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"Love Among the Stacks" by Acireamos & Anuddaone

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: "Love Among the Stacks"
Acireamos and Anuddaone
Chapters: 18
975 (on Acireamos' profile) 319 (on Anuddaone profile)
Summary: And you thought libraries were just for studying...Bella, resident cool girl librarian, meets a dazzling law student, Edward while working at the university library. Will she help him find what he needs, what he wants? Rated M, and we're not kidding!AU/AH

Bri - Normally I don't enjoy a fic that jumps POV's so frequently, but I was engrossed in this fic from beginning to end. I read this during it's creation so had to suffer through the waits between chapters. I just re-read this ditty tonight and it is SOOO much better when you have everything right in front of you. If the voyeur scene from the beginning of the fic doesn't suck you in, then this fic isn't for you. We get hot dirty humping from all three couples. Of course, my favorite is B/E, but that's no shock. We all know I'm a B/E girl at heart. The UST between the couple is palpable. You'll be screaming "just fuck already!" at your computer more times than you care to admit. And, when they do finally relieve some of the tension? Oh LORD. Rawrrr. The twists and turns they take you on will keep you reading from beginning to end. And, what a perfect story to read over V-day. HEA anyone? 4 out of 5 panties from this perv.

Emmy - Why do I only meet freaks in the library? Hmm? I tell ya - I need to start hanging around Bella's library. Dear god it is dripping with hotties of both sexes! I love the B/E plot line here. But I also adore the little sub plots & the other characters that are very well developed. It makes for a very entertaining and sexy story. I particularly like their Bella. Her inner dialogue is great. Very well done & incredibly entertaining - particularly when she is drunk! I love the build up to the actual action.. Although on rereading its not as long as I remember! (lol). I really like their naughty play that we witness until they finally get their act together. As well as me loving the B/E stuff and characterizations. I have to say that the Rose/Emmett storyline is extremely well done. Their characters are complex and their relationship even more so. This story is great. & I was so pleasantly surprised to discover that it is just as good on a reread. Its Valentine's day & the warm loving and hot sexing of this story makes it a great Smut Shack recc for the holiday. I give it 4 (heart covered) knick-knacks out of 5!

Hope -"Pervert. Libraries are always full of them."Yes, yes they are Bella and boy do we love it. 'Love Among the Stacks' or just plain old 'Stacks' as I call it was one of the first Twifics I ever read. Actually it was the first all-human fic I read, opening up the doors to the whole genre and forever holding a special place in my heart. I love this story. Not for just the hot smut, which there is a bunch of. But because of the interconnecting love stories told in it. They are all individually fascinating but what is captivating is how the all mix and mesh together. This Bella is one of my favorites. She's shy, sarcastic, quirky, clumsy, snarky, has an odd sense of humor and is slightly left of center. On there first meeting in the library they unknowingly walk in on a couple going at. Awkward much, but it sets the tone for the rest of their flirting and courtship. And let me just tell you this Edward and Bella have steamy rendezvous in the most unusual places, a dinner bathroom and in the library for examples. This story just makes my heart flip flop and my lady bits tingle. The epilogue is especially sweet. I won't tell you what happens and spoil the surprise. But what really surprised me was the Emmett and Rosalie relationship this story. There is a hint of kink to it as they both work through their issues coming together in the end. Pining Emmett is soo adorable. This story is smutty, sweet, funny, romantic and all around wonderful. The collab between the two authors is seamless. Giving it 5 panties out of 5. It's a must for every quirky Bella lover out there. Now Go Read!!

Beks - Aside from the fact that Erica is my internet bestie, this story has so much going for it. First off, the characters are realistic adaptations of the characters in the books, not foolish, over the top imitations, which drives me nuts about a lot of fics. From there I was pleasantly surprised to get good POVs from all six of the main characters. I love Edward and Bella always, but Rosalie and Emmett ended up being my favorite couple. They were playful and engaging and REALLY HOT. And I think most importantly, especially for this blog, snort, the sex in the story is so hot. It’s not smutty, its sexy. It feels like an adult wrote it, and in this case two adults who really know what sexy is. It’s an excellent read and so is their other collabo “The Highway Man”. Brava, ladies. Can’t wait for more. 5 out of 5.

Kathy -
This is a well rounded love story. Who can resist such snark as “Can I help you?” My customer service skills were limitless.” Any fic that references the movie Secretary automatically earns extra panties. Each of the canon pairs appear in this story, in lovely, flawed, broken and beautiful ways. I love the way the six of them didn't just fall into each other, though; there's an actual plot and story behind them becoming pairs. Did I mention that there are really hot lemons? Fuck, yes, the lemons are steamy, hot, delicious, juicy. There is drama, angst, love, sex, and so much more in this story. Loved the epilogue. 5/5 panties

Miya - I've been super busy the past few weeks with sick babies but I did manage to read about half of this story so far. I love it enough that I was up at three AM reading while bouncing a baby on my lap. It's definitely a must read and at the top of my to be finished as I have time. The lemons are mighty fine, I think I got off three times on the first six chapters alone. The story isn't just smut though, there is a plot that draws you in and keeps you reading the chapters without lemons. I can't wait to read more. A great read. 4/5 panties for what I've read so far.

Nina - "Stacks" has been one of my favorites since it was posted, and I believe I've read it three times over just because I enjoyed these incarnations of the characters so much. Not just Edward and Bella though, all of them collectively. So often the other characters fall to the sidelines to allow the core couple to blossom and take precedence, but with "Stacks" they all get equal face time and plot points. Kinky ass Rose and Emmett's vein of the story was hard to read at times, I felt for poor Emmett. I love reading the guy being the one putting himself out there, IT DOES HAPPEN and in this Emmett is pining for Rosie doing whatever necessary to win her in the end. Now, Alice and Jasper, who can resist the hot teacher? I sure as shit wouldn't be able to if it were Jasper, but the road to love isn't smooth and speed bump free for them either, but it would be fun if it were. So that leaves Edward and Bella and their pervy little rendezvous in the library holding hands and watching a couple hump while semi-hidden among the stacks. Yeah voyeurism never looked so good. Um, chapter 13. That's all I'm saying about that, well besides READ IT. This may sound silly but I also enjoyed the fact that the story starts and ends with Angela's point of view and her take on the relationships coming full circle. It's only 17 chapters and an epilogue and hopefully someday soon (hint hint) they'll be a sequel. 5/5 plus and extra 5 for kinky ass Rose and her 'toy chest'.

P.S. Read the Highwayman. SERIOUSLY

Stephie - "Stacks" was one of the first fics i found that was great plot and great smut. It has been a favorite from the first time I read it. The characters are great; the authors adding in their own flavors to each one of them. And of course where would we be without the delicious smut? I only wish that my college library was that fucking hot. And instead of going on and on...keeping you from reading this epic fic...I'll shut up. Just read it. Now. 5/5 panties

Steph - I loved this story the first time I read it, and I loved it even more reading it again for this. This story sucks you in immediately and there are lots of little twists to keep you coming back for more. The characterization of our favorite Twi couples is brilliant. I think I love Bella the most. Snarky, spunky, a little bit odd, but oh so lovable. You just keep rooting for her and Edward to finally get it together. Then you get all the subplots with the other couples. Add in AMAZINGLY HOT SEX and you've got one hell of a fantastic story. You cannot go wrong with this one. 5 out of 5 wet panties from me.

In addition to our Round Table Review above, we've also asked the authors to share with us a bit about themselves, their reaction to the selection of "Love Among the Stacks"

Acireamos (aka Erica) and Anuddaone (aka Aly) are the writers of "Love Among the Stacks", an autobiography of sorts. Ok, not really. But making it with Edward/Henry Cavill/Channing Tatum in a library is our dream. We started off as writer and beta, and decided that we were tired of reading about Doormat Bella. That girl has got nothing to be ashamed of. Edward loves her, come on. We all wish we were that lucky. So, we started brainstorming. I (Erica) worked in a university library with a bunch of lunatic Librarians so we thought why not? Bella likes books, right? We have a little chat at the end of each chapter so we decided to go that route with our bio.

AC: Ok, well, lets see, a little bit about Aly. Well, she's a professional sock puppet crafter and her favorite song is Golddigger.

AN: eh, accurate enough. And then we have Erica, master smut repair lady and...and...yeah, i have nothing...she's the funny one...

AC: Hardly. We actually share a brain. It has it's pros and cons. But mostly it's been great. Collaborating on Stacks was really easy, we sort of bounced back and forth, sometimes we would do a chapter each, sometimes a pov each. I did get a little attached to Rose and Em, I had sort of worked out their storyline and got really into it. I couldn't help myself...Emmett, sweaty, wearing basketball shorts and looking like Channing Tatum...hold on, give me a minute...

AN: k, while she recovers, I'll take my turn. I do have to agree that it was super easy to write. And while we all still fan ourselves a bit when we think of Stacks' Em and Rose, one of my fave things was Jasper and his (albeit, short lived) lusting for Bella. At the time, it never seemed like any one but Edward was attracted to her in the stories i was reading and I felt like that was just kinda wrong...she's the girl next door and boy's like Jas would appreciate that...especially the pre-Alice Jas…

AC: You mean before he was "Cradle-Robbing-Jasper"! Oops...don't want to give away the whole story! Well, we had lots of fun putting our characters in weird places both emotionally and sexually so we hope it is fun for you to read!

AN: We have been tossing around the idea of doing a sequel because we miss the gang so much! But it would definitely come after we are done writing The Highwayman. Yep, we are collaborating again. This time it's a period piece. I know, what we were thinking? It's coming along really slowly b/c of real life and the fact that we don't talk like people from the 18th century but it's coming. We have the whole thing laid out, it's just going to take us a while to get through it!

AC: Now if someone wants to donate a winning lottery ticket, we could pump that thing out whilst playing whist and having tea and crumpets...did that sound 18th century-ish? Any takers? No? It was worth a try.

AN: And so is Stacks! Like that? How i did that? Like how I worked in the story?

AC: You sound like Stewie...and I am kind of okay with it. As long as that doesn't make me Brian, Meg, Peter, Lois, or Chris, Quagmire, Cleveland, Joe or the crazy old pervert guy.

AN: We are digressing...not uncommon, but maybe not what they are looking for. We did aim for sex in every chapter though. We fell a little short, but in some chapters we doubled up so hopefully it all balances out. It's hard to do it every chapter.

AC: I'm not saying a word. I swear. And you know how HARD that is for me...

AN: I do. Well, we hope you enjoy it...let us know what you think!


Sandi said...

Ahhhhhhhhh, a perfectly smut filled story to read on Valentine's Day! The sex is hot in this....and abundant:) I really liked it and am glad I got to read it all in one day. You make a good partnership!