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Slash Brigade Notes on the Fridge

What Perv doesn't love sexy man on man action? The truth is so many of us Pervs love slash fic that we can't just be called a team. We're the whole damn brigade! Batten down the hatches, stock up on supplies 'cause the ladies of the Slash Brigade are here to rec some slash fic.

The Slash Brigade pick is...
Title: Notes on the Fridge
Author: Lyricalkris
Chapters: 21
Words: 78.686
Reviews: 822
Summary: Roommates Emmett Cullen and Jasper Whitlock had nothing in common save for one thing: they both knew what it was like to be the 'other' child. College is not just about discovering yourself but finding the people who will make you who you're meant to be.

There’s something about Emmett that does a number on me in slashfic. He’s funny and easy going and so full of life, so when he’s confused and hurt and scared, it makes my heart ache. I can officially say that Lyricalkris’ Notes on the Fridge has me messed up and twisted inside.

Jasper and Emmett are roommates, and while they couldn’t be more different, things just work. Jasper is gay (something he comes to find out not long after school starts) and huge into the gaming/computing scene. Emmett is straight (or so he thinks) and is the life of the party. He’s charismatic and funny and everything you would expect in Emmett.

As they get to know each other, they share little intimate moments that are confusing and force them to come face to face with the reality of their situation and feelings. They share a very important bond (I won’t spoil it here), but it becomes exceedingly more important in the story and is the catalyst for things finally starting to shift and turn in their relationship.

There are sexy moments. There are rough, take no prisoners moments. There are lots and lots of laughs. But most of all, there is a deep friendship that will warm your heart and make you ache as they try to figure things out.

Edward, Alice, and Peter are critical players in this story, each playing a unique and pivotal role. Perhaps most important for Jasper, is Peter, gay and a fellow gamer. It’s with him that Jasper finally experiences all his firsts. Not gonna lie, I feel for Peter. He was sweet, patient, and willing to let Jasper lead as they broached new, uncharted territory.
"You're so fucking sexy, do you know that?" Peter muttered, his lips going to my throat. He was breathing just as hard as I was, but he dragged his teeth along my neck anyway.

I whimpered a little, my throat once again too tight for words.

He pulled me back hard against him, so that we were flush. Up against him like that, I could feel that he was having the same problem I was, except for him it didn't seem to be a problem. "What should I have told you when you said you think about me when you touch yourself? I think about you all the time, Jasper. God, I get so hard so quick just thinking of your sexy voice. And having you here, where I can feel you, and the way you touch me?" He bit down where my neck met my shoulders, not hard enough to bruise but hard enough that I gasped.

"Peter," I said, my voice raw like I'd been screaming all night.

He sucked at my skin and his hand dropped from my chest, trailing down my stomach. He raised his head, taking my lips again, and for minutes our only conversation was the sound of wet kisses - mouths and tongues working together.
And then there’s Emmett, confused as hell and totally stressed over a major event occurring in his real life. All the confusion is taken out on Jasper as he roughly pushes him against doors and walls and kisses him... hard (yeah, literally). They make out, there’s BJs, and then things turn sour because of fear and stress and a whole bunch of crazy, crazy (and totally justifiable) emotions.

We’re at the point in the story now where Emmett is starting to put it all together and where Jasper is supporting him along the way. These boys have some rough moments, but damn if they aren’t too precious for words. When things eventually straighten out between them, sweet mercy, I’ll be sitting over here with a glass of wine and a ciggie grinning (or panting) like a fool.

Many moons ago, Chele opened my eyes to the amazyballsness of Emmett/Jasper slash, and ever since then, I’ve kept a special place in my heart/pants for this pairing. While I won’t turn my nose up at a good E/J fic, Emmett and Jasper make much more sense to me, given their relationship in canon. Point being, when I saw that Lyricalkris had started an Em/J story, I was all over it.

This most certainly isn’t traditional slash, though there is no lack of sexual tension and hot pretty boy moments. At its heart, this is a story of two unlikely friends who bond first over the heartbreaking similarities of their siblings and their family life, and then grow to an integral part of one another’s life. They mature together, starting as college freshman, and the bits and pieces of that exciting time help them grow as individuals and begin to see themselves and others differently. First, Jasper comes to the realization that he’s gay, which is a journey all its own, and later Emmett faces his own discovery. Throw in some hot, confusing sexual encounters, and there’s never a dull moment in this fic.

I really enjoyed the build for Jasper, being drawn to Emmett but growing into his new identity with Peter. The conflicted feelings by all parties are enough to make you flail, and it’s funny how, even though the story is told entirely by Jasper and Emmett, you can clearly see their relationship through Peter’s eyes...his foresight and sweetness is absolutely bittersweet.
I didn't know what the fuck I'd been thinking. I guess I wasn't thinking. Under normal circumstances, I wasn't what anyone would call eloquent, and I definitely wasn't used to thinking before I spoke. My thoughts had been all tangled up and jumbled, and when Jasper woke up when I was staring at him and put his hand on my face like that, I felt...


I wanted to kiss him. Not the way I had before, but softly. Soft kisses. Slow, not-leading-to-anything kisses. A kiss just because that was the only way to express what I felt that moment he woke up with hooded, sleepy eyes and that little smile like I was his girl or something.

His guy.

And for a second, that made my heart do that lurchy thing again.
I love getting inside their heads in this story, still so young and inexperienced, but inwardly strong, wanting so much to be a support system for the other in their family and personal lives. There is a solid foundation of friendship between these two, and it makes me believe in them, even when they hit rough patches. I can’t wait for more!

One of my favorite things about Lyricalkris’ stories is the way she can write deep psychological insights into her characters (and ourselves, too, if I’m honest) at the same time as she writes angst, humor, UST, and hot lemons.   Notes on the Fridge definitely hits all of those notes. Emmett and Jasper both experience revelations and ever-deepening understanding of themselves, not to mention experience the complete spectrum of human emotion.

I love that the central conflict of this story is not resolved in a short (and unrealistic) amount of time. Lyricalkris takes leaps in time so that the climactic events are occurring in the boys’ fourth year at university. They’ve been through a lot as friends and roommates, and have tried to support one another when one of them goes through a crisis.

Throughout it all, Jasper lives with his attraction to Emmett. Emmett spends a lot of time trying to ignore his attraction to Jasper. They’re both very sympathetic and endearing characters. Emmett is kind of adorable in his attempts to convince himself that he’s straight- lots of mental calisthenics go on as he avoids his new reality. Jasper does a better job accepting his sexuality, partly due to having people to talk about it with. As Jess & Teal have said, Alice & Peter are fabulous additions to the story--they’re kind of like a Greek chorus. Edward, Emmett’s brother, also plays an integral role in the story. He’s still in high school, but he has wisdom to share with Emmett.

This is not a story with a lemon every chapter; rather there is a lot of intense ust, steamy make-out sessions, dry-humping, and blow jobs. You won’t be disappointed, Lyricalkris writes some yummy citrus, some of which the other girls have shared.

The angst ebs and flows in this story. It’s kind of like a roller coaster, you go up and down, and then hold your breath for that last, enormous drop. And yet if you’re not an angst lover, I still think you can read this without ending up rocking yourself in the corner.
If you’ve never read any of Lyricalkris’ stories, you’re in for a treat. You’ll find yourself going through her profile and reading story after story. Her writing is always wonderful. So give Jasper and Emmett a try. You’re sure to fall in love with them.


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