Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hopey!!!!

A Pictorial Tribute

I would have never guessed that I could ever hold such love for a Wolverine, but I have found such a wonderful friend in you. You are brave and strong. Honest and caring. You are a mother to this fandom at times, always making sure we are organized and on-task. I admire you like no other for your personal strength.

A very happy birthday to you, sweets!



Happy Birthday dear Hopey! <3
You like pretty boys, 
I hope these pretty boys are pretty enough for you.
I'll deliver the birthday hugs in person next week!.
Lots of love & birthday **bumps** to you babes!
 x x <3 x x x 

(Jeanne made your pretty avis!)

Geekgirls and Geekboys, Unite!

A drabble for Manyafandom in honor of her birthday. ILY Hopey, and I wish you a
very happy day filled with beautiful, skinny, white geekboys to ogle.

Help me, Hopey Won; you are my only Hope.

I’ve been sitting here, reading my comic book, waiting for you. I want to pull your
attention away from your computer long enough for you to recognize that:

A) I am wearing my birthday suit;
B) I took out my contacts and wore my nerd glasses just for you;
C) I strategically placed my comic book so as to be completely enticing, covering up my junk just so;
D) What I really want is for you to analyze some data with me.

I’m camped out at the San Diego Convention Center, holding you a place in front of
the line so we can go to the Tron panel together. Afterwards, maybe we could fangirl/boy together over JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon? While we wait in line, we could pull out our iPhone lightsaber apps and fight some epic battles. C’mon, I know you want to.

Happy Birthday Hopey! Much love and kisses! xxxooo