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Originally Erotic: Teahouse 12/7/11


It’s hard to believe that with all the wonderful, smutty fan fiction out there that we get time to read published books too. You should know by now that the Pack Pervs are nothing if not insatiable smut hounds. We can never enough of well written steamy sex, and we’re willing to pay for it if it’s worth it.
Here we will team up to recommend some published erotica and erotic romance novels that are guaranteed to get you hot and bothered.

Title: Teahouse
Author: Emirain, coloring by Chii-chan
Author site:
Author’s Twitter: @teahouscomic
Author’s Facebook: Teahouse-Comic
Genre: WebComic; Fantasy, Yaoi (aka gay romance)
Cost: Online: Free serial webcomic; Print copies and other merchandise starting at $10/chapter. Teahouse updates every Wednesday at
Book Description: Teahouse is a weekly yaoi (adult) web comic about characters living in a brothel.

Jeanne - I’m a multigenre whore. Books, movies, tv, comic books, anime, I love it all. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that I’m always on the look out for new, smutty, things to read and love. I stumbled across a picture of a panel from Teahouse while on an anime LJ community
dedicated to Yaoi.

Yaoi, also known as Boy Love, is a genre of Japanese comic books (also known as manga) and animated films/tv shows dedicated to male male romance. Yep, long before we even know what slash was the Japanese have been making an art of it for years. Not only is it acceptable topic, Yaoi is a multimilliondollar business that’s only grown since us Westerns have discovered it.

There are adventurous and creative artist/writers here in the West that have been inspired by this genre and began to create their own stories, art and original works. Teahouse is, in my opinion, at the forefront of this new Western Yaoi movement.

These talented ladies have created an Asian inspired art comic that also has very tangible western influences. Teahouse is a gorgeous comic, but it is also a complex story with well developed characters. The network of interconnections, relationships and histories create an enthralling story that will keep you wanting more every week.

This is a webcomic, which means it is posted for free online. That’s right, you can read all of Teahouse for free on their website. You can also buy hardbound additions of the comic, that come with additional artwork and histories for the characters. *whispers* Also with extended sex scenes.

Oh, yeah, did I mention there’s sex? FUCK YES! These ladies do not skimp in that regard at all. When you first go to the site you have to past an age restriction block and trust me when I say that it is needed. This is an adult only comic in every way imaginable. After all, the story takes place in a brothel.

The Teahouse is a house of ill-repute, with a host of tantalizing courtesans to tempt any patron of any persuasion. Each character is a unique, though some stand out more than others. Among my favorites are Lord Reed (who reminds me of how I imagine a pre-death of his mate Marcus), and the new boy in the house Rory (who has copper-red hair, green eyes and blushes like mad. Oh yeah, you know who he reminds me of).

The interactions between these two have had me panting on the fucking floor, and NO I am not exaggerating. Their first sex scene is among some of the most beautiful erotic art I have ever seen in my life.

If you’re a fan of slash, give Teahouse a try. If you think the images in this post are beautiful, give Teahouse a try. If you trust us when we say it was make love to your eyes, break your heart and make you laugh liquid out your nose, GIVE TEAHOUSE A TRY!

Teal - My experience with comic books up until this point has been limited to super heroes and Transformers. I’ve enjoyed those thoroughly and benefit from having great nerdy friends who read comics and share with me, but I have never seen anything like Teahouse. Not that I didn’t know this kind of thing existed; I just didn’t expect it to be so good!

Right from the start, I was captivated for so many reasons. First of all, it should be clear from the graphics included in this recommendation that the art is simply brilliant. Each character is unique and carefully crafted, and the ways they react and move through the panels are completely natural. They are 100% human. The care and thought that must have gone on to develop each unique personality and history simply astounds me. It’s not just the characters, though; every scene, background, shading, and detail are carefully planned and colored, truly making this the full package.

Set in an upscale brothel in the fictional land of Ivore, the first pairing we’re introduced to is Sir Rhys and Axis. Mouthy, bad boy Axis is somewhat of hot item in the Teahouse, but until Rhys came along, it was only with women. Visit Axis’ Formspring account, and you’ll quickly learn how much he loves ladies...and boobs. Rhys, however, is an obviously powerful, obviously wealthy client who takes what he wants without asking, and recently, Axis was his pick. Now, Smartmouth will quickly deny any accusations of being homosexual, or even bi, but he sure doesn’t seem to mind when Rhys is buried inside him, making him come hot and hard. These two are a very fun, sexy adventure to watch happen, especially when Rhys’ true identity is revealed, but they’re not the only focus of this cast.

As the story develops, you learn about the background of many characters, the dynamic between them, and other secrets and complications that come about. There are M/F and M/M relationships and encounters, and each one is equally exciting and captivating. Deep (and long denied) sexual tension is a key factor for one pair in particular, but when you’re in a brothel...well, you have to please your clients, don’t you?

Honestly, this comic is at near-obsession levels for me. I’ve gone back and read it several times, not to mention ordering print copies of the chapters that I can covet endlessly. (These also include special print-only extras!) These are the kind of characters who deserve your attention, and hopefully as time goes on, more fanfiction will arise as well (yes, I’ve looked).

Trust me when I say that if you give it a try, Wednesday will become your new favorite night of the week. There’s something for everyone here...particularly our slash-loving friends!


Jen - When Jeanne first shared the link to Teahouse with us I wasn’t sure if it would be my cup of tea (bad pun intended). I’ve read and loved some graphic novels but have never really been a comics girl. Jeanne could probably lead me anywhere, though, and when I followed her to Teahouse I immediately fell in love with each of the characters and stayed up well past my bed time to read every last posted page. Now I spend Wednesdays giddy with the anticipation of a new page being posted.

The drawings are absolutely gorgeous. Whether it is a full color page, a line drawing, or a duo-tone image I enjoy looking at them again and again. As Teal mentioned, each chapter is available in paperback form. As gorgeous as the panels are online, it is amazing to hold the book in your hand and study each image up close. One of my favorites is the image on the cover of chapter two. Each week I’m astounded by how much of the story is conveyed solely through images. Words are used sparingly and pointedly. The story is just so very layered and complex.

One of the things I love the most is that it’s really an ensemble cast. Each time I think one particular character or pairing is my favorite, the next panel features different characters who become my new favorites.

I can, however, say that Linneus is definitely my biggest love. Linneus has lived at the Teahouse since he was a young boy--handed over to Mr.Atros, the owner of the house, by his father to pay off a debt. Xanthe Atros is the son of Mr.Atros. He befriends Linneus, although his father has commanded him to train Linneus as a servant. Now Xanthe runs the brothel, and Linneus is one of the courtesans. Their relationship is complicated. There’s the boss/employee part of it, friend or near brother aspect, and finally, the UST and jealousy component. As of yet we’ve not seen anything physical between the two of them, but the unspoken attraction fairly crackles in their interactions. Xanthe is jealous of Linneus’ customers, yet he knows that Linneus brings in steady customers. To borrow a line of Bella’s, Linneus could surely say ‘Your mood swings are giving me whiplash.’

How to describe Linneus? Well, at first glance you might think he’s a woman. He’s adorably petite, with pink hair, and an affinity for lots of jewelry and baubles. He’s currently entertaining Gilder, a rough looking, knife wielding, scar bearing customer, who calls Linneus ‘dove’ and has pretty much swept Linny off his feet. Um, yeah. I'm in love with Gilder, too. I have read the three pages of their interactions innumerable times, and I am hoping hoping hoping that we’ll get to see more of them in the extra pages that will be included in the hard copy of chapter three.

So, join us pervs and check out Teahouse. Wednesdays will never be the same!

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*Note: All images are taken directly from Teahouse Comic and are property of their original creator. No copyright infringement is intended in their use. Pre-made banners & icons are available on the website for those interested.*


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Whew...this comic looks amazing. Just the pics in the posts made me a happy camper! I'll have to save it until after finals for extra motivation. Thanks so much for posting something so different and gorgeous and rawr! Mauahaha!

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I know that the teahouse series has been a HUGE hit here at the Shack!
So we are glad you have enjoyed it too!

We are a diverse bunch of ..ahem... ladies here, and as such there are lots of different fandoms that turn us on. We will be featuring lots of different fics, alongside Twific this coming year! We hope it turns you on too!

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