Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kasey is the Mastah Corruptor (and Perv)...come get to know me. ;)

Yup, it's me!

I'm Kasey, the Perv Pack's Lit Pimp (a.k.a. Mistress K), but for the most part, I'm Kas, a.k.a. 'Mom', 'Baby', or 'Bitch'. *LOL* Not all in that order, but you get my drift, right? However, in the world of fanfiction, I'm known as Love=EDWARD (on the Twilighted boards) or LoveEqualsEDWARD (on I'm the gal who penned a little fic called The Tangled Web. I'm also a 36 yr. old hellion who feels that the prime of her life is NOW - just wait until you reach your 30's sexpeak, kiddies! Right, Emily? ;) I'm living my life with that in mind and having a helluva good time doing so - all while corrupting the masses (especially my Perv Pack girls).


So...this is my week to tell you a bit about Moi:

"The details of my life are quite inconsequential... very well, where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery..."

Ooops! Sorry, kids, I got carried away there for a minute (that was a quote from Dr. Evil (Austin Powers International Man of Mystery), for those of you that don't keep up with the goodness that is goofy movies). So I was saying, let's see...

  • I'm a mom. 3 kidlets, free to a good home.
  • I'm a goof. I'm constantly quoting goofy movies ("Freakin' lasers!") and making people laugh.
  • I'm a bitch. But I can be nice - I promise! *LOL*
  • I'm a reader-extraordinaire. I gobble up books like nobody's business, from smutreads (duh!) to Chuck Palahniuk and more.
  • I'm a hardcore music whore. I practically live on Blip and could eat, sleep, & breathe music. I won't even tell you what my iTunes looks like, but suffice to say that I could buy myself some nice jewelry with what I've spent on it.

And to quote my brazilliant Twilighted profile, I am a:

Full time PERVERT and fanfic/romance novel lover. In my spare time I'm also a bedside psychologist, career counselor, nurse, executive secretary, chauffeur, troop leader, sexDom...*le sigh*

Who needs a real job? Not me.
Oh that's right - I've got one of those too.

Actually, I'm pretty much a laid back, happy-go-lucky kind of gal. I sometimes seem shy when meeting new people in person, but once the ice is broken, I'm a 'Sweet talker, Betty Crocker', and definitely one chatty bitch, both in person and in writing - ask any of my friends, my emails are EPIC!

Anywhoodle, bet you're wondering how I got my arse into fanfics, and more importantly, the Perv Pack, right? Well, I actually penned the name "Perv Pack" while in chat with my girls one night and it stuck. I even christened a few of our PP girls with Jedi names (because we're also the Jedi Cuntcil of Sex - thanks, Nina! - for those who don't know). I'm Fellatian Light-Rimming. I dunno. I have a penchant for nicknaming people, so coming up with dirty Jedi names seemed easy enough. *shrugs*

As for how I got my fan fiction cherry popped, well, that happened about a year ago, when I first picked up Twilight (late, I know). I heard about the book(s) on a moms' message board and had to see what all the fuss was about. Of course, being that I'm an avid reader, it really didn't take much convincing, although I hadn't really ventured into the Young Adult world of Lit beyond the Harry Potter books. But, damn, am I glad that I did because half-way through the book, I was haulin' ass to Target to pick up New Moon and Eclipse. I tore through the three books in 2 days and fell head-over-heels in love. Once 'Cockblockalypse Now' (a.k.a. Breaking Dawn) came out, I knew that I was done for (although I was mad as hell that SMeyer had left us with a fade-to-black version of Bella & Edward's wedding night - *grrrrr!*). But thanks to that HUGE disappointment, I started seeking out stuff to tide me over until Midnight Sun made it's way onto my bookshelf (another *grrrr!*), which is when I came across a shitload of Twilight-fandom sites which promoted fanfics.

"Fanfiction? What the hell is THAT?" I asked myself.

Well, I took a peek and WHOA! I was absolutely, positively FLOORED and amazed with the amount talent and passion put into these things. So, because I love to read, and because Edward Masen Cullen owns me, I devoured fic after fic. I must've read a good 250 fics in the 1st three months of my addiction. I eventually became a serial fanfic reader (and story-stalker) and established a PM/email friendship with a fave author who led me to The Promised Land of fanfics: TWILIGHTED! And it was all downhill from there. Naturally, my hubby and kids went mostly ignored, but lucky for me, they know how to feed and dress themselves quite well.

So yeah, it became an obsession, and soon enough, I found my fan fiction soulmates: The Wifey (a.k.a. Hopey/manyafandom ) and Izzy (a.k.a Isabel0329), who not only made me fall madly in love with their writing, but broadened my horizons and popped my slash-fic cherry in the most pleasantly intrusive ways. ;) It was through those two and their fun story threads that I made connections with Nina, Em, Stephie, & Steph - and the Perv Pack got it's start, one late night on gChat.

Eventually (and after much prodding by my Perv pals), I finally got around to writing a fic of my own. I've written poetry and short stories since my elementary days, but I was much too intimidated by the ca-razy amount of talent in fanfics to post something penned by Yours Truly, much less in a genre with such a huge fanbase. But alas, I took the plunge.

Well, enough about me...let's chat for a wee bit about a fic that I'd like to pimp out today:

Midnight Margaritas by Writerwithabite
Summary: Late nights, break ups and margaritas lead to interesting things. Is it a start of a new romance or a just a complication? "Love is friendship set on fire."

Feeding into my love for all-human, hot as Hades, smooth, sexy, chivalrous Jasper Whitlock / Hale / Whitlock-Hale / Hale-Whitlock (or whatthefuckever you wanna call him)...yeah, this fic delivers - and then some! Granted, it's not a Bella & Edward story (and I'm a world-class B&E 'shipper, mind you) - but jebus! - the level of UST and yumminess between Bella and Jasper in this story is 'scorchio' (<--a nod to my Emmy-luv for putting her Britishisms on loan) and I didn't once feel bad that Bella chose Jasper over Edward in it (don't fret, Edward is neither a douche nor an abuser - he's simply not "the one" for this Bella - but he gets his happily ever after, too). Anyway, I really loved this fic, and I think you will too. So, as I always say, GO.RUN.READ! And tell WWAB that I sent ya! ;)


P.S. If you haven't gone to see the new X-men movie (X-men Origins: Wolverine), GO SEE IT NOW! Taylor Kitsch (who plays Gambit) is hands-down the image of my all-human, adult Jasper - down to the Southern drawl - anyone remember him from Friday Night Lights? YUM!


Steph said...

Have you seen Taylor in The Covenant? Now that is YUM.

Lipsmacked said...

I loved the Austin Powers quote and you know I love anything that has to do with you. I'll ask T if he wants the kids. He'll probably agree to one, maybe not three. hehe but he might be more interested in the Mama.

OIP Em said...

Kas or should I say Mistress Kas, I love the bio and yeah that sexual peak is making your Kitty :giggle: very satisfied. You are the Mastah Corruptor and I thank you daily (in many ways *wink*) for the corruption. Gah I still remember that late night gchat when the PP was born. Good times and I think it is time to bring out the SMUT bus logo again!

MWAH, much love bb.

Twilighter620 said...

I agree with Beks...the AP quote was epic Kas ;)

MsKathy said...

Great bio, Kas! It was nice to get to know you a little better :) I love Midnight Margaritas, I am so glad that was your pick..

Emmy said...

Gorgeous gorgeous K, even your blurb is brilliant! :]

You can borrow scorchio anytime you want - seeing as you are scorchio...

Oh my you've recc'd a J/B fic? Can I cope with it? - I am the lamest arse after all.

Thanks for letting us know more about you, & thanks for being fabbio full stop (& all your fabbio advice - priceless!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting my story up there! You guys are awesome!

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