Monday, July 19, 2010

Get To Know booboo kitty

Hidey ho little pervs, booboo kitty is in the hizouse!

So, this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you a little bit about myself right?  Well let’s see…I enjoy large balls of yarn, patches of sunlight to nap in, tuna, saucers of cream, snuggles and chin scratches.  I also love rainbows, things that sparkle, and a healthy dose of smut.

My skills include (but are not limited to) smut writing, clawing up furniture, being a ninja, lol cat speak, pinching gkkstitch in the bum, drooling magic juice on kimpy, motor boating einfach_mich’s boobs and hacking up the occasional hairball on demand when I’m pissed.

Seriously though, I started my journey here in the fandom on Twilighted where a wonderful, wonderful admin took me under her wing and showed me the ways of punctuation where it pertains to quotation marks, the lovely vjgm.  She has been so generous with her time and her wisdom and I am forever grateful. 

What do I write?  In addition to 7 or so lemony one shots (3 canon-esque, 3 all human & 1 crackfic) and a short 4 chapter fic (canon-esque), I have written 3 full length fics (1 canon-esque, 1 alternate universe and 1 all human) and I’m currently working on an all human fic that is 11 chapters in.  My canon-esque is pretty dang canon, but my all human fics tend to be a little outside the box.  That’s what my beta says anyway.  You can find everything on both Twilighted: and

I’d also like to thank the wonderful ladies of The Shack, Miss Bethie, Miss Emmy, Miss Hopey, Miss Jeanne, Miss Kim & Miss Nina, for letting this little kitty come in and play!  I promise to do my bestest to not shed on the lovely furniture here in The Shack and to motor boat each and every one of you because I do love the boobies.


Daniel said...

How did my BooBooKitty make it on the PPSS? :-o

Naughty kitteh!


shecat said...

One of my favorite writer's. Much love to the kitty !!!