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On The Double




It's Bella's first day on the job as a body double in the new Edward Masen film. First up? The sex scene...O/S for the Haiti Compilation. Rated M for lemons. AH

Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm not an AHAU fan. I don't hate it—or even avoid it for that matter—but it's simply not my first choice when it comes to Twilight Fanfiction. By my definition, Twilight FF has to be about vampires, but I'll still read a good story regardless what the writer names the characters. So I kinda feel like I'm betraying my morals here by doing a PPSS review of an AH fic, but, dammit, I loved it too much!

Bella is a 23-year old law student in southern California who is a stand-in on the side. She isn't aspiring to become an actress. She just needs to pay for school. She gets a call one day that a production that is already filming is having a casting crisis, and ask her to be a body double instead of just a stand-in. The director is Carlisle Cullen and the film stars the beautiful, sexy and famous Edward Masen.

Did I mention that they need her for the sex scene with the star? No? Hmm... how could I forget that and torture all of you like this? SHAME ON ME! (chuckle)

Mike Newton makes a cameo in this one-shot as a production assistant. Alice is there, too, as the make-up artist who assures a very nervous Bella that Edward Masen is a consummate professional. (Did I spell that right? It's so close to consumate, ya know? And it would be just like me to make that intentional slip-up. Oops, did I just admit that out loud? Delete-delete-delete-delete)

"Well, I don't blame you for being a little jittery, Bella. That's perfectly normal." She stroked my hair softly now, rolling it into large Velcro rollers as she worked. "Of course it's a bit unconventional for him to be shooting a scene with an untrained double—much less a sex scene—but I promise there's really nothing to be scared of. Edward is a consummate professional. I've worked with him on five films now, and I promise he'll make sure you're completely comfortable."

I've never officially been "in the business", but I have enough TV & Radio background that I've occasionally been called in by friends who are, to run cameras and help out in the booth once in a while. So I've seen enough of the behind-the-scenes to know that MasenVixen got this story dead-on in many aspects. Joan and Joe Average off the street are all all flutter about anything to do with television, but for those who spend twenty hour days doing this work seven days a week, it tends to loose it's glamour. So I could truly appreciate the ho-hum attitude of Alice and Mike and Emmett as they kindly make Bella feel at ease.

I strode toward the soundstage hurriedly before I realized that I had no idea where I was going or what the hell I was doing. Just then, I felt two huge hands - paws, really - squeeze my shoulders.

"You must be Bella," a deep voice boomed as he spun me around to face him. "I'm Emmett. Your Assistant Director. The Doc to your McFly. The Mr. Miyagi to your karate kid. You need anything, you just ask me ..."

I absolutely loved the way MasenVixen paced this story so that you felt like you, too, were on pins and needles with Bella waiting for the one person who you knew was going to make your heart flip in your chest. While Bella is standing there in her pasties, thong and robe, she hears Edward.

Or rather, I heard the hushed whispers, the gasps and the nervous giggles that preceded his presence ... I tried not to stare as he padded around the room ... desperately trying to appear disinterested ... But it was futile.

He was wearing a bathrobe, for God's sake.

I realized, obviously, that I was also wearing a bathrobe. The same bathrobe, in fact. But this was Edward Masen. And he was here. Separated from me only by twenty feet, a terrycloth bathrobe, and a sash that hung oh-so-loose on his glorious hipbones.

Just as she's trying to get a handle on the fact that her heart is trying out for it's own part in The Great Escape, Emmett (bless his heart) walks over and whispers to Edward, whose eyes shoot in her direction.

I could see the credits in my head. "Starring Bella's Erratic Heart in the lead role, The Great Escape is both thrilling and wetting for panties everywhere! Nominated for four Oscars, including Best Slack-Jawed-Stare, Best Please-Form-Coherent-Words-When-My-Mouth-Opens, and Best I-May-Have-Orgasmed-When-He-Walked-Toward-Me. Coming soon to a theater near you!"

This story is written in first person and MasenVixen took full advantage of that, giving us the type of internal dialogue any of us would have if approached by our teen-aged movie-star crushes.

"Hello, I'm Edward Masen," he said, hand outstretched.

Uh, yeah, I think I've seen you somewhere before. Like on the wallpaper of my MacBook.

"'s a pleasure to meet you. I realize the circumstances are a little unusual ... I usually at least take a woman to dinner before we wind up naked in bed together," he quipped.

"Um, uh, well-"

"Oh, Bella," he laughed. "I'm obviously kidding. Look, I know it's weird, but just relax. I won't bite."

Damn, that's too bad.

I had to laugh out loud at that line, because I thought the same thing.

By the time Edward started to tease her about keeping her tongue to herself for their scene for the camera, I was completely into the scene in the story and felt I was there with them, grinning. I may have paused there to send out a thank-you tweet to MasenVixen, but I can't recall now, because I needed to keep reading, not unlike I am doing now using this review as an excuse to read it once again!

Even as Carlisle had them set the scene, you could feel the excitement. Edward very sweetly keeps asking Bella if she's okay, but he is being so damn professional about it, I almost thought this was going to be a... a.... What do you call a cock block for women? Pussy plug? Log jam? Hmm....

...Sorry. I get distracted like that sometimes.

Anyway, when Carlisle frames the shot and gives Edward some very liberal instructions you are so caught up in Bella's perspective that it was ridiculously easy to believe that you are right there in the moment with her, faintly aware of the entire production staff looking on and Not. Caring. At. All.

"Ok, you two, we're just going to have you go with it now. You know the premise. This is make-up sex we're talking about, so Edward, we need sweet at first. Tender. Bella, you're pissed at him still, so you kind of warm to it gradually. I'll tell you when to take it up a notch."

And with that, I was engaged in the hottest foreplay of my life.

I felt giddy myself when Carlisle finally gave Bella direction to "start to react" to Edward, and I thought I'd never read three more wonderful words in my life. That is until I read Edward's response to Bella's nervous hesitation: "You can touch me."

I want to talk more about what happened next when I read this the first time, but sadly, I fell off my chair and suffered a concussion. Everything is a little fuzzy from that day. So you'll just have to settle for my thoughts from my SECOND reading.

"Ok, that's good. That's good," Carlisle praised. "Now Edward, flip her so that she's on her back and you're on your side leaning over her. Then look at her for a bit. We want to do a close-in shot of your face."

I shifted to my back as Edward leaned over me and slid his hand to rest behind my neck. And then he stared - no, burned - into my eyes with his. He was completely still, tensed for the shot, save for the thumb that rubbed circles behind my ear, and the tongue that darted out to wet his lips.

The silent stare was sexy at first. Then smoldering. Then slightly uncomfortable as the time passed. I became acutely aware that I was, for all intents and purposes, naked beneath him. And that his near-naked body was hovering over mine—in a room full of people.

His breath was warm against my mouth, separated by mere inches. His eyes were still locked on mine as I struggled to maintain the contact. The effort became nearly impossible as his eyes seemed to be moving closer together. I realized, then, that he was crossing them intentionally. Trying to lighten the moment.

I really started to think that Edward was just as professional as Bella had been told he was when he crossed his eyes, but I have to admit that I had my doubts, too. There was no way the camera would have caught his thumb moving behind her ear. That was a huge hint that she was affecting him just as much as he was affecting her. I'd bet dollars to blowjobs, um, donuts, that he crossed his eyes to remind himself to lighten up and get to work. <--OMG, I love what I just typed there, and I am NOT changing it. When Carlisle gets his shot and gives them the green-light to kick it up a notch, Edward reassures Bella on how he'll proceed: "The key here is timing. I'm going to thrust my hips forward, and, from the back, it will look like we're touching, but don't worry, I'll keep a small space between us - I've done this a million times, okay?"

Yeah, right, big guy.

It all starts to go in Bella's favor when Edward's eyes stare at her lips, then her neck, then her chest, and he has to murmur a reassurance but you're not sure if it's to her, or for himself.

He lowered himself onto me then, bracing his weight on his left elbow, cupping my cheek with his right hand ... Despite my attempts at professionalism, at indifference, I lost myself momentarily in the tenderness of the gesture ... Unthinking, I turned my face to nuzzle into his palm, inhaling the hot, clean scent of him. My eyes fluttered closed as I melted into his touch.

"Nice, Edward. You read my mind. Tender, apologetic." Carlisle's voice interrupted my reverie and I blinked my eyes open ... "Bella, you're doing well, sweetie," Carlisle reassured me. "Just let Edward lead you. Ok, Edward, go ahead."

Oddly enough, I found myself so caught up in the scene that the interruptions from Carlisle as he gives them directions was not disrupting to me at all. Never once did it pull me out of the story. It was practically expected, and actually made the entire scene even more erotic because, let's face it, you can't get more public than a room full of people and cameras all staring at you when you're pretending to have sex with a hunka-hunka-burnin'-love!

Edward slid down my body, positioning himself between my legs, poised as if he were about to enter me. I was struggling to maintain some semblance of composure as the warmth from his body heat registered between my legs. Before I had fully gotten a hold of myself, his head dropped to my ear unexpectedly ... he whispered too softly for anyone but me to hear. "You are so fucking beautiful, Bella."

Oh. My. God.

... he was - "acting." But he'd said my name. Edward Masen had said I was beautiful.

We were acting, weren't we?

A moment later he thrust forward, pressing his thumb hard into my hipbone, signaling me that it was time to react. But I didn't need the signal to trigger the look—the moan—that escaped my lips as Edward's body pitched forward into mine.

And I know you want me to go on, and on... and on, but trust me, you really don't. You want to read this for yourself. You won't be disappointed. My only warning to you is that you might want to move hard furniture (or your Marvin the Martian scuplture) away from where you are when you read this. Or already be sitting on the floor. ...And make sure your medical insurance is up to date.... and if you happen to be on any kind of prescription, check with your pharmacist if accelerated heart-rate and wet panties could have adverse affects when used in combination with this story.

I'll just add one final observation.

I love the double-meaning in the title. ON the Double. heh heh... pervs.


Corie said...

one of my favorite one shots!! Masenvixen have a way with words!

Eagles17 said...

Great rec! I love this o/s; I first found it thanks to The Fictionators - it's sweet, hot, and absolutely smexy. Definitely one of my favorites!