Wednesday, July 7, 2010

booboo kitty let's it "Just Be"

Just Be




Edward has competed with Bella every step of his adult life - culinary school, opening their own restaurants and finally on Iron Chef America. Will Iron Chef Cullen's cuisine reign supreme?

Hola! Honorary Perv, booboo kitty here with your weekly edition of One Shot Wednesday!

When I was told to rec and rev a one shot for this Wednesday, there was only one clear choice in my wee kitteh brainz. Just Be but the fanfuckingtastic MsKathy.

This little one shot melds two of my most favorite things on the planet, smut and food. Throw in a healthy helping of Iron Chef Edward and this kitty was sold. The first line alone was enough to make me giddy before it even got to the good shit…

Bella Mother Fucking Swan had been my arch nemesis in the kitchen for years.

I mean really, how can you NOT love something that starts off like that? Not to mention the whole thing in written in EPOV and God damn if I don’t love me some EPOV!

As you can guess, our little Ed has a bit of a chip on his shoulder for Bella as well as a secret crush on said fair maiden and like most men are completely clueless that she wants to make with the hot kitchen sexy timez.

This one shot really does have all the right ingredients for a delicious lemony treat!

The UST is wicked hot with all of the food and cooking talk and when they finally get down to b’ness, it is one of the most, if not THE most sensual things I’ve ever read!

"Do you want to wash or dry?" I asked, trying to restart the conversation between us.

"Wash. You can dry and set them on the counter."

The water ran, filling the sink, and it felt like the distance between us was growing. I had to fix things, had to get them back to where they'd been before. My eyes focused on her hands dipping in the soapy water, and I decided to be bold. Walking up behind her, I wrapped my arms around her, then dipped my hands into the hot water. When my fingertips found her hands, I threaded them together.

"Or I could help you wash?"

Pressing my body against hers, I paused to run my nose along the column of her neck. Her head tilted back against my chest and her fingers tightened with mine, curling and releasing in some unspoken rhythm.

Small kisses beneath her ear turned into nips at her shoulders, and I pressed against her more, harder. Bella sighed and pushed back against me, spurring me on. Giving me permission.

*dreamy sigh* I swear, I LIVE for this shit. LIVE FOR IT! Then he bends her over the arm of a couch and tells her…

"Touch yourself," I practically growled.

Jesus Mary fucking JANE! It was like MsKathy reached inside my perverted little fantasies and plucked that nugget out.

So I guess in closing I suggest you walk, nay RUN over and read this little lemon tart and leave delicious MsKathy some lovin!

As for me, I plan on humping her leg at Comic Con :)

Kitteh out!


MsKathy said...

omg, thank you so much for picking this as your one-shot. I am seriously teary-eyed and I can't wait to give you kitteh hugs at CC. I am so glad that you loved this piece, it was SO FUN to write.

MsKathy said...
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insanemum said...

Dear Kitty - I only found your delicious smutterific fic this week (The Porn Star in Me) and MsKthy is legend, so when I saw this Kitty/Kathy combo (sounds like something from McDonalds!) I knew I was on a winner. Going to read now!