Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Subjugation" by Emibella

Title: Subjugation
Author: Emibella
Chapters: One-Shot
Words: 4116
Reviews: 14
Summary: "Jasper needs to quell his lustful desires for humans after having a sex talk with Edward opened up a Pandora's box of old feelings. Can he find his wife to help him?"

I think most of us are familiar with Emibella's tale of self-discovery, "If It's The Beaches", however before "Beaches" broke on the scene, Emibella posted a great series outtake-type story, "Constellations". Constellations is yet to be completed, but Emi writes a sweet, funny story in which Edward seeks out sex advice from the members of his family in the weeks before the beginning of Breaking Dawn.

"Subjugation" is an outtake from Constellations, written in Jasper's POV. After talking to Edward about his impending wedding night with Bella, Jasper is over come by Edward's intense feeling and memories of his own human conquests. He quickly finds himself in desperate need of release. Jasper sets off, on foot, in search of Alice who is, of course, busy shopping. Hot, drool-worthy sexiness ensues.

Emibella does a lot of things right with this one-shot, most importantly, she presents an excellent portrayal of Vamp-Jasper, of which Meyer herself only gave us a subtle glimpse. Jasper is a dark and complicated character, but Emi does a wonderful job showing his tortured psyche coupled with a passionate, sweet and deep love for Alice. It's well written, the characterization is fantastic and the smut is down right hot. I've read this story many times, including this morning while I was laying in bed waiting for my boyfriend to wake up and I look forward to reading it again.

On a personal level, Emi's writing impacted me greatly and Subjugation in particular encouraged me to continue writing fic after my first one-shots were posted. Emi is a great gal and all of her work is worth reading. Read Subjugation, then tell your friends to read it and then read it again!



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