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Smutdown to 2012

SmutDown to 2012

It’s been a great year here at the Pack, and we wanted to celebrate by listing some of our favorite fics of 2011. Let us know in the comments section your top five favorite fics from 2011. As you’ll see, each Perv picked their top five, but it was a true smutdown here, because we all loved many of the ones listed below!

We hope you enjoy this holiday season! Take some time to rejuvenate and relax with family and friends. We’ll be doing the same as we take a brief PerVacation. We’ll see you again in the new year!

2011 was an awesome year for fanfiction. I have so much gratitude to those authors who’ve cumulatively invested thousands of hours of work to share their stories. The difficulty we pervs had in choosing between so many amazing fics to highlight here is proof that there are some immensely talented authors writing fanfic.

Though my roots are planted firmly in Tw-fic, I branched out a bit this year to discover awesome smut in several other fandoms. There is magnificent smut everywhere! The best is always yet to come.

AU, Complete, Paul/Bella

Few fics made Team Anything Goes collectively flail over updates quite like Miror Quaenam Sis Tam Bella.

It is rare that a non-canon pairing like Bella and Paul gets the attention of a truly talented author who fleshes out the characters and builds them an AU story that inspires a love in the reader that rivals that of canon. This is that story. MeraNaamJoker wrote a fic far beyond even our wildest hopes for those two. The way she breathed life, depth and passion into Paul made us all want him for our own, and her vivid descriptions of the imprint and it’s compulsions far exceeded the simplistic trappings of canon.

This is a true exploration of a “What if this happened instead.....” scenario, the likes of which are the foundation of fanfiction. There is fantasy, and sex, and raw, aching need, and you’re cheating yourself if you haven’t read it already.


Fracture Mechanics is, perhaps, my favorite fanfiction in any fandom, ever. It combines the emotions of love and the horrors of war, in a tale of star-crossed lovers, treason, and desperate need. It drives the reader to ask - what if loving someone was wrong? Could you stop yourself? Would you want to?

The first chapters are a total mindfuck, and I couldn’t tell who’s side I was on and who I was rooting for. By the end, you realize that there is no difference between good and evil other than perspective, and that truly, the only possible hope for peace is rooted in love.

The erotic content speaks beyond body type and the passion moves outside the physical and speaks to the very basest attractions and desires. Fracture Mechanics made me feel every emotion. At some points I laughed and smiled ecstatically as I exalted in their love. At one point my cold heart broke and I wept openly.

This fic isn’t for everyone. If it takes a detailed description of Edward’s 6-pack to get you off, you may not be able to adjust to the mechanoid body type, but if you love an intricately woven story with amazing detail, and are willing to let your heart be ripped from your chest while your pants melt to your chair, you need to give this a chance.


If you’d told me in January that a Cherry Exchange entry about Edward and Bella with Religion in the title would end up in my top fics list of 2011, I’d have called you a liar, yet here it sits in my favorites.

This fic goes against everything I’m usually drawn to and yet it at its heart it is such a beautifully executed story that it transcends all preference. It will grab you by the heart, romance your mind, and ask your pants to go steady. The volume of emotion in the first chapters alone leaves you hopelessly en rapt, and the intensity only builds as you get to know the characters more. The love and devotion felt by Edward and Bella is a balm for a soul-deep ache.

If you aren’t already reading this story, you should be. It is a gift.

Harry Potter Universe, Severus/Hermione

This is the fic that launched an obsession. When The Love You Take was first recc’d to me, I knew almost nothing of the Harry Potter stories, but a certain insidious slut (Jeanne) lured me in with promise of forbidden Teacher/Student rendezvous, and the most amazing smut-based plot premise ever written. I was hooked.

This was so gloriously well-written, and perfectly smuttastic that I became immediately hooked on the pairing, the universe, and all things Harry Potter. Yes, this story is so good that I read the canon just to have a better understanding of the characters in this fic.

The Love You Take is beautifully written, amazingly erotic, and passionately plotted. If you are even remotely tempted to try the Harry Potter fandom, or if you’re just in the mood for one of the best smutty plotlines ever explored, you must give this a shot.

AH, WIP, Edward/Siobhan

These two authors can make love to a reader with their words. Though most certainly academically researched, this story, a period piece, reads like it’s spoken in native tongue. You can feel the earth beneath your hands, and Edward’s rough calloused fingers trailing down your arm as you read.

This smut isn’t my typical wickedly erotic fare. It’s subtle and quiet and reminds me of little snippets of realistic wedding nights that I dog-eared pages in my English Lit books because despite their lack of graphic description, the nervous consummation between a virginal man and wife made me tingle and feel like a voyeur. Yes, this is literature with all the trappings of realistic attraction and Edward with an amazingly sexy Irish brogue. Siobhan is lovely and her strength of character is a refreshing change from all the simpering leading ladies which tend to flood my inbox.

The writing is masterful, the characterizations divine, and I guarantee you will fall in love with this story.

This was such a tough call. Other Pervs picked fics I would have selected, such as She Gives Me Religion, or If Only... But in the end I picked what I think are five great fics that I will happily read, and re-read. And I hope you do too! For all that I have been raving over slashy smut in the LR all year I have ended up, for the most part, going for my favorite pairings of Edward and Bella. Four Edward/Bella Twilight fics and one Merlin. Now for a WussPerv such as myself, it might surprise you to know that there is some angst within these stories. But I quite like a wee bit of torment, as long as there is no cheating, on my way to a truly happy ever after. I have included at least one DaddyWard story amongst my wee faves from the last year. That was really tough to choose too! In the end I went with a fic, that I have gone back to when I want a dose of adorableness and fluff. But an honorable mention must be A Rough Start by ItzMegan73, a very popular and very well done, blue collarward complete with unexpected child! Anyways. Read my prattlings below as to why my faves are my pics of my readings last year!

AH, Historical, Complete, E/B

This was a Team WP pick earlier in the year and is really one of my fave fics of the year! (Thank you so much JEN for finding it!). I say it is a historical fic, but only in the sense of having a ravishing MountainWard as its sexy male protagonist. Vive la MountainWard! The supporting cast and characterization is one of the best I have read. This is probably THE best Jasper I have encountered. But more than that, the love story in this fic, is so ruddy good and absorbing! Set in a time and place when love should be simple, but life provides complications and difficulties, how on earth can School Marm, Bella and Moonshine Maker Edward find their happy ever after? Gah thinking about, let alone having a bath will NEVER be the same again!!!!

AH, Complete, Angstish, E/B

Well! Where do I even begin with this epic, smoldering masterpiece? I will tell you that certain parts of this story had my heart in my throat, and I was completely gripped and thrilled. And when I say thrilled I mean the almost older use of thrill as a sensation or feeling through your body. The storytelling in A Quiet Fire is perfection and so well conceived. Just thinking of certain parts of this story now, makes me want to start it al over again. The intensity of Edward, and both his and Bella’s pain is so spot on and makes for a heart wrenching and satisfying read. As does the tender and sensuous love scenes. Their shared pain and past make for incredible scenes!

AH, Complete, E/B

Masen Days is such a good fic. When there was just a one-shot for the contest, it was great and compelling as it was. Since it was expanded it became even better! Every short wee scene, became something so much more. Bella’s POV is engaging and interesting, but it is Masen who is the star. He is a captivating character. So many layers, and so much love for Bella. But what will Bella do with that love? Keep it safe and keep it close? Or not even recognize it for the epic life-changing, intense love that it is. Masen has such an intense sexy take on worshipping Bella. A delight to read! And you must read more on purelyamuse’s blog Where you will find the most adorable additions to this story, pages from Masen’s notebook! **swoon** yes, that is right! His dirty, emo, longing, sad, hopeful, love-filled poems and thoughts of Bella are there for us all to delight in!

AH, Complete, DaddyWard (NOT Daddy!Kink!!!), E/B

If you are a fan of the DaddyWard then this is the fic for you. Its a slightly fantastical tale of a Bella who has the flattest life in existence, who decides she wants her story to be a good one, so seeks to actively change it through her friendship with Edward. Tattooed, bar owner Edward. Tattooed, bar owner with a wee dude of a son Edward. Enter one of the bestest, yummiest DaddyWard’s known to man. And one of the cutest wee toots in fanfiction. His son is ADORABLE. From his love of Harry Potter, to his love of IssyBella. **swoons**. I swear to god I adore this fic. Yes at times, this fic is fantastical. BUT. The characterization and the love you will have for them sweeps you away. My golly, you wish for Bella to get her story book ending and for Edward to finally realize and accept true love. Gah! This is one of those fics I will read and read if I feel low as their situations give me a wee boost of ‘Aaaaaaah!’. Plus this DaddyWard is sexy yum!

Merlin, AU, Modern, SLASH, COMPLETE, Merlin/Arthur

Praise be to Missdare, as she is the bird that told me about this fic. I swear to god that this might be the most perfect fic. Ever. It reads like a blinking novel. Soooooo good. It has magic. It has Scotland. It has modern Scotland with magic and Merlin. It has a Merlin in love with a prince. And a prince so ruddy clueless about Merlin. Gah. ****swooooooooons****. Seriously this fic is so fecking good! As a Brit, and a picky Brit at that, I was delighted at how on the money this author was with their depiction of British life. From the student life in Scotland, to the cider, to the love on Christmas day of the best ‘Quality Street’ in the tin, this author has done their work! or has effortlessly got Britain spot on! This fic, most importantly though is just wonderfully written. The unrequited (or is it?) love story is so well conceived and realised, as are the different storylines of magic, mayhem and danger. Brilliant plotting! Brilliant story! And yummy slashy sexy goodness. If you love Slash and you love magic in any sense: READ THIS STORY! It is ruddy brillo! Just talking about it, makes me want to reread!!!!

Many of the other Pervs claimed fics that would have topped my list, so I chose to come at this from a different angle. These are the fics that top my list and that many people probably have never read. True, several are not even Twilight Fan Fic, but that doesn’t mean that our readers will not like them. In fact, it is my sincerest wish that more people would explore fics in other fandoms, as well as the fantastic non-canon pairing fics in the TwiFandom. There are so many fabulous, well written and incredibly sexy stories out there just waiting to be discovered.

AU, Post Breaking Dawn, Leah/Nahuel

No surprise that a Leah fic tops my list. This one deserves a special place in everyone’s reading list. It is a very close to canon AU fic that takes place after Breaking Dawn. Here my favorite She Wolf takes center stage in this suspense filled and action packed romance about finding love in the most unlikely of places. If you didn’t already love Nahuel you will after reading this story. He tickles me in all my naughty, usually reserved for canon Edward, places. I’m sure he will do the same for anyone else who gives this fantastic story a try.

DC Comics, Batman/Wonder Woman

Who doesn’t want to fuck Batman? No really, who doesn’t? Point them out to me so I can explain in great detail why he is the sexiest motherfucker EVER! Fuck Edward Cullen! You want a filthy rich, conflicted, self torturing orphan with an extremely dark side? Bruce Wayne is your man. Add a sheltered, powerful, super-powered Amazon princess on top of him and my pants are exploding from the idea of these two kissing much-less humping. In Darkest Light isn’t all spandexed superhero sexing. It is a spellbinding story that explores these two very complex and deeply flawed people, filled with humor, adventure and mystery. Plus OMFG Batman and Wonder Woman hump! *flails*

AU, Post Deathly Hallows (EWE), Harry/Draco

When I say that You Align My Stars is my favorite Harry/Draco fan fic EVER, I am not exaggerating. Not one bit. I love everything from the realistic, if a bit heartclenchie, post war setting. I love Harry’s survivor’s guilt and Draco’s journey toward redemption. I love how a connection that was formed in hate transforms into a deep, healing love. I love the lyrical style of the prose and how easily this replaced canon in my mind as well as in my heart. *goes to reread again*

AH, Rose/Edward

Edward and Rose is a pairing that needs to have it’s day in this fandom. Their canon conflict always felt deeply seeded in their simulates, rather than their differences. In Disenchanted Lullaby we see the positive aspects of that connection, and we see how these two are like puzzle pieces who fit together rather perfectly. Rose’s struggle to overcome her past, and reshape her self image is a very relatable (if at times personally painful) for many women. Edward starts out as a bit of an aloof mystery, but we soon learn of his own difficult past that is the cause of his distance. These two are so real I feel like I can touch them, and their passion with each other often leaves me breathless. This is the best fic that you haven’t read yet, so stop dragging your feet. Get over your issues with the pairing and fucking read. I promise that you will swoon for this Edward and cry for this Rose. You will fall in love, trust me.

AH, Bella

For the longest time it felt like Edward was the only one getting laid in TwiFic. In a sea of Manwhore!Edwards poor Virginal!Bella could only seem to get action with her soulmate. That’s all well and good for the WussPervs, but this whore needed more. Thankful along came a little ol’ fic called Hedone Ranch that opened the door of possibility for our dear (no longer virginal) Bella.

This story is every pervy TwiFic reader’s secret fantasy. A brothel filled with sexy male Twilight characters ready and willing to please Bella in every possibly way imaginable. Though, to be honest, it’s the story that lies underneath this smutty exterior that has intrigued me the most. Bella isn’t just getting laid, she is discovering her sexual self, and learning where her sexual appetites lie. Few women get to explore their sexuality with a ranch full of sexy men, but thanks to Hedone Ranch we get to take that journey with Bella, and learn a couple of things about ourselves along the way. Just like sex, not every TwiFic has to be about love. However this wonderful sexy, smut-packed fic has more then enough passion and emotions to make up for the romance.

Deciding on my top five of the year was kind of like someone forcing me to name my favorite child. Impossible! I have favorite fics for different categories and sub-categories- how can I just share five? We were getting ready to have some real, throw-down mud wrestling over some of our picks.

AU, Complete, E/B, Tragedy

This is not for the faint of heart; it is listed as tragedy. But I urge you to give it a try. The writing is wonderful, and the AU possibility that Saluki168 has spun is really tantalizing.

AH, O/S, E/C, Slash

I just read this Twikinkfest entry last week, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Beyond the hurt and the kink, what shines so brightly is the love. These boys will be with me for a long, long time.

AH, Complete, E/Leah

*sigh* I love Edward and Leah together. Preacherward is possibly the swooniest Edward ever. He’s as perfect as a guy can be, and his flaws make him even better. Leah has the rough edges of canon Leah, and it’s gorgeous and exciting to watch her blossom. She learns to trust, to open up to Edward and others; she learns to love again. The UST was off the charts for sooooo long. Updates to Accidental Atonement brought great joy to my days. I’m still hoping that IdPattThat will grace us with a shower wank outtake sometime in the new year!

AH, Complete, E/J, Slash

You cannot imagine the swooning and flailing that went on amongst the Pack each time If Only updated. I was so, so worried for sweet Jakey’s heart--worried that Edward was only interested in experimenting. I felt very protective of him and was ready to despise Edward if he hurt Jake. NGL, there are hurty times as Edward tries to figure out exactly what his feelings for Jake mean. Sometimes Jake hurts because he’s leapt to a conclusion about something Edward said or did, but was too worried to ask Edward what was really going on. Beyond all of the up and down emotions and the vulnerability of opening up to a new image of oneself, sadtomato wrote an incredibly sexy, addictive love story that is definitely a Twific classic.

AH, Complete, E/C, Slash

I’m not sure how many times I’ve read this short, sweet fic. I love shy, darling Edward, and Carlisle who is so understanding and gentle with him. There’s something about seeing Edward learn to trust and really open himself up to Carlisle that moves me so much. Above all else, Carlisle wants Edward to feel cared for. That they’re sexy as hell together is a wonderful bonus.

When we all agreed to pick our favorite five, I couldn’t even fathom how I’d choose. Over the past year, I have found a new love - non-canon and slash pairings. Seeing other character interactions has been absolutely fascinating. So, it’s with that in mind that I settled on the five you see below.

There were definitely others I loved just as much as these, but ::lovingly glares at other Pervs:: some of the other Pervs stole claimed them before I could. I hope you fall in love with these like I have! Enjoy and have a very happy, healthy, and warm holiday season! See you in 2012!

AH, Complete, E/B

There are tons of great stories out there, but it’s rare to find one as well thought out, as well put together as There is a Light. This story had me wrapped in its iron fist and didn’t spit me out until the last word, and even then I wanted more. This story is not easy to read - for many reasons - but it’s a testament to BellaDonnaCullen’s writing prowess that through the end you are pulling for Edward, praying he pulls it together, and that there is hope for something more between him and Bella. If you haven’t had a chance to read this, do. It’s seriously one of the best stories I’ve ever read.


This story has had me twisted up and aching for some resolution from chapter one. Life is hard, and we always hope that love will win out. In Cracks in the Pavement we see a couple, once very much in love, struggling to make their marriage last. This story is wrought with such realism, it hurts. Will these two find their way back to each? In truth, it’s just not clear. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a happy ending for these two in 2012.

AH, Complete, Jacob/Rosalie

I’ve been a huge fan of Belladonna1472’s writing for a long time. It seems like everything she touches turns to gold. When Immunity first started posting, it literally knocked me off my feet. The writing, the cadence, the setting, the themes are all unique and flow in such an amazing way. Her characterizations of Jacob and Rosalie - raw and gritty - and the way things were described - enough to give you a clear picture without explaining every detail - are pure perfection. The relationship between this unlikely pair is visceral and will leave you panting. Go. Read.


High school. Those two words conjure so many thoughts, feelings, and emotions, but there is nothing like the awkwardness and power of first loves. In How to Paint a House, Maggies Gutter has crafted a compelling and very realistic look at what young love looks like and how age gaps and social status matter. What started out as a sweet and innocent friendship has blossomed into budding, hidden romance. With a new school year underway, everything seems to have fallen apart. I ache for these two and the awkwardness of it all. If you are looking for a coming of age fic that will literally take you back to those moments in your life, read this!

AH, O/S, Edward/Jasper

I love reading a story that literally punches you in the gut, leaves your heart broken, and tears pouring from your eyes only to turn around and slowly piece it all back together. Turns is the story of two boys - Jasper and Edward - who meet and fall in love in the early 1960s. Their relationship is “forbidden” and “perverse”, yet together they. build their dreams and make plans for the future. What ensues is a beautiful and powerful journey of grief and love. I am in awe of Tkegl’s way with words. If you read nothing else, read this.


AU, Complete, Sam/Bella

I can say with confidence and absolute sincerity that MeraNaamJoker changed my fic-life. I think that for a very long time, readers had a hard time getting into pack fic because those wolves are tough fuckers to channel. This amazing author, however, has a way of getting inside their heads and showing us how complicated, sweet, and sexy they can be. While imprint stories are often the direction author s choose, this New Moon AU was a brilliant look at the way the phenomenon of the imprint can crush someone. What I loved so very much about Holding Sam was that it explored Bella’s life after Edward left and Sam’s heart-wrenching struggle to carry on when he’d been denied what that strange force inside him was telling him to claim. Together, they found their ways to cope and do their best to heal, all the while falling in love (and having a lot of really fucking hot sex). There was no fairy tale or perfection in this story, but it is a stunning and beautiful look at how ugly life can be when your heart has been ripped out and how much work it takes to find the sun again. Even if you’ve never read a single pack fic, you should take a look!

AH, WIP, Edward/Bella

In the past, I would fic dive, hoping to find a true diamond in the rough amongst the less savory stories out there, but I usually just came out with a few laughs at terrible story summaries. Then one day, I happened upon Mind the Gap, and I knew I’d found my gem.

Even better, I found a new friend in LuckyStar815 who is both a very talented writer and a total sweetheart! Mind the Gap is the story of hard working student Bella who meets British Edward (Yum!) just before his return home. Something sparks between them, and over time and a long distance friendship, they grow quite close. Things are complicated, with misunderstandings, lack of communication, and too often, lies by omission. But that’s what makes these characters human. We know what they should and shouldn’t be doing as the story progresses, but it’s often difficult to fault them when there’s not full disclosure between them...because they’re human...and because we all know we’ve been guilty of such things in our own lives.

This is a story of many, many, many ups and downs. A great deal of time passes, and life is never really simple for Edward or Bella. But they love each other, and it’s clear that it’s what retains the ties that bind them, even through the most difficult times. With each chapter, I am taken aback at how real and relatable these characters are. For anyone who has even been in a long distance relationship, you will understand. I am absolutely besotted with this fic, and I truly hope you’ll take the time to read and love on it.

AH, WIP, Edward/Jasper

What can I say other than the simple truth that this story is AMAZING? For slash lover, especially you hardcore E/J girls, this cannot be overlooked. Early on, the angst is high, and it still factors in throughout as Edward tries to figure out his sexuality and feelings for Jasper. It’s completely worthwhile, though. This is truly one of the hottest slash stories I’ve ever read, and that probably has to do with the crazy intense emotional bond between these characters. They both make mistakes along the way, but fuuuuck, they sure know how to do it right when it comes down to it. I think my ultimate “I’m ded” moment of this story came when Jasper offered Edward a BJ. You will die too, I promise. Throw in some webcam play and an irresistible Jasper, and this can’t be passed up.

AH, Complete, Edward/Emmett

If you’re looking for something fun, slashy, and with a little three way excitement thrown in, you need to run your fine ass directly to these companion piece fics. Each is short, but there is no lack of excitement or engaging, unique characters.

Born as an example story in the Eurofornication contest, What Happens in Zurich introduced the fandom to one of the most unexpectedly sexy Emmetts I’ve ever seen. Who knew a man saying, “Ja,” could be so hot? Little by little, details of Edward’s friendship with Emmett years prior surface. As a foreign exchange student who stayed with Edward’s family...and shared his bedroom...let’s just say these boys became close. Like the pervy girlfriend we all are on the inside, Bella pushes Edward to resolve the hardcore UST he has with Emmett, and in the end, she gets to join in on the fun.

What Happened in Chicago came later, and as an awesome surprise. As a prequel to the original fic, the dirty, delicious details of teenage sexual confusion and exploration are so squee-worthy, I was biting my knuckles and bouncing happily with each update.

Please, pretty, pretty please, check this one out. If you are a slashy whore, I know you’ll enjoy the lighter mood of these stories.

Transformers AU, WIP, Sam/Bumblebee

You’ve seen us fandom hop. You’ve heard us talk about Transformers fic. Maybe you even remember this title from previous recs. But you haven’t read it yet?!?!
I know you’re probably skeptical, but I promise you that Transformers fic will change your little nerd heart. I am constantly amazed by KeelyWolfe’s ability to create so many dirty, sexy scenarios for my favorite bots (she has a wide array of fics), and I can clearly recall how captivated I was the first time I read this one. She has a way describing the way the Autobots move, function, and feel that will mesmerize and amaze. Using their holoforms to explore human sexual interaction, both with the humans they protect and with other bots, there are a wide variety of pairings and situations. By that I mean, there’s a little for everyone. You should have no excuse to say no to this hot-as-fuck escape from the norm.

We will be back to ring in the new year with smutty fun next week.
Happy Holidays and Happy Fic Reading!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this end of year list! Fun to see some of my reads here, and a few I didn't know. I added a bunch to my to-read list.
A couple of my favorites include:
Fridays at Noon (finished in 2011) by Troublefollows1017; Learning to Feel and Sixty Five Hours by Owenic.

Emmy said...

Thanks for sharing your faves with us!
I too enjoyed those fics. Unfortunately the latter two fics are about to be pulled. So we wouldn't be able to feature them again on the site.

Hope you enjoyed the fics you added to your to-be-read list! And enjoyed your holidays.
Much love