Monday, July 12, 2010

Starlightsuccubus raids the sandbox with "The Cocky and The Cougar"

The Cocky and The Cougar



Bella Swan is 38 years old and is considered a cougar.

Edward Masen is 28 years old (in ikss words, “he starts out as 27, but has a birthday”) and is very cocky.

See the appeal?

38 versus 28….

Cockiness versus the age of experience.

The Cocky and the Cougar gives us a look into corporate America, the world of men. But in this sea of men, is where Bella is at her most “sadistic”. She is in her habitat, in her comfort zone. She is very good at what she does. She possesses the power of the three S’s; she’s sexy and sassy and successful. She doesn’t take crap from anyone. That is, until…

Edward Masen comes to the picture.

He is charismatic, and confident, and… cocky. The three C’s are what make him who he is—the new Director of the Sales department at Con-Vert.

Cockyward and Cougarella meet at a bar. Witty remarks and sparks fly immediately between the two of them. They also learn that they’ll be working together; Bella is worried that this would destroy with her reputation at the office, because he is a damned sexy charmer.

And as the soon-to-be-divorced Bella predicted, she is in trouble. They start an intense and fast-paced relationship that tarnishes their work environment.  Between lies and I-love-yous, omissions and stalkers, delicious sexy times and San Francisco, the Cocky and the Cougar hook up, break up, and make up.

After a long break, they can’t get enough of each other. It starts one day at the office, when Bella (yet again) finally gives in to his charms.

He dropped his hand and smacked my ass as I walked through my office door in front of him.

"How about a trifecta?"

Later that night, Bella arrives at his place for dinner and wine, this is what she finds:

Edward was holding the phone to his ear when he answered the door. His hair was damp and he was wearing a pair of blue jeans. That's it.

Okay, he may have been wearing underwear, but were I a betting gal, I wouldn't have placed any money on that.

Don’t you like this cocky bastard?

I do.

Edward gave a soft grunt as I explored his body and his own hands dropped to my backside, pulling me tightly to him. I moaned, feeling that he was again hard for me, and again I thanked my lucky stars for younger men. Well, for this younger man, anyway.

Younger man indeed… trifecta, remember?

"Now can we cut out the mushy stuff and screw?"

Edward chuckled and started to pull away slightly. "Actually, you'll have to reign it in for just a while."

I shifted my hips beneath him and my hands dropped to his ass, holding him to me. I was quite pleased with the look on Edward's face and the soft groan he tried to hold back at my actions.

"Why are you playing hard to get, all of a sudden?" I asked, my fingers dipping below the top of his jeans.

Just as I suspected. No underwear.

I have a vague memory of the Fun With Your Clothes On contest being held at the time of that update. Was that inspiration for this? I thank Kassiah and carenl for being instigators of Cocky/couch action.

He grinned as his fingers slipped beneath the silk of my bra and I gasped. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him deeply. My tongue swirled around his, mimicking the dance his fingers played across my breast. He moaned as my fingers played through his hair, tugging at it lightly.

He broke our kiss and his mouth joined his hand at my breast, his tongue running over my hardened nipple before he nibbled at it, lightly. I squirmed beneath him, pushing against the hardness I felt beneath his jeans. I felt my face flush with heat as the seam of his button-fly pressed deliciously against me, hitting me in precisely the right spot.


"Holy shit," he said, pushing up with his arms and looking down at himself. "I just made a mess in my pants like I'm a teenager."

I laughed and smoothed his damp hair away from his face. "You know, I'll grant you, it's been a while, but I don't remember making out on the sofa being quite that much fun when I was a teenager.

And ikss did it again. She cracks me up in the middle of an intense and sexy chapter.

"Jeez, Bella, what do you think I am, a machine?"

"Hey, you're the one who's always touting the benefits of being a younger man."

"Well, even I need some recovery time."

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow, a smirk on my face. "That sounds like a challenge, to me."

Trifecta, trifecta, trifecta… of course you are a machine Cocky!

I ran my hands up his legs and again up the inside of his thighs, along his balls. He loved it when I did that and his soft groan in reaction to my touch made me smile. I took his semi-hard cock in one hand while cupping his balls with the other and bent my head toward him, running my tongue in circles around the sensitive tip before wrapping my lips around it.

"Shhhhit." He squirmed in his seat and I smiled up at him, my lips barely wrapped around the head of his cock, my tongue flicking over it. "Fuck, you're beautiful, Bella."

And Bella shows some girl power—Cockyward at her mercy.

And a little bit of dirty talking, too. This chapter is really a treat.

"Bella…" The look in his eyes was fierce. "You still want me to fuck you, baby?"

"Mmm-hmm," I moaned around his cock, causing him to smile darkly down at me. He reached down, grasping my tee-shirt at the shoulders and lifting it. I separated myself from his cock so that he could pull my shirt over my head. Once he had done so, he again lifted me, his hands under my arms, and almost threw me back on the bed.

Panty change?

I am sure… two very sexy times in one chapter (but three for Bella in the story, as the previous chapter ends with the office sex).

As my orgasm subsided, Edward slowed his movements, settling me fully onto the mattress and removing his hand from my back, caressing my hip and trailing his fingers along my side, toward my breast. He bent down to kiss my hardened nipple softly, lovingly.

I have no more words.

"Trifecta," he said, grinning triumphantly.

And a trifecta it is… Office, couch, bed.  YUM!

If you aren’t reading this fantastic story, go read now. Wit, sexy times, fluff, angst, smart writing, and awesomeness are things that C&C has.

Cockyward is simply irresistible.


ikss said...

What a delightful surprise to wake up and find this lovely article on one of my favorite blogs!! Thank you so much to StarLightSuccubus and to PPSS for discussing my little story.

By the way - why is it that I can write the smut with no problem, but reading excerpts of what in this forum made me blush like no other??!! LOL