Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kasey and Defection

Title: Defection
Author: ericastwilight
Rated: M
Summary: Entry for the Love through Lemons contest hosted by LolaShoes/tby789. When Edward receives devastating news of Bella he isn't strong enough to stay by her side. Though he regrets his defection he realizes its too late. Until she agrees to meet him. M/AH

Aloha, Pervlings!  It's your girl Kasey, the Shack's resident Lit Perv, here to bring you this week's one-shot flavor, called Defection by ericastwilight (aka emarroquin on Twilighted).

Let me begin by saying that while this one-shot has the makings of a lovely story (and I believe it should totally be turned into a multi-chapter story), it is not WussPERV friendly.  Well, maybe just a little.  There is definitely angst here. Sorry Emmy and Bri.  But don't let the angst detract from the loveliness that is this little one-shot.  It's equal parts sweet, fluffy, endearing, a tad tear-jerking, but also spicy and HOT.  Did I mention that it was hot?  Of course it is! Otherwise it wouldn't make its way onto the Smut Shack, dear Pervlings.

Anywhoodle...I love it when a one-shot is crafted well enough that despite it's brevity (since most are 10k words or less), one can absolutely get a feel for the characters, fall in love with them (despite being Edward and Bella), and have its words create the perfect mental imagery to compliment them.  I found that there was a well composed plot there and loved how as a reader I was taken through the range of emotions felt by its characters.  And yet, this story still gives us that sexy 'icing on the cake' with a very delectable sex scene that was not only appropriate for the story, but was paced very well. 

In my opinion, this story is a hidden little gem which should be unearthed and admired.  In fact, it reminds me of a certain highly popular story (in that it pulls at one's heartstrings) but with a sexy happily-ever-after which totally makes up for any angst it may cause you WussPERVS.




ericastwilight said...

Thanks for the love darling. I appreciate it. I know for a fact that something like this is not everyone's cup of tea. Many find it hard to believe that someone would do what Edward does in this o/s. But it does happen, I've seen it first hand.

Twilightobsessed09 said...

Already read it and it was unbelieveable. Sure at times I was a bit angry at Edward's reaction to the situation but as I read on, I found myself understanding. This one-shot is well worth repeated reads..