Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stephie Boldly Goes...Exactly Where You're Hoping

Words: 11,514
Reviews: 37
Summary: Bella puts her medical knowledge to good use to seduce her best friend. A two-shot. Lemons, E/B, AH.

So...I think technically I'm cheating. By that I mean I chose a two shot instead of a one shot. But I honestly couldn't not choose this after I read it. I saw medical knowledge, seduce, and best friend. That's all it took to convince me to take a closer look.

This two shot is written in third person POV; first chapter is Edward while the second is Bella. The story follows best friends Bella and Edward through recollections of the past into the present day. What really drew me in was Edward's feelings of unrequited love and devotion to his best friend. That and the two of them were equals in their relationship; not a poor, shy, naive Bella being lovestruck at the handsome, confident Edward (though this Edward is handsome. I believe the phrase"jawline that could cut glass" is in there-which immediately makes me think of Rob's jawporn). As you find out from reading, both Edward and Bella have deeper feelings than they let on. Both may be confident in most aspects of their life. But when it comes to each other, there is doubt; doubt over where the other person's feelings may be.

Edward is a lawyer. Bella nurses while attending medical school (can I say I love Bella as a doctor as opposed to Edward?). They live in the same building and hang out often. On the night this story takes place, a bottle of Jameson is being shared as they joke over Bella's love of John Mayer. At one point, Bella mentions how much John Mayer's music affects her:

"You cannot tell me that his lyrical genius and extraordinary ability to play the guitar and make me come in my pants without ever touching me or removing articles of clothing, by just playing a guitar, is terrible."

That statement leads to Bella and Edward deciding to play a little game. I don't want to go into details for fear of ruining the story (though I'm sure some of you can guess as to what this game entails). Needless to say (though I'm gonna say it anyway) you should read this. It's hot. Dear Lord, it's hot. But it's also sweet and romantic. IMO the sexy times has that perfect balance that can be so hard to come (pun intended) by. And really? Only 37 reviews for these two smexcellent chapters? She totally deserves more love.

So go. Read and review!