Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bri Loves Getting Dirty on a Dusty Floor

Title: Soul Mates on a Dusty Floor
Author: moon.witche
Chapters: one-shot
Words: 6,435
Reviews: 36
Summary: For jayeliwoods Sexy Edward contest. Bella and Edward spend time getting to know one another, locked away from the world. When reality intrudes, will their relationship be strong enough to keep them together?

You know what I love more than pure smut? A mini story within a one-shot. While getting straight to the fucking is sometimes nice, I like to work up to it a bit - which is why most of my fave o/s are in excess of 5k words - lots nearing 10k.

From start to finish, SMoaDF takes us through several months while we get to know Edward and Bella - and we get a glimpse into their relationship. moon.witche had me from the very beginning when Edward was a love-struck fool fumbling over his words.

In under 7k words, she's managed to give us a great storyline, filled with the ups and downs of a full-fledged story. And, while I would have liked one little detailed to be spelled out for me, I'm alright assuming for myself (the results were negative... ;) And, because not everything is straight-up down and dirty fucking, I quite enjoyed the lemon in this story - it was realistic, simplistic and well done.

So, if you're in the mood for something short, but with a great little story filled with love, UST, smut and even a dash of angst, check this little ditty out. And, REVIEW - this poor thing deserves way more recognition than it's gotten.



Lorirae said...

I loved this it was a sweet story and a nice lovely lemon. Smut? not really, but a very good one shot.

manyafandom said...

I love this story. moon.witche/Caitlin is so underrated and needs more luv.