Wednesday, September 23, 2009

antiaol is Speechless Over Nighthawks and Wonderwalls

Words: 5,630
Reviews: 27
Summary: Bella seeks refuge from horrible nightmares at a small all-night diner, where Edward is the new night-shift waiter. Together they help save and heal each other from their pasts...

Finding a one-shot to recommend is harder than one would think. For me it is, anyhow. I like any story that I read, whether it's a multi-chapter fic or a one-shot, to have an actual plot. I like to get to know the characters - to fall in love with them and feel with them and go on their journey with them. Obviously finding all that in a single story that's generally between 5,000-10,000 words is a difficult feat. But still, I searched...and searched...and searched...and then I asked for help on Twitter. And I got a ton of options (thank you for all that pimped out their fave stories!) but still nothing was IT for me.

That was until I came across Nighthawks & Wonderwalls. I had originally intended to not use a fic that had been a contest entry, and honestly I think I completely glazed over that fact at eleven o'clock in the evening when I found it...and it wasn't until I had completed the fic and already decided to rec it that I realized it was an entry for the Love through Lemons contest. *sigh* Love through Lemons, indeed.

Even though this one-shot is short by my standards, CherBella is able to take us along, elapsing time beautifully as she progresses the relationship between Bella and Edward.

This fic is written in third person, which I generally don't care for, but was able to follow along nicely in this. We get to see this relationship as it blossoms through both their eyes and it really strengthens the story.

Now, this fic does not have a lot of dialogue in it, for reasons that I won't spill here, but are a definite twist to a B/E fic and one that I haven't read in this context. Personally, I think this just serves to make their connection all the more passionate and intense.

The smut in this is absolutely NOT hard-core fucking. Not even close. She doesn't talk of hot, wet pussies and throbbing cocks...but this isn't that kind of story. Their connection is absolutely that of love-making and being as this was for the Love Through Lemons contest, she illustrates it beautifully without the specific words.

So, if you want dirty, dirty fucking this fic isn't for you. But if you want to be reminded of the love that comes with the lemons in fic, then hurry your ass over and check this baby out.



Cheri said...

Hey! Good choice on the title of the post, I love it! It's "appropriate." :) LOL

I'm still amazed you found my story and liked it enough to recc it. Thanks again so much!