Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jeanne gets wrapped up in "The Mortal Coil"

The Mortal Coil




One soul in peril, the other lost for eternity. What begins on a dark night at a cliff's edge, will end in a way that neither of them could have foreseen.

Language is very important. It's not just a tool to communicate, but it is a form of expression. What you choose to express and how you choose to expresses it can say a great deal about who you are. I, as many of you may know, am a crude h00r. I swear, talk trash and have been know to spit on occasion. However, this does not mean that I do not have a taste for refinement. In fact, I have a secret obsessive love of erotica and artistic language, when it is done well. Eddiescherry's The Mortal Coil is a wonderful example of the kind of erotic language that thrills me.

This story was originally written for the There Will Be Blood fic contest, it took 2nd place Judges Choice. Personally, I felt that it should have won, not because of any short coming on the part of it's competitors, but rather because it so wholy pwned the concept of the contest.

Write us some sexy vampire lovin and just when things get really hot, let them get a taste of what they REALLY want.

Sex and blood drinking; that's what the contest called for and that's what this story brings in force. Now there are some of you that may shy away from the idea of feeding and fucking. Normally, I would nod my head and ask you to not read, but this time I'm calling you wimpy bitches out. That's right.

This is an Edward (Vampward) and Bella story, that's right, did I stutter? No! You know that if I am taking the time to reccommend a fic that's featuring a canon pairing it must really be something special. If I can put on my big girl pants and go out of my comfort zone, than so can you. This story is worth it.

This is Edward and Bella. They are together, there is a connection between them. It is both sexual and preditory. This story is not just hot it is volcanic. Most of the inciderary sexiness I can credit to this Vampward, and oh, what a Vampward he is...

A dry rumble begins in his center, emanating up through his torso until it forces its way from his lips in almost a bark. It is…a laugh? Yes, that is what this strange sensation must be. Unintentional on his part, merely a remnant of his former existence: long forgotten and never missed. He gazes down at her, dark lust and death emanating from his eyes, not the slightest trace of humanity evident.

"I am no angel."

There really is no other response to this but UNF!

The language in this story is breathtaking, and while the themes and premise are dark, Eddiescherry eases you into it so artfully you don't realize how truly dark it is until it's over. This is erotica at it's finest. It is lush, vibrant and fucking mouthwatering. By the end of the story you're ready to ask for this Edward to "save" you.

Now, I will warn you that the ending is heart-fail, without a doubt, but once you get there you will understand that it was worth it. Please give this dark jewel of a one shot a try. Just take a taste of what Eddiescherry's offering, and I swear you'll come back for more. I know I am. *licks lips greedily*