Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Play "The Game" with Nina

Title: "The Game"
Author: qjmom
Chapters: one-shot
Words: 6,128
Reviews: 33
Summary: Emmett and Rose have been playing The Game for years now. Emmett thinks it's all about Rose, but Rose is looking for Emmett to step up and claim her. Will he finally meet her expectations?

Let's cut the shit Rose.
I want to fuck you NOW.
I'm coming for you.
And later,
you'll be coming for me.

Everyone has their 'order' of their favorite Cullen men. Most people know that mine has Carlisle on top of mean on top of my list. Hot Bitch Carlisle is closely followed by Edward and Emmett. Yes, they're in a dead heat, two-way tie with each other and me in between them.

My point is that all readers and writers have their favorite but not everyone shares the same enthusiasm (obsession) that qjmom has for Emmett.

We all know that the most popular fics out there usually consist of Edward and Bella. There are only a handful of stories out there that tackle the secondary characters as the main pairing in the story. Does that deter someone like Q? Fuck no.

She embraces Emmett (in both her dreams and in her stories) as the center of her story "Indivisible" (Read it. It's Navy fucking Seal Emmett) but also in her one-shot called, "The Game" and in her first jaunt into the land of threeways with "Weird Twilight". As long as I'm singing her praises, Q was also part of the mastah-beta trifecta that brought us the Cullen men in leather with Shadow Guardians.

Don't let Q fool you. She loves her smut and she's damn good at writing it!

Her story "The Game", is set two days after Eddie & Bella's wedding and Rose being the vain, shallow vampire that she is, needs to reclaim being the center of attention. She randomly picks hotels where her and Em get separate rooms and she then plants her fine self at the bar to be drooled over by all the lame human men, forcing Emmett to watch.

She tortures dear, hunky, beefy, scrumptious, horny and hard Emmett with her taunting, her shameless flirting with the sappy bastards in the bar. He has to sit back and watch as the skeevy, sad business-men in their polyester blend suits try and win her attention and her affections, all in the game of stroking Rose's ego, at least that's what it seems on the surface. When in truth, it's not just her ego. Rose wants Emmett to take command, to take charge and claim her, not just sit back and watch the show.

Well. She gets her wish. The quote at the beginning of this is Emmett's promise to Rose and boy oh boy does he follow through. Commanding, sexy and fuckhot smexing is what dear Emmett delivers.

"I am going to make you beg me to fuck you before the night is over, Rose"

"Only your mouth. I want to know what you can do with those beautiful lips and talented tongue of yours."

Hotel sex is always hot. Hotel sex with hot, sexy vampire Emmett? Priceless.

I blame Q (and Gemma) for my sudden yearning for hunky Emmett. Read 'The Game', you won't regret playing.


Love=EDWARD said...

Damn! Okay, so I've only read one of Q's fics, so I'm technically a Q virgin. But holy wow. This shit is HAWT! So, I'm a convert. I will worship in the church of Q now. :-P

qjmom said...

HAHAHA!! Nina you crack me the hell up!!

Thanks for the rec darlin!! Like I told you earlier, when I read my stuff out of context I'm like...Damn that shit is good!! HAHAHA!! But knowing I wrote it makes me cringe and wonder if I'm being biased...but come on the come for me later line was pretty sweet!! HAHA!

Now that my smuttiness has been exposed, I might have to work on another smutty one-hot???

Anonymous said...

I HEART you for making an Em/Bella post!!! I love this ship and cannot find enough of it! How can any one not love Kellan's rock-hard body as Emmett?