Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Sinful in Seattle" by Forbidden Bliss

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: "Sinful in Seattle" on

"Sinful in Seattle" on Twilighted
Author: Forbidden Bliss
Chapters: 4
Words: 34,992
Reviews: 124
Summary: Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. And I plan on doing it again very, very soon. Oh, the games that we will play...Let them begin. E/B--OOC ALL HUMAN. No religion "We are compelled to do what is forbidden."

Bri- I totally broke my rule of not starting any new fics until they are well into the plotline when I started this one. I saw a thread for it over on twi and was intrigued by the, I started reading - with only two chapters complete. I was hooked. Completely. Fucking. Hooked. I'm not gonna lie - I was disappointed when the author skimmed the sexin' in the first chapter, but hell - she's more than made up for it with the UST and the hot little ditty that was in her latest chapter. I love the characters she's created in this - it's always refreshing to see a Bella that is OOC for me. And, it's completely unusual to see a Bella that is a cynic. I think (hope?) Edward can make her believe in love again... This is one of the few stories I drop everything for when I see an update. I'm anxious to get further in the storyline and get to the hot, hot sexin'. 4/5 panties from me.

Emmy- I read this whilst ill in bed & can I say firstly it provided some instant, if all be it transient, pain relief! & that makes it powerful writing! Secondly, if I could be gripped and entertained by it when I couldn't even sit up in bed, you know it has got to deliver the goods!
I love the U(ung)ST! It oozes from every pore of this tale. I love a lot about this fic in fact: The narration - its direct and honest voice over style. The fact that Edward appears to be a good guy, misinterpreted by a cynical Bella. But we don't know that for sure, there could be a big twisty in store re Edward. (we do not know what made him do what he did in the first chapter, as Bella never lets him explain to her, and therefore us!) The fact that Bella is in deep denial - EVERYONE else (bar Alice) can see it in her life. Ooh & that reminds me, the supporting cast. They are cleverly painted too. Not too much, not too little, but enough to make it interesting, well rounded and not just Bella whining on about her sorry state of affairs! (not that that is how this fic reads in the slightest, but another author could have taken it that way!) Obviously we are just four chapters into this story... I really really have enjoyed it so far... I also feel that Forbidden Bliss is building it up very nicely for a big release.. The lemon in chapter four is good. Its Emmy certified to provide pain relief for fecks sake! - how many fics can say that?! So I cannot wait for the full delivery.
Its a great fic. Its sexy. The characters are real. The writing style is effervescent but with depth and development and I think its pretty addictive. Another one of my MIMO(Miss it Miss Out) selections deffo! So in light of the lemon in lieu, I give this a sweaty fantasy soaked 4 knickers out of 5. I am sure the fifth knicker will be dampened and then drenched soon!

Hope- Hope is buried beneath a mountain of toys and unable to leave a review this week...and by toys I mean the not-as-fun kid ones. Not the wonderful world of adult ones...haha

Beks-As yet another story that got me through a long work day, I read this little bit o' pleasure on my phone and man was I grateful. the writing is fresh, the characters are memorable and the story thus far leaves you wanting more. I love this version of Edward and Bella. Forbidden Bliss gives us two adults, in the best sense of the word and throws them into fun and sexy interactions. And the lemon was just hot as fuck. I am anxious to see where she takes this story. 4 out of 5.

Kasey- Wow, that's some amazing UST there! How had I missed this fic before? I agree with my UK gal (Emmy-dahlink) that the tone and style of narration in this particular gem is spot on and I especially loved the author's Bella. I have a thing for a non-BS Bella and this one was right up my alley! I will also say that the lemony goodness was sexy and smutty (mah cuppa tea) and pretty golden. But again, it's really the level of UST that Forbidden Bliss weaves into the story that had this particular reader with her panties in a bunch. Hahaha! As I read, I found myself anxious for more and when a fic can suck me in and make me not want to stop reading until the much anticipated climax (pun intended), then it's absolutely rec worthy in my book. So, with that said, I'm giving this fic a solid 4.5 out of 5 sopping panties for the amazing UST, smut, and narration style. Truly an enjoyable read!

Miya- I'll admit to skimming at first... I'm a mom with twin 10 month olds. Writing takes precedence to reading new fics. Then I found the lemon. That was quickly followed with some alone time and then rereading all chapters in depth. The tone is well managed. The author brings you to the brink of insanity with UST and then bam, you're golden. The story is great not just for the smut, snarky Bella lusting after Dr. McDreamy is almost as great as the smut. I give it a 4/5 with the promise that 5/5 will be coming in future chapters.

Nina- There was a thread started for this on Twilighted and because of the the deliciousness of the fic's title I immediately started reading. So I read it, and I loved it, then I read the first four chapters again during the great cockblockalypse of 09' because I was determined to read every fucking ounce of good smut I could. Needless to say, Chapter four was read three times. Okay three times on the Smutberry that is damaged from the drool that got into it ;) The thing is, I enjoy the stories that have an adult pairing of Eddie and Bella, that's only my preference and sweet baby Jebus does she deliver with the

Plus, the Sex and the City similarities make it that much more interesting. The opening "Carrie-like" monologue is perfect and really sets the tone wonderfully for the rest of the chapter. I agree in Bri's characterization of Bella as a cynic. It makes me like her that much more and having the cynicism compounded with her hot sexiness with Dr. Eddie, oh Lawd!

I don't know how many times I have to stress what a UST fan I am, and this is delish tension. De-lish. Yum. Plus I'm sorry, I know that it's typical and cliche to keep Eddie as a doctor, but I have one thing to say. Boner in scrubs. Google it (not at work), RedTube it (not at work) I don't care. A hot fucking doctor, sporting his Sargent at Arms at full mother fucking attention? Sign me the fuck up and I salute him and his package.

If I have to criticize one thing it's the summary. I 'get' it, but I think FB would have a shitload more readers/reviews/worshipers to this little ditty with a new summary. Hit up Pastiche over at TLYDF, she's a summary goddess. 4/5 from me and I need a fucking minute.

Stephie- So as usual, Stephanie decided to procrastinate and wait til the night before to read SinS. She figured, it's only a few chapters right? She can do that in one night. But then, her mini decided that she would be up all night writhing in pain. First pooze, now molars. FML. Sorry, no review from me. It's a miracle mini is sleeping long enough for me to write this out.

Steph- I love a witty, snarky Bella and this one does not disappoint. She has decided that there is no Mr. Right in the greater Seattle area, so she's going to have fun with Mr Right Now. Enter Edward. Charming, flirty, handsome as hell doctor she meets at a bar. He calls her right away, they have a fabulous date and some super hot sex. So hot that when the girls ask her if he's a McDreamy or McSteamy, she says he could have been both if she hadn't woken up alone. Now, cue the interesting twist to the story and it sets us up for them being "friends". Right Bella, let's see how well that works shall we? The UST goes through the roof and I'm just dying for these two to figure it out already. This story is full of amazing potential and I can't wait to see what the hell happens between these two. I have no doubt in my mind that we're in for a wild, steamy, tumultuous ride, and I for one can't wait. 4 out of 5 wet panties for me, with the potential to reach a full 5 once we see some more action!