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Dragonfly336 is "Laid Bare"

Laid Bare



When we meet Bella in Laid Bare she is 17 and is leading 2 different lives, which she refers to as “Forks Bella” and “La Push Bella”. She came to live with Charlie when she was 12 and around him, she is the perfect angel. She wears skirts and cardigans, she is part of the student council, tutors and babysits on the side, and is the epitome of sweetness. This, however, is all an act…wanting to be the perfect daughter for Charlie. Then we have her “other” self, which is actually the true Bella. She hangs out with her boys from La Push, smokes pot, and drinks. Bella is also intrigued by a certain bronze-haired, new student at Forks High.

Enter Edward, our typical 108 year old vampire. Although, he is not typical at all. As we are used to Edward being the “perfect” man, this Edward certainly is not. He is a “defective” vampire. He never “took” to drinking blood; he doesn’t enjoy it and is unsatisfying to him. His venom is also sterile. He found this out while trying to change Rosalie, so that he could have a mate. The change never took place until Carlisle finally injects her with his venom. Of course, they never become mates, and Edward becomes the brooding, lonely vamp we all know…That is until he meets Bella.

Edward wants her. He wants her body and her blood. So, needless to say, they get together. The lemons in this story are passionate, all consuming, steamy, obsessive, angsty, and because his venom is sterile, we get some biting as well.

"How do you make it possible for a dead heart to skip its beats? How is that possible?" His tone was nearly anguished; his face contorted as he grabbed my upper arms and pulled me flesh against him. "Tell me," he whispered against my lips.

This is just a passage to convey how Edward feels about Bella. They can’t keep their hands off of each other, they are entirely consumed by the lust they feel. Bella believes that anticipation and sexual tension will make “the actual experience all the more exhilarating.” She comes up with a game to play during their Biology class. The rules are that they can’t touch each other throughout the whole class. Edward has one request though.

"Can we compromise on one small detail?"

I smiled, linking our fingers and walking towards my locker. "What did you have in mind?"

"Let me hold your hand, Bella?" His eyes pleaded with me, his lips pressed against my temple as I felt his breath fan against my cheek. "I'll play your game of anticipation, beloved, but I need contact…I need your hand," he whispered gently.

And here starts their little game.

I parted my lips, tasting his sweet scent in the air as he shifted a little closer, his fingers drawing slow, suggestive circles along the table top as his eyes burned my body like lasers.

Like gorgeous, smoldering, clit-twitching lasers.

He hadn't said a word to me since we entered the classroom. Hadn't touched me since the moment we deposited ourselves into the lab stools. But I felt him on me…the way his eyes cocooned every inch of my body, his tongue running along his bottom lip to taste me in the air and bring me inside of him, the gentle movements of his fingers, working the smooth tabletop in the same way they'd glide along my heated flesh.

I was losing control.

Damn him.

"I need your hand."

Give a new meaning to fingerporn! This is the way this lemon touching, except for hands.

"Three hours," he murmured deeply, his intense eyes assaulting me even further as he brought his face inches away from mine. "Three more hours and I'll be so deep inside of you..."

I whimpered, dropping my forehead to the top of his hand and letting his coolness soothe my balmy skin. I slowly ran my tongue along the top of his hand, sealing it with a kiss as my hooded eyes met his. "I need you, Edward."

"Soon, Baby," he murmured into my ear, careful not to let his lips touch my skin.
"My family is leaving after school to hunt—all of them. Come home with me…I can think of nothing else but the ivory of your perfect body spread between my midnight sheets. I'm fucking aching for you, Bella."

Who wouldn’t want Edward to be aching for them? I know I would! I love the intensity of these two in this story.

I swallowed thickly as Edward dragged my stool closer until he was straddling it, the grate of my chair sounding out in time with the metal TV cart as it was dragged to the front of the class. I felt the vibration of scraping metal reverberate through the legs of my chair and shoot straight through the center of my body, the room growing unbearably hot as the last two light switches were flipped and the movie began blaring loudly from the front of the room.

I felt Edward's foot slip intricately through my stool, maneuvering me until he was practically wrapped around my entire body—but careful not to touch me.

I folded my arms and rested them on the table, laying my head down and staring warily in Edward's direction. His smirk was smoldering as he leaned closely, the curve of his jaw illuminated in the pitch darkness by the light coming from the boxy screen in the front of the room. His gaze was unwavering as he rested his head in his palm.

He moved in slowly, his nose barely resting above my ear as his heavy breathing sent pangs of pleasure throughout my body. "Do you still think you can ignore me, beautiful girl?"

Nope. I'm completely and utterly fucked…in the best way possible

And the best way it is! Throughout this story, we see their love/lust as something that is otherworldly, like normal humans wouldn’t be able to contain the powerful feelings that they have for each other.

I was so wet, so ready to have his touch between my legs that I was shifting in my seat. I knew he smelled the fresh wave of my arousal the moment he growled and sucked the venom from his teeth, his mouth getting sloppy not to touch as his wet lips pressed against my ear. "How connected do you think we are, Bella? I can't speak for you, but I'm attuned to your every movement, every breath, every sound you make. I literally revolve around your very essence, beloved. You are absolutely everything to me…and I wonder, just how can I prove it to you without giving you my touch?"

Are you wondering? Well, for one, we get to see our favorite dirty-talking Edward come out to play!

"Oh, I'll show you, Bella. I'll show you…" He opened my palm, ghosting the pads of his fingers along my slightly sweaty skin. The gentleness of his touch was alive against my flesh, the slight tickle making the rubber band in my stomach coil and release. "You're so wet, baby. God, I can smell how fucking wet you are. If we weren't surrounded by an audience, I'd crawl beneath this table and shred every piece of fabric covering your hot skin. Just feel it, Bella. Imagine my tongue making one strong pass along your dripping pussy. "

His breathing was becoming labored as he let his bottom lip rest against the shell of my ear. "I'm so hard, Bella. So fucking hard, I don't have the words to describe it. I can't stop thinking about your soft lips wrapped around my cock, your tongue pressing against me and sucking the pre-cum off my skin. Do you like tasting what you do to me?"

I nodded shakily, my face contorted in pleasure and agony as I imagined the taste of him in my mouth. Edward moaned softly and shifted in his seat, the muscles in his legs flexing against mine. "Is that sweet pussy swollen for me? I can almost feel your clit throbbing against my tongue. Is it throbbing for me, Bella?"

See? Don’t you love dirty-talking Edward? I know I do!

Shhh," he soothed, tightening my fingers around his. "Now show me. Show me how hard that sweet pussy is clenching for me. Let me feel it."

I groaned, squeezing the muscles between my legs while my fingers mirrored the action around his. "Yes," he whispered, his fingers twitching beneath mine. "Keep going, baby. Squeeze yourself for me slowly…don't stop." I bit my lip and pushed my head against his forehead, the clench and release of my sex doing nothing but heightening the intensity of my need. The muscles in my stomach were wound so tightly, the heavy swirling of pleasure making me feel intoxicated as Edward's sultry words invaded my body and mind.

His breathing was throaty and sporadic as my fingers constricted around his, subtly starting to work them up and down as I writhed in my seat. "Are you stroking me, Bella? Are you showing me how you'd stroke my cock?"

I moaned and Edward shushed me…I looked around the room to remind myself that we
weren't alone. "Yes," I whimpered, squeezing his hand before sliding his fingers up and down inside of my enclosed fist.

A shudder wracked through his body, his tongue darting out to taste the skin behind my ear. "I can feel your little hand on me, Bella. I can almost feel your fingers digging into my cock. God, I want to see my cum on your skin…I want to claim you, mark you as mine. Because you are mine, Bella. You're mine." His voice was straining as our hands demonstrated exactly what our bodies were aching to feel.

There is something so sexy and naughty about “sex” in a public place.

His thumb rubbed the top of my hand in frantic circles, our fingers clenching and releasing together to the beat of our throbbing bodies. And then, through my fog of arousal, I finally realized what he was doing.

He was going to make me cum without touching me.

Ahh..and there you have it! This is why I love this lemon! It is very unique, and sooo hot!

"Like that," I moaned, my back arching in my chair as his finger slid through mine in suggestive, languid strokes. "Just like that…keep talking to me, Edward."

"Tell me how it feels." His voice was rough and deep as his finger pressed down on the skin between two of mine. I couldn't begin to explain how the hell he was doing it, but the pressure he inflicted on my hand made me one step closer to a mind-blowing climax. I grunted in the back of my throat as he sat up eagerly in his chair, his fingers sliding harder along mine as he growled in my ear. "Tell me what my voice is doing to your body."

I bit my lip and clasped my eyes tightly, trying to pull myself together enough to form coherent sentences. "Your voice…it's in my ear, but I feel it in my body, all over me…you're inside of me, Edward. You are inside of me right now."

"More," he demanded, his lips pulling my earlobe into his mouth as his body started moving against mine in time with our fingers.

"Your hand," I swallowed audibly, pushing my ear against his mouth as he fucked it with his tongue. "I feel your fingers sliding through mine, and I know that's the way you'd stroke my pussy, baby. I feel it…I feel your cold, hard fingers inside of me…fucking me, taking me, owning me. I am yours…and you're claiming me right now. It hurts, I'm so tender but I'm so fucking close, Edward. God, what are you doing to me?" I cried silently, my whole body trembling as I fought to get myself closer to him.

I love the visual of Edward’s fingers moving against her hand here.

I clenched the muscles between my legs tightly, the wetness seeping out of me and running down my inner thigh and saturating into the fabric of my jeans. "Mmm, that's it, baby. I hear you working yourself…I smell you. Squeeze tighter, harder…fuck, I'd be pounding you so hard right now. I need to see you cum, Bella. Please, please…I need it."

He was getting as frantic as I was as his fingertips drifted along my skin, his desperation fueling the pulsations of my body. My heart was racing…he was really going to fucking do this…

His hand slid from my wrist and took mine, his fingertips pressing against the skin between my fingers and sliding them back and forth slowly. This simple action was driving me absolutely crazy. I was seconds from giving him exactly what he wanted.

At this point, aren’t we all seconds away?

"Edward," I cried softly, my hips rising slightly off of my chair as a slow, tremoring burn started weakening my limbs.

"It's all right, beautiful girl," he whispered in a strained voice. "I have you, and I want it. You make me feel so fucking good, baby. Look up at me…let me see your face…let me see your climax. Share it with me….make it ours, love."


I came hard and silently, my fingers digging into the hair at the base of his neck as wave after wave of arousal assaulted my body. I couldn't hold still as I came viciously, Edward pulling me against his body while I fought the urge to scream, to thrash, to completely lose my fucking mind.

It felt different, reaching climax without touch. It was gentle but fierce…it snuck up on me and slid throughout my entire body like a thick wave of molten lava until I was absorbed in nothing but this intense, gratifying burn.

I didn't make a sound until after it traveled through every inch of me, the aftershocks causing a low, steady whimper to sound from the back of my throat. Edward's mouth pressed against mine, taking my cries into his mouth and silencing them from the outside world.

Whew! So there you have it! If that doesn’t make you want to read this story, I don’t know what will. Brits23 is an amazing writer and this story is just one of those that keeps me coming back for more, no pun intended! Not only are all the lemons in this story intense, but the story line is wonderful too!


LazyKate said...

I literally screamed out loud when I saw this pop up in my Google Reader, not only because Brits is my fanfic-twin-for-life but because I'm so glad to see this story get the attention it deserves...Brits writes some of the smokin'-hawtest lemons in fanfic, but balances them beautifully with love and emotion so raw and primal that it makes you ache to read it.

Great review!!!