Friday, September 4, 2009

Beautiful Stranger by lionslamb & thedazzler

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...
Title: Beautiful Stranger
Author: lionslimb & thedazzler
Chapters: 17
Words: 62,759
Reviews: 441 (twi) FF 215
Summary: Bella Swan meets a beautiful stranger, lawyer Edward Masen on a holiday in Rome. The chemistry is palpable, the sex passionate - and a physical relationship grows into something more. The days fly in a whirlwind of clothes, sand, sex and wine. After a painful realisation that the fantasy has come to an end, Bella returns apprehensively to Seattle, heartbroken at the loss of her love.

But, little does she know that the 'beautiful stranger' isn't such a stranger, after all.

Guest Review - jbluvs2sing

I started reading "Beautiful Stranger" when it first was published on Twilighted several months ago. I have to admit, that it wasn't the prospect of another Edward/Bella story that intrigued me about this story, it was the humor that LionsLamb and TheDazzler wove throughout the first few chapters. Their writing was refreshing and painted a picture that could be visualized easily. The quirky comments that are clearly spoken in thought were enough to keep me of my favorites...If only he’d run that finger along—...while Edward was helping her find some milk at the grocery store during their first encounter, was exactly what I was thinking before I read the line itself. These two collaborated and created a whitty, and believable story.

I can not leave my review without first commenting on the sexy sex scenes in this story as well. My favorite was their first encounter in the alleyway...God! That was beyond words. To have sex out in the open must have been a complete and total turn on. It was for me as I read it. The electricity between the characters was beautifully written and I could feel it in my loins as I read that steamy chapter.

The only thing that is wrong with this story? The fact that it has been a while since they updated!!! I am looking forward to Edward and Bella meeting again in Seattle and for the angst to begin again.

Bri- Ahhhhh....Beautiful Stranger. I have been a fan of this fic for so long. The summary drew me in immediately, thinking we'd have a little playtime in the foreign country and then come home and hash out the whole "little does she know that the 'beautiful stranger' isn't such a stranger, after all" thing.

Weeeellllllllll, let me tell you, that's not how it happens. A "little" foreign time? How about massive amounts of fucking and relationship building and conversations and UST and budding love... Love you say? Yep.

I think one of the things I love the most about this fic is the fantasy of it all. I mean, don't we all wish we could go on vacation to Italy, meet a hot guy, have him fuck us six ways to Sunday and fall in love? I read fanfic to escape from the chaos of real life and this one definitely succeeds in that.

Like Emmy and Nina mentioned, this fic is full of the UST and the lemons are oh so delicious. It's not just one that catches my eye, but the whole lot of them. Besides being totally and completely fuckhot, they mean something - not just random fucking, but they actually move the storyline along.

With the collab, we get to see two different POVs and through them both we are shown how easily it is to misunderstand the other's intentions. I was almost pulling my hair out at some of these - like in those movies where the love interest misses the other by mere seconds? Yeah, that's what some of these chapters felt like.

We are left off at a pivitol time in the story...and I will admit, I have yet to read the latest chapter update. I'm a Wussperv! Sue me. The last chapter that I read damn near killed me, so I'm on strike until my fellow Wusspervs, Nina & Emmy can give me the green light for reunion sexin'.

Go read this tasty morsel of lemony goodness. 4.5/5 Italian lace panties.

Em- I started this story yesterday and devoured it while I pretended to be working. What I love about this fic is that it is set in Italy and the collab of two different POV's. I like that this Bella is not some timid thing but a women who is confident and knows what she wants. I love the inner dialogue we see from E & B with the differing POV's often covering the same events.

The UST is yummy and the lemons are hot and intense. I love some alley fucking and just how intense these two are with each other. This was a great diversion for me today and it gets 4/5 from me!

Emmy- Well, well, well, well.. This snap, crackle and pop of a fuck hot fic ALWAYS gets me going and I bloody forgot about it until I realised it was up for its time in the red lamped smut spotlight this week! Wooo hoooo. I really really enjoyed the reread for the review... (the truth is that I remembered it all but wanted an excuse to reread it)... From the moment voyeur-y TallDarkHandsomeWard first sets his peepers on a swimming Bella I was SOLD. Hook line and sinker.. This fic blazes from the screen. Its sexual tension and Bella & Edwards sexual chemistry burning through in white hot intensity.. I was trying to pick a favourite chapter... I ended up with a shortlist of 8...

I really couldn't decide.. but 2 that really really really really REALLY oh god really float my boat are chapters 7 (bricks rubbing against back... rarrr) and 14 whew... Fucking hot, ravenous and meaningful... These 2 visitors to the city sure like to fuck - one another. This story has many lemons... and some chapters are multiple lemony scene filled! Double wooo! Each lemon offers something new though..

I actually feel that its through the lemons that the story's main theme comes through, or comes through best.. Miscommunication. As they fuck their way around Rome like the randy (& in love [denial]) beasts that they are, they both hide their true feelings from the other. Those true feelings are best revealed through their monologues and thoughts through the sexing. Both is holding back on the other, afraid, and believing quite intently that the other views them only as sex and that their relationship is without connection. Instead both don't know how to adress what is plainly there between them - believing their incredible connection and fit is one-sided.. This miscommunication and how it is executed is what makes this fic so very good. Some chapters - particularly the last few I have practically bellowed "you fecking tits" at the screen...

Apart from all their stupidity & hot fucking all over the city the characterisations are great too! Bella has wiles and knows how to use them (a strong Bella) and Edward is actually the slightly more vulnerable of the two.. His personality in particular is slowly unwound to the reader. The first 15 chapters are all Bella & Edward in this intense lemony bubble of loving - masquerading as a fling. The lack of external characters heightens the taught tension inside their bubble. Now reality has bitten and we meet their friends and real lives, its going to be interesting to see how the story evolves in this new stage. Their misunderstandings will reach new heights as each will misinterpret badly the others actions before and since Bella's departure.. Particularly when their paths cross again.. What will happen to their tension and burning pull towards one another?

I really like this story. Its sexy and interesting. I seriously want a roll in the hay with PervWard and I will gladly have wild monkey sex on a balcony with him or get down on my knee's and .... right right, ...sorry where was I?.. Yes, yes. I love this fic. I love how its unfolded so far. There is lots and lots still to come though and therefore I think its going to be epicly great but I won't know until I read them.. so 4.5 (ripped off in public) knickers out of 5. Looking forward girls to what is still to come.. (REUNION SEX! pls pls oh pleeeeeasssseeeeeeeeeeee!)

Kathy- Beautiful Stranger is a fun, quick, easy read.

I love that in chapter 11, we learn that Bella's afraid. Sure, the sex is great, but she already seems to know that what's going on with Edward is something more... and that scares her.
I'm going to tell you straight up that chapter 12 owned me. If you can't figure out why it's my favorite chapter, I'll give you a few hints. First, it's just hot. Second, hello, balcony sex. Third, well, re-read chapter 3 if you can't figure out what's missing from the hotness listed. Fourth, I love the way Bella really owns her sexiness in the chapter. Okay, enough about chapter 12.
Also, 12 and 13 see the emergence of emotion from both of them. There's introspection and admitting of feelings that's a nice addition to the otherwise lemon-filled romp.

Loved the emotion and even more feelings packed into chapter 14. Sharing of Edward's special place, indulging in their favorite positions together. There was a lot of intimacy, spoken and implied.

This story is smexy good times, followed up nicely with some emotions and heartfail. The final chapter posted has a very interesting twist. I won't spoil it, but I'm interested to see where these two ladies take this story – how they will (or won't) reconcile the physical distance between Edward and Bella. 4 out of 5 panties.

Nina-With chapter titles like "Alleyways Have Consensual Fucking Too" & "The Life of a Sex God and his Oh So Willing Whore" you've got to think that the story is going to by yummy. Well, Beautiful Stranger doesn't disappoint, and I'd like to state that I'm STUNNED that it's got so few reviews. *tsk tsk*

It's set in Rome, Italy, this right there sold me on day one. It could have been about Nunella and Father Eddie boning at the Vatican in a confessional and I would have read it but, alas, that's not what this is about but it doesn't make it any less hot.

Like Emmy, I thought about just doing a rundown of my faves but I couldn't. I love the alley something fierce, but honestly. It isn't just any one lemon that is my fave. Each chapter that has them 'together' in the biblical sense is different and intense. The UST is wonderfully written, their sly touches and shameless flirting are also well done. Hell, just reading their dialogue and the conveyance of their mannerisms around each other is hot. All in all, I'd say that the story as a whole is a great read.

The story isn't just about hot lemons though, at it's heart it really is a great love story. Add in the setting, the mystery of their relationship, will they or won't they reunite (please God, I hope so). Their vacation fling has come to an end and their real lives have reared their ugly heads, but the heart of their connection is still there and I love it. I can't wait to see where this story goes.

(I'd love to see them getting busy on the Spanish Steps or while frolicking in the Trevi fountain, just saying ;) 4.5/5 and one of my favorite lines, That’s great. Now let’s fuck.