Monday, May 18, 2009

Getting To Know Fiberkitty

I go by a lot of names. Miya, Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mistress, Kitty, fiberkitty, and Mistress Boo Boo Kitty Fuck. Some of you probably have added a five letter word to that list, and that's fine with me.

I'm a full time mom to three beautiful girls. Hubby and I have a four year old and twin one year olds. They are the reason I cannot write as much as I'd like to. It is hard to spend more than ten minutes at my computer without someone needing my attention. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. They are my joy as well as my headache.

When I'm not playing with my children, I'm typically doing something “earthy-crunchy” as our girlfriend's mom calls us. My husband and I are polyamorous and we have had a triad relationship in the past. With the twins, it is difficult enough to find time for one another, let alone a third.

I'm a fiber artist in what little spare time I have from the girls and writing. I spin, weave, knit, crochet, and make two types of lace (tatting and bobbin-lace), three if you count crocheted lace. I spin on both wheel and spindle. I have two wheels, a Kromski Prelude and a Babe production double treadle. The Kromski is pictured below along with a bobbin of merino/colonial blended wool I spun this morning and then an altar cloth I spun and wove from Shetland (the primary color) and glass beaded silk (the pink accent).

Hubby and I also make soap from scratch- lye and oils mixed together outside far away from our cats and kids. We make our own bread a few times a week from grains purchased in bulk from a co-op and grind them in our grain mill. For the most part, we cloth diaper, and all that other fun stuff that many people have abandoned in favor of convenience.

What else is there about my real life? *thinks*We love cats, which makes sense as my patron goddess is Bast. We have 2 cats now; we used to have four but two passed on since November. I work part time for Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue, a non-profit cat rescue in the Midwest that takes in purebreds. Siamese, Himalayans, Bengals, Persians, Exotic Shorthairs, Ragdolls, Oriental Shorthairs, Burmese, Somalis, and more breeds come to our rescue instead of Humane Societies so that they can get more individualized care in our foster homes than they would in a shelter facility.

Fiberkitty as a writer. I guess I'm considered the non-canon writer of the group. I'm a die hard Bella/Jasper shipper after reading When Darkness Turns to Light and Nia-ox's Deadly Sins Trilogy.

My first fanfic, The Tie That Binds, is centered around Bella, Edward, and Jasper after the battle with the Volturi does not go as smoothly as it did in the canon books. Bella, Edward, and Jasper end up in a polyamorous relationship and Emmett with his singer.

Relief was another Bella and Jasper story, this one in the human genre. Edward is gay yet denies his feelings to stay with fiancĂ©e Bella as that is the “right thing to do” in his eyes. Bella is becoming frustrated by the lack of intimacy and best friend/ roommate Jasper offers her one night of relief after telling one small white lie. The lemons in chapters 1 and 2 were originally posted on literotica but I pulled them, changed the names, and posted as fanfic. Most of the lemons in this story I am happy to say are from my real life, minus the cheating aspect.

Lost and Found, another Bella/Jasper story, is about two young teens meeting, falling in love, and parting due to a mistake. Bella ends up pregnant after returning to Arizona and then returns to Forks three years later with her son, Heath. No one in Forks knows who the father is as Bella didn't share the nickname he'd given her. She ends up dating Edward and later discovers that his brother, Jasper, who is off at college, is Heath's father.

The Song Saga, an AU trilogy based around Bella and Jasper. This is a spin on Twilight where Bella is still Edward's singer but she falls in love with Jasper. Don't worry, Alice is with James so there is no cheating involved. The first part, She Sang The Wrong Song, is in Bella's POV and is complete. The second part from Jasper's POV, Song of My Heart, is in progress. Finishing it up will be Blood Song, Edward's POV. This entire saga was based off a sweet request from Cella Cullen asking me to write a story where Jasper was the single Cullen.

Dark Salvation... what can I say about it? This is the story that gave me the nickname Mistress Boo Boo Kitty Fuck from Kaia2008 and Miztrezboo. I'm co-writing it with mischief-maker1. While there are multiple depictions of D/S relationships, the story itself is not a D/S story. It is a darker themed novel going into the depths of the human soul. Jasper is a former FBI profiler working as a hospital psychologist who takes on Bella as his patient. She's there at the request of her physician and also to discuss the problems her husband is having and how they are influencing her life. Edward is a surgeon at the same hospital system as Jasper although they do not know each other except by name recognition. Edward, through an accident, loses a patient and is in a downward spiral of depression with suicidal thoughts. Jasper takes on Edward as his own patient and eventually as his sub. Graphic citrus interludes of many varieties. M/M, M/F, M/F/F, M/M/F, M/M/M... We're currently up to chapter thirty of probably forty two to fifty chapters.

My story recommendation. Gods. Do I have to pick just one? I already agreed to do Miami at Twilight because it is just fuckin' huge. It is a tale of epic proportions at just shy of 300,00 words in 62 chapters. Mischief-maker1 outdid herself in this story often known by the main character, “stripper-Bella.”

MaT is the continuation of Jamie's one-shot, Lick, where bartender Edward falls for one of the strippers. MaT chronicles their challenges in forging a strong relationship in the face of adversity. Given his family background, Bella doesn't feel good enough for him due to her occupation. He convinces her repeatedly that he loves her and wants only her. Edward, being Edward, fights his own jealous nature, most often to their mutual benefit. Here's a small preview.

It took me only an instant to flip over and climb on top of her, nibbling at her clavicle. “Oh Edward,” She breathed as I began my descent to her breasts, the peaks teasing me through the black lace.

“Yes?” I teased.

“More,” She begged.

“More what? You have to tell me love.” But I knew I was slowly driving her insane as I pulled the hem of the gown slowly up her legs. “What do you want baby?” I asked her as my hands slid under the fabric, gasping myself when I realized she wasn’t wearing underwear. That little minx. She knew what I wanted. She’ll pay for that…

“More of you,” She said breathily.

I smiled and pulled the gown up to her waist, taking in the view of my wonderful woman. Rose had talked her into a day at the spa since Alice still hadn’t been given her all-clear from the doctor, and Rose had also talked Bella into getting a Brazilian wax. Damn…my tongue was just itching to lap at her, my mouth was eager to taste her sweet nectar, but I wanted to hear what she wanted from me, so I waited.

I smiled again as she began to squirm. “What love? What do you want? Do you want me to touch you with my tongue? Do you want me to eat your pussy and lap at your juices? Bite your clit and fuck you with my tongue? Is that what you want?”

She writhed as my words assaulted her and she cried out, “Yes!”

I chuckled. “As you wish,” Before I dove into her.

For those of you who want a more aggressive Bella, I highly recommend the chapter, Control, which was deleted by fanfiction the first time around but mm1 put it back up after the story was completed.

“W-what the hell was that?” He asked.

I blushed as I untied the blindfold from his beautiful eyes. “It was candle wax.”

“Fuck me…shit. Holy hell and damn…”

I bit my lip as I began to untie him. “D-did you like it?” I asked meekly. The badass had retreated, and insecure Bella was inching her way back in.

He looked up at me and as soon as I had his right arm free, he brought his hand to my cheek and brushed it gently. “I loved it and I love you.”

I didn’t even realize I had tears in my eyes until one spilled over. “I love you more than life itself Edward. I would love to move in with you.”

He grinned and said, “Good.”

I don't think there are enough good things I can say about this story. I'm not a big Bella/Edward fan but I would recommend this even if it wasn't the story that introduced mm1 to me. We bonded over Alice pumping breastmilk for Jackson (the son she and Jasper have) so that she could go out for the evening. So to a story that spawned an amazing online friendship, requires several changes of panties, a box of batteries for your favorite toy, and has earned nearly 5,800 reviews- I give this four paws up. Yes, that means that fiberkitty is on her back. Take that (or me) as you will.

Once you've finished reading Miami at Twilight, I suggest you check out Jamie's other stories.

You Wanted More is post-Breaking Dawn. Rosalie decides she wants a baby. What happens when the human is someone called a Soul Seeker who has been looking for a vamp to change her? Will things go back to normal once the baby is born? Or will a new prophecy be revealed?

Bloody Sexy Boys (Think Backstreet Boys but sexier) When Emmett and Jasper leave for Nashville to become singers, they never imagined they'd meet up with Edward, Jake and Carlisle, thus, creating the band, Breakdown. Join them as they go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows and back.

To Walk a Mile in My Shoes and Preggers and Proud: Freaky Friday meets all-human Twilight. Mile is a switch made between Rosalie and Emmett and PnP is between Alice and Jasper. These are great stories for discovering the depths of appreciation the couples have for one another. You can never understand what your spouse goes through until you walk a mile in his or her shoes.

There are more, a ton more, including the one-shot series we co-author, The Adventures of Alice and Emmett, which you can find on our profiles.


Lady Kassmett said...

I see you went with your regular pic and not your bosom Kitty!

Shame.. I was looking forward to it *giggles*

Now seriously, if you've never read any of her work.. your not living. She made me love non canon. She made me hate Assward, she made me love Jasper and his many MANY forms. She made me question and reevaluate traditional forms of commitment and I'll quite happily read whatever fic she writes, be it Twilight related or, her own fiction without question.

If you want a read thats going to have you crying, laughing, racing for new panties and then feeling the awe factor.. pick anything from her list. TTTB is especially close to my heart, the Alice Outtakes.. the ducati, the hammock sex, Emmett and Bear hunting.. its one I'll always go back to time and time again. Then there's the colabs, Kitty and her ficwife produce hits of EPIC proportions. DS is amazing, it has so many layers and twists that you really don't know what's coming next until they leave you with it before cliffhanging out!

Go.. Read... fall in love.... AND REVIEW! Drop her a line.. she loves it when you get all fangirl squeeish ;)

Kitty bb, you own me and you know it ;)

MsKathy said...

Miya, thanks for this peek into your life. I learned a few new things about you! :) You already know what adorable girls you have, but I'll say it again.. too cute for words. Love that you spin fiber, make bread, and do things the old school way, instead of the convenient way.

Thanks for sharing about yourself and spotlighting MM1! Her stories are great and she is a lovely person.

Tallulah said...

Since you are the one that shared "Boo Boo Kitty Fuck" with me, that will forever be part of your title where I am concerned. ;)

I, too, loved hearing about your other endeavors ~ you are one busy bee! Thanks for sharing you with us.