Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Em Captures a Bartender

Captive of a Bartender
Author: Acrosstheskyinstars
Summary: Entry for Summer of Smut One-shot Contest: A beautiful woman is taken captive by a sexy bartender while on vacation. They become consumed in a night Smut, OF COURSE. Rated M for mature themes, lemons, profanity...etc.

So it was my turn again for the Wednesday One Shot recommendation and I have not read too many one shots lately so I did some digging through some C2 on FF and found this little gem in the C2 of The Summer of Smut contest entries. So to honor the end of summer I take you back on vacation and one sexy bartender.

I knew I would like this story when it opened with Rose doing a body shot off of Bella. I love to see confident Bella's in fic and AcrossTheSkyInStars Bella is strong, wild, naughty and uninhibited. Now bring in sexy smooth Edward as the bartender at the resort where the girls are on vacation and I was hooked.

This one shot is all about the smut and boy did it deliver. There is nothing quite like the first time you are with someone new and the hot, raw, intense sexual energy that flows between partners. Despite this being pure smokin' smut it did not seem forced, far fetched or contrived.

So if you need to escape back to the days of summer now that school has begun, steal a little time for yourself and have Edward make you a drink and maybe he will make you cum too.