Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Let's Get Physical" by gemmabobella and useless info about manyafandom

I guess it’s my turn to force myself upon you all with tit-bits and info on yours truly. It really was Izzy’s turn but alas she is buried under Law school crap and is in hiding until the semester is over. So you get me instead. Fun for y’all. Hehe. First a little about me and then I will tell you all about the story that you should be reading if you haven’t yet; “Let’s Get Physical” by gemmabobella.

So where to begin? Hmmm…let’s see. That's me over there on the right btw. My username or penname is manyafandom. My real name is Hope, but you can call me Hopey. I’m a 32yo SAHM with 3 kiddos. Happily married to the biggest geek in the world. Which is okay cause I am geek right there with him. The two words most used to describe me are 'Odd' and 'Quirky'. I want to be a History Teacher, Librarian or Nina when I decide to grow up. I love all Twific, but lean more towards the AU-AH variety with a dash of the deviant thrown in. To copy Nina, cause seriously why would I not want to copy Nina, that bitch rocks. I love the beach, BSG, chucks (I have 8 pairs), all things Star Wars, Lifesavers Pep-O-Mints (those things are fucking addictive), my tongue ring, any kind of trivia game, the words ‘Fuck’ & ‘Awesome’, Coca-Cola and my boobs. What? They’re nice boobs; ask the PP they’ve seen them. I can’t go a day without listening to Portishead, Al Green, and Save Ferris. And I will miss Elliot Smith until the day I die. I'm pretty easy going and get excitable pretty easily. But over all I think I’m pretty cool. And I don't think I said 'pretty' enough times right there.

For those who don’t know I am the writer, and I use that term loosely, of the angst fest known as “The Arrangement” and the fluffy Jasper/Edward fic “All I Ever Knew”. “The Arrangement” started as a one-shot and grew into the monster it is today. It’s a 3some fic with Jasper/Bella/Edward and an unhealthy dose of angst and miscommunication. To counteract all the angst and heartfail I started “All I Ever Knew”. Because really nothing is hotter than Edward and Jasper kissing and rubbing up on each other while being utterly romantic and adorable. And in my eyes Jasper is the new Edward.

Anyways on to “Let’s Get Physical” by gemmabobella, the real purpose of this post. First off let me say that I abso-fucking-lutely love Gems. I worship her as a person and as a writer. I have the hugest fangirl crush on her and would have her babies if it were possible. And she has been one of the biggest supporters of the PP. I am here to talk about “Let’s Get Physical” but her other stories are extremely well thought out and written and I recommend all of them.

But enough about that, let’s talk about “Let’s Get Physical”. First off you should know that this is not an Edward and Bella story. This is an Emmett and Bella story. Yep you read that right, Emmett and Bella. I was not a big fan of the big teddy bear known as Emmett before this fic for so many reasons. But Gemma’s fluffy, steamy story changed my mind and I am now an Emmett devotee.

Bella is a klutz, we all know this. It’s part of the reason why we love her. So Bella being the klutz that she is messes up her ACL and must get physical therapy. She is not new to the whole PT routine as having gone through it numerous times before. But this time she gets paired up with a hunky piece of man meat Physical Therapist known as Emmett.

When she first sees him in the waiting room she is instantly attracted to him and wants him. Wants him naked and on top of her. But Shy Bella wins out and she just enjoys the view from afar. That is until she falls again and right into the muscled arms of Emmett.

They banter and bicker a bit while eye fucking each other. Both wanting the other, but too afraid or embarrassed to do anything about it. They get sweaty…during therapy both wanting to get sweaty in a purely pleasurable way. There is hydro therapy with Bella and Emmett wet in the pool, the UST so think you choke on it. They are both cute and shy and it makes your heart go awww and twitterpate.

It seems the fates are trying to get these two kooky kids together as Bella’s BF Alice and Emmett’s BF Jasper start dating without Em and Bella realizing it. But Alice and Jasper do and are in cahoots to get the two together. Also Bella’s Gay ex-boyfriend Edward is there to help things along.

This story is fluffy and steamy and cute and short (1 chapter left) and has UST out the wahzoo and is the perfect little diversion from real life. Bella and Emmett are just too cute. You root for them to get together while laughing your ass off at their inner thoughts. Gay Edward is an awesome comedic addition. But really I love a Gayward…dur. Gemma knows her shit and the writing is phenomenal.

Really if you haven’t read it already, go do it. You will not be sorry. This is me, trust me. I would never lead you astray. Now Go Read!

Smooches and Licks


Ninapolitan said...

I love you, your boobies and Gemma.

Isabel0329 said...

Oh my true and eternal love, how I love thee ... let me count the ways. You rave about this particular piece so often I want to read it so bad despite having negative time.

Oh and I wanna live in your cleavage. nomnomnom

Anonymous said...

Awwwww .... Hope .... you made me blush all over again! I am so beyond flattered to have you guys highlight this story! I love you all hard - especially your boobs! Titty party at my place ...

Love=EDWARD said...

Okay, that did it. I'm officially bumping all of my other 'to-be-read' fics and putting Gemma's at the top of the list. How did I not read it before?! I love non-canon pairings and lets face it, there are only so many E+B things you can do before it gets redundant. So, I love that Gems took a shot at one of the least common pairings in FF land! Go Gems!

antiaol said...

Em/B and a gay Edward rocks my socks.

Oh, and Hopey cleavage.

Ninapolitan said...

Kasey you absolutely have to read LGP next! Go do it now. Now dammit!!!!

Gemma made me like Emmett and Bella together and anyone that knows me knows how hard of a task that is.
So big sloppy PP hugs to Gemma and to Hope for highlighting her!!!!!!

Sandi/ They've Named Me Momma said...

Gemma~ I really really loved this! I could easily see both Emmett and Bella in these roles. Well, honestly, I would love Emmett if he were in just about any role, but a physical therapist is so perfect. A fully reasonable excuse to touch and feel him...OK, I'm getting off topic here. lol
Just wanted to say how much I loved this story, all the way to the ending! I'm a relative newbie to the FF world, but will look you up to read any of your other stories. Thanks so much for the story!

MsKathy said...

Hopey, you can force yourself and your tit-bits on us anyday.

I have not yet seen your boobs, Hopey, am I the only virgin in the PP?

LGP was an awesome story, awesome that it was your pick!