Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Pack's Royal Advisor Emmy...and Twilighter620's "Secret" fic

Well hello there! Its my turn this week.

If you are an author, you will probably know me from reading and reviewing/pming you like the annoying wee pest that I am under my ff name of pippapear (bonus points if anyone knows where I got that name from!).

If you hail from twilighted you will know me better under my real name of Emmy. I have an arsewipe of a boss who has us all under gross misconduct clauses if we have public online identities. So if you care about any of the boring stuff email me - its on my blog profile!

So who the hell am I? I love the written word, love sex and have an obsession with Twilight - all thanks to my luscious L - and thanks to the girls of the Perv Pack and their orgasmically creamy writing discovered that I could be satisfied by Twi fanfic.

I initially found ff through my Harry Potter world adoration... (I used to work in Children & Young Adult's publishing). I am a serious Marauder fan and Lily/James shipper - very vanilla I know, but when done well it is not tres dull! But Twilight ff is my first love now!

I am not an author but an avid (obsessed -some might say!) reader/reviewer! I cannot stress enough just how talented a bunch of authors the Pack are. Across the Airwaves by Iz was my Twi cherry and I love all of the packs writing so ruddy much its not funny. I must really emphasise how incredible the scrumptious Nina is - just generally but also her writing! Without her I would never have fallen so deep and hard into the smut world of Twi.

I am a mess of contradictions. I am shy but bossy. Mouthy but hesistant. Sexy but reserved. Easy going and laid back but damn particular. I have an addiction to coffee but serve afternoon tea (feck off! I am British!). Am addicted to pretty knickers and suspender belts but sleep naked. Am 31 but feel and act like I am in my early 20's. I am just a walking dichotomy really. I am also sodding obsesssed with music. I have a soundtrack for everything - from sex to sleeping, with cooking and reading in between. Everything I do in every minute has to be accompanied by music. I cannot function without it. I love all music. From trance to hip-hop, jazz to punk, pop to electronic. ANYTHING - thats good!

My Twi tastes are very predictable I am a major fan of canon pairings. My fave being B/E. I am a firm believer in happy endings. I hate Jacob. But I have a growing obsession with Hot Bitch. Thanks to Nina and her kick arse BSD for starting that, and Peter F for being stunning & Kasey's amazing A Tangled Web for deepening it. I do love the slash fics with the Cullen men... (yummy yummy!) - a big thanks to Hope's incredible All I Ever Knew for firing that - and of course the Packs first ever recc - Kathy and NPC's The Long Trip Home.

The one thing I demand from a fic, apart from being bloody scorching hot and well written, is that it has a happy ending. I will not do sad endings. If there is even a smidgeon of a get out clause I will fixate on that in a sad ending to make it ok in my head! - yes I am that pathetic. It doesn't have to be roses & rainbows, but it must be happy and appropraite for those characters......

So with that plea in my mind to the following author, here is my pic of something that if you ain't reading you best go get your pretty little heads off to it now! - I first stumbled onto Twilighter620's writing, not through the brill 'A New Sensation' (though do go & read that too!) but through her WONDERFUL submission for the Sexy Eddie Contest (this is why I love all the smutty contests!) a oneshot entitled 'Secret'. I was instantly smitten. She really did create a sexy Eddie! I always love a good Copward (see 4theLuvofMary's one too please!)

Tortured, ripped, hot, vulnerable, confused in denial CopWard? Er - YES PLEASE! This one shot is very sexy, with an Edward battling with both his self-loathing and his intense desire for his bosses daughter. The raging storm outside is the perfect emotional and symbolic back drop for what transpires after Bella makes Edward shelter at her abode till the storm passes... The gorgeous C writes this oneshot perfectly, its everything & more you would want. You can feel their mutual desperation, desire, love and eventual release. Its sexy, deep and emotion filled - the way I like it! I was beyond thrilled when C answered the demands of the readers & turned this oneshot into a multi-chaptered story.

Secret the full feature does not disappoint - but we are made to wait for their sexing! (so do read the outtakes! sexy costume time Bella & Copward - mmmmh!) We see their relationship develop, from first meeting & mistakes, from Copward being an idiot and Bella being happy in a relationship with someone else, to friendship, more mistakes and confused feelings, heightened emotions, deepening feelings, more misunderstandings, self-disgust and DESIRE. And can I just say crikey, its some journey. C builds it perfectly and believably, so their journey to what transpires the night of the storm, is believable, makes complete sense and is inevitable!

Plus the oneshot is not the end of the story! There is so much more to come once we reach that point. Bella is real and complex and Edward! Well! Edward in Secret is wonderful. A mess; oh-so sexy; fit and arrogant; amazing at his tough job but emotionally and mentally a mess. Bella to him is first an annoyance, a distraction, she then becomes everything he thinks he does not deserve and will never attain. To even rest his eyes upon her pleases & pains him tremendously.
Do not let the fact that Jacob is in this story put you off, or that they are not instantly together. As the girls know - I am the sappiest pudding ever. I normally dislike Jake and hate angst! But I adore this tale - its done brilliantly well. So please. You know you want to read this. Go do it now. You'll make me tremendously happy, and you will meet one of the best Edward's in fanfic, certainly the best ever Cop-a-feel-Ward!

Review it with lusty goodness and tell C that Emmy from the PP sent you ;)


Ninapolitan said...

I would just like to comment on my Emmykins-in that every author who's story she's reads SHOULD recognize her straight-away from her epically long, extremely detailed reviews. Her list of stories that she keeps up with is tremendous and she reviews everything with the same fervor. I know I squeal seeing one of Emmy's fanfuckingtastical reviews in mah box. :) mwah lovey xoxo

Isabel0329 said...

Geeze, ATA popped your Twi fic cherry? How delicious! I'm sure I knew that already, but I'm currently focused on contesting the legality of a search of a rental car under the Fourth Amendment (uhgggggggg, law school paper writing is painful!) right now to remember much of anything else in my life.

Love you to pieces, Emmy. I can honestly say you're one of the people that has reviewed each and every thing I've ever written and I muchly appreciate it. Well done, babe! Well done!

manyafandom said...

Yeah what Nina said!! And besides, Emmy really is the sweetest of us all. She is a reader extraordinaire. The kind of reader we try to write the best story we can for.

~JO~ Cullenitis said...

GAH. I love Emmy so.
Sometimes I wish we could leave HER reviews, because she so deserves to be praised every fucking day.

Love=EDWARD said...

Ah, Emmy-dahlink, how do I love thee? Lemme count the ways...

Excellent post, and all writers should bow down to you as you are a reader/reviewer extraordinaire! Now gitcha ass in gear and start writing that fic...I know you've got it in you...maybe we should colab...LOL.


Twilighter620 said...

Oh, Emmy-bear you are WAY too nice to me! I am seriously blushing worse than Bella right now, haha.

I have to thank you for choosing me to feature and for being such a great reader/reviewer. Your reviews are more than just long and detailed. They're insightful and make writing so much more worth it.

I'm so proud that my copafeelward meets your standards. I try really really hard for him to sexy and ripped for you ;)

Love you Emmy-Bear!!


Emmy said...

I dunno if you are supposed to comment on your own post? lol...
But I just have to say thank you to all my darling gorgeous girls above. You make me all warm & squidy & glowy. Love ya. XXXX

MsKathy said...

Emmy, how did I miss this post from you?

I have no idea what pippapear is from, but it makes me smile wide every time I see it! You are the best reader/reviewer a girl could ask for.

I'd love to get afternoon tea with you anyday bb, especially after the pretty knickers, suspender belts and naked sleeping info!

Funny, I do up soundtracks for life, too.

TY so much for the TTH mention. You are so sweet for that.

I haven't read Secret yet, but I'll have to add it to my list, won't I?