATH. latest update (as of feb 18th anyway) made me fucking cry. absolutely love this story. thanks for the rec!!