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Lemon Report 12/20

The Lemon Report - Fancy finding out what is on the FF bookshelves of the Pervy Girls of the PPSS? The lemon report lets you know our personal favourite updates of the week, and why you should give the fic a try.... It’s a great place to trawl for new recc’s and don’t forget to share your favourite update with us by leaving us a comment.
In some cases, the Lemon Report may contain spoilers. Please read with caution.

Acronym Guide
AU - Alternate Universe
AH - All Human
WIP - Work in Progress
O/S - One Shot
OOC - Out of Character
WP - Wussperv
Slash/Femslash - Features homosexual characters and romance.

Star Trek XI, Kirk/Spock, Slash

Chele - Holy hot teacher/student sexual tension. Kirk is a cadet at the Academy, Spock is a professor in Vulcan linguistics, and I am a fly on the wall with my hands down my pants. Reserved Spock kills me as much as persistent aching, wanting Jim. The actual age gap is negligible, but the attraction is absolutely palpable. LOVED this.  So glad I intercepted a tweet from Starfish422 on Twitter or I may never have found this little jewel. Stalking pays off in spades.

O/S, AU, Jasper/??, Slash

Chele - This O/S had me a flaily mess, emailing my fellow pervs and squealing in delight. So much sexyness, such a lush Alternate Universe, I barely noticed the deviation from canon. dellaterra’s writing is, as always, flawless and full. The way she sets a scene lets you practically taste it, and the play on Jasper’s scars was just....*flails*... so good.

Jen - dellaterra. I love her and her writing so. Crescent Moon does not disappoint; like Chele said, it’s gonna make you flail. Unf.

Emmy - I literally worship at the feet of dellaterra. Her writing is always tip top. I was so glad to see the mystery pairing and how it fits with other stories. I was also just so pleased to see something new from her. I am never disappointed by any of her stories, and I think this entry into the KinkFest was probably the story with the most depth of those I have read yet. Good stuff. Don’t dilly dally, go read!

Posy -Totally agree. Go and read this. I really enjoyed watching Jasper transform in this, and I do love scarred Jasper.

Jess - ::flails:: What they all said!

Twi, Carlisle/Edward, O/S, AH/AU, Slash

Posy -Carlisle is finishing his doctorate work with the intention of becoming a priest post-graduation. He took a teaching position at an all boys Catholic school while he works on his thesis, and he already has doubts about whether he is ready to take his vows. Edward just makes that decision even harder with his fucked up hair and gorgeous green eye. I mean, can you blame him? I think not. Let me bring out the scales. Super hot, confident Edward vs. a life of celibacy. Ding! I know the answer. But watching Carlisle get there is a fun ride. *snirk* Fun indeed. All Catholics, please read with rosary in hand so you can work on your absolution after reading this naughty hotness that will stick with you for days. In fact, keep them close at hand for the next week or so. ;)

Jen - File under: So very wrong, So very right. I feel like I need to run to the nearest confessional, and then I remember that I’m Jewish. I loved this hard.

Emmy - Maybe I am truly bad, as this fic never read as bad to me. Carlisle and Edward’s relationship and relations always felt so natural and right. Beautiful writing was the key to that for me.

AH, Bella & Edward, WIP

Corie- I saw this story being rec’d all over facebook and twitter and had to check it out. Boy I’m so glad I did. Such a fantastic look at what people who suffer real disorders such as OCD and social/ behavioral disorders deal with when starting and being in a relationship. The author has really spent the time in creating and researching these characters. There are some funny and beyond touching moments watching them struggle to make it work. Bella has a Latex fetish that the Edward is all too perfect to fulfill. Sex and love is messy and its interesting to see how they deal with that.

Emmy - Jumping back on this, to say I completely agree with Corie! Lovely mix of understanding, insight AND sexy times. Win!

Teal - I heart this story so hard. Even when these 2 characters are completely bonkers, they’re just too sweet to deny.

AH, Bella & Edward, Complete

Corie- I watched Pearl Jam’s documentary Twenty last week and it instantly put me in the mood for a grungward. I had this on my tbr list for quite sometime and could kick myself for not reading it sooner. There is such an intensity the author creates between Bella and Edward from their very first meeting. I do want to warn there is a intensely violent scene but the love story and the chemistry is fantastic. It’s complete and HOT.

AH, Bella & Edward, Outtake

Corie- I was a HUGE fan of the story There is a Light, and have enjoyed the outtakes which have all been a peek in to Edwards head. Last night a new outtake posted that BLEW MY MIND and made me remember why I adored that story so much. It reads like poetry and the way this Edward loves Bella is just sexy, the way he pleads in his mind to be inside her again reliving what they shared 20 years ago is so well done. Check it out if you enjoyed this story I think you will love this peek back at them. If you haven’t read the original story I HIGHLY recommend it.

Emmy - This was an absolutely beautiful outtake, that adds so much to the original story. As Corie says, Edwards mind and worship of Bella is just intense and perfect to read!

Jen - I must remember to read these outtakes. I loved the original story, and I think it will be so interesting to get inside this very complex Edward’s brain.

Jess - I couldn’t agree with the girls more. Love love love!

AU, Bella & Edward, Vamp, WIP

Corie- This is a great story that flips the entire plot of Twilight on its head. There is alot of mystery and I don’t want to spoil anything but what I love is that we get to see Bella and Edward fall in love as humans and as a vamp. There are other great relationships as well, Rochelle Allison just does a first-rate job creating sensational characters. This weeks update deserves a place on the Lemon Report with the loss of their virginity. Seriously well done showing how much Edward wars for his lust of her body and blood all at the same time.

Emmy - Wow! I adore this AU story so so so so so much! Brilliant writing, and great twists on canon. The intensity of Bella and Edwards love and connection is so much stronger and more believable in Rochelle Allison’s world. I love how she has written all the supporting cast too.

AH, O/S, E/S, Slash, Watersports

Jen - This is something I would not ordinarily read. Thing is, OnTheTurningAway is such an impeccable and thoughtful author, there’s no way I wasn’t going to read it. I was so glad I did, because Edward and Seth’s journey is about so much more than a kink.

Emmy - Yeah, this is one of those Kinks I thought I wouldn’t enjoy. But oh lordy was I wrong! I think this is really due to the quality of OnTheTurningAway’s writing. She explores so much in this fic. Wow what a journey Edward goes on, or through! And I love her message of acceptance, intimacy and being true to you.

Posy - I LOVED this! When my friend, Jennifer, told me about this fic I wasn’t sure I could read it because of the kink, but she pushed me. I’m so glad. OnTheTurningAway knows how to slowly take you somewhere new and make you so comfy in the new world that you wonder why you never thought you’d want to be there in the first place. I loved Seth’s tenacity. He was exactly what Edward needed.

AH, O/S, E/C, Slash

Jen - Another gorgeous o/s from OnTheTurningAway. Carlisle isn’t able to have penetrative sex anymore. This o/s explores how these long time lovers figure out what form their sexual relationship will take from this point forward. Their pain is palpable--Carlisle wishes he could still give that to Edward, and Edward would never give up on Carlisle. Their love is so moving. I’m not sure I would be able to give a lover what Carlisle gives Edward in this story, but I absolutely adore them both.

Emmy - Wow. Such tender and sexy exploration of a subject that is so taboo within society OnTheTurningAway. We as society don’t discuss what happens when intimacy is still present in a loving relationship, but penetration isn’t possible.

Posy -And once again OnTheTurningAway writes some amazingness. So often ED is treated as a joke, but it’s a very real issue that couples deal with that can affect feelings of worthiness and how couples interact, sometimes causing relationships to split. I love that Edward and Carlisle don’t allow this to get between them. Their love is so apparent. I particularly love how patient they are with each other and how openly they talk.

Jess - I absolutely adored this story. Such a delicate handling of something that could be so potentially embarrassing and painful. So so good.

AU, O/S, E/C, Slash

Posy -Holy shit that was intense! I pray that vampireisthenewblack continues this story. The Volturi, Caius in particular, basically curses Edward so that he craves sex and needs it or he will die. He can drink come, not his own, to ease the pain or get fucked, but he feels horrid guilt about his condition. Fuck or Die was how the prompt started. The ending had me searching for chapter 2, but alas...

Jen - I don’t even know what to say about this. In vampireisthenewblack style, it left me with my mouth hanging open. So much emotion. Like Posy says, a second chapter would be most welcome.

Jess - Yes please to a second chapter. I was all sorts of twisted up over this!!


Jen - *Swoony sighs.* What a gorgeous story plummy has given us. Her words are lyrical and whimsical, and at the end of each chapter I feel like I’ve been taken to another plane. Edward and Bella coming together at long last- heaven!

AH, WIP, B/Everyone

Chele Somehow this gets hotter ever. single. chapter. A little rough riding with a certain special Cowboy? Yes. Please.

Jeanne - Holy fucking shit, I need a cigarette! I want to visit Jasper in the barn. Please. *begs*

Teal - They always come back to Jasper for more, don’t they??? Lord knows I would! Fuck, that was hot!

Jen - Hot damn. Just... yeah.

Jess - Jasper... second only to Carlisle in this story, I swooned hard the first time and good sweet mercy this time was no different.

AH, O/S, Em/Jake, Slash

Jen - Yum. Slashy sexy Emmett/Jacob times.

AU & AH, Different time periods, Mixed Pairings,

Emmy - It wouldn’t be a LR at the mo, if I wasn’t waxing lyrical about a Merthur fic! This week its not one specific fic, but an exchange that OnTheTurningAway thankfully drew my attention too! Its anonymous at the mo, so I have not drawn attention to any particular story. But I have read some right belters within this. All pairings seem to be represented and all time periods and genre’s. So there should be something for everyone!

Posy - Christmas came early for me. Guess what I’ll be reading over the next two weeks?

AH, High-School, WIP (drabble-ish), E/B

Emmy - This frequently updated, longer than drabble , but shorter than epic length chapters, story is great fun. I particularly like that they are actually written like teenagers. So the extreme emotions and giddiness is there, instead of world weary and hardened characters. Featuring a very shy, nerdy Edward and a Bella who thinks she knows what she wants.... Thanks to some pushing from her friends, Edward and Bella end up progressing things along very nicely.. Yum. Poor shy Edward needs Bella to take the lead. Luckily she’s happy to do so, and I hope the forthcoming chapters will have Bella further showing Edward the ropes...

AU, O/S, TwiKinkFest, E/B

Emmy - I was quite surprised that this fic was AU. I think that is what I enjoyed about it the most. Edward’s ahem nose led him to the scent to trump all other scents. Shame it was in a sex show. What does the delicious smelling Bella awaken in him? A good fun, lighthearted, take on the AU concept of singers.

Transformers, O/S, Ratchet/Sunstreaker/Sideswipe

Chele - This is a beautiful example of Transformers fic. It shows the complexity of soldiers in a post-war universe, and the sensuality that transcends body type. Sunstreaker is struggling to overcome a wicked case of PTSD so he can be close to and express his love and desire for Ratchet. Soldiers, Doctors, re-hot erotic smut. It’s all here. Give it a try.


Starry said...

I read Peppermint Breath as well and it blew my socks off. I'm a huge fan of NanaMun's work and she never fails to bring the goods and bring them hard until you're begging for more.

She's the reason I'm such a slut for Em/Jake. And this fic was just...I still don't have the proper words to explain how fantasically fantasic it was.

dellaterra said...

Talk about flailing!

Christmas is a whole lot merrier since I read your wonderful words about Crescent Moon.

Happy holidays to all of you, and thank you for your generous support of my writing (and the writing of so many others) throughout the year.

xoxo JJ

Emmy said...

Dear Starry!

Thanks for your comments!

I've been meaning to read Peppermint Breath, and your words in addition to Jen's recc have reminded me to get on it!
Thanks for reading and contributing!
Much love

Emmy said...

Dear Dellaterra (JJ)
No, thank you for writing a story that we all loved! :)
Much love
x x