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"Consecuencias" by Gustariana

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: "Consecuencias"
Author: Gustariana
Chapters: 9
Words: 28,141
Reviews: 570
Summary: Lust, Sex and its Consequences. Testing the boundaries of their lives and their marriages, Bella and Edward meet in the middle, in a very unusual place. Can they cope with what Life has in store for them? AU AH OCC Rated M for graphic scenes and mature content (duh)

Bri- I have been engrossed in this story since the beginning. Much like my fellow perv, Nina, I loathe Jake with a passion and it is VERY difficult for me to get into any fic that has Bella and Jake paired. However, Gusta has made it perfectly acceptable for me to despise Jake. I know, I know, Gusta didn't mean to make him be the bad guy, but ya know what? It's fine that he is, cause he's what brought us to Edward. Ahhh...Edward. There's another thing I never thought I'd be alright with - reading a fic that has him and the evil bitch Tanya married. But, the picture the author has painted allows us to be alright with the two of them (B&E) coming together (<--hehe, that too). The sex between the two of them was phenomenal. Sexy and hot and honest. And, now? Them meeting under "normal" circumstances and not having sex is perfection. I mean - sitting for three hours in a room at a Swingers party just chillin'? Gah - I LOVED that! I'm looking forward to a ride filled with loads and loads of UST and then some hot, hot smexin'. This fic is an awesome read and I'm looking forward to seeing how she continues with the B/E relationship. She has a lot of snags that need to get worked out, but I have complete faith. 4/5 panties from me - only cuz I need more sexin'.

Emmy- I was very late arriving at this story! I really deserve to be panned for that fact! What a brill piece of writing it is. Gustariana writes brilliantly. One of the things I really like is her narratives, Bella is extremely convincing. Those early chapters where we have to buy in to her confusion, uncertainty and fear are done very well. Ditto the early scene setting chapters for Edward, we have to believe in who he is for the subsequent chapters to make sense and have impact. Both of these she achieves easily. The characterisation of said characters is top notch too. Again so believable. The reason I was so late starting this story was I was worried about the Jake factor... They were completely unnecessary! Jake is a device in this story, well used but not a bother for a Jake avoider like me! ;) Now, I have to say this story is mighty fine! G's Edward is mega sexy. Whether he may be immersed in the debauched world of sex parties, his relationship at home, or just bloody breathing in this tale he is HOT. He knows how to please a woman and how to please himself. & let's say once he pleases Bella nothing will be the same for her again...
Its a honest story. Things are not skirted around. Bella's swirling mist of conflicting emotions are explored as is the paradox Edward's live becomes. The last chapter was incredible, even without them sexing, their chemistry. The development of their relationship. So ruddy good. I cannot recommend this story enough. I feel a total tom-tit for waiting to read one of the best stories! DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE! GO READ NOW!!!!! NOW! OFF YOU GO! Although its a hot story, with great sex scenes, its a slow burn, building slowly and I cannot wait for what is still to cum... This story deffo gets 5/5 very sexy silky knickers from me! What a corker!

Emily- Okay I admit it. I was a late comer to this amazing story. I was urged and stroked and bossed (but I love that shit, but I digress) into putting it at the top of my reading list. I know to listen to my fellow PP bitches and I moved it straight to the top and OMG they did not steer me wrong! I honestly did not know the content of the story before I began reading and I think that added to my amazement and surprise. Bella and Jake suffer in a trap of mediocre sex that many married and long term couples face. When Jake suggested swinging I really felt for Bella. Of course she meets Edward and BAM this story earns it rating. I think the meeting of Edward and Bella is one of the hottest things I have ever read in Twilight Fandom. Gustariana knows that Edward and the part with Bella and her boots just slayed me! I could read that scene and that part of the scene over and over. The pacing is perfect, there is enough back story to keep us interested and wanting more and of course the smut is fanfuckingtastic! 5 out of 5 very soaked panties!

Hope- First off let me say that the author, Gustariana of this deliciously wicked mindfuck is the biggest sweetheart ever. Seriously she is. This story first came to my attention after asking Gusta what her avie on the "Twilighted" boards was all about. And I must say I was hooked after reading the first chapter. Completely Fucking Hooked. "After all, I was really an asshole with a probable sex addiction" that about sums up Edward in this little ditty about "Swinging" and the consequences of it. Hence the title "Consecuencias". This story starts out with Bella going over the grocery list in her head as her yet unnamed husband goes down on her, that about sums up her sex life. She is married to her best friend and there is love there, but no spark. He casually mentions a party he heard about starting the journey of Bella and her discovery of her sexuality. Her husband convinces her to go to one of these parties. And she only does it because she loves him and feels she is sexually defective. There she meets a beautiful man that shows her a world that she had only ever imagined before. Gives her an experience she never thought possible. She is not defective, she just never had the right partner. But she is broken inside, the guilt claws at her. Now Edward...he feels nothing. Nothing but his own selfish need to satisfy his every want and desire. He leads a vapid, shallow existence and is perfectly content with it. He is married only because of the mutual benefit of it, not because he is in love. He doesn't believe in love. It is a useless emotion. An emotion he is incapable of feeling. He meets a beautiful stranger at the party and feels the conflicting urges of taking her away from it and initiating her to it himself. His lesser self wins out and he is shaken to his core by the experience. Gusta weaves a tale of guilt and want and lust and discovery and accepting the consequences of your actions so beautifully it almost hurts. Her words are lush and rich but not gushy or verbose. The flow or pacing of the story is spot on. It doesn't lag and there are no low points or useless filler. And let me tell you the sex is smoking hot and really to effin' good without being overly graphic. I have never wanted a four-poster bed as much as I wanted one after reading chapter 5 "Caer" of this story. Gusta meshes the sex with and into the story in affective and delicious way. Really it is too good almost. Too Good. This is a MUST read. Now Go Read It. 5 out of 5 completely drenched panties.

Beks- Okay, I’ll admit I’m a little biased because after reading the first chapter I consulted a little on this story. I won’t say what information I coughed up, but Gustariana sure did put it to pretty damn good use. I am also a little biased because she is responsible for dragging me deeper in to the world of Twi fic and single handily responsible for getting me on gchat and putting me in touch with my fellow pervs, but I digress. We can talk about all the reasons why I love this woman later. Consecuencias is simply a badass story. She took a realistic couple and put the wife in a very uncomfortable situation. Gustariana did a wonderful job of creating a situation where you don’t find yourself turning on Bella, where as in other fics I would have been banging my head against the desk if a character behaved in a similar way. She also created a very interesting and UNIQUE way of bringing Edward and Bella together. Swingers’ parties may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the humanization of the situations, the actions and the emotions behind them is beautifully done. Not to mention the smut is RIGHT NOW!!!! I wouldn’t encourage people to add this their “To Read” list. I would demand they add it to their “MUST READ” list. 5 out of 5.

Jo- Ahhhh....yesssss. This fic is just a nice big breath of fresh lemony smut. Oh and UST, and intriguing plotline, and originality and just a cornucopia of marital mind fuckery. I am not a Jake hater per se, but I will skip over a fic that pairs him with Bella.....I'm just not interested. But in THIS story, Jake's marriage to Bella & Edward's subsequent marriage to the T-Rex and all the inner and outer (I just wanted a visual) workings of each relationship are done with purpose, severity, and artistry. The initial pairings are paramount to the story, and they work the plot in delicious ways! Gustariana's plotline is ingenius and I am really in love with this Bella. I mean really, she is a normal woman, with normal marital problemas, and an overwhelming desire and sense of obligation to make the life and marriage that she's built work. She loves Jake......right? HAHAHAHA!!! GAH, I just love this story so much so far, and I pant like a bitch in heat for the chapter fuckdates. Bella's first encounter with Swingward (or Sexward, both completely appropriate) is oh so mother-fucking-crazy-hott I needed a fucking break (and not to catch my breath if you get what I mean). Using the premise of swinging lifestyles, although I'm sure done many times over in one-shots and the like, I do believe this is the first and only twific I've seen where the plotline is driven by this setting, and it is seriously addicting. This is one of those stories that you start, it hooks you in right away, and you just KNOW (like you know the sky is blue) that it's just gonna keep getting better.....and HOTTER. I've gotten attached to these characters in the WORST and BEST ways and I'm on the Gusta-train-to-deviant-hell with my fucking bags packed and my tourist camera at the ready.....and like any true BxE fan, hoping for a nice steamy HEA at the end. This delicious dollop of deviance gets 5 out of 5 sopping, dripping, and all around sexed up panties from me (yeah, I sexed 'em up what's it to ya?)

Kasey- This is Gustariana's 1st venture into a full fledged fic (her 1st two being one-shots) and she has done so in a flawless manner. Consequencias (Consequences for English speakers) very honestly portrays the feelings of boredom, sexual dissatisfaction, and frustration that I think many married women find themselves in. However, what makes this story so attractive and compelling (to me) is how the author has chosen to take this frustrated wife character (Bella) and thrust her into a world of debauchery and lust and sexual over-indulgence (Swinging, no less!), all in an effort to revive the lackluster sexual connection with her husband, Jacob Black.. Lo-and-behold, who does she meet at one of these events? Well, handsome, sexy, arrogant, cold Edward Cullen, of course! And what happens when their two worlds collide? FUCKIN' FIREWORKS, dear Pervlings! 'Gusta' (as she's known on Twilighted) does a fantabulously great job at exploring this adventure in a very realistic fashion and the pacing is spot on, in my opinion. But then again, if you've ever read any of her previous work, then you'd know that she's quite talented and can tell a very good (and yummy) tale. Oh...and one thing I enjoy is the music that she selects to go along with her chapters. Yes, they are songs in Spanish (she does translate the lyrics, though), but they capture the essence and the tone of the specific chapters, perfectly.

'Consec' (as I call it, for short) is a very realistic and dramatic (yet hella sexy) voyeuristic view into the dysfunctionality of
relationship and sexual dynamics. It will leave you panting for the next chapter (and constantly harassing her for more)! 5 out of 5 sopping wet panties from this reviewer for my 'queridisima' Gustariana and her awesome, sexy fic!

Kathy- I was hooked from the very beginning of this story. Who has been in a long term relationship and not let things slip away at some point? Going over the grocery list in your head during sex? Hysterical, and true (for some people). I liked the honesty in this fic. Not everything out in the real world is roses and sunshine every day. Life doesn't always end up how you expected. Most of the time, there is hope though, and that's what we have so far. Bella is stuck in a basically loveless marriage, with okay sex, but excellent companionship. Edward and Tanya marry for convenience and have a very untraditional life together with great sex but very little human interaction. Broken, flawed people coming together, perhaps in the hopes of helping each other heal. I have to say, I hope for a happily ever after with this Edward and Bella, but Gustariana has her work cut out for her. This is a very untraditional relationship and I can see it working, but I can also see it failing miserably. I love what Edward shows her in chapter 4 (and I mean more than what he visually shows her); I love that he gets her to explore, to really see what's going on around her. If only he could apply that same philosophy to his life and emotions. Bella struggles with her marriage, with feeling inadequate at the situation she's ended up in and Edward seems to fall from her to the start. "Everything about you calls to me," he confesses to her, and moments later reminds himself she's just another pussy. Very conflicted, the emotions are written so well in each chapter, captured so perfectly, you ache for these two. Sexy and full of emotions? 5 out of 5 panties.

Miya- Our Miss Miya is on vacation with her family enjoying surfing lessons by hot dudes in speedos and a lot of sunshine, though she has read and adored Consecuencias and gives it 5/5.

Nina- I unfortunately can't speak a lick or a slurp of Spanish like my fellow Pervies so my review will me in Ninaglish. One of the best and simplest descriptions of this story was, "Bella has everything but the sex while Edward has nothing but the sex. (Credit to Limona)

I loathe Jacob, so for me to read (and love) a story that has them married is unheard of but, it's not twat you are thinking. Christ on crutch, my cold, dead heart broke for Bella in chapter 1, I mean you have a woman that's married and seemingly content with her life until one day her husband suggests a 'sex party'. Immediately you think that, 'okay she'll get there meet Edward, touch him, get the 'shock', fuck him, love him (the order is irrelevant) and leave Jake and they'll live happily ever after, yeah not so much. But, I'm glad (yes you read that right) Gusta took a chance and rejected the typical cliche having them take the easy road and in return we get a deep, thoughtful character study of the characters and what honestly makes them tick...and fuck. Colorful descriptions of Edward's many encounters, including some fantastic push and shove sex between him and Tanya. Gusta's Bella is easily related to by women of any age, 19-109, okay well maybe not that old but regardless. Whether you are married or in a relationship, you can't help but feel her plight and pain in what she's dealing with. She's been with Jake for so long that she's settled until she meets Edward who turns her entire world on axis BUT, she does the same to him. Edward's transformation is unraveling before our eyes in his borderline obsession with Bella, his eagerness to understand how this one woman and one encounter has thrown his entire known life into a tailspin. All his faceless, nameless women that he's been with are suddenly in question and he's examining his life as he knows it because of her. Take the time and read the story, you won't be disappointed, we promise! I do have to commend Gusta too for writing the sex scene in EPOV, because not only is it extremely well done, it's unbelievably detailed and I'm not kidding, you'll be panting and possibly drooling. I also have to suggest that you read Lujuria. I have no idea what it means but I know that it's fucking hot and magnificent. 5 out of 5

Stephie- Me encantan Gustariana y Consecuencias. The basic idea of Bella married to Jacob, only to discover a deeper feeling with Edward has been done before. But never like this, and never so good IMO. Because Bella is trying to fix her marriage. She doesn't want to see herself as a cheater. She wants passion and excitement in her life with the man she married. No matter how hard she tries though, Edward continues to invade her thoughts. He brings about the passion and excitement that she so desperately seeks, which coincidentally makes her hurt more for what she lacks with Jacob.

And Edward, my sweet jaded Swingward...well, what can I say? Me encanta Swingward tambien. Gusta takes the simple idea of Edward's unjust loathing towards Bella that you read in the books, and transforms it into something so much more real. She is the person responsible for turning his life upside down. Because of her Edward cannot simply continue with how his "perfect" set up. But how he begins to change subtly because of her is great to read.

Last but not least, Gustariana includes amazing music for each chapter. Cancion Animal is my new favorite sexy song. *Grrr* 5/5 panties for La Querida del Twi ff.

Steph- I've been here since the beginning of this story, anxiously awaiting updates from Gusta and squealing like the fangirl I am when I get one. First we have Bella, who could be any housewife in the suburbs, making her grocery list in her head during sex. She claims to love Jake and have a good life with him, but there is no spark no oomph in their sex life. Something vital is missing. Then, we have Edward, who is married to Tanya (shudders convulsively) who has phenomenal sex but no emotional connection to her at all. Cue the meeting place: a Swinger's Party. Bella is sad and angry and frustrated that Jake would want this, but she will do anything to make him happy. What she finds is Edward, who she ends up having mind blowing sex with. That night with him shows her that it IS possible for her. I won't say much more, but the storyline is simply amazing and I wait on the edge of my seat to see where Gusta takes us next. 5 out 5 soaked panties from me.

In addition to our Round Table Review above, we've also asked the Gustariana to share with us a bit about herself and her story...

Introduccion de Gustariana, Consecuencias y muchas otras cosas mas
(Introduction to Gustariana, Consecuencias and many other random things)

*I never number my lists, they are all bulleted.

*I am from outside the continental US. Those closer to me know exactly where.

*I hate feet.

*I think butt secks isn't one of those things a girl should compromise on. Ever.

*I think those girls that do like it should get a special trophy. Either phallus shaped or a brass butt.

*I speak English as a second language, actually I live, work and play in Spanish. Yet I have never written anything in Spanish. I curse quite a bit but the excuse I give everyone is that they are just words in English, not the same meaning as they would in Spanish. Honestly I just think they sound funny and accentuate things nicely.

*I love the show 'LOST', not even Edward Cullen himself can peel me away from the TV on Wednesdays. Yes, you read right, I am a Lostie. Edward will last forever, Lost ends in 2010.

*I had never written anything before until 'One Crazy Bet' that led to 'Lujuria.' And 'One Crazy Obsession' led to 'Consecuencias.' The crazy obsession was swingers, and wondering if I could write a story about swinging that dealt with the consequences and with adult relationships.

*I am obsessive about getting my stuff beta'd. This list was beta'd by at least 3 people. So are my chapters. No, I do not suffer from OCD (I think). I just like lists and I don't like grammatical errors, especially when English isn't my thing.

*I do not swing. I don't plan to. I actually am happily married with 2 kiddos.

*I hate talking about myself, and I hate that on this list every item so far starts with I, so the next bullet will start with something else.

*Plot vs. smut? I'd pick plot, but please throw a good dose of smut if possible and if it fits the story. I have been known to follow awesome T stories

*'Consecuencias' is about how choices people make in life can change their path. I'd like to think that it explores the nuances of love and lust. It is not a story for everyone, I say this because sometimes some of the younger readers will wonder why Bella has not taken a more direct approach with Jake. I remind people that sometimes in marriage, we are forced to bend and compromise. Is Bella bending too much for my comfort? Yes, but Bella has only known Jake and has only experienced the love she feels for him. Like I said to a good friend of mine once, "some readers don't know that sometimes married people have to fuck butts to keep a relationship going." Or in plain ol' English sometimes when you are married you have to do shit you don't like. But you do it anyway. Rest assured, Bella will get her revelation, awakening, whatever you want to call it. And Jake will too.

*'Consecuencias' is not about swinging or sex. I have said this before, but the swinging is like a picture on a wall. It helps set the tone of the room, the ambiance, but it is not the room. You know it's there, but it's a background piece. Swinging is the extreme catalyst that brought the main characters together, but the story is not about group sex, or monkey sex while hanging from the ceiling. It is about two very different people and how their belief systems are shocked and transformed by their meeting. Oh and about love too.

*Back to the I's, I hope everyone will get this list, if not, please read the story. Lists are like a character in it and they are the one thing I willingly gave Bella. The rest she took without my permission.


Pastiche Pen said...

Gusta is the shit. On top of being real, sweet, and bullshit-free, she writes gorgeously. Consequencias is intelligent and elegant without being overwrought or packed with fluffy asswiping. And yay to the perv pack for reccing her wonderfulness!

~JO~ Cullenitis said...

Elegant indeed. The originality and premise behind her story is intriguing to say the least. I love how it makes the reader relate to (or at least think about) some of the tough challenges, compromises, complications and changes that a marriage can be fraught with. It certainly makes me think about my own marriage and others close to me.
(and the sexin' is just an added BONUS)

I second Pastiche.....