Saturday, September 5, 2009

Contest Announcements

Four new contests for you this time!

The "I Love 80’s Music" NaughtyHeels Anonymous One-shot Contest - ends 09/30/09

Contest Specifics:

All entries will be anonymous to encourage unknowns to post their stories and put every author on equal footing.

All entries will be validated by the hosts to make sure they meet the criteria. After closing of the contest we will split up the stories, and start our first round of blind public voting. We will attempt to keep them at around 10 fics per round, however, due to a most-likely uneven amount of entries some rounds may have a few more than others. The top 3 per set of voting will move on, if there are more than 10 in a round then the top 4 will move on. After all entered fics have made it through a round of voting there will be a final round of the top voted fics. All voting will then be done by reader's choice in a blind public vote on the NaughtyHeels Anonymous Contest profile page, with prizes for the top three fics.

1st Prize: Featured story on Keepers of the Naughty Sparkle Forum, Signature Banner, Mixed Tape/CD just like from the 80’s, and whatever funny 80’s shit we can find.

2nd Prize: Signature Banner, Mixed Tape/CD just like from the 80’s, and some Lisa Frank Stickers

3rd Prize: Signature Banner, Mixed Tape/CD just like from the 80’s

All entries will be posted to the NaughtyHeels Anonymous Contest FFnet account as soon as they have been received via email and validated by all contest hosts. Stories that have not met contest criteria will not be posted.

In order for entries to be validated, all of the following must apply:

  • Author(s) must have a valid FFnet account.
  • All entries must use a song from the 1980’s as the theme for a developed plot that includes the customary beginning, middle and end. (For example, if the chosen song is about a love triangle, the one-shot must be about a love triangle as well.) While submitted one-shots DO have to be inspired by an 80's song, and generally follow its theme, they DO NOT have to take place during the 80's. Any time period from the 80's-Present is acceptable.
  • Must be M-rated, and must contain something of the citrus variety. Lemons, limes, we're not picky! (We like smut!)
  • Entrants must be at least 18 years of age, due to the required M rating. No underage submissions will be accepted.
  • No rape, incest, or mutilation will be accepted.
  • Must be a one-shot, and may NOT be either an outtake of a current story or previously submitted to any other contest – this is to maintain anonymity.
  • Entries must have a minimum of 2,500 words, maximum words 10k.
  • All entries must be properly edited before submission, meaning they must be free of any major punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors. Entries not meeting these requirements will not be accepted. Contact Project Team Beta if you need help finding a proper beta.

All entries must be submitted via email to Although this contest is anonymous, all entries must be submitted with the following heading:

NaughtyHeels Anonymous One-Shot Contest


Name of Song and Artist of Inspiration Song:

Pen Name:




Link to FFnet account:

Contest Rules:

  • One-shot cannot be continued until the contest is complete.
  • A maximum of three entries per person/collaboration may be entered.
  • Contest entries must be received via email no later than September 30th 11:59 pm EST
  • First round of public vote will be started on or about October 6th, all voting will end by October 30th
  • Contest Winners will be announced October, 31st (yes, that IS Halloween)

Entrants may promote the contest itself, but not their own story. Stories may not be posted on anywhere other than the NaughtyHeels Anonymous Contest profile FFnet page until winners have been announced. Entrants deviating from this rule, including posting teasers, will be disqualified and their story removed from the contest. We're operating on the honor system here people, so lets be fair and follow the rules!

Even though you cannot share your entry with anyone, you can let them know you have submitted a story for the contest. If you would like to promote the contest, feel free to use the banners. You can find signature banners here on the NaughtySparkle Forum Banners page (you will need to register to become part of the forum to access this page), or on the Twilighted Thread.

After the announcement of the contest winner, entrants are free to add their stories to their individual FFnet accounts. NaughtyHeels will list all entrants and their authors in our Anonymous Contest Community.

We reserve the right to make minor adjustments to dates and/or rules should that become necessary.

To inspire you, we have included links to example one/shots written by our fabulous hosts, a fabulous 80’s playlist and some YouTube videos below – we love the 80’s so have fun with it!

D.I.L.F. - ends 10/05/09

What is a D.I.L.F.? D.I.L.F. Stands for Dad I'd Like to Fuck. What does that mean?

That means that any male character can be written as a D.I.L.F. It's not as easy as it sounds, so good luck.

You have a hankering for Mike Newton? Write it just make him hot and not a tool. You want Revered Webber to bone the cheerleading squad? Maybe Charlie arrests Carlisle because he was being naughty and they fuck in the backseat of the police cruiser.


Any kind of smut is much appreciated but guess what? IT'S NOT NECESSARY.

THE OBJECT IS TO CONVEY A DAD THAT YOU'D LIKE TO FUCK. So, if you think that a hot single dad teaching his son mow the lawn is hot, then write it chastely. Or you can whore it up by detailing how sexy he looks with the sweat dripping down his broad chest as it glistens in the hot summer sun. Then after his son gets picked up by his mom/friends/alienship and the hot ass mother fucking dad decides to hose himself off in his front yard while Whitesnake music is blaring in the background, that's great. Hell, he can then decide to strip nekkid and jump into his inground pool all while your spying on him, yeah someone write this for me, m'kay? Preferably having them end up nekkid and boning in the poolhouse.

Before you ask about slash stories, I'm telling you now. I'm all for two dad's plowing each other on the weekends or hell whenever really. Just a suggestion. :) I have to reiterate though, no pedo, no rape nothing creepy.

Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Charlie, Newton, Jake (not as a wolf), Yorkie, Eleazar can get his freak on too, I don't care.

Contest is open to everyone as long as you're old enough to buy porn. If you're under the age of 18 go away. You're not supposed to be reading "M" rated shit anyway.

All entries must be a one-shot with a 10k word limit and must be free of any major spelling and grammatical errors. Get your shit beta'd it's not that hard. (That's what she said) Continue the DILF love after the contest is over, not during to get more votes. I hate that shit.

You can collab with another author if you'd like

You can enter as many times as you'd like

Shit to put on top of your one-shot

PM me when you upload it and I'll add you to the C2


D.I.L.F. Contest

Story Title



Vamp or Human

Dates: Yes, I'm running this for my birthday (10/12) so that will be the date that the winner is announced.

Depending on the amount of entries, it'll either be a straight poll vote OR if there are a lot (crosses fingers) judges will narrow them down and then the public will choose a winner.

Entries accepted between 8/31-10/5


In the Dark” Contest - ends 10/31/09

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Must be between 2,000 and 25,000 words, not including: headline, disclaimer, ANs, etc.
  2. Must be a one-shot; must also remain a one-shot until voting end-date.
  3. May or may not include smut (lemons, limes, etc); but, must be assigned an appropriate rating (most likely M rating, possibly T) for dark themes.
  4. No entry limit. You may write as many as you'd like. Collaborations are allowed as well.
  5. Almost anything goes - pairings, content, choices. (It does NOT need to be about Edward; we just like him more!) Strong graphic content is allowed, but use discretion. The hosts have full right to deny entries that are deemed inappropriate.

PLEASE NOTE: The main goal of this contest, other than for fun and to have more dark one-shots out there, is to encourage full-length dark fics! This means... if you would like to write a Prologue to a fic and use this contest as a form of momentum to it, if you'd like to write the first chapter of a fic for the same reason, if you want to do whatever as long as it will be dark and turned into a fic... you are more than welcome to do so!

-Please also make sure that the overall quality of the fic is good and legible. We suggest using a beta!

Time Frame

  • Contest Start Date: August 30th (Saturday) 11:59 PST (Do NOT post your story before this date. It won't be accepted. We want you to use a month just to think about a unique plot and write it!)
  • Contest End Date: October 31st (Saturday) 11:59 PST
  • Voting Start Date: November 2nd (Monday) 11:59 PST
  • Voting End Date: November 6th (Friday) 11:59 PST

-Voting may alter depending on number of submissions - rounds may be necessary.


To submit, the story must be posted on by the Contest End Date (October 31st, 11:59 PST). Your story should be added with the Headline provided below.

Once it is posted, please PM or Email us and we will:

A) add you to the C2,
B) add you to the Favorite Stories list,
C) add you to the Favorite Authors list, and
D) review the story with the three accounts.

Winners and Prizes

Three winners will be chosen. They will be selected by a blind poll, voted on by readers and reviewers.

First Place - One-shot of 5,000 words minimum; signature banner/story cover; mention on Darkdward's Dungeon

Second Place - One-shot of 3,000 words minimum; signature banner/story cover; mention on Darkward's Dungeon

Third Place - One-shot of 1,000 words minimum; signature banner/story cover; mention on Darkward's Dungeon

A million thanks to Cullenitis for agreeing to blurb about the contest and its winners on Darkward's Dungeon.

-More prizes may be added.
-One-shot content is chosen by winner.


  1. PM us: HERE
  2. Email us:
  3. Twilighted thread: coming soon
Please use one of these three methods to contact us first. Both Bronze and Leon will be actively checking these three at all times.

Contact us any time with questions, suggestions, comments, concerns, etc.

If you'd like to help by making banners or with other prizes, let us know as well!

Please add the following heading to the top of your submission:

"In The Dark" Contest

Pen Name: HERE
Summary: HERE
Word Count: HERE

For Rules and Other Submissions, please visit the C2


Les Femmes Noires - ends 11/15/09

A Competiton for one Shot Stories exploring the Darkside of the female characters of Twilight.

We all love a ‘good’ Darkward or Darksper but if you really want to see Dark, leave it to a woman.

Deadlier than the Male?

Dominant, obsessive, manipulative, cruel, cold, jealous, angry, neurotic, passionate, predatory? Whatever, a woman will always go that extra mile. There are very few dark female characters in Twific so let your imagination run wild and let’s balance things up. We would really like to see some fresh, original ideas.

All submissions will be screened to ascertain that the following requirements have been met before being added to the Community page. Moderators reserve the right to reject, or return for further editing, any stories which they feel are not respectful of the seriousness and gravity of any questionable topics.

All entries will be read and voted on by a panel of judges where the selections will be narrowed down to 30.


  • Must feature one or more of the women in the Twilight Saga and explore their darkside.
  • A minimum standard of grammar is expected. You are strongly advised to use a beta.
  • If you are under 18 years we will not accept your submission.
  • Collaborations are acceptable.
  • Must be a one-shot and must be a new story and not an outtake from another story.
  • The one-shot cannot be continued until the contest is complete.
  • No entry limit. You may write as many as you'd like.
  • A maximum of 15,000 words not including header, disclaimer, AN etc.
  • There are no specifics on POV and all categories (AUH, AH, Canon, OOC) will be accepted.
There are no taboos but sensitivity and common sense should prevail. Strong graphic content is allowed, but should not be gratuitous. Entries that are deemed inappropriate will not be accepted. If you think something in your story may require a warning for some readers put it in your Author’s Notes at the beginning.

Contest entries must be received after September 1st 2009 and no later than November 15th 2009

Public vote will be started on or about November 30th 2009, ending December 10th, 2009 at 11:59AM CST

All entries must be posted on Once your story has been posted, please submit the link via PM for entrance into the contest.

We reserve the right to make minor adjustments to dates and/or rules should that become necessary.

All entries must feature the following heading:

Les Femmes Noires One-Shot Contest


Your pen name:



To see other entries in Les Femmes Noires Contest, please visit the C2 page.