Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Naughty Librarian goes "A Little Crazy"

Title: "A Little Crazy"
Author (s): tby789 & lolashoes
One-Shot(though it'll hopefully be extended)
Reviews: 416/308
Summary: tby789 and LolaShoes entry for the Parkaward contest. Edward is the new, mysterious tenant across the street. Bella has spent her whole life here. Can he convince her that life isn't a place, but what you keep with you?

I met his eyes again. “My life is here."

"But is your life a place? Or is your life made up of the few important things you can carry with you?"

I sat back, resting against a box behind me. "I guess I never thought about it that way. To me, I suppose,

my world has consisted of what I've known - this town, my home. I've never ventured beyond it."

"Maybe you just haven't found what you want to keep with you."

Very rarely do one-shots capture me from the opening words and keep me 'til the end. With a bit of intrigue, a splash of suspense and a TON of UST, LolaShoes and tby789 did just that. I will admit that their opening authors' notes about intending 'A Little Crazy' to be prepared for the Tattward & Inkella contest had me a little sad, but that immediately dissipated as I read it was an entry for the Parkaward competition. Parkaward? But what is this? For those who have not checked into this lovely bit of "OH NO THEY DIDN'T," the Parkaward contest is featuring our favorite Twilight men with an extra bit of skin. As in, foreskin. That's right. Uncut. For your *ahem* reading pleasure. In case I haven't said this publicly, Algie (algonquinrt) is an effing genius...

But back to this particular TattPierceParkaward (who, by the way, has a permanent spot in my Top 5 Favorite Edwards EVER). Yeaaaah...guh.

*puts on sassy Naughty Librarian glasses & gets serious*

I must say putting this recommendation together was difficult for me. There were so many amazing moments ~ I literally had a page full of story notes to work from ~ but none of these moments do I want to steal from you, the new reader. I want you to experience what I did...thus, my decision to leave OUT most of my favorite details. Trust me, you'll be glad I did once you read it for yourselves...

"Colorful neighbor guy" and "A-little-crazy neighbor girl" begin a dialog of sorts that starts with a glance and a hello, followed by an exchange of food and "humorous artistic renderings." (How's THAT for devotion to not spoiling a story? *snort*) Bella has long loved the house that Edward now occupies, but little did she realize that his presence in it would change her forever. The early conversations between our two favorite characters are filled with a charged awkwardness, a palpable anticipation. As Edward and Bella are getting to know one another, tby789 and LolaShoes weave into the story character-building details that endear you to their Edward, with his on-purpose shorts in Africa, and Bella, with her consistent, but never purposeless, habits.

Just at the right time ~ not too soon, not too late ~ Edward and Bella bare themselves to one another. First, emotionally; then, physically. This is some of the hottest, most sensual push and pull, tease and retreat that I've read in a long time. Our authors consistently deepen the storyline, but the characters never feel rushed or unnatural. Even while creating this heated give and take, we see that Edward and Bella are relatively inexperienced when it comes to relationships. The result is a realistic vulnerability. The result is brilliant.

There is nothing typical about this Edward and Bella, though you will find them comfortable and familiar. There is an honesty in their responses to one another that resonated with me, not only as a lover of fanfiction, but as a human being and as a woman. We all struggle with wishing we could be so honest, so vulnerable; but how many of us actually allow another person to have that much vested interest in our lives? To know us so completely? In my mind and heart, I believe that is the sum of what real love is: to know and be known, warts and all.

“Do you think you can love me?” His voice was strained, needy. "Just like this? The way I am?"

“Do you want me to?” I asked quietly, watching his eyes.

“Very much.”


tby789 - Christina said...

Thank you so much Lu, your thoughts are just beautiful. And the continuation is definitely something that's been discussed. Bri is currently filling our boxes with "visuals" every morning in an attempt to bribe more out of us.


antiaol said...

Trufax. I'm on a mission.

...wowie! said...

I liked his tattoo.
My favorite part was the knowing that home was with her. I was sad that they did miss one day together before he left but it was definitely worth it for both of them to realize it all.

MsIxa said...

Truly loved this story, it was amazing, talk about captivating me and not being able to tear myself away from the computer.

I am crossing my fingers that this story will continue and not be only a 'one shot'...

Anything we can do to keep convincing you to continue ?

Anonymous said...

this story was great cant wait to read more as with every story from these ladies they certainly know how to leave us wanting more more more

unofficial_me said...

Are you planning on continuing this story?

I have to say I kind of thought of 'nights of rodanthe' when i finished this chapter/story.