Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day Featurette

Independence Day..... We’re not all Americans, but we couldn’t think of a better time to share a few of our favorite fics with military characters or themes. You may have seen some of these before, and others are new, but we hope they get you in the holiday spirit...even the non traditional selections. Have a safe, sexy, and fun 4th of July, pervlings!


Transformers, WIP, Sam/Bee

I can’t mention soldiers without thinking of my favorite Transformers fic! They’re fighting to protect our country...and having hot, kinky sexy while in their holoforms. Slashy goodness galore!

Twilight, AH, Complete, Jasper/Bella

Sexy soldier Jasper, and his intense, heartbreaking love with Bella. I adore everything about this story, even the parts that hurt so much. They both made their choices to be together because how could they not? He doesn’t really get a choice when duty calls him away, and they have to learn to live apart, and often in fear of never reuniting....but in the end, it’s all love. It always was.

Twilight, AH, Incomplete, Edward/Jasper

Yes, I did mark this story as incomplete, but it is just too good a story not to mention. In gorgeous Hawaii, a dedicated military man struggles to pursue the man who he can’t get out of his head while maintaining his position (and personal safety). Sweet, sexy, and oh yeah...there are tattoos. Rawr.


Twilight, AH, Complete, Edward/Bella

I fell in love with this story over a year ago and I have to say I never think of this as being a war story even though it is. It’s a love story through and through, love for people and country. I adore this Edward he is passionate and fights for what he believes in. Bella is just as strong as a character and its lends to a beautiful passionate tale of a Boy and Girl fighting for their freedoms in 1972 war torn Ireland. They are fighting for their independence I think its a perfect story for today!

Twilight, AH, Complete, Edward/Bella

This fic deals with the aftermath the Civil War and what it can do to the soul of a man. We meet a shell of Edward who has just returned from battle and then is thrusted in a situation where he has to deliver his neighbors baby. Miss Isabella Swan has just watched her husband die and had to protect herself and her son, and unborn child when she goes into labor. This traumatic situation binds these people together as they try and navigate their new lives. The author does a beautiful job with the prose and I can’t talk enough about how much I love this Edward. He is a man, through and through and it's a beautiful story about how he and she heal each other through love.

Twilight, AH, Complete, Edward/Bella

I will try and keep my shouting about how much I love this story to a minimum...I seriously LOVE this story. We have Sergent Cullen coming home for the first time to Napa Valley when he receives a call that his father has fallen gravely ill. What he finds there was not only something he wasn’t looking for it was something he was actively running from. This is a beautiful tale of love in all forms, friends, family and how complicated we can make it. The intensity and playfulness of the relationship between Edward and Bella his Pie girl is unmatched in the fic I’ve read. This has remained in my top 10 and will always have a place in my heart.


by jennde
Twilight, AH, Complete, E/B

The is one of my favorite Twilight stories, hands down. I love reading stories set in this time period, maybe because I always enjoyed hearing about my grandparents’ experiences in the 1940’s. Edward and Bella have a deep love, with its genesis in childhood. There are lots of challenges in their life together because of the war, but they are able to overcome them all with love and patience.

Twilight, AH, WIP, E/B

Edward is an injured sergeant newly home from Afghanistan. He’s slowly making his way across the country to pay his respects to the families of the men who lost their lives while serving under him. He’s in Forks to give his condolences to his best friend’s -Jake- family. Bella is Jake’s feisty sister who Edward can’t help falling for. Love all the characters here, including Jake whose presence is large even in death. Lots of laughs amidst sadness.

Twilight, AH, Complete, E/B

Edward is a wounded Union soldier, Bella lives in the south but is not a traditional southern belle by any means. They’d met once long ago, before the nation was torn by war. Theirs is a sweet little love story about two people with ideas that are ahead of their times. I loved seeing their relationship develop, and also love the use of the secondary characters in the story.


Twilight, AH, Complete, E/B

This is a fun lighthearted one shot that combines a quiet, sensitive, hot, Major Edward in a uniform, with some heartfelt family caring. How can you go wrong. :)


LaydeAmalthya said...

I've read most of these and they've been great. I'm currently reading a militaryward thats a WIP and updated daily. 'Coming Home' by Sarges Girls is awesome if you get the chance. and just pervy enough right now to keep you coming back for more.

Chele681 said...

Thanks for sharing your fav LaydeAmalthya! We'll be checking it out!