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Love In My Box by cosmoandmarvar

Love in My Box





Bella's an intellectual free spirit and Edward is a reserved, slightly geeky med student. They have a brief, but intense encounter on Sp Brk in Miami. Can they find true love through emails? There will be lemons and laughs. Look who's writing this!

Champagne Anyone

Love in My Box is a charming and deliciously naughty piece of fiction. We are introduced via electronic communication to the delightfully sexy DizzyBella after her one night stand with oh so sincere Forthwithward. As they return to their respective schools knowing only each other’s names, the intense unforgettable connection between them drives Edward to make seek out (stalk) the only girl who can take his mind off of the principles of flight or the anatomy of a human.

He corresponds with the object of his affection in a factual and literal way that makes the reader giggle at every email. Every random forthright thought that crosses his mind is shared with Bella whose own geekiness shines brightly as a more laid back complement to our super nerdy yet incredibly hot Edward.

From: Edward Masen
To: Isabella Swan
Re: Recent sexual encounter

Dear Bella,

I hope you are indeed the same Isabella Swan I met in Miami on March 12. If you aren't, I apologize and you may delete this message forthwith.

If you are indeed her, I pray that you are well.

What is the weather like in Berkeley? Never mind, I can Google it. I don't know why I'm asking inane questions when I really just want to know if we could start communicating with each other.

After you left, you know, that morning, I've thought about you. I wanted to find you, but all I knew was your name and what college you went to. I had to do quite a bit of investigation to find you. Luckily I'm well versed in Berkeley's computer operating system. A few clicks, a buffer overflow, and a backdoor, and there you were. Incidentally, your ID photo is quite flattering.

The charm in their correspondence channels screwballs comedies of the 60s, 70s and 80’s. The authors have brilliantly crossed the zany humour of I love Lucy with the schmexiness of Remington Steele and a hint of Moonlighting. The real highlight of the writing is the complete characterization of Bella and Edward through the brilliant play on words humour where you feel amazed at what comes out of their mouths but yet is so fitting with their personalities.

From: Bella Swan
To: Edward Masen
Re: Dizzy Dreams

Dear Edward,

You know that you are my one and only, too…don't you?

When you talk of other relationships – romantic or otherwise – there is no otherwise. There is only you. I want you to know that you are the romance in my life. Every word of every email contains more romance than I have ever known. You are Romeo and Lancelot. You are Darcy and Rochester. You are Justin Timberlake and Jon Stewart. (Not that they are famous romantic men, but I always had a crush on them…until now, of course.) You, Edward, encompass every romantic fantasy that I have ever had…and you do it much better.

You will laugh out loud at their sexual exploration via technology and will be checking online every few days for more unintentionally funny correspondence between our two leads.  There is one scene where Edward’s frantic attempts to text girlfriend, sister and parents leads to a situation that will have you doubled over in hysterics. I swear the person next to me thought I was crazy but I really could not stop laughing.

Every week as further emails are deposited in each other’s (in)boxes, the heat and unresolved sexual tension grows until you are rooting for the two of them to fly into each other’s arms and prove that nerds have needs too.

I can’t say enough about Love in My Box. Cosmogirl7481 writes BPOV while her charming partner in crime Marvar29 writes EPOV. Both are well known in the twific world with their respective individual fics Retail Therapy and Yeah You but together you feel as if the chemistry and the humour in their own friendship is transposed into this wonderful piece of fiction that will leave you uplifted and happy.

In a twific world where we repeatedly like to get our hearts broken with angsty fics Love in My Box shines like a beacon of happiness and sexy sexy humour.

Of course this review could not end with out a final note about the intensely funny and naughty sex scenes.  They are hot and sweet all at the same time and will definitely leave you checking yr box for the next email.

Do yourself a favour and read it now: Love in My Box.

Love in My Box is a romantic and uplifting tale that retells the Edward and Bella story in a fresh new humorous way.

I picked up Love in My Box a while back on a recommendation, and I am so glad I did. First of all, I love letter writing. I like writing them, and I love watching a romance unfurl via them, especially when they are laced with situational comedy. This story starts when Edward tracks down Bella, whom he shared a one-night stand in Miami on Spring Break, by hacking into Berkley's computer system. From the Prologue, you see that these are two normally socially awkward people who were both out of their element with their encounter in Miami. cosmoandmarvar gives us know doubt to who these two are from their first emails exchanged.

Some would consider this Edward an awkward, but I don't think that is the case. I think he is very confident in who he is, just that not many would appreciate that man. He is very intelligent and focused on his studies. Because of that, he is often very literal and lacking in social, or pop culture, reference. He has had a vicious girlfriend in that past that has cut down his confidence in dating. He just needs someone who loves him for all that he is.

Enter Bella. This might be one of my favorite Bella's. She is a bit flighty, more like canon Renee, but is intelligent in her own right. She is filterless and is as enamored by Edward's literal nature as he is by her over-sharing. She doesn't try to change herself and doesn't want Edward to change for her either. She sees past what might turn others off, and in return wins the affection of a loving, caring man.

Though they are across the country from one another, they do end up going to “surprise” one another. The surprise is that their planes have crossed in the night. **cue sad faces** Luckily, Edwards return flight comes back in time to spot Bella from across the airport leading to one of my favorite chapters in fanfiction. Not only was it beautiful and romantic, and had me holding my breath and holding back my tears, it was THEM. Bella's rambling. Edward's verbally walking through his steps of getting Bella off. Yet peppered with those beautiful moments when they just let themselves go. It was perfect.

5 out of 5 email love letters

I really love this story. Its one of those stories, that you can just read and read. Before you know it you are ten chapters in and totally in love with it, its characters and what is happening within. I am sure you can guess that I love this Edward. He is fecking adorable! The style the authors use to write this wonderful story really let us see this. As we see their relationship, thoughts and selves develop as they get to know one another. So we also see their hang-ups and fears. Edward does not have much street smarts. His communication with Bella is so literal, especially at the beginning. He frets over her posture and drying out her skin and misconstrues so much of her innuendo and ::wink wink::’s. Its flying over his head as he cannot believe she feels that for him, and Edward does not know his sexual appeal. I love how Edward has no idea about how gorgeous and attractive he is. His brother Emmett takes him for an experiment to try and help him realise and get some confidence ~

I have been working on my body since Jessica dumped me for being "less than manly" and not good in bed. Well, to be truthful, she called me a pussy and a lousy fuck. I was trying to be tactful while explaining. It's caused me to take a look at myself - to see a skinny lab rat that cared about nothing except school. I never put any effort into that relationship and was not really sad that it ended. I am actually thankful to her for opening my eyes to my shortcomings. Now I was putting my plan to action - and I am excellent at planning. Emmett calls it 'Operation Studward.' How embarrassing.

But it has produced results. (ie. Bella. Sex. Miami.)

He's basically giving me a make-over. Emmett is quite agreeable about the whole process, only making fun of me once when I questioned the need for a haircut that makes me look like I've just participated in a sexual tryst. He claims 'sex hair' makes women drop their panties. That seems rather unsanitary, but I don't say that.

"Let's do the crunches off the incline bench, Edward. Your abs are starting to look good."

"Yes, my rectus abdominis muscles are more defined. I need to work on my transverse abdominis, however." Emmett looks at me blankly.

I lift up my shirt to show him what I'm talking about. I run my hand over the muscles in question as I speak.

"See. Right here is where I need some more work."

Emmett guffaws, "Oh, Eddie. This is working like gangbusters. That girl on the treadmill is losing her shit over you."

I glance over at the girl who does look like she's taken a euphoria-inducing substance. Should I call the authorities?

"What did I do?"
"Well, you were fondling your sweaty abdomen and tracing the 'v' into your shorts."


He talks to me like he's telling me a secret - lowering his voice and leaning toward me. "Edward, because I'm so secure in my manhood, I have no qualms in saying you are a fucking hot-looking guy. Chicks are going to want to hit that, hard, my friend. Who knew it would only take a haircut, contacts, and a few sit-ups?"

I scoff at his ridiculous comments. He can't be serious. No girls ever like me. I am always too young, too geeky, too reserved. That's why I was with Jessica - she was the only girl to ever pay attention to me.
"Be serious, Emmett."

"Dude, what's the one thing I know better than engineering? Women. She wants to take a bite out of your 'v' and lick the happy trail." I stare at him in disbelief. "Listen, pull off your shirt slowly and pour some of your water over your head. Let it run down your chest, and then wipe it with your shirt. Look at her while you do it. Give her a dose of those green eyes."

"I can't do that, Emmett," I answer, clearly embarrassed.

"Edward, it's an experiment. I formulated a hypothesis. I need to test it," he reassures me, clearly knowing how to manipulate me using my weakness for scientific studies.

I can't help but do exactly as he says, even licking my lips for good measure (Bella seemed to enjoy when I did that). I take off my shirt. . . God, this is mortifying. . . she's staring in shock, awe? . . there goes the water . . .she seems to have trouble breathing . . . I stroke the excess water off my body. . . and she freezes and falls off the treadmill. I am wondering if I should examine her for injuries as Emmett fist bumps me.

"Welcome to the club."

It only took 24 years for me to become attractive to the opposite sex.

How do you think Bella responded to him trying an “experiment”???? ;)

This Bella I actually REALLY like. She’s real, she has insecurities yes, but she is also living her life and is not afraid of her sexuality and desires for Edward Cullen. She coaxes him out of his insecurities about himself and expands his geeky/scholarly vocabulary to the urban dictionary and the many ways she shows him how much she wants him.

This story is humorous and cute. Oh and sexy! Yay for sexy.But very cute sexy! Like when they finally start speaking to one another on the phone:

"So, I guess you wouldn't be able to sleep in my bed, then...huh?" Oh, please don't think that. I must make her see that I would sleep on the floor as long as it was next to her.

"I think you could squeeze me in if you wanted to," I say casually. I don't want to sound too eager.

"Well...ummm...I kinda squeezed you in before...In the bed...but you know...not inthe bed..." She giggles.

Holy shit. Obviously I don't say that aloud. I just realized how my answer sounded. Now I'm thinking about squeezing. . . myself. . . in her. "Do you know what that does to me?"

"What? Tell me..." she breathes, testing my resolve to not break into perversion.

"I may need another shower," I admit. I think she likes my personal hygiene because at the mention of the shower, she starts groaning loudly. And it sounds pretty great.

"Edward? Can I ask you another question?"

"What are you doing, Bella? I can tell your breathing has changed." When I see her I'm going to check her lungs.

"I was just thinking about you...and us...and showers...and...squeezing..." Her voice is breathy and it sounds like she's blowing in my ear.

"Squeezing. . .showers. . ." I can't quell the sizable erection that's threatening the integrity of my 100% cotton briefs.

"What do you sleep in, Edward?" Wow, she's like a mind reader.

"Um, boxers? I'm very warm at night." I don't tell her it's because I have very vivid dreams that cast her in the role of sex goddess.

"Is that what you have on now?"

"Uh, yes. They're the fitted kind. Not too tight because it's bad for the circulation. It's possible to lose motility of your sperm. . ." I trail off because I don't think she wants to hear about my sperm. She's probably disgusted by the thought of my sperm and me in my underwear. Why do I always offer up scientific facts? Why can't I say something sexy?

"Mmm. . .I was just wondering. . .now I have a visual," she whispers.

"Are you picturing me in my underwear?" I can't believe that she's interested.

"Yeah...I guess I that bad?" she sounds embarrassed.

"No, It's actually pretty flattering. Can I, um, ask you what you are wearing?" I guess I understand her feelings. I suddenly really want to know what's covering her bare little. . . oh god.

"Well...right now I'm wearing boyshorts and a tank top...but I usually sleep in yoga pants. I get cold at night. But...ummm...I kinda took my pants off...well...just a little while ago...I was umm...warm."

Wait, boy shorts? What boy gave her his shorts? Could it be an old boyfriend? Disgusting. I would never keep Jessica's shorts. "Whose shorts are you wearing?" I ask with a hint of anger.

"What do you mean?" she sounds confused.

"You are wearing boy shorts, right? What boy?"

"'m wearing boyshorts...They're panties. For girls. But they are designed to look like boy's underwear. Some people call them cheeky panties because...umm...well...god...because they kind of show off your...cheeks. I don't wear any boy's shorts, Edward." Great. Now I've upset her because I don't know how to categorize women's undergarments. I should have read the Victoria's Secret that Emmett gave me. Never underestimate the power of knowledge, even if its necessity is questionable.

"I'm sorry, Bella. I know Alice would sleep in her boyfriend's t-shirts and I thought it was . . .never mind," I am such a loser. How does she even like me?

"I would sleep in your t-shirts. Maybe one that you play soccer in..."

"God that would be hot. In my t-shirt and little cheeky panties," I groan because I can't help myself anymore. The visual is just too incredible.

"You think that would be hot? You know what? I think so too. . . Mmm. . . what are you thinking about, Edward?"

I'm barely thinking. My mind is a haze of sex and Bella. I blurt out, "My soccer shirt gets really damp. I perspire quite profusely during games. I'm usually dripping wet." Fantastic. I'm telling her about my sweaty body. That's almost as disgusting as my sperm motility. I wonder if you can Google phone sex. . .

"Edward...that's panties are kinda damp right now..." Fuck. I just dropped the phone. I'm glad she can't hear my exclamation. I recover, barely, and she's frantically calling for me.

"Edward? Edward?"

"Um, sorry. I got a little distracted." That's an understatement. I don't tell her that thinking about her damp panties makes my cock throb.

"With what?" she asks.

"You. Panties. Wet." I can't even form a complete sentence.

"Ummm...are you. . .you know, hard?"

"Jeee-susss," I hiss. Oh, I need a shower.

"I'm sorry...did I make you uncomfortable? I mean...I just thought that...I mean..."

"How could I not be?" I mean, does she really not know the effects of her voice and the things she says? Blood flows like a tsunami to my groin.

"What? Uncomfortable? Oh god, I'm sorry. . ."

"No, hard. Don't be sorry. Unless it offends you? Then I apologize for mentioning it."

"It doesn't offend me...I'm glad you are...I like that I made it that way..."

"It's just your voice and all the little noises you make and talking about your p-panties. . . I am a man, Bella. You definitely made it that way," I'm stuttering and sweating and a mess.

"Are you?"

"What? A man?" If she could see my erection, I think it would be quite clear.

"No...touching it?" I almost drop the phone again.

"Uh, do you want me too?" Please say yes. My hand creeps across my abdomen into my boxers.

"Do you want to?" she moans and I hear movement.

"Oh, yes. Bella, are you touching yourself? Those noises sound familiar."

"Maybe..." she lets out a quiet whimper.

"Oh god, you are touching yourself." My hand grips the base of my cock and I give myself a slow stroke.

"A you want me to stop? I just couldn't help myself."

"No, don't stop, baby. Do I make you want to touch yourself?

"Yes...and I wish...I wish..."

"What, tell me what you wish."

"I wish that it was you...that you were the one...touching me." She's panting and it sounds amazing. My hand is working at a steady pace and I can feel the heat building.

"Fuck, you're going to kill me. I wish I was touching you. Everywhere. And I really wish you were touching me."

"I loved the way your fingers felt inside me. . . I remember, you know. I mean. . .I remember the way you felt. . ." So do I, Bella. I can barely think of anything else.

"Oh, god, I know exactly where I'd touch you. And this time I wouldn't stop."

"Edward?" she whispers; it's almost a moan.

"Y-esss," I hiss out as I'm getting closer.

"I really want to. . . come. . ." She's nearly begging me.

"Oh, please, Bella. I want to make it good for you. I promise I would make it so good." Now I'm moaning.

"Talk to me. . .please. . .tell me what you would do...and oh, god...please tell me that you're touching yourself, too."

"Yes, baby. I'm stroking myself. . .pretending it's your hot little hand. . ."

"I loved touching you...oh...oh..."

"Oh, my god. . ." I can't even continue because my brain is just set on Bella. Normally I can multi-task, but all senses are focused on hearing the sound of her orgasm. I didn't get the chance in Miami, and I wasn't going to blow it now.

"Edward. . .oh, Edward. . ."

"Fuck, you're coming aren't you? Oh my . . ."

"Ye - ye - yes. . .oh, god. . . Edward. . ." I can her sweet little pants and moans speed up.

"That's it, Bella. . . Yes, baby." I'm biting my thumb trying not crack my phone in a fit of lust. I am memorizing the sounds and wishing I could see her face as her orgasm takes over her body.

"Oh, God...Edward?" Are you still there?

"That was . . .amazing Bella." I'm trying to get my words to make sense.

"You are. . .it was you, Edward. . .you made it amazing."

"I've never done that before. I mean, I really didn't do anything, but I never heard that. . ."

"Me were my first...Edward?"

"Really? You sounded so erotic. Not that I'm suggesting that you do that all of the time. . . I mean that you were so beautiful and sensual."

"I did? I didn't even know what I was saying."

"Every word was perfect."

"You gave me...I made me...oh, Edward..." Her voice lowers to a whisper, "You made me come. . ."

See what I mean? So damn adorable. Seriously guys I think you are going to love this one! Enjoy!

5 adorable email love letters out of 5 from me!

As you all are probably very fucking aware of by now I love me some Geek/Nerd/Dorkward. Like, a lot. This one is completely adorable and unlike any other Geekward. He’s not up on the pop culture references or other nerd like things (video gaming/comic books/Star Wars/etc...) like other geekwards. No, this Forthwithward, as the authors are lovingly calling him, is literal, academic Edwardbot (as Emmett lovingly refers to him as) focused only on his studies and being the best doctor-in-training he can be. Like REALLY fucking literal. He lacks the ability to grasp innuendo, flirt, doesn’t recognize most sarcasm and is clueless to his affect on women. As an example; he goes and runs a battery of tests on himself to determine the cause of his increase in heart rate and the ache in his chest after his first encounter with Bella. You would think this would make him boring and a complete pain in the ass, but no, it’s makes him endearing and gives you the urge to sit him down and make him watch MTV or E!.

He does loosen up over the course of the story, while not changing too much. He still uses proper grammar at all times, even when bitching Emmett out via text. "Fuck off. 3.14 times."  (which actually made me  snort while reading it, no lie). Sends Bella all sorts of information she could probably do without, such as nutritional plans and an article on benefits of ergonomical chairs in regards to posture. Worries about the water temperature for her shower, because hot water causes you to lose essential oils which cam lead to dry, itchy skin and you get my point. He always seems to be in Doctor mode, but it’s all part of his charm. He’s unintentionally funny, endearing, adorable and it makes him extremely appealing to my little geeky heart.

Anyway, enough about this Edward (though I could go on and on ad nauseum). This story hits my fluffy sap button all kinds of hard. I know, me, the one with the cold, dead, black heart that gobbles up angst for breakfast. As Bethie told me it would, the last two posted chapters had my cold, dead, black heart spewing rainbows and fluffy kittens and gumdrops and sparkly unicorns. I’m slightly disgruntle about it, not gonna lie. The situation is right out of some chessy rom-com, but it’s not chessy or schmaltzy. It’s lovely and fucking HOT, if i’m being completely honest.

But what really hit my sap button was the emails between the two. Edward and Bella almost exclusively correspond via email for the first part of their “relationship”, which is long-distance by the way. This hit very close to home, as my husband and I corresponded exclusively by letter during our courtship before we were married. le sigh. It’s incredibly sweet to witness them get to know each other and the bond between them strengthens because of the physical distance between them. I know that feeling from firsthand experience and I think the authors did a brilliant job of conveying it. Kuddos to them!

We were let with a kinda cliffhanger (not relating to E&B mind you) and I CANNOT wait to find out how that situation unfolds. Muppet hair, broken blenders and all. I really dig the side plots in with Emmett and Rose, and Alice coming into the mix. And I look forward to where the authors are going to take us. Where ever it is it will be fun and quirky and full of surprises.

5 out of 5 email loveletters from moi.

As the resident non-canon ship uh er...shipper, I'm sure some of you are wondering what I'm going to make of yet another Edward/Bella fic. Oh, and this is a sweet, light-hearted fluffy fic too. *clutches her cold, black, dead heart and sighs*

Well, kids, I fucking love it. Yeah, get all the gasps of shock and horror out of the way now. Seriously, I really like this fic. It starts unconventionally, through an amusing email exchange, and quickly transforms into a full story with well paced POV changes. While this is a collaboration fic, where each pov is written by a different writer, it flows really well. I didn't feel the transition other than what I should feel when switching from Edward to Bella's unique, and yet very canon narratives. These ladies have impressed the pants right off of me. *wink*

I've spent several afternoons sitting in the grass, while reading this fic. It makes me smile, and laugh, but most of all it make me happy. These two crazy kids are so meant to be, and even they feel it from the moment they meet. Yes, I know that makes this story sound like the same E/B fic you've already read a million times, trust me, it is not. This story has heart, creativity, and a shit ton of humor.

Take if from the resident PackPerv™ this is a great story, no matter who you ship. Read it, and tell me I'm wrong, biznich! I dare you. *cracks knuckles*

4 out of 5 Wet Bella Nipples

I kept seeing tweets from Nerac (@carenl) about “Love in My Box” and she’d rave about it. I waited until there were around 6 or 7 posted before I started and then I was dying that I waited so long to read it.
Holy shit.

I love a good Geekward as much as anyone, but there are only a few that truly make me laugh endlessly. This is one of them.

While the premise could have easily swayed into cliche territory. Boy meets girl at Spring Break, they drink, they bone, they email. They’ve taken the basic structure and made it so enjoyable, lively and sweet that I literally read every chapter with an idiotic grin on my face.

Edward is just one of a kind. Truly. He’s hilarious even when it’s completely unintentional. Some of the wacky shit he spews is just classic. On top of the fact that he’s head over heels in love with a girl that is quite literally his polar opposite.

She’s free spirited, funny, witty, snarky and just plain fun. There are few Bella characterizations that I root for from word one and they’ve managed to create one that I not only tolerate, but adore. Her inner musings, much like Edward’s are hilarious. Self-deprecating, strewn with biting wit and laughable. Her journaling areolas kill me and I think they deserve a spin-off or at the very least a one-shot in their honor.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a steamy romantic comedy. “Love in My Box” is perfect for you.

5/5 email love letters

I fully admit that when I first opened up this fic I made the not so happy face when I saw the email exchange.  But by the end of the first chapter I was hooked!  I enjoyed the voyeuristic feeling of reading the emails and the text debacle during graduation had me rolling.  In truth this entire fic has had me laughing out loud, snorting, panting, giggling and a myriad of other noises that may or may not have included moaning.

This Edward has me pwned so hard isn’t even funny!  I LOVE HIM!  His dorky, geeky “Edwardness” works so well with this spunky, almost just as awkward and dorky Bella.  They make me so deliriously happy when I read them I have that stupid happy face on the whole time I’m reading.

Love in My Box is made of win!  Period.  It gives me the big, pink, puffy cartoon hearts and I really REALLY want an “I Belong to Edward” tee shirt now!  Okay, so I’ve always kinda wanted one, but now I REALLY want one and now I have a legitimate reason to own one.

5 out of 5 emails/texts/dirty phone calls

I know a lot of folks have been tweeting this story around, and with an impressive 4000+ reviews, I feel like a "douche-bag" for not being part of the crowd.  Regardless, this story was a slow starter for me.

It's cute and the idea of email love letters is something new I hadn't, personally, seen yet in Twilight fanfic.  The realism of two people having a chance encounter and trying to expand on that relationship over email is spot-on.  The way the tentative first messages are short, and slowly get longer and longer is exactly the way it would happen as the recipients perform an internet dance:  Can I flirt?  Will you like this?  Hinting about sexual acts.  Planning on getting together again.

But... I found myself skimming over the letters in the first 6 chapters.  When it's you, you would have your lover's letter at your side as you responded to every single thought, every nuance, every suggestion of intimacy, almost line by line.  For the reader, though, it's confusing to read another letter that refers to a previous one in such minute detail.  You have to really be into each reference in order to have the wherewith all to scroll back on the screen to find out what they were referring to.  Sadly, I did not have that motivation in the early chapters of this story.

Where I really started to enjoy the Fic was when it stopped being emails and became a story again as they recount their "first time" in Miami.  Little drops of humor begin to tempt you to keep reading.  As their relationship develops past the email and incorporates the narrative, and then online chats and text messages, and eventually real (gasp of shock) TALKING... albeit on the phone, the story picked up pace for me and became a fun read that had me grinning.

"Seriously, you almost made me forget my news with all your Edwardness."

Edward's geekness is cute, but overplayed for my tastes, carrying an odd mixture of Doogie Howser M.D. and Bones:  Cute clueless over-achiever meets blank stare to pop-culture references and a very literal clinical response based on facts.

"I can send you some information."

I did almost bail before chapter six, but now the writers seemed to have caught their stride.  I'd recommend this story to others, but with a warning to not judge the entire narrative on the first several chapters.  By chapter thirteen, I was in tears with laughter as poor clueless Edward gets sucked into a texting fiasco with Alice, Emmett, Carlisle and Bella, and ends up sending the wrong messages to each of them!

With a touching "crossing paths" scene, they end up flying across the country to see each other as a surprise... and miss each other entirely.  Or did they?

Reach chapter 15 to find out!  And then keep reading.  Chapter 16 is posted, to date, as well.